Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I've had a soccer camp all week and its not over yet. With 104 degree weather (and then being on turf) I have decided to post a continuation of my story but I think I'm just going to make it into a Google doc and you all can read it that way as I update it. Be sure to put on comments and and suggestions. You never know what I may take into account!

Here's the link!! Please enjoy!

The Trio 

Every time I update the story (that is major updates like more pages or plot changes) I will post the link here and let you all know about it! Don't be afraid to dive head first into the writing please!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dream Chronicles Part 2

When I came to, I was smack in the middle of junction of roads heading into Atlanta, with Bradley, Aulene, Najee and Sylvia all with me. My head was pounding, and I could feel a demon in my body growing restless, and I knew it would only be a little while longer before I lost control. I looked at to the top of a road that stretched above our own, only to find Jared, Tiny, and Grant standing at the railing.

“How ya feeling Capt’n?” said Jared directed at me.

“Great slut muffin. How’s being crazy?” I replied.

“Fantastic! I don’t get headaches anymore either. Oh is your head hurting? If only you had some of these…” Jared then pulled out a bag of sour gummi worms, effectively taunting me. “Don’t worry though; we’ll give you a prize of our own.”

Grant then took someone by the collar of their shirt and threw them down to our level. Acting quickly, I caught them midair with my powers and lowered them down slowly. When they got there, I saw that it was Kellie.

“Everyone else is safe…” she said, but she then spontaneously combusted, just in time for everyone else to wake up and see.

“NOOOOO!!!!” I screamed in horror. I could hear laughter on the upper road, where I saw that a camera was watching us. Shit… we’re in a game! I turned to warn the others, only to find that Najee floating in midair. “SHIT! Najee empty your mind quick! Don’t think about-”

I was too late; Najee flipped a full 180 degrees, and then Najee’s head exploded, and now Sylvia and Aulene cried in terror.

“We need to get it together!” Bradley said with astounding authority, “Quinton, you need to get up there and attack them! They’re not in primal mode anymore but you should be at full strength and you’re powers are meant for crowds! I’ll protect these two! Sylvia! Transfer all the power you have to Quinton!” In that split second, I could sense someone trying to lift Aulene. I immediately blasted myself into the sky towards my ex-friends, quickly blasting Tiny with a wave. Aulene lowered to ground at this moment.

“That’s payback slut.” I said triumphantly, but soon felt myself being levitated in midair by someone. I forced my head to the left in time to see Jared trying to enter my head. I see how they do it… Sorry guys not today… I then emitted a psychic wave over the area, striking down both Jared and Grant. I flip through the air, when I see Tiny suddenly send a giant liquid substance to fall over me. An image enters my mind of me being hit by the liquid and melting down to an acid level straight to the bone.

I zipped back into real time, unable to move away from the deadly fluid. No! It can’t end like this!!! I thought, as I flipped through the air, trying to focus hard enough to survive. All of a sudden I found myself surrounded by clouds, with Aulene screaming next to me falling through the sky. Bradley and Sylvia were falling below us, soon leaving my sight in the clouds. I grabbed her hand and immediately focused hard on landing on safe ground and finding Sylvia and Bradley. When I opened my eyes, I found Aulene, Sylvia, Bradley and I lying in the middle of the lawn in front of the rebels tool shack, which I only knew because it foolishly said “Rebel’s Tool Shack” on the top.

“Teleportation huh?” said a fully awake Bradley. I ran over to help him; I could see the headaches were getting to him. Hell, they were getting to me; I only had about ten minutes before I lost it.

“Yeah, it’s something new. How bad is your headache?” I asked, trying to suppress mine.

“It’s like a migraine. I thought we weren’t supposed to have these anymore?”

“We get them every time we use our powers. It’s still possible for us to go insane even after obtaining birth right.” I pulled him over my shoulder, barely able to move myself. Then almost on cue, Zel, Bryan and Kailie came storming through the front door of the hideout.

“Are you guys alright?!” said Zel, acting like Najee when he could obviously tell we were not.

“What’s the damage?” Bryan asked more intelligently.

