Monday, November 28, 2011

Late Post Worthy

The winds roared as Loki, the God of Mischief, dashed through the land. In his wake, destruction and death laid. A grin full of malice crossed his pale face, his eyes red, and his heart cold like the winter air. He was clad in green armor, and a dual horn helmet that covered all but his eyes and mouth. Loki was remarkably skinny, but was a towering 9 feet and was deceptively strong. Loki’s skin was blue in color, and the air around him chill underneath the blazing sun. He came upon a desert in the western lands, where he climbed aboard a boulder. Loki stared off towards the distance, watching the sun set over the red sand of the desert he found himself in. He stood on top of the edge of the rock he sat on, patiently waiting for his brother, Balder, to show with his band of warriors. The warriors Balder had gathered to kill him. Loki fell on his back, getting more bored with each passing moment. He stared at the sky, watching as crows flew overhead. Loki pointed a finger at one, causing it to spontaneously combust in midair. This amused Loki, so he did the same to another, and another, until his grin turned into crazed laughter. After his targets were gone, Loki rose in angry.
“What is taking my brother so long?” Loki pondered to himself. “I chose to be out here just so it would be easier for him to find me! I’m bored brother!!!! Come out and play already!!”
Loki jumped to his feet, scanning the area for more prey. He rests arm on his trusty blade, Jörmungandr.
“Who do you serve my minion?” Loki said, staring out towards the sun.
“The Great King Loki.” The blade said to Loki.
“Have you soaked in the juice of the mistletoe flower like I asked?”
“Yes my liege…”
“Fantastic my puppet…”
Then something caught Loki’s eye. In the center of the setting sun, Loki saw what he had believed to be a fine blue light. Immediately realizing what it was, Loki cart-wheeled out of the way, barely in time to dodge the blue laser that was shot at him. Loki broke his fall with his hand, spinning in place on the same hand, before sitting Indian style on the ground. Loki dropped his head, chuckling under his breath.
“That beam was Atlantian technology… so who’d you bring Balder? Atlas? Mneseus?”
In the distance Loki caught eye of a four people riding on top of what looked like a giant bird composed of steel lances. In the center where the body of the bird should have been was a white-haired boy, who didn’t look a day over eighteen years of age. His eyes were pearly white and slanted, his body frame skinny like Loki’s but was only a little more then half his size. The boy was clad in a black robe with blue lining and had a white toga going across his chest as well as white trousers that reached to his ankles. On the back sitting on the tail feathers of the bird was a black-haired boy who looked completely identical to the boy inside the bird. The clothing was also the same; however the robe was white, the trousers black, and the toga black. His eyes were red as well. In front of him were three people. On the right was tan skin old man, who was shirtless, wore orange colored shorts and sandals and extremely skinny as if he had starved himself. On the left was a pale old man with long white hair and a goatee. His eyes were gray from age. The reminder of his body was covered in dark clothing and a cloak, all of which that looked as if one was looking at the night sky when they saw them. Lastly Loki saw the initiator of the last attack in the center. It was a blonde-haired girl dressed black armor and a turquoise scarf. The armor was tight fitting to her skinny, curvy body, and had strange, glowing turquoise markings scattered across the armor.
“What’s this?” Loki screamed.“Balder you bitch! Out of all the warriors at your disposal in Atlantis, you chose a whore to come fight me with? How weak… do you think I am!?”
With the end of his last words, Loki gave a mighty roar, which was directed towards the warriors. The resulting shockwave blow the bird apart into individual lances, and the warriors fell towards the earth below. Quickly, the black-haired boy pointed two fingers towards, and starting making a swirling motion. The sand began to swirl as well, until it created a small tornado of sand grains. Each of the five warriors landed softly on the tornado, which slowly dissolved until they were on the ground unharmed. Grasping for air, the black-haired boy yelled at his twin.
“Why didn’t you block that Yin?” he hollered.
“I couldn’t Yang! There was something weird about that shockwave!” Yin replied.
“We landed softly, that is all that mattered.” The girl said. “Besides, we are all at fault here; none of us blocked that strike.”
“I’m sorry I was preoccupied with keeping us afloat Marissa!” Yang grumbled.
“Peace young one.” The tanned man jumped in, wiping himself down, “We must focus on the task at hand. Right Tao Kai-sama?”
“Indeed Hammi.” The pale man said, “We have a job to do. My grandchild must never be asked to deal with such a creature as this.”
“Aw shucks, I’ve become so powerful that you consider me a creature! HAPPY DAY!” Loki said.
