Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forget You

"Alone in the Crowd" by DeadlyCase

Hey guys it's Aulene!!!! OK so some of you might recognize the first two lines. They are from an Aerosmith song. I was listening to that song earlier, and, when I heard those lines, I felt like I needed to write about it. At the beginning it was just about the song and writing, but it grew into something more. Right now I am not on good terms with my best friend of two years and it has been hard on me. Throughout writing this I realized that I was strong enough to stand without her and I didn't need someone who would hold me down.
Let me know your personal experience with this. Everyone has one. 
Thanks everyone for the support! <3

Forget you


"I was crying when I met you"
"Now I'm trying to forget you"
I try so hard
To forget

Holding back is easy
Forgetting is hard 

I fall
Feeling my heart pound

Sobs choke me
Stopping my breath

I gasp, desperately searching for air
Feeling hot tears sear my cheeks

I cringe at the pain
Feeling the blood leave my body

Yet I fight
Fight for the right to live

I stand and face it
Face the fact that you're gone

A sharp pain hits my chest
I collapse, knowing it's the end

At that point I look up and say
"I don't need you"


I jump up
In the safety of my own room

In confusion I search myself
Not finding a scratch

It was all a dream
With a hidden message

I can do it
I can stand on my own

I don't need you
I never did

Though now I am different
I stand taller

People all wonder
All question

"What happened?"
"Why did you change?"

I look at them
The questions filling their eyes

The answer is simple
Right in front of you

It's amazing how much a person can change,
When they realize they have no other choice.



Friday, July 27, 2012

Love is fragile

Hey guys I'm a new writer on the site. My writer name is Sabrina ; a fellow writer named Aulene told me about Life In Fiction, and I figured I'd give it a try. My story is in my writing, it tells how I think and feel about life, situations, and experiences that we sometimes overlook. I love to write (it's my passion to write what I feel inside). I hope you like my style of writing.
My inspiration for this piece comes from losing love for someone but realizing your friends love for you is more powerful than any kind of relationship.

"Love is fragile but friendship never cracks"

Love is fragile, but friendship never cracks in the foggy night. The tombstones glow in the night with their cold touch. Fear crawls on the bumps of my skin. A deep shiver within, but a tear I shed in sorrow.
My heart is a heavy stone weighing me down. In the darkness the shadows creep but a light, the way, the truth, and the life see me through. The feeling of dying has its ways of toying with one’s mind.
Love is something special, love is fragile, love manipulates with one’s mind. You lose people and make your heart stone. But somehow, someway, there is one that is with you.
The story leads to a little cancer girl; she lived her life to the fullest. She didn’t give up, but she was taken by it. When she died, her last words as she closed her eyes, she said, “Mommy I can see butterflies.”
That’s the way life is. Otherwise it has the same beginning but a different ending, unexpected and unplanned. It has its twists and turns. Don’t live with a sore broken heart. You are in trusting hands. Let them guide you through.
Love is fragile, but friendship never cracks.

~ Sabrina

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A message from Chris

Watch as I reveal some important news about the future of the blog and my new novella, Memories of Autumn: Shattered Lies.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Annie was her name...Her  life was so dull.
Her mother won't let her go anywhere. 
She feels trapped, but why? 
There was nothing to be trapped from...At least that’s what she thought.
Oh, you ask where her father is? 
Well after her mother came back from the hospital , the family knew that she wasn't herself. Annie's father later committed suicide. No one knew why exactly, but Annie did. It was her mother, her mother was insane.  
So where could she turn? Who could she run to?
Annie tried multiple times to escape from her mother’s tenacious grip . 
"Sweetheart, where are you!" Annie heard her mother say. 
Whenever she asked where she was you could suspect something unpleasant was about to happen. 
"Yes mother, here I am." 
"Ah darling, well don't you look lovely this morning." 
Annie just looked at her waiting for her mother to go berserk. 
She waited for only a few moments, that's all it took.
Her mother looked like she was about to pass out. Then she lifted her head back up. Annie wished she hadn't...because now her mother's eyes were not her own, and she looked at her with a menacing smile. One that gave Annie cold feet.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My past

"Via Libre" by Elsilencio
Hey guys! It's Aulene!!! 