“Sylvia, Bradley, and I need gummis quick, Aulene is okay but they killed Najee and Kellie. I barely managed to teleport us out of there before they dropped acid on us…”

“TELEPORT!?!?!” Zel screamed, and Kailie give him a death look. I slowly began to lose consciousness, only to have Bryan catch me and drag me inside. “Zel, you grab the girls, they need gummis post-haste! Remember Kailie, you have to give Bradley-” but that was the last thing I heard. Suddenly, I found myself in dim room with the roof falling apart and a couple of people sitting around a body. I then realized that I was staring at myself. My eyes were slightly open, yet void of life. My eyes were very similar to Bradley’s, yet there was a Scorpio behind my eyes instead of a Gemini sign. I looked at the form I was using now, and saw I was like a red, glowing ghost that the others obviously couldn’t see.

“…Telekinesis, Clairvoyant, Air blast, and now Teleportation…” I heard Lyssa say.

“Has anyone ever had this many powers? Hell has anyone grown stronger after each battle like he has?” Stephanie said, shocking me that she was back from Canada.

“Thing is,” I heard Aulene say, “I don’t think he took Sylvia’s energy…” She was right. I didn’t have time, it was move and save her or let Aulene die.

“Regardless,” Bryan broke in, “Stephanie, status report!”

“Liberation of Canada is moving slower then expected. Just recently, Dynisha, Ra’nee, Carly and Griseida have all gone crazy. Captain T.J. and Lieutenant Josh have managed to eliminate the crazies but are left with only three psychics including themselves and Tina; however Shannon and Nic have gone to assist them. We have also received reports that Ginny was killed by Kaitlyn in the Mexico region.” My heart dropped. We’re losing on all fronts.

“What are we going to do Bryan?”  Lyssa asked hopelessly. Bryan sat there for a moment, thinking hard of the next course of action.

“I’m not sure; we can’t afford to give up psychics as it is. Zoë went crazy and turned into a monster, and while Gabbi has gained birth right control over her powers, she’s just a Libra, and Kellie is now dead.” I walked over to my body, and touched it on the head, when I suddenly was absorbed into my body.

“Permission to leave for Mexico?” I heard Gabbi asked as I awoke in my normal body.

“Permission granted.” I said shocking everyone I was awake. “Save the explanation, I heard everything. Lyssa, prepare flowers for the graves of the deceased. Bryan, I want you to get everyone battle ready. We’re taking this to Obama.” Everyone eyes nearly popped out of their head.

“Qui-Bon-Qui…” Aulene started, but I brushed her off. “Where are all the battle ready psychics?”

“Across the hall.” Replied Bryan, whom was given a death glare by both Aulene and Zel.

“Great.” I walked crossed the hall into the next room. There I found Sylvia, Sharon, Bradley and Ania all sitting on the floor. “So this is all that’s left?” I said in my head, knowing that they could all read minds.

“Boss, are you sure we can do this?” Ania said timidly.

“I have been gaining new powers lately…” I said, but the next thing I knew there were explosions going off in the next room. The fuck…?

I teleported us outside, where I found that the suits had found us and helicopters were shooting at us. Shit, how’d they find us…?

“Everyone! We’re headed towards Atlanta! Come on!” I directed everyone towards the streets to Obama’s tower. It was then I heard screaming, and when I looked back I found that Bradley, Kailie and Duhe were all still behind. I began to leap towards them to help, but a psychic wall came up blocking my path.


“There’s nothing you can do for them now.” She said. I looked helplessly as I watched the helicopter gun Bradley down, and hearing Kailie scream out my name for help. I turned away in shame and ran after the others. I could see Chloe and the others flying into a mid-level window of a giant skyscraper. I teleported me and Ania into the same window, only to find my friends being attacked by guys dressed like Knights blocking their paths. I attempt to blast them with a psychic wave, but to no avail. They then drove a spear into Chloe’s stomach, and I immediately dashed forward and roundhouse kicked the Knight in the face. Bryan then joined in, sweeping the knight off his feet, barrel-rolling over him and then landing on his shoulders and back-dropping him into the ground. Unfortunately, this grace was short lived as he was stabbed from behind by one of the Knights.

