Friday, August 31, 2012

Stuck in darkness

Hey guys its Sabrina Black this weeks piece expresses how we get in the tangled web of the past. Never move on to the futre instead rather dwelling on the bad things that happen to us. Until someone helps you nothing matters to you. You rather watch the world go by around you and expect a spec of hope to come. Say somthing get help its not healthy for you heart to be in a black hole. Talk to a friend and thier there to listen.


Tossing. Turning. Nowhere to hide from the pain. Fetal position in the safe corner. Head buried in your arms.

Silence. Neither a song bird nor a quake creaks and grinds from the old hinges. No way out of these walls. Your desperate for air, the sound of a kind and gentle voice.

You’re alone; sleep is your only friend. You cry every night. Then a flash of your past. You’re with your friends smiling; being happy; seeing the world. Your dream becomes a nightmare. Everyone around you disappears or dies in a tragic accident. You’re the only one left.

The only light is a small window if you’re lucky you see a person’s feet pat lightly across the cracked pavement.

Cry out. No answer. Sliding against the concrete wall in despair. Arms are scratched and battered to make the painful past marked in your veins. What could you have done better to prevent or save yourself?

You look out the window wanting a kiss of sunlight. The days pass on. What day is it? What time? Suddenly you hear footsteps by the window coming right towards you. A girl with angel-soft hair, blue eyes, ripped jeans, and a ragged shirt missing buttons. The blue eyes stare at you. She asks: “Why are you trapped in the past?”
~Sabrina Black

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something Else

photo by Kristen Nicholl

Sit with me.

Cry with me.

Love with me.

Die with me.

Believe in me.

Just trust me.

I know I’ll be


Fly with me.

Lie with me.

Talk with me.

Run with me.

There will be

Just no need

To ever think


Fate drives me.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


First of all, let me remark at the name change was completely unexpected and strange to see when I had no clue it was about to happen. That being said, we’ll just have to go with it.

So you guys know that little piece I wrote called 'Annie'?
Well, I decided to flesh it out into a larger story instead of a twisted, third-person narration. This is the first part I have. Don't worry, it doesn't stay normal. Things start getting weird, trust me. :P
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this piece and I will be working hard on the next part.
Grace be with you all,

"Annie dear, it's time for breakfast!" her mother called out from the bottom of the stairs. Awakening to the sound of her mother insisting that she wake get up along with the smell of freshly cooked pancakes and bacon, Annie quickly grabbed some clothes and ran downstairs to receive her prize. Not missing a beat, Annie swung on the banister, sliding across the kitchen floor and landing right into her seat where she was faced with a plate piled with pancakes and bacon.
"Is this all for me?" Annie asked teasingly.
Her mother chuckled, "No, sweetheart you gotta save some for your father, now go ahead and grab a plate and eat up. School starts in a half hour."
As she was eating her pancakes, in the background she heard her phone go off in the family room. Annie dropped her fork and ran into the next room with a mouthful of pancakes.
"Annie, who is that this early in the morning?"
She first gulped down her last bite and said, "Oh, no one just a spam message."
But they both knew she was lying, luckily her statement wasn't questioned, rather ignored. Annie sat on the couch, and looked at her phone. That's weird, this number is blocked. How do numbers get blocked on texts? That doesn't even make sense; this stupid phone is probably glitching again.
She continued to read the message, 'ARE YOU READY?' it read.
Ready? Ready for what? She had to know who this was.
Her phone vibrated only seconds later.
Her face became pale, and she just sat there in silence, wishing it weren’t true. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Is there such a thing as someone unimportant? Is there anyone who really is less than someone else?

You feel like you don't matter. You have all these dreams and suddenly things start to look more grey.
You decide those dreams are pointless. You know you'll never get anywhere with them. They're not going to change anyone's lives. Why bother?! Why waste time?! 
Someone is just going to do better than you anyway. why try?!
You are more.
If you could push these thoughts away you'd see that.
Quit putting yourself in the background. Live your life to its potential. It is beautiful, you just haven't released it from that cocoon yet.
Let it go. Breathe, and show the world your stuff. They have yet to hear something magnificent, that magnificence could come from you. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

A new storm

Hey it's Sabrina Black for this piece the inspiration comes from a struggling past full of mistakes that I've seen with people around me but for me its the mistakes that anger my heart. You look back and think man why did I ever make that choice or why did this happen the way it did. Though life questions like this ponder and make you have a curious mind. You can't change the past but what you can do is change your future though what you have learned. Hope you guys like it  and can  relate to my piece.


