Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hey everyone, I've got some good and bad news.

First the bad news:

The "Great Read of the Week" probably isn't going to work out very well until Quinton comes back. This is mainly do to the fact that I have massive reading to do for my school courses and am trying to focus on my own writing. This being said, I will post my own, personal reviews for the books I'm reading currently for school, The Kite Runner and Brave New World, when I'm finished reading them, along with the monthly book reviews that started this month.

Now the good news:

I really like the idea of posting of short stories each week. So every Thursday I plan on posting a new story. Not much of an update, considering we've had those kind of posts in the past, but I thought I'd make my dedication to posting the stories clear :)
Remember to send in anything you want posted, and any questions you may have, to myself at

That is it for today's post. The next post will most likely be "Questions With [Alex]" on Tuesday. Also, expect lots of information on my book, Bleeding Truth, very soon.
Until next time, remember to think happy thoughts and always put life into words.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questions with Qui....wait, sorry he's taking a break...

Hey there happy, or not-so-happy, people! :)

I'm going to be starting a weekly post called "Questions with [Alex]." This will be a chance for anyone to ask me any questions about my book (Bleeding Truth), other pieces of writing, or anything else you might want to know. The answers will be posted every Tuesday, so if you have any questions you want to ask send them to or post a comment on this blog.

Feel free to ask away, don't be shy ;)

Here are the first couple questions I've been asked:

Q: When is your book coming out?

A: I wish I knew... Haha I'm still in the process of drafting and editing. If I were to set a goal I would say that I should have Bleeding Truth finished and edited by winter if every thing goes well.

Q: Who are the main characters in the book?

A: That's an easy question :)
There are 2 main protagonists (Alex and Audrey) and 2 main antagonists (Malice and Samael).


Well, that's all of the questions for this week. Remember, send any question you have to or post them on this site.
Until the next post, remember to
think happy thoughts and always put life into words.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!

Hey, this is Alex. If you don't remember me, it's probably because I've been inactive on this blog for awhile. I've been extremely busy with writing my book and working on my artwork. (Yes, I said artwork. I am trying to work towards my own cover art. hahaha)

Quinton has been doing awesome with his posts and I plan on continuing the various updates while he takes my place on hiatus. So look for my posts the next time they come around. Until then, remember to think happy thoughts and always put life into words.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Questions with Quinton(Friday Special)

     So today will be my last post before I take my break, so I'll answer as many questions as I can to keep you updated. I got tons of them this week, So here goes the most recurring ones:

Will you go in depth with all our stories like you did with Bengal Road?

     Good question. I will if you ask me to, I was asked to see if I could find the similarities with Bengal Road, so I did. If you'd like me to do the same with yours, I would be more then happy to.

Is Terra the same person as Stella from your book?

     Stella is based off her yes. She's an excellent writer herself and is constantly helping me out. :)

I know I may be pushing it, but is Lacrime somehow connected to The Rey Saga? I read that post you put up and I found multiple things that could connect the two series.

     Very smart readers we got here. But that's knowledge for only me to know for now. ;)

What was your inspiration for writing?

     This one's easy. My biggest inspiration are my friends I have everywhere across the country. They are what allowed this story to be made, and shaped me into who I am today.

Do the characters in your book have powers? If so, what are they?

     Yes, I guess you could call them powers. Eleven of the characters have powers: Rey, Chloe, Darcy, Tim, Harper, Drake, Stella, Lyssa, Azazel, Alexander, and Blake. I won't reveal all of them, but what I will say is most of these characters will have you fooled on what their power is with the exception of Harper(Mind Reading) and Alexander(Supercomputer-like Memory). Rey's has already been revealed, you just don't know it.

What do you think of the US so far?

     I have mixed thoughts on them, as the U.S. don't show up until the second half, but are extremely dominant at that point. I really rather not talk bout it after that terrible call by the ref that cost them a victory, but when the U.S. is playing woth some urgency, they are unstoppable. I stick by my thought that they will get out of their group, but any higher then the semi-finals is a reach for me.

Will there be another contest?

     Yes indeed there will be. While I'm on break I'll be working on a new one that will be as challenging as the first one, but different in it's own way. Hopfully when I return it will be done. :D

How would we know which animal goes with what aspect in the book?

     Very good question. Each character will be wearing a piece of jewelry to represent their animal. Like for example, Azazel animal is a lion, so he has a necklace of a lion head around his neck. The Jewelry Set will be called.... *Spoiler Alert*. Sorry can't say, but you actually already know it. ;) The Set contains four necklaces, two rings, two bracelets and two anklets. (Subject to change.)