The warriors looked behind Yang, where Loki stood smiling at the warriors. Yang attempted to throw a punch at Loki, but he teleported to the center of the group. Loki began to dance in the middle, spinning and flailing his arms randomly. The warriors stared at the giant in confusion, all scared.
“What’s the matter child? Didn’t you come to punish me?” Loki gave a quick slap to his Derrière, inciting an angry expression from Marissa.
“Don’t fall into his mind games my lady,” Hammi said, “Despite his daft nature, there is a method to this madness.”
Loki continued to prance around like a clown, angering Marissa until she snapped. Marissa charged despite the disapproval of her peers. Loki’s back to her, Marissa come up to about a foot away from before creating a mace out of water in thin air. Before she could pull off a full swing, Loki pulled a full 180 and back-hands Marissa straight across the face. This effectively sent her flying across the desert.
“No!” Loki said his hands on his waist. “Bad Bitch!”
Marissa got on her knees, rubbing her head. Hammi sighed, and Yang and Yin rushed in next while Loki’s back was turned. Yin clamped his hands together and opened them to create a lance, while Yang created a miniature tornado in his hands. They both jumped over Loki, but he teleported out of the way, causing them to crash to the ground. The twins jumped to their feet, only for Loki to teleport in front of them, slapping them both multiple times.
“Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad!” Loki said repeatedly.
He kept slapping them until his hand stopped moving of its own accord. Loki looked to his left puzzled, and found his arm held in place by a vine. The twins rushed out of the way. Loki glanced over to find Hammi praying, and Tao Kai charging up a ball of black energy in his hands. The vine began to cover his whole body, but Loki frowned in disappointment.
“Really? That’s your power? BORING.” Loki said yawning.
Tao Kai gave a slight gruff, and then shot a blackish-purple beam in Loki’s direction. The beam connected, erupting into a huge pillar of black. In the center of the blast, the area froze over on the inside. The warriors waited in anticipation to see the results of the attack.
“Did you get him?” Yang asked.
In the middle of the chaos, Loki was shaking while drinking a cup of hot tea. Tao Kai stomped his foot in rage.
“Jinx.” Yin said to his brother.
“Damn clown! Fight us for real!” Tao Kai demanded.
Hammi looked at Tao Kai with a worried expression but Loki had a grin cross his face.
“You hear that My puppet?” Loki asked.
“Yes my liege. They seem to desire to be annihilated.” Jörmungandr said.
“Aw poo. I was having a blast!”
Loki threw away his tea cup, and pulled out his sword, and teleported behind Tao Kai. Tao Kai didn’t have the time to react, and Loki proceed to slice his head clean off. In a moment faster then light itself, a brunette man around the size of Loki appear and delivered an open palm punch straight to the gut of Loki. Loki flew across the desert, and the brunette man gave Tao Kai a stern look in the eye.
“I warned you,” The man said, “My brother is easiest to defeat when he is toying with you. Get him serious can prove to be quite fatal.”
“…Forgive me Lord Balder.” Tao Kai said bowing.
Loki rose to his feet unharmed, and transformed his sword into a bow and arrow. Hammi knelt to the ground and began to pray once more. Loki shot his arrow at Balder, who did nothing to move, but the arrow was caught in the trunk of a giant tree that formed in front of him. Loki sighed, before throwing his bow to the ground and stomping on it.
“You should really attempt to dodge young lord.”Hammi said slightly peeved.
“It wouldn’t matter. I have an oath from all things earth-made not to kill me.” Balder replied arrogantly.
“So why was Loki so mad that it didn’t connect?”Tao Kai inquired.
“Loki is the most intelligent, yet insane, fool this world shall ever know.” Balder said.
Loki crossed his arms as his eyes stayed fixed on the tree. However he didn’t have the time to figure out what to do next as a spear zip-lined past his head. Loki took a quick glance at the spear as it stuck into the ground, then just as quickly ducked from the incoming swipe by Yin. Loki somersaulted backwards about twelve feet, before engaging in a stare down with Yin. Yin was armed with a double-sided lance. Loki reached to his horns, removing them from place and causing a blade of energy to form. Loki then hooked them together to get a two-sided blade of energy. Loki tossed it from hand to hand.
“Mine looks lighter.” Loki said queerly, as he circled his foe.
“Good thing I am much stronger.” Yin replied without following his opponents movements.
“I knew it!”
“Knew what Jester?”
“You’re a blind snowflake.”
“I hadn’t noticed. Why don’t you attack and see what happens?”
“But of course. However I must restrain myself from using multiple hands.”
Loki put his right hand behind his back, and then dashed forward, swiping at Yin’s head. Yin side-stepped the attack, then turning a full 180 degrees skated past Loki, his eyes focused on nothing particular. Loki dropped to the ground, a large cut in his armor. Yin swirled his lance in midair, before sticking it into the sand. Yin smiled.
“I think you may need two hands on this one..... 'God of Mischief'.”