Tears fall out of the night sky above souls that have pain in their hearts. Light that touches the bare ground strobes. The sound of power vibrates the earth. Like horses pounding wild and free—like thunder over the land—there’s a storm inside all of us.

No shelter, no protection, exists from the hidden pain inside all of us—a feeling of chains bound to our hands and feet. No one to turn to. A feeling of loneliness and no future. Can’t face another day without knives in your heart. For what you did is unforgiveable. Shame covers your heart; a darkness consumes you. Drowning in pain and suffocating slowly. Can’t turn back time.

Suddenly a ghostly shadow wearing white appears. He whispers: “Where are you, my child? I love you and now you are free and saved. The sun will come and dry up your tears.” This mysterious figure is saving you from the shadows of your sin. Take his hand and let him in your stormy heart.

You will find love. Love will come to you in ways you won’t expect it. Don’t give up. You’re too precious to quit. The light of another day will bring you new delights.

Now you write it.
Sabrina Black

Thursday, August 23, 2012


photo by Kristen Nicholl
I find myself at a time of huge inspiration drawn from a completely wonderful friend...but hardly do I have any time to write. It's kind of pissing me off... Oh well, I guess that's the life of a college student, eh?

This next piece is about a week or two old and was drawn from the ideas generated by the picture to the left (which is also the blog's background image).

Let me know what you think. Next week will be another video installment from me and (hopefully) some fresh writing. 

"One like no other"

“She puts too many thoughts in my mind,” I whisper, half dead. My back against the stony ground, my will against the world…The sun comes down so brightly, and the dull ache in my skull only worsens. “I wonder if she knows what she’s doing.” I sigh, the heavy motion pushing another stone into my back. I wince but convince myself to leave it. “At least pain means I’m still alive.”
“Hi!” she whispers in my mind. “What’s your name?”
“What’s my name, eh?” I smirk. “Like that ever mattered.” Back-track a few months, back to when we first met on a bet from my best friend. “ ‘Go get her!’ he said. ‘You’ll have fun!’ he said.” My heart jumps as I remember the first kiss we both enjoyed. The sweet taste of the raspberries she enjoys still lingers. “Why couldn’t everything be so good?” And so the sun shines down. “I swear I’ll never fall for her again.” So I get up and brush the stones from my bare back.
“Steven!” she yells from our house not far away. “Come back in, there’re clouds rolling in.” I follow without concern, a heavy mind dragging behind.
The rain soon follows and so do my regrets. By our humble fireplace her eyes shine so radiantly, I can’t help but want a taste. A stunning smile and a jealous kiss. How could I possibly resist? I’ll always be falling and wanting her on my mind.

Fate drives me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patience: Vlog

Hey, this is Alex reading you one of my poems, Patience. There is supposed to music playing in the background, but that didn't work. So just so you know "Sunshine of your love" is what is supposed to be playing. haha :) Anyways...Enjoy!
Grace be with you,
Alex S.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Can't sleep, Can't Speak

When you just want to turn around and run back to where you came from. Back to where you started, back to who you were, who you knew, and what you so loved. But you can't. You mustn't. You can't get anywhere with focusing on the past, it just drives you into the ground because you want things to go back to the way they were but there's no chance, no way, no how, they could be the same.

I get lost, ya know? I'm getting older and losing grip of time. I feel nostalgic listening to this song. Part of me goes numb. When I sit alone, my thoughts conflict each other. One side says: "Oh, if only I could be who I was, or if I could relive that..." The other says: "Don't waste your time. You know you can't go back. Things are just going to have to progress whether they get better or not."

I've been going through a rough time right now with someone I love..They tend to take advantage of me being here for so long. When a few years ago I was everything to them, I want to feel that way again.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Stressful Times

Hey guy,s it's Sabrina Black.

Basically this piece comes from the heart. It's about how a fatherly figure or some you trust gets too caught up in their work and their success and forgets what's important to them.

Working too much can cause stress and anger, which causes them to say hurtful words to you. I have gone through this many times and it hurts and puts you down. Just know that he loves you with all his heart and talk to him. Have a one-on-one conversation. Tell him how you feel, he will sacrifice work for you. YOU are more important to him than anything else in the world.

"Tears" by Marissaa

“Do You Remember Me?”

You are always angry, always filled with stress. I wish you could spend time with me. I wish you would just take a minute to stay with me.