“Fuck this.” I said, then took out a bag of sour gummi worms, ate a few, then sent out a massive wave that completely disintegrated all but my friends and accidentally Lyssa.

“Can you heal them?” I asked Sharon, who was working reviving Lyssa.

“I can save Chloe and Lyssa, but Bryan’s wounds are too much to handle.”

“Get on it then!”  I said knowing we were pressed for time. After reviving them, I could see that there was circus clowns coming towards us, and knew we were fucked if they caught us.


We bolted at full speed up the stairs, with Aulene and Sharon leading. I heard a girl’s scream, followed by the sound of hacking and blood squirting everywhere. They must have caught Chris… I thought to myself, knowing I had no time left in order to go save him. I soon found myself jumping over a fence closing off the area to Obama’s room. Sharon and Aulene were running around a corner, but as I pasted a hall branching off from the hall I was in, I saw two knights running in my direction. I went around the corner to find Sharon and Aulene pinned to the wall by spears. I then engaged in a fight with the two knights responsible. I twisted the first’s arm clockwise then elbowed him hard in the ribcage, crippling him to the floor. I next grabbed the spear of the other soldier and chopped it in half.

While I was distracted however, the remaining guards had stuck up on me and nearly drove a spear into my stomach but Zel caught it just in time, and Stephanie teleported out of nowhere and kicked his head clean off. I then slammed the knight from before straight into the ground, crushing him with a psychic blast. We helped Sharon and Aulene down, only to find Sharon was the only one still breathing.

“A shame ain’t it?” a voice I knew all too well. I looked to find a darken figure sitting on a throne at the end of the room. The outlines said it was Obama himself. Behind him was Zoë trapped inside a giant jar, and she was undergoing mutation.

“You have heard of this no?” said the figure. “The end result of all those who can’t contain the insanity of birth right… they all become-” Just then, Zoë began to mutate once more, transforming into Michael Jackson. And not the awesome black version, the horrible, child-rapist white version. Stephanie, Zel and I looked in horror, barely believing our eyes. Stephanie teleported to attack him, but was stopped midair.

“Wait! Don’t do it Chuck!” Zel looked at me with a crazed look. Just then, the shadowy figure turned out to be Chuck Norris.

“How did you know it was me?” he said, with a keen smile on his face.

“I got my birth right genes directly from you, and you’re the only person on this planet who could possibly give me the power to roundhouse kick someone like I can. What I want to know is why you are killing off everyone in the world.” Chuck balled his hand into a fist, killing Stephanie under the pressure of his power.

“I come from a different realm. In my realm, you were the Ninja apprentice of Batman, a constant thorn in my side. We raged in many epic battles, and even with my world-shattering kicks, I could never quite manage to finish off Batman. Then the unspeakable happened: he slept with my daughter Venus! Then had a child to boot! So I took that child, the Nic of my realm, and trained him to one day kill his father. But then you stopped my plans… and killed Venus! So I had Batman and I’s genes placed into one body, to prove I was superior!” He let out a menacing laugh, and I then realized I was this product.

“Wait, what does that have to do with Venus?” I asked.“Oh Venus is right here.” He then proceeded to remove Aulene from the wall and transformed her into taller, Auburn-colored hair girl with white streaks wearing the same dark clothing Aulene likes to wear. He healed her wounds and revived her from the dead. I was still confused by what this meant, or even why she was here, but I left my guard down long enough for Chuck to deliver a quick jab to my face.

 “That’s it, I don’t care who I become! The biggest mistake you made was combining two of the most awesome heroes in all dimensions into someone more awesome!!!!” Just then, a red aura began to surround me, and flames began to materialize in my hands. I threw a giant fireball at Chuck, sending him through the wall. I then rushed over to Sharon, who was up and moving about. “I need you to find a way to reverse the effects of Chuck’s poison.”

 “Well, he’s not from this realm, so having something from this realm mix with something from another realm should do it.” Sharon then looked at me with horror, and I turned around to find Chuck standing behind me chewing on a fresh cow leg.