Okay so here is a teaser for my new book. Later this week will be the second half of the post. Don't have any news so check back later for some great new material though.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Blurred Lines

Blurred eyes see the sun;
The sun doesn't stare back.
Sit and glare.
Stop and wonder.
The answer follows soon after;
No one cares for burning eyes.

Night covers all in darkness.
A rock has replaced the sun.
Blind eyes make nothing of change.
Blind minds make everything worse.
None shall care
For that which sought the truth.
None but the eyes that sought to wonder.

All are content.
No one sees
This world's atrocities.
Blind sure see
The only real truth.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


As most of you know, today is Thanksgiving Day. I know that by know most of you have probably stuffed your faces full with turkey and potatoes, but I'm here to offer a different meal, one for the brain. Here is poem to fill up your thoughts. Perhaps you'll be thankful for it?


I'm thankful for you
and everything you do.
You're my friend,
the best,
absolutely one of kind.

I'm thankful for dreams
and all that they have made me.
I'm thankful for failures
and success
for all that they taught me.

I'm thankful for words
and what they express.
I'm thankful today
for my extra ordinary life,
and the beauty it holds.

~Anora Anakaya~
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it was wonderful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love Should Never Die

Love Is

Love is a small word that is used too often,
it is an expression used for favorite things,
It is a word that should inspire happiness,
It is the subject of many different writings.
But we’ve forgotten what it should be.

Love Should Be

Love should be a strong connection between people,
It should mean that you will be there no matter what,
It should mean that you remember and treasure the good times,
And that you endure through the hard times.
Love should be a feeling that never dies,
That will last forever, even if the type of love must change.

It should be everlasting.
Love should never die.

Lately love has been on my mind a lot. It is a common topic for me to think about. I am a hopeless romantic, and always dream up my own love stories. Recently I have been thinking about all of the people I love, who once loved me too. But now we no longer talk, or we don't get along. I can't understand why that happens. I truly believe that if you really love a person, those feelings will never fade away. They can change, you can go from loving someone romantically to loving someone as a friend. But that love never dies.

Monday, November 21, 2011

To This Day...

