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Living in Fiction

Hey there happy people!!!!! :D

It's Memorial Day today and I thought I'd commemorate this special day with a moment of silence........................................................................................and the beginning to a three-part series from a good friend of mine named Nick. We've known each other since....well, I can't really remember when lol

This series is a synopsis of his life, without any added details. That is, except for the names of some of the people he mentions of course. :P Some of the things he has told me about his life are extraordinary and I wish he could have went more in-depth when I asked him to write a piece for Life in Fiction, but I think that his story will still convey the message he's looking for.

Anyways, I will be posting each part a week apart, meaning next Monday and the following Monday, because who doesn't love a "to be continued..." sign after each episode ;)

Life of an Idiot part 1

Forever and a half ago I began my life, and everything was perfect. I was a young boy living in Los Angeles with his nuclear family. My parents fought a little, but I found ways around it….my sister and I found ways around it. We would hide whenever they would start to fight and delve ourselves into the lie that everything could be fixed as long as we had each other.

I was eight years old when my parents finally divorced. That point in my life was the start of my problems. In dealing with my parents’ divorce, my mind began to send me into “mental break-downs,” brought on by the smallest of problems. I was unable to control my emotions, but I still had my sister, my best friend.

Then, my dad moved to Michigan to be with his girlfriend and my mom sought the help of one of her friends to help pay the rent for our apartment. Needless to say, my mom’s plan didn’t work, and all three of us were left homeless and on the streets. Gathering together the scraps of our lives, we rented a cheap motel room and attempted to plan for the future. In the end, my sister and mom moved to Las Vegas to live with relatives and I was sent to Michigan to live with my dad. The plane ride to the Midwest was the first time in my life I had ever felt loneliness.

My dad’s girlfriend was nice enough when I first met her, but her son was the spawn of Satan—I’m being quite literal. The child was racist—which didn’t work with the fact of the multiracial status of my dad and I—and he had all of the characteristics of someone who would later grow up to be a serial killer. His name was David.

That first year in Michigan I gained a significant amount of weight out of stress and a change of diet, I met the first fake friends I had ever acquired, and I felt a slight sense of isolation in the back of my mind. However, I tried ignored the negatives and tried to progress with my new life with my dad as the only family I had. Unfortunately for me, the negatives caught up with me, and I witnessed my first act of racism poised against my dad and myself courtesy of his girlfriend’s family. After that, I no longer felt wanted where I was, but I stayed with my dad regardless because I felt that he was the only one I could trust. The following five years were much of the same bullshit. Elementary school ended, leaving me friendless. At the start of middle school I had new hopes that were crushed by my growing hatred for my time in Junior high school.

In 7th grade, my sister came from Las Vegas to live with us. At first, I was glad to have my friend back, the one person I could count on no matter what. Soon, however, I realized that time had changed her and she was no longer my companion from the happy days of my childhood. When we’d come home to school we would get into fights over the smallest of things (television, music volume, etc.). I realize that brothers and sisters are supposed to fight, but each verbal fight would turn physical and would transgress into something more violent. For example, there was one time when I had turned the channel to WB after school in order to watch Pok√©mon. My sister did not want to watch the show and began to change the channel on me, this action turned into a loud argument, which escalated to her grabbing a carver’s out of the kitchen and chasing me out of the house in the middle of winter. I walked down to the end of my ¼ mile driveway and stood at its end for a half hour before she came down to apologize. This violence was frequent. Similar incidents happened daily and eventually I grew tired of her assaults and began to pin her and fight back, at which time she would threaten to call the cops on me. For two years this happened unbeknownst to my dad, until my sister finally decided to move back to Nevada. Going into my freshman year of high school, I adopted a non-violence policy and refused to resort to violence in any fashion. Very few times did such a policy hinder me in any way.

During my freshman year was when life began to change for me. I was beginning to gain control over my emotions and had wiped away all traces of the mental breakdowns I had suffered from for so long. I became active in my school’s marching band, where I met people of varying significance who never actually contributed to my life as more than acquaintances…but I digress. I began to write in 9th grade. Originally I created small sayings, like I used to see in fortune cookies (yeah, funny, right?), then I began to expand on the sayings and began to write poetry, my first real outlet for my emotions.

to be continued...

