Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas may be coming a little early...


So a few updates today. First off, I am currently working Pieces again, but I am afraid that I won't be making my January date. :( I didn't like how the something went with the story so I am changing it up a bit. In the mean while I will also be working on settling the plot and characters for Lacrime. :)

In other news, the blog may very well be adding another new author soon. I stilll have to work out details, but as soon as I know she will introduce herself. ;) Until then farewell!



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finding One's Self in Words...


The past few days of my life summed up.

How was everyone's break? I can officially say my school has lost in football playoffs, so I will now have more free time for the blog. In the past few days I have written a huge number of stories, poems, and other litertary works. I will be posting them along with some new discussions and the restart of "Questions with Quinton!" There's more, I have decided to take the whole collection of my poems and short stories and make them into one book. :D In there you will find many of the stories I have posted on here and facebook including a number of stories nobody has ever read. I will give you more information in the upcoming weeks, but while you wait I will give you a sneak peek at the book with two new poems, one of which will be exclusive to this blog. ;) Enjoy!

I’m that kid

everyone always sees smiling,
Singing, laughing,
No problems here or beside me.

I keep up this front,
this false identity,
To keep all the fear
and sadness inside me.
I laugh in crowds,
and deny the feelings my heart beats,
But in isolation,
the mask comes off me.

I don’t do it because
no one offers to help me,
I say it because
nothing they say can save me.
I say it because
my pain can’t be fixed by thee,
The sprit in this abyss
that I can not reach.

I only want one person’s attention
to grab my hand with glee,
For their eyes to spy me,
That everyone else sees.
But I realize that wish,
Is beyond my best reality.
That no such goal,
can be met in real world.
So instead of bothering them,
Bringing down others happiness,
I rather just be,
That kid everyone sees smiling.


I’m the most selfish person
I’ve ever met.
I can’t think about anyone
But myself.

This girl, I want her to be mine
I ask her to make me
Her number one.
I ask her to put
Her friends before me.
For when the thought of going out
Comes to mind
That gets the first call.

My parents I ask that I not
Be dragged along.
To their lame adventures,
Family gatherings and local events.
I ask that they don’t move
Forcing me to start anew.
To sit still,
Give a place a chance,
And allow me to gain some happiness.

I ask my friends to stop labeling me
To look at me like they do one another
To understand I’m different,
And that I can’t be somethings
They can reach.
To be included in their stories,
And not some exiled stranger.
To not praise someone in front of me,
So I understand the things I can’t be.

I’m selfish because I ask so many demands,
And give too little in return.
I ask for some attention,
But fail to give the same.
I demand for a little happiness,
Yet denied others of it
I plead not to be label,
Then turn around and do the same.

My selfishness has left me with nothing,
Longing just for someone to care a little,
To stay someone where I’m wanted,
To just not be a complete loser.

I’m selfish because I can’t believe in god,
Because in a life I didn’t even get to choose,
I have to give the freedom, love, and friends
I never truly had.
How'd you like them? These I wrote awhile ago, simply putting "Life into Words." I would have to say I have a new love for poetry and I'm slowly getting better. I hope you like them! Remember that we post works from anyone and everyone, so send it to Alex or I and we will happily post it. We take absolutely no credit for anyone's work and will post you as anonymous if requested. Send in your stories, and remember to "Always Put life Into Words."


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Addition

Today, I have a special treat for you all, a new writer to the Life In Fiction crew.
Her name is Anora and, like the rest of us, she is an up and coming writer trying to get her start. So, let's welcome her with smiles and sunshine as we take the time to read her first piece she would like me to post.
It is untitled.
The great oak rose into the air. Its bare, knobby branches sprawled out from the trunk. The green leaves had turned to brown and the brown leaves had fallen to the ground. Then those dead, crinkled leaves were caught in the wind and were blown away with the passage of time. Snow fell and the cold bet the tree too hard. The next spring no new leaves came, no buds formed. The tree had died.
Its graceful beauty no longer stood in spring when blooms came, or in summer when birds gathered in its branches. Not even in autumn did this tree shine in one ounce of its former glory. It was bare long before any other tree dared to be. But in winter, when the snow falls gently and rests on the great oak’s branches, when the birds have flown south, when icicles form and hang gently like Christmas ornaments, the tree stands tall and proud and it looks just as magnificent as any other tree.