Hair that feels like silk in your fingers,
Eyes that comfort you like a Tempur Pedic.
Skin so fair, like the moon in the star-strangled sky.
Your touch is just as far away,
Even though the grip you have on me has never left.
Clad in dark, surrounded by black,
I see past the mud, and see the golden prize inside.
You’re the piece that I never look for,
But the only one that fits perfectly.
The beautiful soul that no one acknowledges.
A character no one appreciates.
You are the book that is judged by it’s cover,
Yet holds a story that no one knows is a bestseller.
You are the Invisible Woman of our world,
An invisible being just looking to be loved.
I would hug you if only to keep you warm.
I would envelope you until another gets it done.
It doesn’t matter if you feel the same,
Expecting such a thing would only lead to heartbreak.
Just let me stay drunk under your influence,
And I can handle being the man hidden under the mask.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Una Carta de Vida

Hola todo el mundo.

I know...I know...I posted yesterday, but I'm scheduled for today in reality. (These two a weeks are going to be the death of me... -__- ) Anyways...this next piece is a personal letter to a girl I met some time ago. If it's a bit sappy, you're not crazy, but simply not seeing the purpose. Anyways, here's my scheduled piece for the week. Read on readers.

Dear Audrey,

We floated above the clouds, can you recall?
You lied in my arms.
You looked a wild mess;
     your eyes shined with surprise.
Every bit the damsel I expected
     the year before when I first
          kissed your ruby red lips.
Our feet rejected the ground
     as my will saved you from the crowd.
Lovely, you looked so innocent!
Those three words you spoke...
The tone of each syllable
     matched dangerous colors
          even as I carried you to safety.
"Should we tell them?" you asked,
     yet all I wanted was to keep
          our love my secret.
Even as I kissed you in that painted sky
     we knew the world wouldn't give us peace.
So I spoke so softly, even the air was deaf.
Can you recall?
I whispered,
     "I'll never let you fall."



As an after-thought, for the past few weeks I've been working with a student-run newspaper called The Pulse. Primarily, the newspaper focueses on political issues, but a few of the lead editors and myself are working on creating a creative writing section for the website's Art section.

If you want to check out the website and read about all the goodness The Pulse has to offer, just click on the link.

If you have any questions about The Pulse, or my writing in general feel free to e-mail me at I'm always happy to answer any questions.

Until next week,

Carpe diem et provehito in altum.

(Seize the day and launch forth into the deep.) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poetic Thursdays

Hey everyone, Alex here. If you were expecting Anora, I guess you'll be disappointed. If not, well I've got a nifty surprise for you. Today's piece is a poem that I just wrote on the spot. It's rated "PG-13" due to its content, but I'm sure you all are use to worse in this day and age. So, enjoy!


"Sin Titulo"

This world…

Look past your biases

     that make you jaded.

Look past those stereotypes

     that make you dated.

We all want change

     to come our way,

But, “All is doomed,”

     or so the ignorant bitches say.


This world is crumbling

     right before your feet.

So why not stop thinking

     that violence is neat?

Unless, of course, death is

     everything you wish for…

Then I’ll just call you stupid;

     walk away you ignorant whore.

Those idiots…

Don’t scoff at this;

     you know not what I say.

My mind deals with ignorance


If you can’t understand the plot

     of the rhymes touched by my hand.

Then maybe life isn’t best for you;

     god knows what I demand.

Carpe diem et provehito in altum.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Imagine This

Imagine you were an anomaly

No matter where you go.

That your actions, emotions,

And rules were all decided

Before you ever knew.

Imagine having to wear a different mask,

If you even wanted to be seen.

That you were only amazing for so long,

But not long enough to be let into

The heart of a beloved scene.

Imagine if I was different

And had the body of Jacob.

That I had my personality,

Would you see me then?

Would you cry a little more

if I didn’t care for you in the same way?

Imagine watching the one you love,

Be in love with someone else.

Having all you want to say,

But holding your tongue,

So their happiness can run.

Imagine if you lost me,

What would you say?

Imagine if I was gone

And you could never

get that chance to say,

“I love you more then my dear aunt May.”

Imagine if you saw me hanging from a rope,

Because of something you said?

