Thursday, September 27, 2012

En paradiso, solomente recuerdo mi vida.

Here's a free write to satisfy all your fiction needs for the day.


Photo by Kristen


Upon waking, I came across a brand new world. I found myself but lost the urge to become anything more than I was while lying there.
Several hours passed and my bed had started to grumble beneath me. “Don’t be an idiot,” it grumbled. I tried not listen. Truths are for those with hope. Last time I’d checked, I only had what was before me.
A day passed and my stomach screamed for me to “stop playing”. Not even my body understood me. How could it? After all, I’m just like everyone else...miserable like everyone else…
A week flew by and my lips cracked in protest. My stomach had died and my bed’d grown cross. In my mind, there’d been no loss. I only needed what was before me. Everything else didn’t matter.
Now a year has passed and I awake each day to the light shining through the clouds. My bed’s gotten it’s peace and the world no longer has to deal with me. Everyone should be happy…They’re all so lucky…
Upon waking, I come across a horrid world. It’s called “paradiso,” but I find only hell in the memories I’ve thrown away to arrive here.

Fate slays me.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Wrongly Accused

Judgment is always a part of our lives. The way we look and feel about a person's appearance or being a friend who just assumes that they know who you are, like opening a book and tearing the pages out or judging the content that lies within. Labeling people is just like labeling yourself. Just because of their religon, outlook on  life, or how they look doesn't mean you should mock them.

Sabrina Black

"Green Eyes" by OneLuckyAliCat

“Lookthrough my eyes”

Lookthrough my eyes.

What do you see?





Ora story of my soul and heart through the barriers of life?

You will be amazed of what you will find.

You may know my name or bits and pieces of my life,

but you don’t know mystory, or what I’ve been through.

You don’t know my thoughts, my feelings, or mysecrets.

You’re not a mind reader—you just think you are.

Look at your judgment of me.

You might want to check again.

Being better than anyone else blinds you fromreality.

Look through my eyes.

There’s always a dark place,

empty parts of meyou’ll never discover.

All you’re going to see is my strength.

Ever wonder what people think of you when you passby?

Are they thinking what’s wrong with you or what afreak?

It’s the same when you assume my life.

Just looking at me doesn’t describe who I am or whatmy story is.

You just thinkyou know;

be careful of what yousay or hear.

There’s always more to the story.

Sabrina Black

Turning feelings into fiction

Aulene has a full schedule this and next week and won't be sharing any of her wonderful poems.

Although there's definitely no replacing her or her work, I hope these lyrics will satisfy you until she comes back. This one's called "Anything".


Send me to the cemetery
Break me open across graves
Tell me, “the time is perfect”
Then let me be your slave

How wonderful are your eyes
How sweet is your smile
What I wouldn’t give to be with you
Even if thousands mark the miles

Fancy that I’d still think like this
Can you believe, that I’ve yet to find someone
Who is quite like you…
No…no one…

…quite like you…

You’ve sent my mind to hell
You’ve brought my soul to heaven
You’ve stretched me far and wide
But for you I’d believe in…


I’d do anything
For you

I’d be anything
For you

Look back to that day
That time by the lake
There were smiles all around
Only for happiness’ sake

I’d loved you back then
Even less than I love you now
Even though some nights
I still wonder how

Fancy that I’d still think like this
Can you believe, that I’ve yet to find someone
Who is quite like you…
No…no one…

…quite like you…

You’ve sent my mind to hell
You’ve brought my soul to heaven
You’ve stretched me far and wide
But for you I’d believe in…


I’d do anything
For you

I’d give anything
To be with you
But then I saw your face
And I saw how fate
Wants these feelings to go
And me not to complicate

How this friendship goes
Or our lives are lived. Apart
From anything or anyone
You still have my heart…

…and you know…

How I can still think like this
I’ll never find someone
Who is quiet like you…

Can you see
Where my mind is?
Can you feel
All of this?

