Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Guys and Gals

I am the other author on this site, Chris. In case anyone was unaware, I have dropped my nickname and picked up a name that has always felt strong to me, Alex. From now on, any post I make on this site will be under my new name.
Also, I have removed a portion of my book I had posted several months ago due to personal reasons.

Q: What are those personal reasons?

A: I'm glad you asked. Recently I ran into some trouble from my school due to a misrepresentation of my storyline. I have no ill-will against the school, but the entire situation does frustrate me.

As far as my writing goes, my original book, Bleeding Truth, is in the final stages of editing before I begin looking for a publisher. My second Book, Shattered Lies--the book that has given me the most headaches in the past week--I am in the process of writing, I am very excited to see where the story takes me :D

Also, I am currently working on a side project I have dubbed My Obsession With Fire (the name is taken directly from the song "Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire" by Senses Fail [look it up!]). The story deals with a man in his early twenties who is being forced to save a society he has no connection with because of the skills he had unknowingly developed throughout his life.
Along with the main character, a girl named "Angela Baker" plays a large role as a nationalist who wishes to take her country's matters into her own hands instead of outsourcing their troubles. As far as her method of choice to deal with matters, you may have already guessed it but she is a pyromaniac with problems with impulse control.

I will post an excerpt on a later date, so check back frequently--especially for the final portion of Quinton's contest.

That's it for now, and, again, call me Alex ;)

Provehito en Altum


Monday, September 27, 2010

Contest Stage 3: Numero Tres


Okay so the third character is about to be revealed. They are you're typical american girl, but with a few burning differences. ;)

Kristina “Krackel” Harpen

Age: 17, July 13th, 2017
Nationality: American: Caucasian
Birthplace: Greensboro, SC
Raised in: Cincinnati, OH
Skin: Tan
Hair/Eye color: Reddish brown/ Red Iris
Power: Able to manipulate heat to raise or lower temperature and control fires

       Kristina has a slim figure. She weighs only about 120 pounds, and she is about 6’ 1” tall. She normally wears a white or light pink shirt under a flaming red jacket. She normally wears jeans, and on occasion, shorts. She wears red shoes with flames on the side. She has a huge fire tattoo on her back to cover up a scar on her back from when she was burned(see background). She also has red eyes that if you look into them, they seem to glow a fiery red. Her hair is a fiery red, that when she is threatened, can be set aflame.

       Kristina has a “fiery” personality. She may seem calm and shy at first, but when you get to know her, well, let’s just say, don’t make her mad. She gets mad very easily and unleashes her wrath on anything, and anybody, around her. Other than her occasional flare-ups, she is pretty laid back. She loves to just chill and listen to her iPod along with reading a couple magazines. This was before she was threatened by her distant family. She is now constantly alert for enemies without letting you know she is alert. She can easily feel threatened and can be set aflame in an instant. (Don’t sneak up on her.)

       Kristina, as a little girl, was abused by her aunt and uncle, whom she had to live with due to her parents both dying from unknown causes. She grew up this way, never letting anyone know what she was going through. Finally, she came to her 16th birthday. For her special birthday, her aunt and uncle made her a cake, with candles and everything(how sweet!). When her back was turned, her uncle dumped the cake on her, lit candles and all. It set her clothes on fire. She was able to extinguish the fire, without an extinguisher or rolling on the ground. She was left with a giant scar on her back, and emotional scars for the rest of her life.

      Kristina has the special ability to control fire and heat. Although she is not able to create heat, she is able to manipulate the heat and fire around her in any way she wants to. She can spread fires making them more destructive. She can also raise temperatures of the human body, with a lot of energy, and be able to kill them. She is also very flexible. She is in great physical health and fitness, sadly, the same cannot be said for her emotional health. If she even feels the slightest bit threatened by anyone or anything, her body temperature will rise, allowing her power to increase in being able to manipulate heat. At these moments she is her strongest.