So, how did you like it?
Post any comments you want to make and remember to keep sending us anything that you want to see posted on our blog.
Anyways, life's waiting for me so I better end this post :P


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Questions with Quinton


Today is the next segment of Questions with Quinton! Let's get to it:

What made you start writing a book?

     I actually have been writing short stories for awhile now, but this the first book I have tackled. I started writing this book as a method to deal with a period of depression I was going through, as every other method was sealed away from and I was getting dangerously close to going over the edge. Although I'm still in that stage, I'm significantly better off then I was in November when I started writing.

How did you decide on the aspects for each Character?

     Well that was a long and grueling process, that took three hours. ^o^ No but really what I basically did was send a text to a bunch of my friends and the first ten to reply(with the exception of Chris, who already perfectly symbolized the character I wanted to use as one of the five main characters in the book) got to pick their character's name and pick their aspects. Now I came up with the aspects for each from watching a anime show called Bleach, but decided to re-work them differently so their meanings were different. I think I fluked out overall with who ended up with what character, as everyone but Justin(Tim) matches their character in some way.



Aspects of All Ten Main Characters


Hey guys! Well I am now out of school and officially a Senior!!!! GO CLASS OF 2011!!!!!

     Anyways, today as a treat, I'll be showing you guys the ten main characters and their "aspects". The aspects plays a key part in the story as they cover the ten causes of death, as it's the directly related to aspect missing in your life that will could cause your death. Each aspect has a key or "answer" that will allow you to overcome it. If one fails to accept this aspect or find its "answer", then death row awaits them. They will play a major role throughout the series and will be used a lot by Blake to explain many things. Here are each Character and their respective aspect(In order of strongest to weakest):

Rey- Loneliness
Chloe- Old Age
Darcy- Sacrifice
Tim- Nilihism
Harper- Despair
Drake- Destruction
Stella- Intoxication
Lyssa- Madness
Azazel- Greed
Alexander- Rage

This isn't an order of importance to the story, but rather the diffculty in finding the "answer" and acheiving it for each aspect. Many ask me, "Why is Old Age behind Loneliness? You can't stop Old Age." Well there's a reason for that, but you will have to wait until the book comes out to find that out. ;)



Tuesday, May 25, 2010



okay so very soon I will be putting up polls for you to answer okay the site, books, authors, famous characters, etc. to add a little variety to the site. Also, you can now ask me questions on There you won't have to wait to have your questions answered on sunday, but I will answer each question in more detail on this blog instead. That's all for today!



Ask me anything

News On The Rey Saga


     So today I have some important news on The Rey Saga. The series will be extended into a four book series, with Pieces as the first book still just the story told in it will be split into two stories and the second will be made into a second book. I made this change because the book was over 1500 pages long in only thirty-three chapters. O.o So a change had to be made. The choices were either condense the story or make another book. So I chose another book. I will put up more information again later. Bye for now!



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Hey! :D

Hey everyone! This is Alex making a casual update on this fine Friday afternoon.

It's raining outside and definitely the perfect weather to write. I love it and couldn't be happier. Regardless, I've been writing a lot lately. I finally broke 40 pages of content for my book :D -pats self on back- Yes, I'm very proud of myself, but even more proud that I'm seeing people writing so much. I love literature--especially creating it--and finding more people with the same passion really puts a warm feeling in my heart, literally....well, kind of. So, to go along with my expressed warm feeling I thought I'd share with you a very short piece I wrote just a little bit ago in order to hold you over until larger content is available. Enjoy ;)


There's a hidden truth behind those who breathe by the moment.
The truth is that those who epitomize the truth are the ones who hide in secrecy.
Many may wake up and whisper it in someone's ear just to say: "I'm not fake,"
but those who admit to being an exception to the fallacies and falsities of life are the one's who are the most afraid to show the world who they truly are.


Monday, May 17, 2010

New Site update


The site title has been changed you guys!!! In order to match the Blog and site names up. :) Tell all your friends!



Chapter One: Maybe This Time


So today I got a special treat for you guys, the first chapter of my book. :D Now you guys can finally see it yourselves and tell me what you think. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on it, so I hope you'll love it!

