Friday, August 23, 2013

Death of Insanity

Hey guys its Sabrina Black this weeks piece is insane one that will make you think so hope you enjoy!

“Music Box”

Tick tock Tick tock
Echos the clock in the living room
Ding Ding Ding
The chimes of the shadows ring
Bang Bang Bang
The shutters sing
Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum
Wind strums like violins
Doo Doo dooo doo
A young girl chants
Scratch Scratch Scratch
The voices are coming
The noise grows louder
Insanity takes over
Make it stop

Friday, August 9, 2013

Found Again

Lost Wall

Here I am in a cloud of blackness I call home.

Lost in a daze, as time flies around me.

No true north to show my way,

I feel nothing anymore

From the words he stabbed me with.

There's no way out;

I can't see my way through.

I have no purpose,

No life;

All but agony tears me to shreds.


I'm lost in the smoke,

Nowhere to be found.

No one can hear my screams.

Among the lost souls,

I see you standing there in the same wall as I.

You whisper your name to me;

I whisper mine.


Wind dissipated the smoke.

Our eyes met the windows to our souls.

We are forevermore together in strength.

We finally came to life.

We finally have been rescued.

Our love broke the barrier of the lost wall.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

To The Lost World

Hey guys its Sabrina Black, its been a long time since I've posted but life gets busy and you get lost. Which brings me to my piece it a unique love story of a boy chasing after his love in a lost world(hell) she's consumed in after her death. Will she be found?

 Lost but not forgotten

Long before this story began a girl and a boy lived harmoniously in love and peace. Until a force of agony and pain suffocated the girl, she lost everyone and everything around her, the life she had turned into dust. She committed suicide for no one could heal her of her misery.  But the boy tried everything to help her. After her death he vowed that he would come after her and save her.

Alas, I withhold a memory of the forgotten happiness that once was mine. Lost in a fog of guilt and agony, I find myself lost in what looks to be darkness. I used to have my love beside me but I lost him forever in my agony. Which caused me to die and fade away into this world. It welcomes me in again with its cold, dead fingers. I enter, and I find myself familiar with the table of pain and sorrow. Yet, I still don't accept it.  Looking around I see the same faces of lost souls in a trance like moths with a light.

Cutting though the crowd I see a boy sitting in the corner with his head down in his knees. He looks up at me with his welcoming brown eyes. I stared at him in a trance like I somehow knew his face and his life.  I continue to gaze into his eyes, his brown eyes turned gold and shot fire into mine blinding me from the rest of the world. With this fire, I could see his memories with this love he had long ago. He didn’t show her face but he treated her as a queen and loved her till the ends of the earth. In his eyes the girl left him for her pain and sorrow she had buried in her soul. Then everything went back to reality he buried his head again deep into his knees.

After the story my mind was more curious then ever, questions ramble through my head like bees in a hive. I want to know more about him, it felt like he lead to some clue I needed to know. Thinking there could be a small beacon of light somewhere that just needs to be found.
        I fell asleep in this cold, dark pit. In the mists of my sleep, a speck of light floats above me. I can't help but follow it, knowing it could lead somewhere. All around me, I see cold bodies sleeping in rows.
While following the light, I try to stay light on my feet; the light seems to move quicker. Then it grows bigger and bigger until I can see a corner of a room.
Looking down, I see the same boy staring at the wall as if it were going to move. I tap lightly on his shoulder; a huge beam of light comes from him. Then everything goes black.
I awake to a place with meadows and flowers. There is the boy, sitting a creek. "Where am I?" I ask. "Who are you?"
"Don't you remember?" he replies.
"I found you, my love. You will never be lost again."