 “I’m CHUCK NORRIS BITCH!” Chuck then roundhouse kicked me thru a wall, causing the roof of the skyscraper to magically fly off. Next thing I knew I was floating in midair, flying under my own power. Chuck came rocketing at me full speed, But I side-stepped him, clamped my fists together, and swung them in his direction, hitting him with a powerful psychic blast. I looked around looking for a way to defy reality. I then saw Zel and Venus having a nice chat and laughing. “That’s it! Zel kis- Ugh!” I felt a psychic choking me, keeping my voice from reaching Zel. I then turned and choked Chuck, locking us in a stalemate. Just then Venus moved in closer, and I could hear Chuck attempting to stop her, but it was too late. Zel’s and Venus’s lips connected, and a bright blue light covered the area.

 When I awoke, I was on the moon, where Sharon, Zel, Lyssa, T.J., Sylvia, Josh, and I were sitting drinking a few Bud Lights, the last survivors of the whole world.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

For an old flame

Lately, I haven't been feeling too well. My life seems hellish due to a girl who's made me feel like shot for too long. I've said goodbye too many times, but her voice still lingers in my mind. Once more, my post this week will be putting my life, with regards to her, into words.
"Lullaby for the Flames"

One: Ignition

Burning embers amount to vicious flames.
Searing heat from the center of a bruised mind--
Confused with the tortuous reality of lost love--
Surrounds the essence of everything that's held true.
But the symphony of pain rises to a bold forte,
Spelled out with a lullaby for the darkened flames;
Brings me back to the broken peace of my welcomed tomb.
Comfort comes back to dangerous ears
As the melody's grave tempo climbs to a happy allegro.
Quickly, the inferno pierces heavens and hearts alike
To make way for a climax which rocks my heart.
Her voice blasts through the rising flames
Giving life to memories which should have died
With the beating of my heart when she stabbed it.

Two: Searing Truth

You're something else than the creature that I loved. When I kissed you goodbye, you breighed a different tone than you moaned on the second night we spent beneath the stars. Lips pressed together. Hearts interwined. By moonlight you had come to me from the darkness of the world. Now, by the light of the fire alight in my soul, I leave you to the darkness my heart once bore. Dragging your name through the dirt--I've no doubt you've been passing judgement upon mine--I see no other fate for this bridge than to burn it down.

Three: Heartfelt Arsen

Through it all you couldn't see the blood on your clothes from the wound in my throat. You'd slit it with the same knife you dragged quick and hard across your dirty wrists to make this world feel like something more appealing. Any plan at all would have been better than the craziness you had concocted.
Curious wonder fills my heart at the questioning of reasons why I followed so closely. Your insanity only meant to burn whoever got too close. Such a fact has been clear ever since love was removed from my sight. 

Four: Counting Ashes

I mean nothing more than a random thought to you, if I remember the shape of your lips so correctly. Never could such thoughts really be true. Or else all the words that cut so deep are meaningless past the hatred of one who is too bitter to admit her mistakes. That's it, isn't it? My love, my captor, you're nothing more than an unforgiving child caught in a treacherous warzone. Each arsenal coming towards you plays a different tone to the beat of your crocodile tears as they greet the blood-stained floor below. But poor you; the value you see in life is less than anything at all. Yes, let's all cry for the girl who counts herself too trapped by tanks to see the escape route beneath her feet. Meanwhile, of course no words were muttered and no pity was shed when you sacrificed my heart to the flames of your regret. When all comes to an end, I hope the bullets of another make your heart burst asunder. Maybe then, you'll remember what you've lost.

Five: Afterlife

Slowly the symphony falls amongst the remnants of dreams.
Silence pervades all that's managed to remain true.
Soon a calming sleep shall follow the glorious tune
To help me forget about the girl who lit my fire. 
Provehito in altum

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Premeire Tonight!


At midnight tonight, the final movie of one of the greatest book series in history premeires. It's bittersweet to know that this will almost surely be the last major Harry Potter event, I thought to take time to reflect on this series. Many rip Harry Potter for being a book based on fantasy and magic, yet it has managed to capivate millions with a brillantly developed plot, incredible characters, and one of the most iconic villains of all time. But the most memorable thing about this book is how it's fans and readers connected with the book. How this book managed to come alive for it's readers. The only thing that this series truly may have done wrong was that it ended to soon. Whether we believe this book to be the best in history is a different story, but one would be unwise to deny that Harry Potter will go down as one of the most legendary series ever.