You ignore and neglect me. You yell, hurt, and cloud my day. I wish we could go back to the old days, but sadly I still withhold the memory. Every moment that we shared is a fading memory. I wish we could create more lasting ones...

Why are you so stressed?

Why are you so mean?

Do you even hear yourself talk? You make me sad and imperfect. Every little thing is upsetting to you. Sometimes I have to question: do you remember me?

You never spend time with us.

You are always in a bad mood. I’m just tired of hearing an excuse for everything.

Why do you blame it on me? I didn’t make you this way, you did.

Why are you so stressed?

Why are you so mean
You’re supposed to protect me in all of my troubles. Understand me, be there for me, comfort me, but do you even remember me?

 ~ Sabrina Black

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet"

Life changes quickly. It's almost unfortunate sometimes that we have to change with it. 
From friends to lovers to awkward acquaintances, back to friends and then just two people wishing for the past to come back. Changes in relationships are possibly some of the worst things in my life, especially when emotion is involved. 
Right now feels like one of those times, although I can't pinpoint why...Anyway, this next piece attempts to capture it all by playing off of my uncertainty and blending it with some Fall Out Boy lyrics. 

"Lovers" by Slagophoto

“Pete Rose”
(It's a story about cheating. Get it?)

            I walk into the room. You’re splayed out on the couch, begging me to come closer. “C’mon,” you whisper, “have a taste.” You lick your lips and the universe leans in to catch my response.
            “Sounds delicious,” I state with a smirk. Give up on conscious thoughts. I’ve no need for my brain. All I want is to become closer to who you are—lie closer to you. And so I creep closer. I straddle you and cuddle you. Like a drug addict, my conscience must’ve gone out the window with the intoxicating feel of your lips against mine; the alluring smell of that perfume you shower in before each of our meetings.
            My mind’s stuck on the possibility of getting inside…inside that mind of yours. But I swear I wouldn’t…I shouldn’t…I couldn’t…I can’t seem to resist your charm. Your naked body against mine. Your warm breath against my neck and soft voice urging me on. All of it sends me into a fervor. “Harder…” You gasp. “I want it rough.” I attend only to your needs, for my thoughts are concerned with the longevity of this affair.
            I groan in pleasure but know I come second in this two man race for your love.
            After all, does your husband know what we do? Does he see our heated embrace in your eyes each night? Does he…Does he even know the words that could stop me cold?
            You promised he hurt you, that he means nothing,  and you need something new. Still, I have to promise myself that I’ll never fall into this trap. Oh, how I love you…I need you…I want you, but I could never end up like him. Although, probably, behind my back I already have…
            Now you sigh with that layer of sweat upon your skin. No doubt you’re now thinking about him… “That was great!” you exclaim with a smile before thrusting once more oh so teasingly. A smile is drawn upon my face with the ecstasy held tightly between our loins.
            A car door slams outside. “I thought you said he wouldn’t be home for another few hours,” I start with terror.
            “I…He wasn’t supposed to be. I don’t know what’s going on.” Fear enters your eyes as you hand me back my clothes. “Here put these on. I’ll distract him while you sneak out.” I know the routine, but it always stings to hear it come from you each time.

            “Tempest in a teacup” for lack of a better phrase. The chaos that follows reminds me of a race to escape death. “Jess! I’m home!” your husband yells in the next room over. The way you clean up…You’d think he’d suspect something…Why be with someone so dense, hun? Why…Why…Why…Have you ever thought that maybe you peaked early?
            He’s seduced as he comes through the door. I can almost hear the sound of his fingers sliding against your soft skin, his lips colliding with yours. It makes me sick. Does he even understand what’s happened? Can he guess the words that I long to hear?
            No, he can’t…How could he understand our love when he doesn’t even know I exist? And, so, I creep out the back, wondering if it’s all worth it.
            I swore I wouldn’t end up like him. Yet, in a sick, sad way, I already have. You cheat him for me but still cheat me for him. Just know that I’ll still be here. (I’m not going anywhere.) But next time be sure to keep a calendar—this way you’ll know the next he’ll come through. No matter how long it takes…Oh, darling, just know that I understand what you’re going through.

Fate drives me.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whats wrong with me

"What's Wrong With Me?" by Poison~Theft
Hey guys it's Aulene!!!!! I wrote this piece a year ago but it applies to everyone in life everyday. We have all met people who make fun of you or dislike you for no reason. It made me really mad, but that is how life is.
I know you have had someone like this. Comment and let me know what has happened to you and your experience with it. I would love to connect with all of you a little more.
Thanks I love you all! Thanks for all the support! <3

Whats Wrong With Me?