Did you like it? Feedback is welcome ;)
Well, that's it for today. The next time you see Anora's name, it'll be on her first solo post.

Au revoir!

Provehito in Altum

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Alex here! :D

As anyone in the U.S. knows that today is Thanksgiving, the day of feasting and football. Unfortunately, my stomach is almost about to burst because of it. Oh, but don't mistake that for anything but happiness :)

As a small Thanksgiving present, I thought I might share with you a small poem I wrote a little while ago, followed by some news.


"Prolonged Punishment"

I’m sitting still,

In time and space.

All I can do is wait,

Wait for something uplifting to occur.

I’m never so lucky.

Instead my ignorance shows

Through my bloodied fa├žade.

I’ve lost all inclination,

All hope,

In my desperation,

And I can no longer believe

That this punishment is all

I need in order to live in

This world that makes me so sad,

And to see that girl

Every day,

Who always takes my breath away.


Did you enjoy the poem? Make sure to leave any comments you have.

In the news department, I have some exciting news. There may be a new writer joining Quinton and I on this blog. Once I confirm all the details I'll have the new writer introduce herself. Be sure to keep reading Life In Fiction for any more info on that.

Also, if you haven't noticed, Life In Fiction has had some new aesthetic changes lately, compliments of Quinton. I, personally, love the new template, and I'm sure everyone else does also :)

Another new addition is the Quote of the Day box. Those of you who have been following the Facebook page know about the daily quotes from a variety of different sources. (Literally, the quotes range from Latin philosophy to Sweeney Todd quotes. O.o ) Today's quote is from the piano man himself, Billy Joel, and each day a different quote will be substituted in its place. If anyone has a quote they'd like to see posted, make sure to either e-mail myself, Quinton or post something on the Facebook page.

That's about it for recent news from me. Keep checking back for new material, and remember to always put life into words.
provehito en altum

"launch forth into the deep"


Monday, November 22, 2010

Everytime, the world shall change.


This is Alex with some more writing to fit your fancy ;)

Lately, I've been writing a lot of side projects, but none of them stick out farther than a storyline I've developed around the Shinto legend of Izunami and Izunagi. (If you have no clue, either ask me or wiki it.) For those who don't know me personally, I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and spend quite a bit of my free time reading manga and playing Persona 3 and 4 on my PS2. Some call me a nerd, but I just call myself a man searching for another source of inspiration. Anyways, the story is likely to turn into a full-fledged book from the 20 pages I've written so far, so here's the first chapter give you a taste and keep you confused.


Finding Yourself


Splash! Splash! Six year-old Gabriel Smithe jumped in a puddle that had accumulated on the side of the street. Splash! Much to his mother’s chagrin, he had failed to wear any sort of footwear that would have aided him in the post rainfall environment of his cul-de-sac. New York City had seen a lot of rainfall that summer already; the suburb of NYC Gabriel lived in had gotten even more. Splash! Each time the rain stopped falling he would leave his house in glee and play in the puddles, often getting his casually dressed completely drenched in the process.

Splash! His biggest jump yet sent the contents of a rather large puddle flying. Water sprayed up into his grinning face. In a stagger he escaped the puddles depths and fled to the sidewalk. Without hesitation Gabriel collapsed onto the wet sidewalk and sprawled himself out. The jumping had caused him to be slightly tired, but the world would have never known by the way he giggled in self pleasure. Water crawled gently into the loose fabric of his shirt, sending a cool sensation up his spine.

The clouds moved carelessly across the blue sky in shapes that held the attention of Gabriel’s brown eyes captive. A pig sporting a curly tail floated overhead, as the butcher chased close behind. His mouth opened in silent wonder as he saw a cloud take the shape of a dragon breathing fire.

Closing his eyes gently, he imagined a real dragon flying through the sky, breathing fire and causing gusts of wind to spread in every direction with each of its mighty wings. Watching as the dragon grew closer and closer, he could see the creatures legs outstretch like landing gear on a plane and touch the street. Sprawling out on the ground, a man with a scarf covering his mouth stepped off of his back. The man beckoned Gabriel to the dragon, saying “Come with me, you have much to learn.”

Gabriel’s eyes opened slowly. Clouds blanketed the darkening sky. Apparently, he had fallen asleep on the sidewalk. Sitting up slowly, he listened to the eerie silence around him. The atmosphere was overwhelming and made him slightly scared. Thoughts of hidden dangers entered his mind and he began to panic. As quick as he could, he raised himself to his feet and started to walk, but quickly his fearful expression turned to wonder as his steps were stopped at the edge of the sidewalk.