Now that I'm done ranting about Harry, I thought for today's post I would post one of my Dream Chronicle stories. For those who don't know who what these are, I periodically have crazy dreams where many of my friends happen to make an appearance. So I thought I would type these up for comic relief. Warning: These dreams tend not to make any sense. Rarely do they actually, which is part of the charm behind them. I hope you enjoy them regardless!

Dream Chronicles: 2011 Part 1

The streets quiet, only the bleak sound of fighter jets zipping across the sky. The roads toppled by seemingly random craters and cover in burning cars, blood, and ash. I peek around the corner, looking to see if any green suits were hanging around the Kroger’s off Auburn Road. I pass under the cover of the smoke from a burning car, stopping right before smoke’s ceased. I wait a second while my breath catches up with me. Only have about 30 seconds… I look then at the smoke covered sky, and next to the ash-covered parking lot. I reach for the revolver in my belt. Only got a few shots. Better make this count. I slowly began to alternate my breathing, my heartbeat increasing tenfold. Go.

I dash forward, sprinting at full speed across the parking lot, almost slipping on the ash scattered about. I had gone maybe ten feet when a bullet grazed the ground behind me. I didn’t have time to think where it came from, just that I had to make it into the front doors. Shots were continuing to miss me by a slim margin, and I wasn’t sure if it was dumb luck or the shooter was a terrible shot. I was only a foot away from the front doors when two green suits burst out the front door opening fire. I let off two shots, each connecting for a fatal hit, but the suits managed to connect two hits into my left leg. I dragged myself under into the front doors, and hid behind the shopping carts to lick my wounds. I look up to see a convex mirror hanging from a hole in the roof. I see myself in a rugged South Pole polo, torn denim jeans, black socks and low top shoes. I was also wearing black sunglasses, which I started to reach for but quickly slapped down my hand.

“What’s wrong with me?” I whispered to myself aloud. “There’s no need to go over board using-”

I stopped when I noticed that something was out of place. Why is a giant mirror sitting here of all place- SHIT! I just barely managed to pull myself up in time to dodge a grenade that bounced off the mirror, exploding and caving me inside the store. I hopped over to the food section, grabbing every can of food I could fit in my hands, ripping a backpack off a fallen rack behind me. As I stuffed food into the pack, I felt a bullet dig into my right arm, with three other gazing my neck, cheek, and heel.

“Fuck!” I yelled, pulling out my revolver only to have it shot away. “Hands up! NOW!” Said a green suit with a flashlight strapped to his pistol. I sighed, knowing that there was only one decision left. I slowly bring my hands up, subtly pushing my glasses up. I turn around to face my enemies, who immediately began to open fire, but to no avail. The bullets stopped in midair, and with a flick of my wrist were sent flying back at them, killing each suit with his bullets. My head began to hurt, so I quickly finished packing all the food into the bag and bolted to the front door, completely forgetting it was sealed off thanks to that grenade earlier. I ran around into the men’s room by the in-store Starbucks, where I found a hole in the wall that I could squeezed through. “He ran into the restrooms!” I could hear outside, as I hurried into the hole, my headache getting worse. Outside I found a motorcycle waiting for me to help me escape, but as I approached my mind went bonkers and an image of me touching an exploding motorcycle plagued my mind.

I pushed back, thrusting my hand into the sky to grab the sniper right above my head around the throat using my telekinesis powers. “Please, don’t do it…” He begged. I tightened my grip around his throat, crushing it then slamming him into the bike which subsequently exploded. Just then I sensed a suit sneak up on me, but knock him off his feet, relieved him of his weaponry and gave him a bullet to the face. Afterwards I heard the roar of Suzuki motorcycle coming around the corner, with my best friend Zel riding it.