This piece I wrote about a week ago so it's pretty new. My mom passed away when I was in 7th grade, and I still have a lot of bottled up feelings about it. This is just a piece of my feelings. My mom was always asleep during my childhood so I didn't always have her there.

Please let me know what you think! <3
Thank you all!

My past

Not one to hide
But not one to be proud of

Pill after pill
She slept the day away
Missing all of my life
All of my achievements


She doesn't even remember it
Days with no food
Nights with no movement
Weeks with no memory

Everyday it's something else
Some new pain pill
Some weird side-effect

Where will I find her?
Will I find her in bed,
Or on the floor?

Who really knows
What the next day will bring


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just fuck it...

This is the last piece in the series of my latest inspiration. It's a small free-write that bleeds the truth trapped in my heart (however lame that sounds). 

What comes next shall be something bigger and better. This time next week, I'll have some pretty large news. So, until then, just kick back and enjoy all that is Life In Fiction.


“She steals my mind. Claws rake my eyes.” Please don’t call me “different.” For the words I say will fit yours one day—as long as you stay alive. Nonetheless, read the details between the lines. I’ve brought this pain for you each day for over two years. Can you see the pattern? Of course you can’t, because your eyes don’t see and your ears don’t want to hear me preach.
“Let God heal you. Live not for yourself.” I won’t claim anything different. Yet, I’m still not confident. There’s nothing in the air to suggest the effect such words will have on your life. Do you believe? I don’t believe you do. The topic’s too heavy. The truth’s too tight. And claiming that I see differently will only cause a fight.
“The final lines, they fall on deaf ears.” Of course! Haven’t you been listening? Not for me, but for you. There’s too much at risk if my rant becomes true. Still, you mustn’t stop and take me seriously. That is, unless you want more than this. More than that. More than what I can offer. Still, no, it doesn’t matter. “I’m just a fool playing the magician still.”

Fate drives me.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"Don't Look Back" by Heretichuman23

Hey guys! It's Aulene!!! This is an older piece I wrote about a year ago but the feelings remain true. I wrote this when I got in a fight with my little sister. I was so angry because she would always mess something up and ignore it and hope that others would fix her mistakes. I  go so mad, and I just wanted her to realize that it was okay to face her past and try to fix her mistakes. Everyone has made a mistake that they wish they could take back or fix to make it better. 
Leave a comment telling me your experience. I would love to hear your stories. 
Thank you for your support! <3


It's not an insult
It's a lesson
To be heard
So listen
Listen to me
Let me show you.

Dying on the floor
That’s your past
Look what you did

Take it back!
Fix it!

But no
There you go
Running from your problems
Growing up

Face the truth
The facts
Your mistakes
Stop running
You are fooling yourself

I can't open your mind
I can’t help you
Not until you bring your wall down
Only then, will you let me in.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lonesome lies

"Loneliness" by H1lle


My feet climb stairs meant for gods.
Yet, I am nothing to worship.

This mind calls for theories beyond us.
Still, I have no real purpose.

“A shell of a man,” describes me too well.
Her lies tell an accurate tale.

Why must they still call me intelligent?
I’m no smarter than Romeo.

How can they still see light behind these eyes?
I call the sun my foe.

My world finds life as a true contradiction.
But they won’t let me die.

No! “Life” and love are praised in their eyes.
I still can’t understand why…

These fingers touch on a topic too soft.
But hearts are hard to me.

Both my eyes see a world that needs help.
Yet, they all want to be free.

Fate drives me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"Nightmare Perspective" by alltelleringet

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! This is a brand new piece. I got the inspiration from this from one of my family members. They love to point fingers and pretent that everyone is against them and they won't just take a step back and look at it from our view. 

I know everyone has met someone like that, so comment and tell me your experience with someone like this. 