When are you coming back from break?

     As soon as I take care of Pieces parts 1 and 2, editing Bleeding Truth, getting caught up on summer school, and finishing band camp. That won't be until late July at the soonest, but I plan on making a few posts on days that I have time before band camp. When I return however, I will have Pieces part 1 along with the current prologue finished and connected to a special page just for you blog readers, a release date for the book, hopfully a new contest and pictures of the ten piece animal jewelry set in Pieces. Maybe even the finished Cover Art. :D

Well that's it's it folks! The last post for awhile, so be good to my man Chris, as he'll be running the show with Terra for a bit. This is mostly likely the last of my world cup posts, so good luck USA and South Africa, and let me be the first to wish you all a wonderful INdependence Day and remember, to live your life as if it were fiction, and always put life into words. ;)


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book Review: Airborn


So it's time for the first ever book review for our blog!


The book I will be reviewing is called Airborn. The first book in a series by Kenneth Oppel. This is the story of Matt Cruise, a sky-loving cabin boy aboard the luxury airship the Aurora. He lost his father at an early age, and therefore has to take this job in order to take care of his mother and sisters. However, He genuinely loves the ship and the being in the air, and even has a dream to attend the Airship Academy, a special airship school, in hopes of Captaining his own ship one day. Matt is one of those people who adventure flocks towards, so it's expected that one day when he's on crow nest duty, he spots a once thought to be lost hot-air balloon. Almost by himself, he manages to save the lost balloon and get onto the airship. On board he finds an injured old male pliot who is beyond saving. Before the man dies, he asks if Matt has seen "them". Confused, Matt lies, but is quickly called out for it by the injured pliot, and the man dies leaving Matt completely lost. But a year later, the granddaughter of this man arrives, attempting to pluck Matt knowledge of what "them" are, and takes them on the start of a wonderful adventure through beautiful lands, exotic animals, piracy and of course romance. Don't worry boys out there, this isn't anything like twilight. ;)

This book was very well done, and expertly written. Now I did feel like the story took awhile to pick up, but once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. Even after I finished it, I went back and reread the first few chapters. I love the amount of plot twists that he has placed in this series, catching you off guard and while also having saying, "OH! That makes sense now!". There is just one thing that have to say is the weakness in all of Kenneth Oppel's books, his characters. Now it's not so much he doesn't develop them, offer interesting background, or lack of diversity. With the exception of two of them(Mr. Vlad and Matt), they lack that "boom" factor. That indescribable factor that turns them from great to unforgettable. Despite this problem, the book is beyond worth reading and highly recommended. Chris will be handling the next book review, but it won't be for around a month. So I highly suggest you check this book out and give it a read, along with the other two books, Skybreaker and Starclimber. ;) My final post before break will be a Questions with Quinton post Friday evening. Send in any last second questions!

Plot: 9/10
Imagery: 10/10
Characters: 8/10
Climax: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10 Great story and series


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introducing Terra

I figure it is about time that I got around to getting my first post up. Unfortunately before I jump into the true contributions that I will be adding to this page, I feel that I should introduce myself a bit. I know that introduction pieces can be boring, so I intend to keep this short.

A little about me: My name is Tara, I usually prefer to spell it "Terra" though because I like the meaning more(Terra means Earth). I am 18 years old, fresh out of high school. I have a loving family, and a great group of friends. I have two dogs, who are spoiled too much. As far as things go in the card game of life, I was given a very good hand. I have continued to use my blessings to work on being the type of person I long to be. I have given up lying; pledged myself to a life of honesty. So far it has worked out for me. I go out of my way to do good deeds, an example is that if I see a piece of trash in a store parking lot, I pick it up and take it to a trash can. I believe that life is what you make it, and I am doing my best to make the most of it.

In the past two months I have acquired many new things: a boyfriend, a job, and a diploma. All of these things have kept me very busy and excited. One skill that I am learning is very important is time management; I tend to double book things but getting better about scheduling things. The diploma is a fairly normal stepping stone in the life of a teenager, but it still brought about a good deal of excitement. The boyfriend is a new thing for me; I have been single for about two years now, by choice. He is teaching me many things, and helping me to add certain traits to my character. The job is very new and exciting; it is my passageway to my first real earnings, and my first group of friends not associated with high school. I'm really enjoying the direction my life is taking.