…I wonder if you realize…

I’d do anything for you…
What should I do…

I’ll be anything for you…
Please just tell me it’s true…

Fate drives me.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Would you remember me?

Never Forgotten

Could you imagine being someone who has left their mark on other people's lives? Someone who left a legacy to follow behind?

I always wanted to know what it would be like at my own funeral, who would go, who would care. I think about it more, and all I want is to have had some effect on each person I come in contact with.

My Grandpa has done just that.

It's been two months since he's been gone, going on three. Still my family mourns.
Grandpa was a light all on his own, before and after he got alzheimer's disease. He always joked and pranked. When my siblings and I would wake up at my grandparents' house my grandpa would always come in the room saying "I jumped out of the tree into the swimming pool this morning, you just missed it!" We also used to say he was Santa Clause undercover.

He always worked hard. He always had this way about him, his grin brought the biggest smile to anyone's face. He was awesome. and I miss him so much. No one will forget his words, phrases, or facial expressions. He left a huge mark on the people who love him most, at his funeral there were people I've never seen before, a bunch of them, who were touched by him as well. I mean wow. What an honor to be related to such a man. He served in the Korean war and made one heck of a pizza.

What more could you ask for? 

He was so full of love. I hope I can accomplish that by the end of my life.

I love you grandpa.

Battle Scars

Hey it's Sabrina Black this week's piece is just a simple taste of my short strories that I'm begining to write. Stories are one of my favorite thing to write about, who doesnt love a good story that you can just sit back and read while being relaxed by a warm fire or a good cup of tea. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

A gentle breeze chimes,blowing the wind. Blue jays fill their songs with love. Children’s laughterfills the air.
Down in the corner ofpeaceful Valley Way a blond-haired, little girl sits alone holding a dandelion.She sings a gentle tune; the house behind her is old and worn down.
Suddenly the doorcreeps open as she still sings. Approaching by her side is a tall, scruffy-bearded man; he laysa hand filled with hate on her shoulder. His piercing green eyes fill herwith fear. He yanks her by the arm with his hooks; she goes inside the housewhere her terrifying fate awaits.
Inside, the walls arerather worn down with mouse holes in the cracked, brick walls. She is a slaveto the one who adopted her.
Crack ofthe whip. Crack! Crack! The whip hits her ten times a day for being slowat cleaning the bare, tiled floor. Bruises shine from the time she carried more weight than she could hold.
Every day she asksherself: Will I ever be loved? Will Isurvive the next day? Food is so little for one small mouth. Someone rescue me from this pain.
She goes to schooldamaged, broken, and alone. Who can save her? She wants to be heard, yet no onecan hear her cries. She’s a ghost.
Isthere anyone that cares for me? Questions ping pongthrough her head, left unanswered. She needs love, but who can provide that?
As she sitscontemplating her thoughts the radio turns on. A voice sings: “Just give it onemore try to a lullaby, to let you know that you’re not alone.”
Whenbad things happen just close your eyes and go somewhere safe.
Becareful little eyes of what you see.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here comes the past again

As promised here's a video of me reading another recent piece, "HearTS; PaST":

Fate drives me.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Safe Haven

Every day I am faced with the temptation of leaving my safe haven of loneliness.

Where love and all its emotions cease to exist.

I allowed myself to escape my loneliness for a  moment only to find myself broken and even more alone than before. 

Love; it is a delicate art, 

One that is seen differently by many and
whose true interpretation can never be made certain

Every waking moment I ask myself: Why should I strive for love
? Why not just live alone for the rest of my days. 

There is a small penetrating voice that answers back, urging, pleading with me
to pursue this thing called love. 

I cannot say no. 

In hope that I will find love one day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"Choose your by" =WouterPera

Hey guys it's Aulene. I am sorry about missing some weeks lately. A lot of stuff is going on. One of the things is actually the inspiration for this week’s piece.

There is a guy here who has a really bad past but is an awesome guy and another guy in Colorado who I have liked for a long time—but can’t be with him because of the distance. So this piece is describing them and their past. Both of them are just looking for love and both of them will stop at nothing to find it.