“Hop on!” He cried, and I just barely managed to grab the tail end of the bike before the suits came roaring out the hole feverish firing at us.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in a dimly lit room, surrounded by my friends: Zel, Chris, Lyssa, Aulene, Kallie, Najee, Gwyn, Bryan, Marissa, Taylor, and Duhe a.k.a. Matt.

“I think he’s coming too…” said Najee.

“Well duh Najee his eyes are open!” said Gwyn.

“Chill out you guys,” I said while sitting up in the discolored pile of sheets I was lying on. “How is everyone doing?”

“Their fine Qui-Bon-Qui,” Aulene said angrily, pushing me down. “But you need to rest; you probably used up a lot of strength after using your powers when I explicably told you not to!”

“I was being shot at! Excuse me for not wanting to die!” I retorted.

“Calm down Quincy,” said Lyssa, attempting to mediate ensuing violence. “We don’t need your headaches acting up.” Aulene and I grunted.

“Did you check for illusions?” I asked bitterly.

“I don’t know, did we Taylor?” said Aulene. Almost immediately Taylor decked Duhe straight in the nose.

“Now we have.” She said, Duhe holding his nose well sighing in pain. I laughed a little inside. My alarm on my watch went off, signaling it was time to for a ‘session’. Zel frowned at me.

“I can take it from here dude. You need to rest.”

“What if one of them goes crazy on you? I’m the only one who can contain them then.” I said. I put on my Thunder Cats jacket when I see the sad looks on Marissa’s and Kallie’s faces. “…I’m sure they’re fine. Those two are tough ones.” I walked off; knowing that I was more scared then either of them. I strolled down a seemingly endless hallway, random thoughts bouncing around in my cranium.

They’re growing… these powers are definitely stronger. What If the guys are stronger too though? If even two of them were to go crazy at once I doubt I could beat them… I know for sure if Bradley and Jared went crazy I would be through.

I came upon a slightly cracked, and I walked in to a torn down room, except the about the size of a church corridor. There were rows of beds with teens laying in each. They all had the same crazy red eyes, however some were much calmer then the others. A few were simply sitting in bed reading a book like Kellie or Gabbi, while others were sitting Indian style floating in the air like Bradley and Tiny. “Tiny, Bradley, how you guys feeling?” I said to them, hopeful they had finally mastered their powers. Bradley looked at me with bright red eyes, which had the symbol of the Gemini behind the iris. Joy filled my heart, and I laughed a slight giggle, but immediately realized my mistake. Tiny looked at me, his eyes filled with angered and teeth sharpened. Just before I could react I felt a psychic blast strike me hard in the chest, sending me flying into Grant’s bed. “D…Damn…” I spoke through shaking words, my breath failing to catch up. I then felt a psychic wave push me up into the air, keeping me locked in place and suspended in midair. Shit… If I only I had saved some of my energy… I saw that it was indeed Grant suspending me into the air, not Tiny. I was for sure Tiny was going to finish me off when I saw he being pinned to the ground by Bradley, who was using some kind of gravitational press to unable him to move. Instantaneously, a body comes flying down the hall slamming into Grant and knocking Zoë out of her bed. I fell, almost landing on top of Kellie, but she was smart enough to move out the way. She rushed to my side, making sure I wasn’t hurt.

“He’s fine.” Came a voice from behind. “Go get the others in check.”

“What if I go crazy?” Kellie asked worriedly.

“Your powers aren’t very strong, so even if you did one of the other sane kids would be able to handle you.” The voice spoke out again, revealing to be Sylvia. “Quinton, we got a serious problem. Jared has gone crazy; he’s already killed Tiffany, Amy, and Caroline.” My worse nightmare was coming true; Jared was one of the most powerful psychics in the room. Way more powerful then Sylvia or I were, but we had some hope as well.

“I have some good news then. Bradley beat it. He’s in control!” Sylvia looked at me with her dark-red eyes full of shock and relief at the same time. “Great! Us three versus these two…”

“Actually Tiny went crazy too…” I said, my head starting to hurt, “Not to mention that I still haven’t regained all of my strength yet.” Sylvia’s smile went away.