His big brown eyes gazed in joy at the asphalt. The black material had all the appearance of water and continued to ripple outward in small, subtle waves made by some unseen force. With the amount of thought children always tend to put into bad ideas, Gabriel jumped off of the curb and into the massive puddle. The ground faded out from underneath him, causing panic to consume him quickly. Screaming loudly, he landed two feet below the surface of the ground. Water-like asphalt blossomed upwards in displacement before falling back to the ground. Gabriel stood at the center of the black flower in confusion, tears welling up beneath his eyes. After mere seconds the asphalt lost its liquidity and returned to its solid form. The intensity of the atmosphere had lessened and for a reason Gabriel was not aware of, he felt safer than ever.

Slowly he climbed out of the stony flowers center and crawled away from the crater he had made. Tears still upon his eyes, he ran home to the caring arms of his mother.


There will be a bit more later, along with a general summary and list of characters.
If you'd like a little bit more information or want to know what happens next, feel free to contact me at and we'll talk it over a bit more.

Provehito in altum


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Discussion Topic: What makes a good story?


How's everyone enjoying their thanksgiving week? So today I will be revealing the first discussion topic, with a guest writer as well. Her name is Ania, one of the two finalist of my latest contest. ;) She will be writing on the topic, What makes a good story. Afterwards, Alex will provide a more abstract view, while I give my take. So without further ado, here's her point of view.

What makes a good story? Is it the characters? The story? The message? Many factors contribute to a story. The setting, plot, and characters are simply the basics. Vocabulary, the idea of the story, the message (is it a warning or an encouragement?) and many other things impact a story greatly, yet little credit is given to these factors. There are the technical contributions such as grammar and the creative like the plot. Each can drive a reader away if a story has too much or too little. I’ve known people to put down a book for the sake of grammar issues they had with the book and I’ve had personal experience with not reading something because the vocabulary was lacking. However, I’ve stuck through a book’s multitude of problems for the sake of the creativity of it.

So what makes a story great for you? Are you big on grammar? Realism? Creativity? Theories? What is the driving force that makes you pick up or put down a book?

If you ask me, the plot makes or breaks the book.

Without a driving, interesting, forward moving plot, what is a book? Can you even say it has a story? What are you immersing the readers in if all you write is words about some random person’s everyday doings? A plot requires a crucial moment, something that drastically changes something. Whether it’s the person’s life or the world, a plot needs that to be called a plot and a story needs a plot. Nobody wants to read about a mother who takes her kids to school, then cleans the house, has a nice conversation with the mail-man, then picks the kids up and then the next day the same thing happens again. If nothing changes by the end of the book, it might as well not have been written.

Plots are also creative. They show the author’s ability to think, create, and decide. They have to decide what to show and what to say. Is an even important enough, does it move the story along enough, to be shown in full detail and as it happens? Or is only important enough to get a passing mention by a side character? This causes the author to decide. The author creates when they come up with the plot. Good authors (in my opinion) come up with new and adventurous plots. Something out of the ordinary.

Plots really showcase an author’s talent, and that is why it makes or breaks a book. Grammar can be corrected, spelling can be fixed, vocabulary can be updated, and realism can be debated (after all what is real?), but a plot, a good plot, can make a book shine past all those issues.

Alex's Take: “What makes a good story?” That is probably the most difficult question asked of me all week. A good story is simply…..Indescribable….

A good story has a plot line that exceeds the superficial shallowness of those without imagination. It achieves the depths of the philosophers who give their lives to obtain the type of knowledge that brings life into question. Soon after entering those depths, the story causes the reader to wallow in the complexity of the implicit plot below the plot. If a story is truly good, even the critics have to stop and say “holy shit…we can’t bash this too harshly, can we?” while the universe simply answered back with, “HAHA…you’re fucked…”

What makes a good story?The truth is that a good story is never “made”—and, yes, I mean that quite figuratively. A good story simply “exists” in the mind of the first to conceptualize it, the first person who is able to look behind society’s idiotic norms and search for the truth that society tries desperately to ignore.

“What makes a good story?” Okay, seriously, this question has been asked three times in half a page. Wouldn’t a more fitting question be: “Who will be the first to find the truth?”