Of things you said and did,

Of the choices that you made

When your head was ignorant of pain and shame.

Imagine watching someone taking a man’s life

Just so they could get his ride.

And you just watched it unfold,

Because only a fool

Would attempt otherwise.

Imagine if you met someone,

And all you could think was,

“When’s the last time I’m going to see you?”

Because you never could afford to get comfortable

To waking up and seeing the same face.

Imagine watching all your goals fail

Because you weren’t given the chance to dream.

To jump up

In celebration of triumphs,

Only to have no one around.

Imagine being afraid of belonging,

Because you’re afraid of losing.

To force yourself into isolation,

Because you forgot what everything else

Truly felt like.

Imagine the happiest you have ever seen someone,

Was when you are leaving.

And all you ever wanting,

Is seeing that happiness

When you make it back.

Imagine living most your life,

In the confines of your own imagination.

Because in the real world,

A person like you

Doesn’t really exist.

Imagine being such an anomaly,

That not even you know who you are.

And imagine waking up from a dream,

Just to return to a nightmare.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Comic Reviews: Spider-Man and Teen Titans


Okay guys so as a special post this weekend I shall be explaining how the reviews shall work. Every Saturday and Sunday, I shall post a new review for each of the comics I have started under the pages category nice to the posting schedule. That way you have something to read on the weekend and I can also post other things for the site! I shall be posting reviews this throughtout this week while I recover from dissappointing losses from two of my favorite teams -_-, but will post the second issues this upcoming weekend! Also drop by tomorrow for an awesome surprise! Until then, later!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Senses Fail

A new week means new poetry. As I'm posting this I'm sitting in a room full of douchebags and idiots. (Literally, one just said, "Smoking isn't bad for you.") I guess this makes this post a bit more relevant because of it. (Although, the poetry was meant in more of a political sense. Hence, the Occupy Columbus marchers in the included picture.) Either way, enjoy my new piece.



Drink up the misery.
Dwell in my pain.
Focus on hindsight.
The past was in vain.

We all fall.
The world glows.
Truth is nonexistent.
The wisest man knows.

World's gone blind.
It tries to see.
Ignorance is bliss.
Every thought wants free.

Some grant wishes.
Others grant death.
People waste money.
Dealers sell them meth.

"Truths" still condemn.
All become grotesque.
Hatred surrounds meaning.
Life is a whore's burlesque.

Space grows cold.
Good intentions rot.
Throw safety away.
Diseases are lies we've caught.

Come; please come.
Waste your mind.
Goodness is rarity.
This, you're sure to find.

Endings sour time.
Reapers ring bells.
"Sanity is for losers,"
Or so a blind man tells.

Let it enfold you.
Follow your bliss.
Tomorrow'll be bright.
Make it something you miss.

Carpe diem et provehito in altum.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cover Your Mouth

Here is a poem to entertain you all today. I hope you enjoy it.

                                                                ©2008-2011 ~NOiseMicu

My heart bleeds onto the page.
I split my vein to spill my mind
drench the page with tears,
Killing myself softly.

Out pours heartache.
The shattered pieces of my soul
cover an entire page.

Down rains love
how can I express
such things that shall
so easily be lost?

Cover your ears
Hide away your heart
you will take mine
but refuse to give me yours
Don’t listen to my words
No matter how hard
it is for me to share them.
Speak, spill your mind
let your thoughts froth forth from your soul.
I’ll listen
I’ll let you say what you wish.
But you won’t give me the same.
Cover your ears
But not your mouth.

I cover my mouth, not my ears.
The only testament to my thoughts
is the written word,
and even that you refuse to believe.

~Anora Anakaya~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Comic Reviews: Static Shock


SO I would like to thank Terra for her awesome post yesterday! It made my day :) It was a great birthday and tonight I will be offering a great gift for you guys; The first ever Comic Book Review for the blog!!! Here are the categories: Artwork, Plot, and Character Development. A combination of the categories will be used to determine an overall score based on the 5 point system. Today I'll only be doing Static, then Spider-man on Saturday and Teen Titans and justice League on Sunday. So shall we get things started?