I love you guys! <3 
Thank you! :D


Just stop
Stop pretending
Stop playing the victim
And pretending the world is against you
It's not
It's just your view
You're stuck in one place
Bound by yourself
You have the opportunity
Yet you stand in your own way


To get that attention
That of which you crave
You desire
You topple over
Yet you feel no pain
It's just an act


You're not the victim
And the world isn't against you
It's just your view
If only you could see


Thursday, July 5, 2012

White Magic

Magic River by gilad
This is one of many in my new line of pieces drawn from the inspiration given by a long-time friend. What's crazy is that, unlike other girls, the inspiration she gives me clears me mind in a strange way. Expect her to be part of what drives my writing through these next few weeks and for the depth to be more than what's written.



“Drop the subject”
“Lose the line”

“Forget the past
And, please, stop crying”

“No loves exists”
Or so she says

I simply ignore
And feel betrayed

Not by her, but
By all those before

Who made me believe
That love’s a whore


“Don’t lose faith”
“Leave your home”

“Forgive me now”
“I’ll cleanse your soul”

So many girls
Have come to me

So many lies
Have brought me down

I look at stars
To dream of change

No one stands up
To take love’s blame


“Drink in misery”
“Love my hate”

“Fall for no one
Unless they’re real”

I stand still
She lies so far away

We’ve grown apart
She still doesn’t see

The final lines
Fall upon deaf ears

She’ll never love
I’ll never hear

[“Don’t believe them”
I wish to think
But hypocrisy is
My only savior]

Fate drives me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Desire and Deceit Part 2

I heard Kaitlin  in the distance giggling , my heart jumped at the sound of her voice. I turn  side-to-side trying to see where she was, but all I can see is black. I felt a jolt. I am awakened to a car whizzing by, causing me to almost fall over. I take a look around, and I am in front of an old wood shop on the outskirts  of town. Where did Kaitlin go? Perhaps she was just a figment of my imagination...

            Then I heard it again, but it wasn't as clear this time . It sounded muffled, like she was in a building or something. My gut feeling was the wood shop, and, without a second thought, I followed her voice inside . The shop was completely empty, as far as people go, only a few of the hallway lights were on. I tried to move forward, but my body was stricken with fear. There were so many things wrong with this situation. In that moment her giggling soon changed to shrieks of fear; I ran toward the sound of her voice which  to a small room with a tape recorder and a set of speakers setting on a table.
Oh snap, well it looks like I just got played...

            In almost a too cliché situation, the door behind me shut. From the corner of the room walked a man who was wearing, not a suit and tie with sunglasses,  but he was wearing jogging shorts, and a sleeveless shirt. His outfit had me totally confused, why did he look as if he didn't belong at all? Yet there he was. He had short, blond, cropped hair and green eyes. Him smiling at me without saying a word put chills down my spine. Everything in me wanted to turn and try to escape, but I knew it was no good.

In his hands the man had a small black tape. He walked to the stereo system, changed the two tapes, and hit 'play'. After a moment of sounds of a mic being messed  with a Russian voice came on saying, "Why hello David. It is such a pleasure to finally meet you. My name is Nikolai. I've heard so much about you." He looked at me and nodded as if it were him talking. "So if you were wondering, the man that is standing in front of you is me. Yes, I know it must be hard for you to grasp, but I can no longer speak. You see the point is that you were given a gift, one that I am not at liberty to speak of at this point in time. Right now all you need to know is that everything is not what it seems. Be wary of everything , especially feelings of those you love."

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


picture by ParallelDeviant

Hey is Aulene!!!

Alright, so this is a new piece. I wrote it today. I honestly don’t know where I got inspiration for this. The man in this piece is a man that I have seen since I was a little girl. He has always been there, and I have always seen him as a threat for some reason. So other than him this piece is just the result of me thinking a little too much. HAHA.
 Anyway I hope you like this and I encourage you to comment.
Tell me something that you are scared of.
Thank you so much. <3


I am stuck
Stuck in my own mind
Lost in a strange world
Mine, My world
Where I dwell
Where I create
Where I face no judgment
And no darkness

So I thought

I turn the corner and see them
Loved ones
Dead, drained of life
No longer able to feel
No longer able to love
Seeking revenge with no satisfaction
Who did this
Who would cause this much pain

Then he's there
The broad silhouette of a man
What is this
I want out
This isn't right
Why can't I escape
Why is this man still present in my mind
This is my mind...

Isn't it?