Okay so I thought that this was a good character. All areas were fulfilled, and I could form a picture of Kristina, who had many distinct features to her. I like how everything in her personality, clothing, and appearance tied into her powers. She would make a very good recurring villain. The knocks however would have to be that there wasn't much detail in the description, and she seemed semi-generic and underdeveloped. Good effort however and still has many twists that can be made so If you liked Kristina make sure to vote!!

All Areas Fufilled: 10/10
Personality: 7/10
Imagery: 9/10
Impact: 7/10
Creativity: 8/10
Realism: 10/10

Overall Score: 51/60 Solid Versatile Character



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Contest Stage 2: Character Two and a Half


Okay so it's time for the next character to be revealed! Or better said... Characters! their names are...

Dimitri Konstantinov and Natalia Konstantinov

• Dimitri
  •  male
  •  Natalia’s brother and twin
  •  Uses magic
  •  Devoted to his study of spells
  •  Takes time to research when experimenting with spells and succeeds most of the time
  •  Is sadistic!
  •  Impatient with others
  •  Often says “Can we kill them Nat? Please?” or some variation of it
  •  Short dark brown hair
  •  Blue eyes
  • 5 foot 8 inches tall
  •  Fair skin
  •  Athletic build
  • Wears average teen clothes
  • Russian ethnicity

• Natalia

o Female

o Dimitri’s twin

 o Machine/tech geek

 o Energetic and talkative

 o Enthusiastic

 o Experiments with new designs for machines (often before she’s ready) and fails often

 o Says “where is a wrench?” when stressed

 o Curses in Russian when experiments fail

 o Appearance

  Shoulder length, brown hair with bangs like in the picture

 • Always pulled back in a ponytail but lets bangs hang

  Always wears joggles or a welder’s mask

  Prefers baggy jeans and a tank-top

  5 foot 5 inches tall

  Fair skin

  Makeup

 • Mascara and foundation

 When Dimitri and Natalia work together they create very advanced machines. Dimitri’s ability to work against physics and Natalia’s ability to find ways to make the magic last in physical objects allows for otherwise impossible creations. Dimitri studies no specific area of magic and prefers to have broader capabilities and a broader understanding. Natalia does most of the talking when they are together. The pair always stays close together and acts often as one unit.

Dimitri and Natalia are eighteen. Their parents died in a car accident on their way to graduation. They graduated from a small school and worked together in a mechanic shop that they own. A failed experiment by Natalia caused the place to burn to the ground and now Dimitri and Natalia are struggling to get started again. Natalia will craft trinkets and toys that Dimitri will infuse with magic and they will sell these to earn money. Dimitri is depressed and feels like his parents’ deaths are partially his and Natalia’s fault and therefore likes to retreat to his studies. Natalia feels guilt as well but is trying to push past the grief and tries to have a positive outlook.

All Areas Fufilled: All the areas were adressed, so this is a ten. 10/10
Imagery: I could picture each character in my mine, and they were each given features that I could distinguish from other characters. One thing that was a downside was I feel that the clothing could be expanded on. 9/10
Personality: I like the opposite personality situations. They are unique and the catch-phrases are different. Still fell they could be expanded on. 8/10
Creativity: I really like the creativity in the making of these characters. One, the creator found one of the many loopholes that I purposely left to test how far everyone would strain the rules for creativity. I also like the idea of russian twins, and combining them skills, leaving room for versatility. The background story I felt still needed some work but overall still very well done. Bonus points for looking outside the box 14/10
Realism: The twins gave me a generic feel that you normally get from twins, with despite them looking alike act completely different, giving me a mixed feeling of real and fake. Due to versaile nature of the entry however, I leaned more towards real due to the fact they were trying not to limit the possibilities. 7/10
Impact: The twins impacted me immediately because one I didn't see "them" coming, as I only expected one character. Two, from the difference in them being russian twins,  something I haven't seen before and lastly the the overall appeal from each one. 10/10

Overall Score: 58/60 Great Character Ideas!
I really liked this character overall and how different they were. This will also allow from some versatile stories, but where they end up is up to you my friends. ;)

Contest Stage 2: Character One

Konnichiwa! Okay my friends, so It's time for the First character to be revealed! So without further ado here here you are...