Chapter 1: Maybe This Time

It was 7:10 on an August 6th, 2012 morning. I was laying under a Summer Red Maple tree I found in a forest clearing, listening to a recap of the Reds game on a small portable radio. It may have been early August, but it had the feel of a perfect autumn day. There was a slight placid breeze, and the sun was cheerful instead of its usual peevish mood. I could get use to things here in Moreview, Ohio. My parents said they moved to this deserted plain because of its "great" summer weather. It's a whole two degrees warmer in summer and winter here. Hooray. They were just trying to cover up the fact that they can't even stay still for my high school years, but I guess I should be use it as we have move every year of my high school life.... I stared up towards the blue sky infected with random hordes of white cotton in shapes of nothing. I could never understand how people could see pictures in these clouds. A squirrel quickly dashed past me while I was lost in the clouds, and I instantly thought of my acquaintance Lyssa. She always loved squirrels. I began to puzzle what she was doing right now, and fantasized about her beautiful blue eyes and crimson red hair. After about five minutes, my phone woke me from my ersatz dream with an array of sound and vibrations. Then I remembered that I had my first marching band practice today at my new school and I had twenty minutes until it was 8:00 and I was late. I quickly grabbed all my assets and ran through the clearing towards my 2000 blue cavalier.

It was 7:53 when I pulled into the parking lot of Moreview High School. I touched the china charm hanging on my rear-view mirror and jumped out the out of cavalier and pulled back the front seat and grabbed my clarinet case out the backseat. I locked the front door, and slammed it shut. As I walked in the front doors, I knocked over a one those large yellow janitor buckets, sending mops and water flying across the floor. I then looked up to a giant sign and that said in alternating yellow and blue colors "Welcome to Moreview!"

"Oh yea it feels great." I said.

I started to attempt to clean up the mess I made when I looked up into the mirror in the next to empty trophy case. I was wearing a go army t-shirt and cameo shorts, along with my favorite wore down red and black converse. I also wore a white bandanna on my head. I cloud also see that I was insanely skinny. Wouldn't be taken seriously by any acquaintances the way I was now. Not that it matters anyway, they would all leave him soon.

I eventually grew tired of trying to clean the water so I thought I'd let the janitor earn their money, and walked off down the hall. As I paced down the hall, looking at my new high school, I saw that it was an incredibly small school, with only about 800 students total, and that included the middle school students, as they were combined into one school. I tried to put up an indifference face, but anyone could tell I was disappointed with the surrounding area. But I guess it couldn't be helped, as Moreview was a very small town located in the middle of nowhere between Cincinnati and Springboro. The only reason I'm here is because the houses were cheapest out here.

I continued to stroll down the hall looking at past marching bands, when I heard a baritone saxophone and tuba playing “Smoke on the Water” echoing through his ears. I came to a door, where I saw a red-haired guy standing in the middle of three tubas playing a Bari sax. I jiggled the handle with hopes to open the door. But of course it was locked and no one thought to look at the door. I stared into window in order to piss off someone enough to come open the door, and to check out what my new band would be like. The Moreview band was pretty small, they had about six or seven drumline players, three alto sax, two tenor sax, and the one Bari sax from before. The drumline began to play what I think is the school's fight song. There were a large number of trumpets, and three tubas, but they had one trombone player and a single mellophone player.

In their own little corner, the flutes, color guard, and clarinets sat talking to one another. Each had about five players. With the exception of the little blonde boy who I would've staked my life was gay, they were all girls. Then something else crossed my mind. Over fifty percent of the band looked like freshmen; some even looked like 8th graders. I looked back at the girls, where a dark brown hair girl with hair that went down to her shoulders had joined the group. She had on a brown t-shirt and dark-blue jeans. She wore pink and gray Nike tennis shoes. Around her neck was a silver whistle on with blue bead neck strap. She was talking to a blonde-haired girl, who looked remarkably familiar. But before I could think anymore on the subject, the brown-haired girl saw me in the doorway, and sent a short red-haired flute player to open the door.

"I am so sorry!" she said to me,” I hope you weren't standing here long."

"Nope just a few minutes." I lied.