My Take: I like tthe point you make Ania, and I feel the plot can make or break a story. However, I feel the characters decide whether or the story will keep anyone interested. For example, why is it that Batman is more beloved then Superman? Because readers can connect with Batman. You don't have the overpowered, unbeatable hero, but a dark and completely human man attempting to live through the pain of the world. His enemies are just as memorable as he is, from scarecrow to the ever lovable Joker. A plot decides a stories potential, it's audience, however the characters make it come alive. Characters catch the readers attention, they are what everyone talks about in the end. Every now and then you will speak about the plot, the theme, but the characters are what you remember.
So tell me, what do you guys think? The topic will be up all week, so post your answers under comments and on facebook on the official page.



Sunday, November 14, 2010

Closing the Distance


I'm back to announce that we have the winner for the Final Stage... and it is Chris Shorten!!!!! Having won he receives all four copies of the Rey Saga series!!!! Also as a przie you guys get a new short story! Enjoy :)

Closing The Distance

I gazed from a distance, looking at a group of my friends. There were two girls and one guy. The boy was on the right side of the brunette-haired girl, with a red-haired girl on the left. I watched as the three of them laughed and carried on a storm of laughter. I looked at the boy and saw every perfection that I had failed to achieve. Great black hair, amazing voice, humble personality, funny, and a little mysterious to boot.

I performed the sin of envy every time I saw him. I stared as the brunette girl draped herself over him, beautiful and talented in all she did. I took a single step forward, and the red-haired girl shushed her, lowering their heads to listen to her whispers. She was a very charismatic and funny individual, who was gifted with her words.

They all excelled at something. They all had memories and stories about their invigorating accomplishments, achievements, and the exotic people they have contact with. Stories I could have no part of. I stepped forward once more to reach out for them, only to meet a clear wall. I realized that I was not like them. I have no talents to speak of. I'm not comical or have a quaint tale to tell. I’m not the sharpest-looking man to say the least, humble, or anything close to prefect for that matter. I have never had a best friend before. I simply watch from a distance, watch as they carry on, having a good time, and smile, happy all the while. I’m happy, not for myself, but that others can still find this elusive happiness. In this world of loneliness, death and prejudice, it’s still possible to enjoy a laugh every now and then.

Just as I prepared to leave, I heard a voice calling me. I look up to see the brunette glance in my angle. I turn around to find them sitting there, the brunette motioning for me to join them. I grin, recognizing that sometimes when you hit a wall, maybe it’s only telling you that you’re going the wrong direction.

How'd you like it?



Monday, November 8, 2010

Double Moon Eclipse


Okay so aN update on how things will bE flowing, very soon I will be tackling a topic known as "What defines a Sport?", I Will be writing the topic this week, so I hope you guys will like it. ;)

Another question I have is there was a Book about strange crEatures I Read awhile ago with two moons in it, but I can't remember anything else about it except how good it was. EverYtime I type it into google all I get is a book called "Walk Two Moons", and I'm back to square one. Help me out? Thanks!



Sunday, November 7, 2010

Final Stage: Connecting the Parts


Okay guys so you I have kept you waiting long enough for the final stage, so here it is! Okay contestants, what you will be tasked with doing is finding out what their challenge actually is. :D I know I'm evil, I'm glad you noticed. ;) I will be dropping hints here on the blog and facebook as to what the challenge is, and once you figure it out, the first person to complete the challenge wins the contest! I hope you have fun wandering aimlessly, I mean searching deligently for your next target. ;) And remember, "May the odds ever be in your favor." XD



The Truth Hurts....


Okay so very soon you will be hearing the conditions of the Final Stage of my contest, Connecting the Parts! but until then I thought I would let you read a story I wrote a few nights ago.... enjoy.

Truth about my Life

I’m sitting outside the double doors leading into the band room, waiting for my girlfriend to come. My band had just placed 12th at the BOA Finals, after working for years to place in the finals. I watch as people walk by. I receive everything from “hey” to “what’s up”. After awhile, I notice the radiant beauty otherwise known as my girlfriend. Her deep, hazel eyes cradled me as if I were lying in a water bed, while her short, black hair perfectly completes her angelic skin.

“Sorry I’m late babe,” she says after placing a kiss on my cheek.

“I’ll forgive you for another kiss.” I wink at her. She smiles and grabs my hand as we walk into the band room.