What's wrong with me?

What did I do?

You ignore me
Make fun of me
For what?

Does it make you feel better
Feel good...
About you

You and your sad life
You have to torture me,

For what?
To be popular,
To seem cool?

Well I'm done

I just want to know why...

Why the laughs,
The looks,
The absence of a direct voice
But a crowd behind me

Is it the way I look,
The way I dress...
Maybe the way I talk?

Give me some reason
Something that gives you the right
So I ask one last time before I break...

What's wrong with me?



Sunday, August 12, 2012

First post ever!

Hey guys I'm new to this. My name's Kristen Nicholl. I'm a freshman in college just trying to find my place but taking life as it comes.
Art has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I take photography and write about fiction or just plain fantasy. I do draw, but only when I am inspired. I put meaning behind every photograph, it's something I really take pride in. 
 I'm excited to join you all in Life In Fiction. 


I have a series of photos I have started called "Scenes." They are photos that I have made an inspirational quote to match. Here is one of my first ones:

"Sometimes the hardest part of a new chapter in your life isn't the chapter itself, its getting the courage to open it and go at it with full endurance, that's the tricky part."

I also come up with songs to match sometimes. This all relates to me this past year.

 Cheers, fellow artists.

-Kristen. <3

Friday, August 10, 2012

Desirable Love

Hey guys its Sabrina Black latly I've been feeling an interest doing a love piece. It's just a inspiration that I got from the feeling of love and having a desire. To be thristy for love or want it to last forever and ever. Love isn't what you see in Disney movies where the princess loses her slipper or gets locked in a tower with a beast. It's much more than a fairy tale it's more than words can describe.

"Desire" by PardonMyFate

When I look at you, I can see your soul. When I look through your eyes, I see a story full of untold pain. I see that I could heal you with my love. I will always be there, even when I’m gone.
You are my desire. You are a part of me that will never fade. You are my bridge and the fire within me. I know you will never leave in my dire need. You are my desire.
Every night, I look at the moon shining down, wondering if you are thinking of me. The stars tell an untold story of hope, life, and the future that no one can decipher. You are my desire.
The history we had still boils in my heart. Our love for each other is still there. Seeing you with someone else makes my see that I ended something so precious.
The sight raises a storm inside me—a storm of jealously, pain, and tears. Knowing that I gave you up makes me feel regret… You are my desire
Memories pop up like fireworks and bring me smiles. Us laughing…joking…holding hands, being together always! Sometimes we must say goodbye, but I still remember you.
You are my desire. You will always be a part of me that will never fade…You are my bridge and the fire within me…I know you won’t leave me in my dire need...
You are my desire.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

A New Strive

"Jesus Walks"

“Jesus walks!” says the preacher to the congregation in a giant room. “He walks among us, inside us. He is in your heart, if only you would let him in. Peace awaits those who give their lives to God! Salvation is for the good. Who among us is not good?”
“Me!” yells a man amongst the crowd. “And you! And you!” yells the man as he points to the crowd, the preacher, and everyone on scene. “We are all sinners, and God wants none of us! You believe you’ve given your heart to Him? Lies! All lies!”
“Blasphemy!” responds the preacher. “God is for all!”
“Do you call God a whore?” The man’s face distorts in disgust, and the congregation stares at the silent preacher.
“Both of you know nothing,” a woman speaks up from the back, and all lend their eyes. “There is no god. For what god would force us into lives so terrible? A world so disgusting? With preachers so base? You know nothing of your ‘god’ because it simply doesn’t exist.”
Surely, you jest!” the man and preacher yell in unison.
“Then you all refuse to give up your lies…” The woman shakes her head with a laugh. “All of you!” she speaks to the congregation. “Come with me if you wish for the truth!” And the congregation follows suit. They reach the doors only slightly before I rise up.
“Stop!” I yell. “Don’t listen to them!” I plead. “Think for yourselves! Don’t take their lead! A God can surely exist. There’s no fiction in that. These Christians may have it wrong and right, dichotomies only ruin fact.” Confusion sweeps the congregation and the preacher, man, and woman glare in anger. “From my point of view, it exists away from all of us. It can be any one of us, though far from perfect we are! Just look at the stars and listen to your heart! You’ll understand if you can reason with logic…” Silence sweeps them all before a murmur erupts.
“Liar…” says one. “Fake…” says another. “What a mess…” cries out a third. “I’m tired this!” scream the rest.
“C’mon!” yells the woman. “Let’s leave this fake to his lies!” And all follow, including the man and preacher alike. Alone, I am left. My loneliness masks my hurt. In a world full of believers and non-believers alike, there’s nothing worse than a moderate.