Well, there you have it. A vague summary of my life, currently.

And yes, this is my idea of short.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog News


Okay guys so I have some news for you guys. Due to my constant moving, I'm behind on my credits, and thus have to take summer school. This is majoring interfering with my freetime, that was originally used to write, so I will have to take a break following Thursday's post, meaning I will also have to do Questions with Quinton three days early. But to make up for it I will have a blog exclusive link to all Part 1 of my first book, Pieces with the current prologue attached. :) Until then, Terra and Chris will hold down fort. I will also take any stories, but you just will have to wait until I return to have them posted. Chances are Thursday will be the last of my World Cup posts, but good luck USA!!! See you guys Thursday!


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!!!!

Progress Report


     Okay okay to update on my books, I have finished typing up chapter 16, and am currently working on my second prologue for Pieces. I have only finshed a portion of Lacrime, and won't continue until much later.

Now to update on the site, I have now made Questions with Quinton daily, as well as increase the number I asnwer. Also We have a new author writing posts now named Terra. :) Lastly, Chris and I will be doing a new section for reviewing books for you guys to read, that I think you may find a liking too. We will grade them based off our own individual systems. I will kick things off this Thursday, giving me time to prepare what my system will look like... Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bengal Road (cont.)


     Like I promise, I will be explaining connections made in Bengal Road today! It took me all day yesterday to try and find the hidden messages but I think I may have found them. So get's started. First off, the each of the animals and the giant represent either the mascot or a player of one of the teams in the AFC North. Brownie rep. the dog on the Cleveland Browns logo, Poe rep. one of the three mascots for the Baltimore Ravens, Parker rep. Willie Parker, former running back of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dey rep. of  course the mascot of the Cincinnati Bengals.

     Now each of them represents the skills of each team based off the past season. Brownie relates to the Browns special teams skills, mainly because of Joshua Cribbs, and above average talent in that spot. Poe aerial abilities are meant to be viewed as a defensive tactic, resembling the Ravens notably great defense, but lack of offense firepower. Parker is meant to show how the Steelers are great in both offense and defense, but losing one piece could cause them to quickly drop drastically in skill, like how Parker lost his sight and his armor, the steelers lost Troy Polamalu and the run game, and fell apart. Also he is a one trick pony, hinting at their lack of special teams skill and thus makes them heavily unbalanced.

     Now Dey represents the Bengals because he has amazing agility(to represent their stout defense), a good sense of smell and reflexes(to represent their balanced special teams), and sharp claws and teeth(To represent their powerful running game led by Cedric Benson). This is to show that he is the most balanced among the four, just like the Bengals were amongst the AFC North. Now to show that the Bengals offense wasn't complete(proven in the later half of the season after Chris "Slim" Henry died and the passing attack faltered, let his soul rest in peace), he made Dey a cub, to say that he still lacked the brute force of a grown bengal tiger. Well I thought this story was very well thought out and is definitely worth the look see. There links in this to different players or teams in case you don't know what I'm talking about! Don't forget to send in your stories and questions to!


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Author, World Cup, Contest Winner, and some Sweet Snow


  Okay so today will mark the arrival of our new author Terra Holmes! She will be blogging along side Chris and I, so be nice and give her a warm welcome! :)

  In other news, the US are in a tie for second in the FIFA World Cup. They are in Group C with Slovenia(Group Leader), England, and Algeria. They will play Slovenia next, where we will be heavy favorites. Cheer on your nation Americans!!!

Next, The Winner of our contest is Heather Baker!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  Lastly, I want to talk about Lacrime, the name of a book in a series called Borë e Ëmbël(Sweet Snow in Albanian.) This book is about a 15 year old boy named Henry who is a genius who is fluent in nearly every language. This has made him coveted by nearly college, and his father being famous doesn't hurt either. The downside is he is overly confident, and also a major jerk. One day, he meets a girl named Zelda who is being bothered by two men. She hides behind him pretending to be his girlfriend, and the men leave them alone. She then follows Henry around most the day causing him trouble and even accidently causing him to miss a chance with a girl he has been trying to get with for weeks. Enraged, Henry takes her back to the men and tell them they can have her. Late that night, Zelda is found dead at in a hotel room, killed by the two mysterious men Henry gave her to. Henry began to sink into a guilt and goes to hide in his room. At midnight of that very same night, a purple and green wave of light showers on Henry's apartment, and when he opens his eyes, finds himself in the world of Terra, I duplicate of Earth, but the Sky is red instead of blue and moon Purple instead of white. The biggest difference though is that everyone posses the ability to use Magic, including Henry. He soon finds he is the only Lightning Cancellor(Mage) in this new world however, and is hunted down by for his talents. He is saved by a girl who looks exactly like Zelda named Eva, a Divine Cancellor, and begins to travel with her learning of the horrifying event that occurred in this World 21 years ago... an event similar to his home Earth, but with different results...