We walk in to find random groups of kids from all diversities and cliques standing together at different. I look to the right and see a trophy case which has a trophy saying "BOA Super Regional Finalists." I see a picture of all the officers, with me in the front-left smiling. I’m smiling after knowing how hard I worked for four years. I was able to get the clarinet section to be noticed for how good they really are.

“Hey Roy! Venus!”

I turn to a small group over near the folder cabinet waving at us. Venus and I walk over to greet our callers.

“Hey girl, hey!” says Kesha, a black girl and Venus’s best friend.
“Hey…” Venus remarks in a seductive tone throwing in a sexy smile to add some punch.
“Hey Kesha.” I say, but she playfully ignores me. “Oh I see how it is.”
“Are you still talking?” Kesha answers. Then my best friend Smithy flicks her from behind. “OW!”
“Stop being mean,” Smithy tells her in his German accent.
“He started it!”
“Like hell!” I shout jokingly, then Venus slaps me in the chest to calm me down as we all laugh. Then I get poked from behind only to find that it’s my freshman buddy, Katy.

“You owe me still,” she grins, talking about the present I promised to give her.
“I told you Christmas!” I said trying to buy time to come up with an excuse.
“Hey Roy, did you finish the essay for physics?” Smithy inquired of me. I jumped because it had completely slipped my thoughts.
“Oh, well see what had happen was…” I started, but Venus and Katy rolled their eyes.
“You know you have a bad case of senioritis, right? Do you want to fail senior year?” Venus asked me.
“I don’t know. One more year with you wouldn’t be too bad.” I say stealing a kiss.
“What makes you think it’s mutual?” She says while smiling trying to hold back a giggle. I smile back.

“Well, even then we are all going to the same college, so we’ll be together.” I turn and pinch Kesha. “So you’re stuck with me.” We all laugh, and I hug Venus as a bell rings, breaking me of my pseudo-world called dreams.

Suddenly, I am awake sitting against a tuba case.

“Bout time you woke up,” I hear Jeremiah saying in a relieved voice. I sit up to find myself back in reality. People walk past me, and I give a few "hello"'s as some say "hey" back and immediately walk past. I get up to go get my instrument out of the band room, where I find Venus talking to another guy named Josh. They hug and walk out talking and laughing up a good time. I then look over as Smithy is hugging his exchange sisters, holding plenty of good-bye cards and candy. I walk back outside and catch Kelli.

“Hey did you get accepted into Georgia State?” I ask.

“Yeah, but I decided to go to Auburn. Sorry, I hope you have fun there though!” She says, running off. I wave goodbye, then turn to the trophy case to find a trophy saying "BOA Super Regional Honorable Mention." I look at the picture of all the officers and see that I'm not in it. Then I remember the world I live in. Venus is my ex, and no longer will acknowledge my presence. I have no best friends, no major accomplishments. I have never been anywhere for longer then a year in high school, so no one would remember me or miss me. I wasn’t the least bit popular, and even with the few friends I would manage to make here, they would be gone as soon as I graduate. I would be utterly alone and unknown, just another spirit on this planet. Happiness for me was a dream, an illusion that was only reachable in my sleep or on paper in some fiction fairy tail. It's funny how in my world, a lie hurts less than the truth. This was fine however, because once I am stuck in an eternal nap, I will still experience eternal happiness, because nothing could be worse than this life I force myself to bear. Hell, I might as well speed it up.
Well how'd you like? I kind of just wrote it out of the blue and thought I'd share. :) Don't forget that you can send in stories as well and we will post them for our fellow bloggers! stay tuned as well for our follow-up post on information on the contest!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress Report


So first of all guys I would like to say based off a vote of 131 to 128, Olly has beaten The Twins for first seed in the Second Round! Congrats to Chris for his close finish. It literally came down to the wire, as I nearly had to flip a coin the votes were matching up so evenly. However, despite how obtuse the facebook voters acted, we still managed to obtain a victor! So, tomorrow I will telling our victors about Stage 3: Connecting The Parts.

In other news, I have been thinking recently that we have been sticking to putting life into fiction, hence the name of the site. But life extends much farer then that, as there is many non-ficitional elements to our life. Taking that into account, I will be starting a sort of open discussion about real life topics, where someone will write a passage upon a given topic and you can then have an open discussion about. Anyone can write the opening passage, as this is to help with our non-fiction writing skills. The first topic will be up very soon so come and give us your thoughts.