Static Shock #1

Marketed as DC's version of Spider-man, will Static finally reach ceiling that he's capable of?

Virgil Hawkins, the superhero otherwise known as Static Shock, is one of the many heroes that DC Comics acquired from Milestone years ago. Unfortunately, Static is the character they have done the most with, yet the best attention he has recieved was a modest role in the Teen Titans. Luckily, DC realized this and gave him his own place in the new 52 reboot. Now it's going to take a little while before Static can ttruly get off to the races, but a solid beginning is instrumental to the series success.

Now for starters, they have messed around with Static's origins and location from the old days. Virgil and his family have left Dakota City to go to The Big Apple and even has gained an extra sister. However, many things have remained the same for the series. The plot is currently playing it safe, basically just setting key pieces up for the next issue, which seems to be setting up for an epic battle between Static and the Slate gang. The biggest issue though is that writers Scott McDaniel and John Rozum have immediately dumped to the side the issues that Static brought to life during his brief stint with Milestone. Topics like racial problems, homophobia, inside look at gang violence in lesser valued states, and so on and so forth. This being said, McDaniel and Rozum have kept my interest.

Now as for character development Static is the only character to get enough limelight to be accurately judged at the moment, and shows hid trademark wittiness, vast intelligence in combat, and inability to win the public despite saving their lives multiple times. This also sounds similar to a certain marvel wall-crawler we all know. Wells Static has been doing this for quite sometime and has a completely different flare to his own predicament, he is growing closer and closer to other characters when he needs to be seperating himself from the crowd. 

Lastly, the artwork in this issue left much to be desired. McDaniel did a fantastic job when action took over the scenes, but afterwards got very lazy. Background images lose definition when not the scenery to action, characters show very little emotional contrast outside our hero, and the females all share the same smiling expression. Overall, the series was thought to be DC Comics answer to Spider-man, but Rozum and McDaniel need to stay away from copying the hero and focus and making something we have never seen before like Milestone was doing.

Artwork: 3/5
Plot: 3.5/5
Character Development: 4/5
Overall Score: 3/5


Happy Birthday Quinton!!

Today is a very special day for one of our team members. It is Quinton’s birthday, and my present for him is that I am going to post something special for him. Birthdays can get crazy and I don’t think that anyone should have to meet a deadline, or worry about something like posting on a blog on their most special day of the year. We’d love comments to help us celebrate this day. So readers, this is for Quinton.

Birthday Wishes

When it comes to birthdays,
everyone is told to make wishes
when they blow out the candles on their cake.

I would like to make some birthday wishes for you,
without candles, just so that
you can know that you were in my thoughts on your special day.

I wish that life will flow smoothly,
But I know that things are often rocky,
so my wish is that you know that you have friends to lean on in times of need.

I wish that exams or finals will be easy,
and that you make time for fun.
I hope that you make many new friends,
but still cherish the ones from the past.

I wish that writing would be easy for you,
That your muse doesn’t run off,
Or that times don’t make it hard for you to be creative.
I wish that there will be many reasons to smile every day.

I hope that you are happy with everything that life has given you,
And I hope that the Bengals have a good season this year.

These are my birthday wishes for you.

I am not sure if our readers are aware but Quinton is a lot of the reason our blog is still up and running. He was the one who invited me to be part of the team. He’s the one who changes the sites appearance, and often reminds the team when it is their day to post. He’s invested a lot of his time, and this is to honor all of his hard work.

Far but yet so near;
you are there no matter what,
only a text or IM away.

Always willing to do what you can to help,
all the friends that you hold so dear.

You created a great way for writers to start
sharing their creations, a place where everything gets praised,
a place where a few imaginative people
would create a make-shift family.

Thank you for taking on the stressful job of keeping things going,
when life gets tough, and inspiration is out of mind.