This brought a refreshing smile upon her face. She was about 5"2", wearing a black shirt with white pajama pants that were covered in music notes. To top this off she had on fuzzy black slippers. I looked into her beautiful and kind green eyes, which put me at ease as I could tell that she was already interested in being his friend. I was willing to bet her name was Stella, but I thought I would rather wait until she said something.

"So you're the new kid right? It's nice to meet you I'm Stella!" she said with a quiet blast of excitement.

Thought so. I told myself.

"Nice to meet you Stella, I'm Rey Ivory."

"Oh that's a cool name. So are you a junior?"

"Yep how did ya know?"

"You looked like one. Plus I can hear your car keys." she laughed.

"I see," I chuckled back in embarrassment," Are you a senior?" I said already knowing the answer.

"Oh yes, hey guys!" Stella yelled to the clarinets, and then led me over to their corner.

"This is Rey Ivory," Stella continued, "He's the new guy! Rey meet your section leaders Cierra and Shay, senior Canadian Cierra, which is her nickname, and Kylee and Kyle." We exchanged greetings, but half my attention was on the blonde girl whose name continued to elude me.

Suddenly everyone started laughing, and I feverishly snapped my head back and attempted to jump back into the conversation with epic failure. The band director then sends everyone outside to start practice.

"Well I'll you meet outside," Stella said,"Oh by way I have a gift for you." She handed me a plate with a multi-colored string attached to it. Printed across it was, "RAY IVORY! 2011 NEWB!!! WELCOME TO MOREVIEW!" I laughed.

"They spelled my name wrong." I said softly. It seems acquaintances will be easy to make here for some reason. But why should I care? This is how things always start. I make acquaintances, gain great connections, and say "Maybe this time I'll keep them..." and then it all falls apart. No. Not this time. I'll just continue to use to this fake smile to move on through this pseudo-haven. As that is all this is.

So what do you think? Be sure to leave your comments!!! Also remember to sned your stories to me or Chris at or respectively.


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That Guy...

Wow, I'm definitely falling behind on my posts O.o
Eh, oh well. lol

It's May 16, 2010 everybody. Are you excited?! No? Well, you should, because today I bring you a piece of writing from someone. The writer would like to remain anonymous. I was really surprised when Quinton gave their piece to me to look over. I was literally dumbfounded, but I digress.
This passage has a lot of emotion behind it and an even deeper meaning. So read and enjoy ;)


That Guy...
Everything seemed like it was out of place. Right after my grandpa 
died, I went into a depression. He was the best thing in my 
life--someone to talk to, someone to rely on--and my best friend. 
After he died, everything just went… wrong. He wasn’t going to be 
there to see me off on my journey through high school, to see me 
graduate, to see me get married… All of that excitement just 
vanished. It was all gone. I didn’t know where to turn, so I guess I 
just went crazy. (By crazy, I don’t mean rocking-back-and-forth-in-
a-jail-cell-while-sucking-my-thumb-and-crying-for-my-mommy crazy, I 
just started seeing things in a different way. I mean chasing-after-b
oys-because-i-thought-they-would-make-me-happy-again crazy.)

First, there was Chad. He was one of my first crushes. At first, I 
never thought I would talk to him, but I did at some point. Our whole 
relationship seems like a blur now that I look back on it… That whole 
part of my life was nothing but him. A whole two years. Catch was, my 
parents didn’t approve. So, nothing ever happened. 
My parents restricted any way of me talking to him and started 
monitoring every move I made. They changed passwords to things I had 
access to months earlier and didn’t want me getting involved with 
this boy. I was heartbroken, but I got over it and eventually moved on 

Evan. He went to another school and I really liked him. He acted like 
he liked me, even asked me to prom, but after he “went the other 
way,” I stopped liking him. It hurt for a while, but then things got 
better when…

Alex came along. He was almost out of college, but he was a really 
nice guy. However, I realized I had jealousy issues when he started 
hitting on one of my best friends, and things never worked out. 
Then, along came…

John. He was cool and all, but the fact that he went to another 
school, was in junior high, and we had never met really put a damper 
on things--especially the junior high part. Anyways, he moved on to a 
different girl and I was left alone. Again.

I guess I just had bad luck… But then I found someone that I would 
never lose. Someone that would be there for me through thick and thin. 
Someone that would never die and wouldn’t care if I cheated on them 
with another man. Someone who I could look to for help. That guy?