Steven Oliver Sheriden (initals: S.O.S.)

Age: 18 years old

Height: 182.8 cm. (6 ft.)
Weight: 68 kg. (150 lbs.)
Hair color: light gray
Eye color: brown/red/green/purple/gold

Birthplace: London, England
Nickname: “Olly”
Favorite food: cod on a stick
Favorite saying: “You’re all idiots anyway…”

Mental Disorder: Does problems controlling anger count as a mental disorder? If so, he definitely has that…

Clothing style: Dark jackets, Dark jeans, Dark shirts, and….well dark clothes in general, anything that works to hide him from the world.

Weapon of choice: Any of his four limbs!

Physical strength: above average
Fighting skill: He’s sort of a street fighting “prodigy.” I guess that’s what happens when you grow up on the tough streets of London.
Attitude: arrogant, hot headed

Power: Energy Manipulation
Olly has the power to manipulate his own bodily and spiritual energy, as well as the energy in those/the environment around him, at his own free will. In normal circumstances, this technique is used to focus his energy on a specific point (i.e. his fists, feet, elbows, eyes, etc.) and strengthen the attributes/strength of the affected area. However, four known types of circumstances allow his emotions to effect his powers greatly and shift the uses of his power from attack, to defense, to espionage. These types of circumstances are known as “stances” (makes sense, right?) and are named Wrath, Lust, Greed, and Pride.

These are their descriptions:

Wrath: (his iris turns blood red)

“Wrath” occurs when Olly feels intense anger, hatred, or frustration. (Think of an “emo” kid who hates the world around him with all of his might. Yep, that’s basically this stance.) When active, it increases his overall energy and stamina, as well as his ability to focus and channel his energy to multiple places or condense the energy more than before possible.

A few of Wrath’s attack patterns:

Vibrator: an intense amount of energy is concentrated onto a specific area on the body and shot outward by latching the energy onto sound waves. Example: The energy is concentrated onto his hands and is sent flying when he claps them together.

Crater face: Essentially, bodily energy is focused onto both hands and feet, causing each impact made to cause greater damage with a wider range of attack.

Greed: (his iris turns green, like money)

“Greed” is the result of an intense feeling of desperation or want to protect something, usually what he feels is his own property. Greed is primarily a defensive stance that allows Olly to focus a large amount of his energy on areas directly outside of his body.

As a defensive stance, the main accomplishment made would be to release his energy enough to envelop his own body and/or the body of something/someone near him in order to protect them as much possible. Think of it as less of a traditional “energy shield” and more along the lines of a portable armor that only completely disappears through either will or energy depletion.

Lust: (his iris turns purple)

Horniness, envy, and severe feeling of “want” are all things that cause the Lust stance. It is less outwardly exposed then the previous two stances and occurs out of less desperation—if he were to focus, this is probably the only stance that can be obtained through sheer will, to a certain extent. By manipulating the energy in/around the bodies of others and external items, he is able to steal another’s energy (like a leach), control physical movements, and/or manipulate emotions and patterns of thoughts.

Pride: (his iris turns gold)

Pride is the most powerful stance and occurs only after Olly has stored a massive amount of energy and feels a severe amount of hatred, or (oppositely) a severe amount of love—yes, I had to include something “mushy,” shut up >.>

During this stance, all other stances are accessible at a higher degree than their normal caliber (Lust’s leaching power actually acts automatically if he entered Pride through hate). The main functionality of this stance is an increase in speed, stamina, and intellect. Olly uses a combination of his own and his enemy’s energy in order to create illusions and trick the enemy’s brain while Olly tears them limb from limb.

From birth, Olly was orphaned and never knew or saw his parents. After 5 harsh years in a London orphanage, the then happy and enthusiastic Steven began developing differently from the other children. His hair began to turn gray and his eyes would turn red whenever he got angry. The other kids ostracized and tortured him for being different. After a short period of enduring the torture and complaining to the instructors, even they joined in. He was alone, one force against dozens, with no hope of ever escaping.