Well there's the description as of now, but that's all the revealing and actual work that'll go into it until Pieces is done. I will put up another fan story tomorrow so stay in tuned and Always put life into words. ;)


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!!

Questions With Quinton


So guys I am getting enough questions to the point I will now make this a weekly post, so now you'll be getting questions from me every Sunday. XD Okay lets get on it!

Are you going to put up anything on manga?

     Well, manga is debatable on whether or not it is considered a true book. Although I myself read it, and since it does have a plot, setting, climax and all the other elements a book has, if I get enough requests I will consider doing it along side Chris and Tara if they thinks it would be okay.

Are you going to do another contest?

     Yes I will. Very soon in fact. I just need to get some things prepared and finish some work for my editors and summer school. It will probably be announced in July, but there's a chance you hear bout it until early August, as I have a camp from July 16-24.

So is The Rey Saga a trilogy or a tetralogy?

     It's now a Saga, which is a four book series. I think you might have meant a quadrilogy, though I'm unfamiliar with the correct term. I had to change it after the length of the first book hit over a thousand pages.

You should do a section where you review book for us to read!

     I'm very aware that this isn't a question, but It's a very good point. I might work with Chris to see if he would like to do something like that. If so, is there any books you would like us to review? If so, send an e-mail to Chris and I at and and we'll see what we can do. It'll only be once a month however, as we still have books to write and other activities.


Quinton - GO USA!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bengal Road


Today we have another story from a man in Cincinnati called Luke Watson. He wrote a story called "Bengal Road" which I thought was very creative. Well no time for delay let's jump into it!

Bengal Road

This the story of three animals, The Powerful Raven, Poe, the brown bulldog, Brownie, and the small Bengal cub, Dey. The three each came from poor countries, on the verge of starvation. The only food source lied beyond Steel Curtain Bridge, on Vince Isle, which was guarded  by the powerful and strong giant Parker. The only way across was to beat Parker. So each village trained a warrior who would face Parker, in hopes of providing a new champion of their little division of the world. The Raven was a aerial master, who could fly high and dodge any ground attck with it's speed, a defensive master. While on the other hand there was Brownie, a strong run down bulldog. He had many special talents, like digging and strong sense of smell. Lastly there was Dey, a bengal cub who to small and didn't have the power of a full grown tiger. He excelled at nothing in particular, so he trained his body to be above average in offense and defense.

The day finally came for the three warriors to face Parker. Everyone had their votes on Poe, while next to no one believed that Dey even had a chance, only a select few in his village trusted in him to take down Parker. Brownie would charge in first, using his digging talents to gain an upper hand. He jumped out and attacked Parker, but couldn't manage to put even a bruise on the giant, and he punched down the dog with a single blow. Brownie layed motionless before the giant. Poe then grunts, and flys high into the sky, far out the reach of Parker, leaving Parker unable to hurt him. But Poe would soon find he couldn't pierce the tough hide of Parker, the ultimate defense to his aerial attacks. After Poe was tired out by his assault, Parker punched him aside as well, leaviing only Dey to face him. The Poe's and Brownie's nation had then given up, thinking they had no shot at ever beating Parker. but Dey stood between Parker and the fallen warriors, growling at him. Parker laughed.

"What can a runt like you do?" Parker asked, chuckling at his puny opponent. "Brownie was at least proficient at his special talents beyond the any one else in the world, and Poe had the elite protection of the skies on his side. What do you have? You're still a cub!"

Dey just stared, then crounched into a battle stance. Parker gritted his teeth, and charged for the cub. Dey slided through Parker's legs, and tripped him up. He fell over the bridge, but held on to the side rails on bridge, and started swinging around underneath like a giant monkey out of the sight Dey. Dey then went on the defensive and searched out the smell out Parker, finding it just in time to move out of the way of Parker as he swang on top of the bridge. He then jumped up and clawed at Parker's eyes, blinding him. He moved down and and clawed off at his armor by cutting the hooks on his shoulders, leaving Parker without his elite defense or his sight to guide his powerful strikes. He kneeled defeated and angry.