How'd you like it? Pretty great, right?
Like Quinton was saying, send us you're stories--through e-mail (me:,
Quinton: we'll put them up, even if you want to remain
Anyways, until my next post, remember to think happy thoughts and always put life into
words ;)


Questions With Quinton


So I'm opening a new section today called, "Questions With Quinton". Here I'll answer any questions I've been getting by posting them on this weekly section. I'll do this every other Saturday for now since I'm not getting to many questions, and may later move to every Saturday. XD

So I think it's bout time I answered some of the questions I've been getting. Here's are two popular ones:

What does ~APLIW~ mean?

Great question, and it means, "Always Put Life Into Words." It was the original name for the blog, and my partner Chris came up with it, and  it just stuck to me. It means to always express your feelings and don't be afraid to be yourself.

What is the Topic for the Short Stories?

There is really no topic, but if you really HAVE to have one, then try writing a story telling your true feelings about life, but with fictional characters and settings. Thus, "Life in Fiction". Which is also the purpose of the title change.

well that's all the questions I'm going to answer today. If any of you have questions e-mail at Ill answer as soon as possible.

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There Once was a Ball of Glass


Today we have the very first story from an outside reader, a good friend of mine and genius artist and writer Terri. :D She found this story on facebook actually and when I read it I said, "Terri, you should totally post this in my blog." And she happily agreed, so here it is! :D Also I take zero credit for this story, as it all goes to Terri. I'm sure you willl like it! Here it is:

There Once Was A Ball Of Glass

There once was a ball of glass. it was a happy ball of glass. it was perfectly round and gorgeous colors and it was strong and beautiful. she would roll through each day with its friend. this friend was a giant ball of silly puddy. it was happy silly puddy. soft and warm and good whenever the ball of glass needed love. then one day the ball met a rock. she loved the rock. the rocked loved her. the ball gave her precious rock the ball's soul. she knew they would be together forever. she trusted him when he said it back. she trusted him with the one thing that kept her whole. the thing that gave her her colors and kept her beautiful... the thing that kept her happiness. as long as they were together he would share it with her. so she would stay happy and colorful. but then one day the rock decided to crush the ball. he broke her hard surface. he shatter her everywhere. there she lay in a million tiny splinered shards and the rock just rolled away. he took her colors. he took her happy. then left the tiny misserabple pieces on the ground... alone... never to shine her colors again. never to brighten the world with her happiness. then comes silly puddy, with his pink warmthand gorgeous smile. he rolled by and saw the glass and decided to do the only thing he could. he rolled up the pieces, all of them. so she could atleast stay all together. the pain of her pieces constantly stabbing him was horrible but he ignored it because he loeved her more than any pain hurt. he saved her from death and forever gone to the world. but she will be forever in pieces because the only one who can fix her is rock himself... the only way to put her together is with her soul. her colors. but for some reason rock took it and ran. no one will ever know why. but because of him she will be forever tiny pieces of clear empty glass with just her friend silly puddy between her and the empty abiss of death. she loves her silly puddy. shes verry greatful. hes done more for her than anyone has ever done. but nothing can save her now...

there once was a ball of glass

and forever she shall stay

a giant pile of broken shards

it will be forever this way...
So what did y'all think? Be sure to leave your comments!!! Also send us your stories so we can post them, or for the longer stories, send us a teaser chapter or a summary for us to post and we shall do it! We can post them with your name or leave you anonymous(anon). Just e-mail at or Chris at giving us your name, a summary, teaser chapter, or the short story itself, and whether or not you us to announce you anonymous or with your name on it. We won't claim it either way! Alright, well later guys enjoy the story!

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New Blog Name!!!


So we will be changing the blog name to Life In Fiction, ans in a few weeks the web address will be changing from:


just to give you heads up! Peace guys!



Great Read of The Week

Happy May 13th!!!

To update what's up with my book, I have rewritten all the way to chapter 30 of 33. Now I'm working on typing it up. :) You can see teaser chapters of it at I will also be putting up a few chapters and a cast list on here over the next few weeks, so stay posted. ;)

Alright, now today I'm going to being revealing a new section called "Great Read of the Week". This will be a weekly Thursday post, where me or Chris will reveal a book that some people may not heard of, but are actually really good.