“I see… Well even weakened you should still be on Tiny’s level, I might be able to handle Grant, and Jared isn’t as strong as Brad, so we might be able to pull this off, especially since they are still in the primal stage of insanity.” I was gone before we even had formulated a plan. I raced to Bradley, who had Tiny locked down. “Bradley, I need you to take on Jared...”

“Jared went crazy too? Aw jeez… can you handle Tiny?” He asked, but before I could react Jared had blasted Bradley through a wall, and Tiny hit me with a psychic blast to the face. Before I fell unconscious, I could hear the voice of a demonic creature that sounded similar to Jared. “Don’t kill them you fool! We must settle this the old-fashion way, at the Gamesssss… Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!”

This was part one, I will post part 2 on my next post! Deuces!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Silent Drops of Rain

The tears I cry
fall silently.
No one hears
nor sees them.
My own face
hides itself
from the wet drops
in shame.
How I wish
to not cry
with these silent
drops of rain.

I thought I'd give you all a reprieve from the story for a day. I hope the poem kept you entertained. 

~Anora Anakaya~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

These waters, they darken with each thought.

Lately, my writing has gone away from poems and stories. Rather, all that my pen dictates are the words that my mind attempts to project upon the paper in front of me. Simply, there's no intended meter or flow; solely the sum of my thoughts construct my writing.
Sin Titulo
Heart’s temptations have left me far from the shores of my dreams. The waves come in, crashing upon the rocks of each of life’s many perceptions, but the cool waters of a good night’s sleep evade me. Here and there, forever and after, standing before the sunset, these weary feet wait below the mind that doesn’t dare beckon them forward. Where could they go? “Where are they wanted?” is a better question still. And the salty breeze from the sea of disbelief shall always whisper the same tune, that melodious harmony that treats wounded ears to a feast of horrific feats.

The waves, they crumble and erode the sandy shores of every dream that’s ever passed before my dreary eyes. Yet, still, years later, I’ve seen no end. (There’s no end in sight.) Meanwhile, every next instance proves how sightless I’ve been; for still I see the rocks beneath my feet, piercing my flesh, without any yearning to remove my body from such torture. Oh, how good such redness feels as it comes across my bare flesh! “Wonder no more,” each drop whispers, “for this feeling is the only right thing you’ll ever feel.” Nevermore shall my heart find any need to disagree. 

Provehito in altum

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Trio, cont'd

The story continues! If you have forgotten what happened last time here's the link to read up on! The amazing trio, which isn't quite amazing yet, has asked that you stay tuned! 