Fate drives me.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hey guys it's Aulene!!! OK so I wrote this piece about a month or so ago. I had a friend; she was my best friend for two years then stopped talking to me with no warning or reason. Through writing this piece I realized that I didn't need her. I could stand alone without someone there to hold me up, and I didn't owe her anything.
She didn't own me.
I just had to stand up for myself.

I know you’ve probably had an experience like this.
Let me know what it was and how it ended.

Just remember, you are stronger than you think.
You just need to realize who is truly there for you.

Comment. I love you guys!!! Thanks!!! <3


Take your guard down
It's more fun.

To live life on the edge

She told me to live a little
So I did.

I took down my wall
I lived!
Feeling as free and happy as  I could be

It felt so right
"Just in time" I said

Then it was gone

All my light and support
She left without a word

Leaving me stranded
With a-whole-lot of nothing

Nothing to help me up...
Nothing to keep me standing

So I try.

I try to stand and run
Knowing what I have lost
I bend to you no more


Why did you tell me to take it down?
You knew
You knew it would hurt

Two years of fun.
All to let me fall

Have a nice life

~ Aulene


Monday, August 6, 2012

I gave her my heart...

Good evening everyone!

Chris here, bringing you the first of Life In Fiction's new dramatic poetry readings. Although I'm the speaker on this one, you should definitely expect the rest of the crew to join in once their turns come around.


Also don't forget to check out my first published novel, Memories of Autumn: Shattered Lies.

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Fate drives me.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Missing Pieces

 Hey it's Sabrina Black. 

My inspiration for this piece comes from one of my closest companions that I have lived with for years. They have gone through entire life without a motherly figure. 

Mom in this story is caught up with addiction, loneliness, and forgetting those who are important to her (those who need her to see and hear the cries of her daughter wanting her back). Many people have gone through this in their lives. 

I hope you guys can relate. Just know that you don't give up and that she loves you.

"Missing Piece" by Una-Ros


There’s a part of me that is left empty.
The one I needed most wasn't there.
You are so unaware of my existence.
You don’t want me;
you don’t need me,
but I need you to guide me.

You’ve missed all of my years and all of my tears.
I haven’t tasted your love,
your voice.
I’m missing your warmth,
your lullaby,
but I’ll never know what it’s like
‘cause you’re missing.

If I don’t have you in my life,
I might find myself with a jagged edge— 
All caught up in my darkness.
I feel abandoned and unloved by your motherly touch.

You disappear and get lost in your world.
You forget that I exist, do you remember me or I'm I  just a ghost?
Please don't let me be that child in the window
Waiting for a second chance
           waiting for love
           waiting for hope

You’ve missed all of my years,
all of my tears.
I’m lost without you.

I need your love,
your voice.
I’m missing your warmth,
your lullaby.

I’m missing you.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the topic of love

Good evening everyone,

I come to you today as a humble, love-struck writer, knowing nothing. That's right, I claim complete and total ignorance. But, still, that's fine. Such ignorance is what led to this next piece.


Is it up to me to love all you are?
From your anger to your courtesy,
your perverseness to your jealousy.
There’s no clue on my behalf
As to how it’s come to this.

What’s wrong with this picture?
Love, we’ve been down this road before.
You left me slitting my wrists on the floor.
I’m not sure how to confront this
My mind can’t stop thinking.

Where the hell is this going?
I can’t think that you’d stop thinking of others
Or be more than stupid, friendly lovers.
I can’t stop these thoughts.
They show what I’ll never have.

And so I tell you the truth…
You withdraw all of your lovely charm.
Off goes the hated alarm.
I hate our connection,
But love you regardless.

Here’s to the future.
I’ll drink even if it won’t make you see
That your personality claims me.
Just don’t lose who you are.
That’s all I’ll ever ask for.


So what'd you think? Be sure to let me know. Monday brings another video from the Life In Fiction crew, so be prepared and get excited! Until then, you can preview my newly published book, Memories of Autumn: Shattered Lies, at Createspace.

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More good things are on the way! Just keep checking back and reading Life In Fiction.

Fate drives me.