The book I'm going to be talking about is The Seventh Tower. This is a six book series by Garth Nix. The story follows Tal, a 13-year old boy who lives in a world where the sun is blocked by a mysterious veil. Tal is a "chosen", someone who with the ability to control special shadows called "spiritshadows", that lives in the Castle, a place that is divided onto seven sectors, or towers, which are named after one of the colors of the raindow. Depending on the color, you are considered either higher or lower classed in society. In order of highest in power to lowest: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Tal belongs to the orange order, thus giving his family almost no power in the castle. But one day, Tal finds himself grappling to discover the secret of his father's disappearance, and thus begins a journey where he will meet an evil once thought to be long gone and together with a barbaric outsider named Milla, will attempt to save the war from a inpending war and doom.

This is a great read, and I recommend you pick it up. The first book is "The Fall" for anyone intrigued!! Have a great day!



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Us Some Stories

Hey what's up guys and girls? Only got a few days until summer!

So I've been working on another story recently, the title still in works, about a 15-year old linguistic genius who is magically transported to an alternate verison of Earth called Ragnarok. There he discovers a world of filled with magic, demons, and unusual creatures. Before long, he he learns that he can control lightning, and is the last living lightning magic-user in their realm, and thus teams up with a crew of rebel mages in order to find his way home. And thats about all I have done at the moment. I come up with the idea for this while reading a manga called Tsubasa, and while I watching a show about magicians and traveling across time.

     So that takes me to todays topic: You guys should send in stories that you are writing, and I willl make a point to put each and every request up. It doesn't even have to be that good, just send us information on your book, your name, and any picture you would like me to post with it to and I'll post it on here! If you like, you can also send attachments of teaser chapters that I will create links from to another page. Just send me or Chris( your stories, regardless of whether or not you think they are good and give us some feedback.

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Cinco de Mayo

!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, I have been crazy busy with the book. Writing a book is very challenging, but It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Anywho, since it's Cinco De Mayo, I thought I would put up a special post today. I was watching a movie the other day that got me thinking. It's called Bang Bang You're Dead. It's about a high school student who is constantly bullied, and begins to struggle for freedom, making bomb threats and attempts suicide on occasions. Now this movie overexaggerated the level bullying is taken to in most schools, but to me it almost hit dead-on to how it affects us. It explains how much school causes you more pain then it has ever helped anyone, how those kids we labeled "emo" and write as losers are turned that way from the very same people. Kids don't realize it, but we are the most naturally cruel people in the world most the time. But adults must realize that they aren't far off in any sense. Kids are the ones who plant the seed, but the adults in one's life are the ones who set things off. I mean, haven't it ever occured to anyone that there are more boy shooters then girls? Because most girls always have friends they can turn to, but boys have a harder because we are always expected to be tough, we are raised not to get overly emotional about stuff, that when stuff happens to be a man, that certain passions are considered girly and that we have to like certain things. Fathers take us through our entire life saying "BE A MAN!", "STOP CRYING, BE TOUGHER!". You tell us a man isn't supposed to cry, they should take all the pains in life and deal with it, not given the ability to cope with our rage. No guys don't usually have the emotion range that girls, we can take things easier than them as well, but when is it enough? "Everyone has to deal with a little teasing" but not everyone takes it nor receieves the same amount in the same way. If you have never lived someone's life, how can you know how they truly feel? I'll pick this topic up next week, but I always want you to remember, when you tell someone that they need to tough it up, nothing is tougher then a gun and a bomb.



Saturday, May 1, 2010

So tiring...

I have been busy with all the work of writing my book. Between life and the story, time for writing is difficult to seek efficiently. But, who cares! I love a challenge :D

Any who...I thought I'd post something to keep you readers entertained ;)
Unfortunately, I've blown my imagination on spending all day so far writing lol So let's see what you guys are into.
I've been reading The Great Gatsby lately and it's made me wonder: Have any of you guys written anything awesome lately? Being a fan literature--especially poetry--I love finding new material and I've been aching to do so. So if you have any, please share! Either post it on this site, or send it to me privately at Either way, I will be more than happy to return the favor with some writing of my own ;)

Well, I better get back to my book. My pen won't pick up itself ;)