One day, a rather plump child’s bullying had turned physical and blackened Steven’s eyes. Anger had overwhelmed Steven and he struck back, except when Steven threw his punch, it blasted a hole through the plump boy’s stomach, killing him instantly. After a split second of confusion, Steven looked at his hands in wonder.

“How did I do that?” he asked himself gently, a small, morbid smile forming on his bruised face. An immense power coursed through him, revitalized him, and he was loving every second of it. When he looked over at the on-looking children, who were cringing in fear, he smiled mischievously at them and yelled, “Whatever pity you want from me, you can blow out your ass!” In an attempt to scare them, he feigned jumping at them, but in the middle of his “pretending” a clear wave shot forward from his bodies. All of the children screamed in unison as the massive wave tore them to shreds and brought down the orphanage. Before the building could collapse on him, he ran outside, watching the outcome of his actions with his blood red eyes, his lips now curled in a wide smile.

Staring at the ruins of the orphanage, the six year-old pictured the mangled bodies of everyone who had tortured him and laughed without control. He had never been happier in his life.
Where do I start... XD this is a very well done and thought out character. I can clearly see that he wasn't made over night. I personally like how his magic works and the concept behind it, which I found to be very original and different. I also like how versatile the character, as they can go anywhere from the homicidal villain to the dark anit-hero or even misunderstood henchmen. This earned a few bonus points on his part. The character shows that everything is as peachy as everyone pretends it is, providing some realism to the character. Also, the character was clearly visible in my head, thanks to the picture and simple descritption of eyes and attire which allowed me to fill in the color aspects of things. If I had to knock something, is the personality could have been expanded alittle more on, which in progress hit the character's realism stat alittle, but still a strong effect all around. But how do you feel about Steven Oliver Sheriden?

All Areas Fufilled: 10/10
Imagery: 9/10
Personality: 7/10
Realism: 8/10
Impact: 9/10
Creativity: 11/10

Overall Score: 56/60 Very Versatile and Unpredictable



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Caracter Contest Example


The Character contest will be sarting very soon! So to kick things off I would like to give you a taste of what you will see....
A so-so look of Henry's hair at times

Henry Duante Ivory

Age/Personality – 15 years old/ December 21, 2018

Nationality – American (African-American, White)

Birthplace – Cincinnati, OH

Hometown – Cincinnati, OH

Skin Color – Tan

Hair/Eye Color – Black/ Alternates between Green and Dark Brown

Class – Cancellor (Lightning)

Elements – Lightning, Fire, Wind


Henry has an average teenage appearance. He has short classic curly black hair that looks to have a little touch of pomade. His eyes that change between menacing and commanding brown eyes to his gentle green eyes that instill kindness into anyone he looks at. Henry body structure is rather slim and he is about 5 feet and 10 inches. He has a scar across his right arm. He has naturally tan skin tone from his ethnicity. He generally wears either an Ohio State or Cincinnati Bengals jersey along with matching basketball shorts and Zig Tech shoes. While in the world of Macramé, Henry sticks to wearing either an unbuttoned red dress shirt with blue tie over a white undershirt and jeans with either high-top shoes or special tabi sneakers or he would wear a full-body red hood cloak with a gold coin clip over the same except the tie.


Henry is a greedy and cavalier teenage boy. He believes in only looking out for himself and is sadistic in speech towards everyone he talks to. Henry doesn’t believe in the aspect of “friendship” seeing it as a useless investment of time if they won’t always be around. Henry only associates with people he feels has value to him. Henry often talks with a mocking or belittling tone, and likes to speak in different languages just to set people off. He is extremely rude towards women, treating them like accessories instead of people. Henry is also extremely blunt in his speech towards someone in regards of skill, appearance, etc. Henry’s favorite catch-phrase is “Remember me, because I’ll make that memory worth a grand one day.”