"How could this be? How could this cub give me so much trouble.?" Parker demanded.

"I beat you because unlike Poe and Brownie, I didn't give up something else in order to be great at one skill. I may not have been amazing at any one thing, but I was balanced." Dey replied.

Unable to accept defeat, Parker charged one last time, but Dey had already moved behind him, causing him to charge off the cliff and to his death. To this very day, that road is called Bengal Road, and when people ask what the secret to upending a giant is, Dey would laugh and say, " Realizing you're whipped before you start, accept you're over your head in battle, and then saying to hell with fate anyhow."

How'd you like it? Did you find the connection between the story and the football teams they represent?  Monday I'll do a segment on it so stay frosty!


Quinton = GO USA!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Read Of Week


So the World Cup has kicked off with South Africa and Mexico battling to a tie! It's my dream to see South Africa play against USA in the World Cup finals... But that's not to likely.

Well let's forget that for now to talk about the revival of the Great Read Of the Week. Last time I did this I spoke of the book The Seventh Tower, so today I'm going to talk about my favorite book by my favorite author ever, Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing. this book is about a small silverwing bat named Shade. Shade has always been a runt, and for that reason has been exiled socially from his colony. One day, he decides to look at the sun, which is forbidden by law that any bat do that. He is thus caught by an owl and in respond gets his home of Tree Haven burned down, causing the silverwings to hate him even more. He and his colony soon head to hibernaculum, and during a huge storm, Shade is cut off from his colony. There he meets Marina, a brightwing who has a band similar to one of Shade's colony elders. She decides to travel with him in order to find out the truth of her band, but along the way they come across two cannibal bats capable of killing owls. Now Shade must prove to the owls that the colony bats aren't to blame and save not only his colony, but the whole animal kingdom from these cannibal bats and the secret of bands.

What I love about this book is how perfectly Kenneth Oppel has mastered seeing things from a bats point of view, from use, or in this case no use, of color but perfectly explaining how every animal looks and the environment around them. This book is supenseful, action-packed, and connects to the real-life problems we face today in our own society. Hopfully you'll take to find it!


Quinton = GO USA!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Contest is Over!


Contest is Over! We had alot of people get close, Alot of people were suck in the 4-5 range, while at one point Ania had 6 right, but Cindi and Heather pulled out in the end. Here were the answers:

White Wolf = Loneliness

Sea Turtle = Old Age

Penguin = Sacrifice

Bat = Nilihism

Raven = Despair

Eagle = Destruction

Bear = Intoxication

Leopard = Madness

Lion = Greed

Horse = Rage

There they are!! People had the most trouble with the Eagle, Penguin, Lion, Horse and Bear(The bear I will admit was stuipd diffcult) Better luck next! I will be holding another contest in a Month so stay tuned if you lost this one!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Animal Representation Contest


Hey guys! Thought I'd send you a triple punch with three posts today!

   So I have been getting a lot of questions asking how I'm going to refer to each "aspect" if I'm not going to have each one mentioned throughout the story as the aspect of death. Now I won't reveal it completely but I will say that each aspect has an animal that will be associated with it. Here's a list of the animals:

White Wolf
Sea Turtle

Now let's play a game! The prize will be a free copy of my book pieces! The rules are simple: you take each one of these animals, and guess what aspect they go to! The first person to guess all of them correctly wins! Now in order to make it fair for all compeititors, here are some laws:

  • The game is officially opened at 4 p.m. tomorrow, June 9th, and no one can send their answer until 5 p.m.
  • You can only send your answer to my e-mail at, answers anywhere else will not be accepted.
  • Chris, Gwyn, Terra, and Lexi cannot enter as they already know the answer to at least five of the ten animals.
  • If no can come up with the asnwer by June 10th at 5 p.m., then the closest person will recieved the award.
  • In case of a draw, a second challenge will be made to the people who tied.
Hopfully you can figured it out!



The Prologue


It's summer time finally guys! So I think I should kick it off with a rough draft of the prologue to Pieces, and I'll be looking for your feedback! I haven't fully decided on what to write for certain yet, so I'm going to write them all and post them on here to see what you think! Well here you are!

Prologue: A Lonely Story

Once upon time, there was a boy. This boy was a different then his peers. He loved to write, he was a member of band who played clarinet, an instrument that was generically considered a girls instrument. He wasn't very good at it, nor was he exceptional at sports. This would have been acceptable if he wasn't black, which completely changed the world he would grow up in, not in terms of how he was raised, but in how he would be forced to handle it.