            The rogue and healer followed behind the warrior. Progress was slow. The rogue eventually regained his strength and was able to walk on his own. He fell behind Sarah, who stayed in the middle of the line. Sarah was a rare prize they couldn’t let die.  She was a healer, one of the best, one that could bring back the dead.  She carried a staff in one hand and a focus in the other, each imbued power into her that helped guide her powers.
            The rogue, whose name was Nirav, carried a bow in one hand and had a quiver slung across his back. Knives were hidden in the folds of his clothes, different sized daggers lined his waist,  a pistol, crudely made, hung on his hip and tools for lock-picking were hidden in pouches on his belt.
            The warrior’s armor was light, but offered great protection. His sword was sheathed and his pack carried the most. His face was stern and scarred.  His rough hands had seen many years of work and battle. His eyes were a distant blue filled with sorrow and hardship. His bow was slung across his back and did not match the quality of Nirav’s, but his pistol was far better made.
            The terrain was rugged. Few trees inhabited these war-ravaged lands. The trees that did were nearly dead from fires and drought. The location of these particular lands made them ideal for battles. Though each kingdom claimed some part of them, few of them truly enforced its law in it. Rebellious citizens often gathered within it but more importantly its connection to each kingdom allowed direct transportation of troops in war.
            The rain stopped and wind kicked up the dusty soil. Echoes coursed through the endless plain. The wind whistled through the dying branches and a small animal scurried of to the travelers’ right.
            “John,” Sarah’s voice called wearily, “We have to stop.”
            “Fine, we’ll stop at that tree.” John, the warrior, nodded his head toward the tree.
            “How long have we been traveling? It seems like days,” commented the rogue as he rubbed his neck.
            “It has been a day since the city. It’ll take five more if we continue at this rate and if we follow the path. But, if we cut through the Highlands, we’ll reach the Marshes in three.”
            “I don’t care if we flank them anymore. If we don’t get there soon they’ll re-organize,” said John. “What’s the quickest route?” John took his pack off and leaned it against the tree. He knelt to the ground on one knee.
            “Through the Highlands, still,” replied Sarah, who was the only one still standing, “Nirav will have to call his hawk in to scout out ahead though. The Highlands are filled with more than grass and birds.”
            “What do mean?” asked Nirav as he cocked his head to one side looking up at Sarah.
            “Well there are orcs, goblins, elves, and not the nice ones. There are even Jenglots.”
            “Jenglots? What are those?” asked Nirav nervously, “I never heard of them at the Academy.”
            “They are short beings, about the size of a six-year old human child. They are vampiric creatures. They’re strong, but not too intelligent. They live in groups and they really don’t like people,” replied John coldly.
            “How do we kill them?” asked Nirav.
            “We don’t,” replied Sarah, “They are nocturnal. If we go through during the day, we’ll be safe.”
            “I’ll keep watch tonight, you two sleep,” John walked away from the tree. He set up dried wood and twigs. As he pulled out his flint and steel, he called to the others, “Eat something before the night is out. The dried venison won’t last much longer and the biscuits are starting to go stale.”
            “Alright,” replied Sarah as she set up her bedding, which was truly just two blankets laid across the ground.
            “I’ll eat, too,” Nirav said. He was also setting up his bed.
            “I think I’ve got some coffee from the Southern Isles in my pack. Might help you stay up, John,” Sarah said tenderly.
            “Save it. We might need it later. It is not so cold this night, but winter is coming on.” John’s eyes were sullen and they drooped. He looked as if he hadn’t slept in months, even though his last good rest was only a few days past.
            John was putting some water over the fire to warm, while Sarah and Nirav made their way over to the smoldering flames. John unwrapped the dried meat and handed and equal share to Sarah and Nirav. Sarah sat on her knees, Nirav was cross-legged, and John remained squatted by the fire.
            Night had fallen upon the land. Light scarcely dotted the sky, only a few stars twinkled between the clouds. One large red planet dimly lit the dark with a red glow. The wind died down and the echoes ceased. The leafless branches of the petrified trees reached to the skies in feigned reverence for the stars as they were strewn across the dusty landscape. A road, only noticeable by the tracks left by the feet of many travelers, wound its way through the land. This land was another planet when compared to the lands surrounding it. Its name was so easily guessed and so widely known. Its name is Deadwood. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Discussion: Movie of Year? (Halfway Mark)


How was the Fourth of July to all those who celebrate? Mine was a quiet day of relaxing, grilling hamburgers, and capping it all off with a movie and fireworks. :) I saw Transformers Dark of the Moon in 3D. Not only was it the best out of all three transformers movies, it I felt it might win movie of the year.

Dark of the Moon was just about everything you could ever want in a movie: good plot, awesome characters who bring the picture to life, plenty of good laughs, and a sense of suspense throughout the whole movie. I was always on my toes, wondering "how they would get out of this spot?" or "They are totally screwed!". In respect to those who haven't seen it, I will withhold revealing my favorite scenes, but I must say every scene with Ken Jeong (Both Hangover Movies) in it had me falling out of my seat. Shia LaBeouf also hands out another stunning performance, showing extreme growth from the Sam we knew in movie one. Look for him to nominated for many awards. The only problem I had with this movie was Sam's new girl Carly. While I feel she still needed some work, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave decent performance, but didn't quite compare to Megan Fox in the past two movies. She played little if not no impact to the main storyline, it felt as if the Bay and Steven were afraid to have her actually carry a role. Despite this saddening turn of events, the fantastic action, great plot, and hilarious comedy all perfectly tied together in one box.

But what is your opinion? Do you agreed that Transformers Dark of the Moon was the best movie so far in 2011? Or was it one of the other blockbuster movies like Hangover Part II, X-Men: First Class, or Green Lantern? Comment on this post give your opinions!