Background Story

Henry was born on December 21st, 2018 at midnight. Henry was born to two war heroes from the WW3, an event that started on the very day he was born 6 years ago. However, this actually made him a target rather respected figure, as the day his dad beat Babel Woodnote, he gave this warning to the world… “Look 6 years into the future from the very day I started this war at midnight and stare at the seed of your destruction, as Phase 2 of my plan will be set into motion.” Many feared that Henry was the “seed” Babel spoke of, and immediately called for the death of the child, but was allowed to let live as the son of the two of the ten war heroes. Henry grew up hated by nearly all those alive for WW3 and decided to shove it back in their face by showing he didn’t care for their opinion. Henry then created the persona he has at the start of the book. However, after a girl is killed by two thugs that Henry let escape, it is thought that he let them free on purpose, and is called to death once again. He is then transported to the world of Macramé, a virtual video game that he once dominated and made into a Cancellor, a student of an illegal form of magic. Now he has become the outlaw he always feared he would be, and must save the very world he has forsaken with no clue how to do it. To make matters worse, he will learn the fate of a world that lost WW3…

Abilities & Useful Skills

As a Cancellor, Henry can strip natural elemental magic out of the air and use it to attack his foes. Since he is using all of the magic instead of recycling it after each use, but this causes him to permanently use the magic up, meaning he is only to use his cancellor skills in a pinch. This is the reason for his brand of magic being banded. Henry however is capable of using many enhancement spells, allowing him to hold his own in a fight. Another useful talent is his ability to speak fluently speak 18 different languages, and write two more, making disguising himself easy and gathering information simpler as Terra, the world of Macramé, has all the same languages as Earth just different names. His best talent has to be his ability to pick-up anything at a faster rate then others, which is why he can speak so many different languages.

Well here is an example of one of the characters you'll see. Not only that, but this is also the protangonist of  Lacrime! So you now have you're own sneak peek into the book. ;) Also, Chris has changed his name to Alex, so I will be referring to him as such for now on.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stage 2 Category Explanations


Okay finalists so you know what the categories are, but what do each one means? Well here is a detailed analysis into what you will be judged for:
  1. All Areas Fulfilled: This simply means that you have given all the information I have requested. To get full points you must have clearly visible/understandable: character full name, gender, description of attire, background story and personality, quotes or sayings they may have(optional), birthdate and place, stats(stuff like height, hair color, eye color, nationality, etc.)
  2. Imagery: This is meant as how clearly can I see your character. Like how easy it is for me to see how you're character looks, even without having the picture right on front of me.
  3. Realism: How real this person seems. Not in terms of whether how realistic their actions are, but in how real they seem. Like do they seem like the flawed-human beings we all are, or like the perfect cartoon character.
  4. Creativity: This is basically means how different is your character while seem functioning in the world of realism.
  5. Impact: This categories implies how the character would hit the reader, or how their story impacts them. How well all the come together and grabs your attention.
  6. Overall Appeal: Pretty much which one the public believe was best. You could totally bomb the top categories and still win due to the points gained from being the consensus 1st pick. However that would be hard to do.
 If you need more information just send me a message on facebook or send me an email!



Stage 2: The Writer's Workshop


Okay guys so I would like to congratulate our four finalists on making the it to Stage 2! Now in this stage they will be tasked with creating a original character with each one having the honor of being placed in my book Lacrime. ;) The finished products are due on September 25th at 11:59 pm. They will be judged according to five categories: All Areas Fufilled, Realism, Creativity, Impact, Imagery and Overall Appeal. Now I bet you are wondering where you come in on this? Well my good friends you will be the judges for Overall Appeal! When all have submitted their projects, I will post each one along with the description and my grades on the other categories. You will then grade them from based on overall appeal. To do so, you will take each finalists' characters and place them in order of first to fourth. Here's an example:

1. Sam
2. Tim
3. Jeff
4. Corey

those aren't the actual names, but you get the point. The order will add extra points to that person's score, and the top two scores move on to the next round! So sstop back often, becasue early entries may be posted immediately.