The boy would move a lot during his first six years in the world, living from Florida to Mississippi to New York. His journey would take him to Colerain, Ohio. He was held back in first grade because the school system in New York was farther along then his current home. He would join band, and due to a challenge by a friend of his, he would play clarinet. Everyone would grow to respect his involvement in band, as he was be loved by all in his school. There he would make many of his friends, he would make goals, life was perfect, and nothing seemed capable of stopping him. But the boy life would shatter in 7th grade, when his father decided to take a new job offer in Texas, forcing him to give up all the great friends he had made. He was told that was great at making friends, and that he would lose them all anyway. The boy's father would promise to never move again. They would move the first week of October, being forced to throw away a piece of him. In Texas, he was immediately outcasted at his new middle school. He was considered "white on the inside" by his own race, who pushed him aside for growing up in a white community. No one understood the reason behind his chose in instrument, which further lowered his value. He could not understand why no one would accept him, why no one cared to befriend him. Desperate for a solution to his problem, he came up with a method to read emotions, only to create the opposite effect. At the end of his middle school tender, he had managed to gain some acquaintances, and thus he vowed to never reveal this ability to anyone else, regardless of the situation, and to never allow himself to make friends, as he would only lose them, and be caught in the "real world", incapable of defending for himself. A promise he would break thrice.

When he started High School, he had all but given up hope he could regain the companionship he had gained at Colerain. Now more then ever had band exiled him more than it was praised. He felt lost and without any options, alone in the "real world". It was then that he met a girl, who went by Venus. This girl showed him onto the right path, she helped him break his shell, and allowed him to trust again, to reattain that friendship he had lost. He began working to become section leader of this new band, and maybe one day drum major. The boy and Venus would begin dating, becoming the boy's first love. The boy would break his promise for the first time, and the girl wouldn't care, nor would any of his friends, his new family. Life would be perfect once again.... or so he had thought. Near the end of his freshmen year, His father would grow displeased with his job, and would decide to move again, saying that he wanted to live where he would be happy. The boy's world and dreams would shatter right before his eyes once more, and he would be forced to start anew, alone once more. But it was a price he would have to pay for his parents. He had nearly chosen to kill himself instead of leaving his girlfriend behind, his first true love, but she stopped him, saying that she would be right there when he returned. Thus he left his new home, another piece of his soul left behind.

The boy would move back to Ohio, in a city called Centerville. There he rebinds his vow, and found it to be ever more difficult to make friends in the cold atmosphere of this highly acclaimed town. He would barely make it through each day with the thanks to his friends back in Texas, namely his girlfriend. Then one day he came across another boy, who harbored an angry soul of destruction, and a girl, who was on the verge of emotional madness. He would break his vow, and make these two his "acquaintances with benefits” or his cough out for friends. He would soon fall heads-over-heels for this new girl of madness, leaving his girlfriend behind to chase this girl of madness. Venus would enter a depression, and soon commit suicide. This would scar the boy, costing him all his remaining friends in Texas, leaving only with the girl of madness, and the boy of destruction. The girl would leave him behind, choosing to chase a man who would never again care for her, leaving him only the boy of destruction. Almost on cue, the boy's father decided to move once more and thus returning him to loneliness.

The boy's heart in shambles, he grew cold, and began to fake happiness, as he had forgotten what it truly was. He continued to smile, and kept a doll like appearance upon his face, while on the inside screaming in pain, in the everlasting downpour in his now empty body. He would move through and out of Dayton, and onto Moreview, site of the third time he would break his promise. That time however, is a story all in itself....


So how did you like it? It's still a rough draft, but more or less this is going to be what it will be like. Be sure to comment or e-mail me at to give your comments! Also send me some questions my way!



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Questions With Quinton


     So it's another day, another round of questions, so lets get to it!

Who is your favorite author?

     I would have to say Kenneth Oppel, author of my favorite book, Silverwing and of Airborn. I love the detail he puts in describing his worlds, like in Silverwing how he doesn't use a single color in any of his explanations as you are seeing from a bat's point of view. Plus the world in Airborn is just amazing, you can literally taste the foods that he describes. No one like him in my opinion.

Who you got in the World Cup?

     I would love it if the good ol' US of A would take home the cup, but since that doesn't seem possible I would take Brazil. Can't go against them.