I know this is a very different style of writing for me.
I want desperately to hear all of your opinions. Let me know what you think. 

Have you ever had an experience with this?
If so let me know.
Who did you choose?
Did it work out? 

I love you guys to death. Thank you for all the wonderful support. 
Comment and spread the word about Life in Fiction!
Thanks guys ! <3 o:p="o:p">

It's Complicated

       One here
                                                                                                                                  One there
                       One is lost
                                                                                                            One is determined
                                      One's younger
                                                                                              Ones older
                                                      But one thing
                                                                              Remains constant
 They understand

They get my situation

They fight

     He wants a chance
                                                                                                                                  He's scared
                     He want to love
                                                                                                      He doesn't want to loose
                                            With fear of rejection
                                                                            With fear of emptiness
Both in love
Both fighting
For one goal
ONE dream


Both broken
Trying to pick up the peaces
Act as if it's all OK

   Ones's very open
                                                                                                                                  One requires trust
                       One through poetry
                                                                                                      One through action
                                                     Yet both eyes
                                                                             Tell a story

  Stories of betrayal
                                                                                                                                  Stories of death
                                     Of abandonment
                                                                                                           Of loss
Both of pain

Learning to love
It's not to late
It's never to late

    Used and abused
                                                                                                                                    Left in the cold
                    Once there, now gone
                                                                                                           From a kiss to a casket
                                          At her own heartless will
                                                                            Against his love, she was ill

I feel it
Their love
Their honesty
Their pain

A constant reminder
The past is real
Their bleeding scars

Once smooth and unseen
Non-existent with no pain
I can't help but wonder

Can I help?
Or is it a setup?
To cause more pain?

           "I miss your hugs"
                                                                                                               "I miss hearing your voice"
                                       Both sweet
                                                                                                Both trying
                                                       Both fighting
                                                                              For one girl


So tell me,

Who do I choose?



Monday, September 17, 2012

How far the east is from the west

From one scarred hand to the other.

I'm not going to preach to you.

I'm just going to simply show you how I find peace these days and my secret to happiness..

I was lost, then found, then lost again for the longest time, and now I'm found again. I couldn't be any more at peace. With all these questions of my future and scares and worries, I know who's in control.
I couldn't figure out why I haven't been as happy as I was a few years ago.
I realized exactly why last night.

Zephaniah  3:17  The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with his love. He will rejoice over you with singing.

I feel such love in reading that over and over.

The song that brought it all back.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The wrong way to live.

Hey it's Sabrina Black. This week I have been filled with questions about trusting people. Trying to figure out who my real friends are or who I know won't turn their back on me. This inspiration came from Rachel's Challenge being an impact of how I look out on life and my choices. The challenge opened my eyes to new perspectives on life and changing the way I think. Hope you guys like it.

I lie quietly in my bed. Silence fills the room as thoughts of the day ramble through my head, thinking of what I did wrong and right. Then the thoughts get much deeper as memories come alive like vivid flashbacks. People who I love come and go through my head, except for some who I’ve hurt, chosen to ignore, or felt betrayed by.
Why did I meet them in the first place? Can I wish that I’d never met them…to prevent all the conflict and betrayal that occurred?
Why did I trust you? Why did I share secrets? Why did I ever tell you anything? You took something from me…
Regret is always there. We make mistakes, and we can’t fix the past. We make enemies to build hard hearts filled with hate and no forgiveness. Why would you torture yourself like that?
You only have one life to live. So, why live with hate?

Sabrina Black

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Diving headfirst once more

Weeks ago, I started posting videos to YouTube as part of a project to give you all a little change in the Life In Fiction routine.

Unfortunately, college got in the way, and things have been a little hectic since move-in day. But.......

Don't fear!

I have three new videos to share with you (one will be posted each week).

This first video is a simple reading of a relatively new piece, titled: "Pete Rose".


Also, be sure to check out the Kindle version of my book. Until Sunday, the download is free, and (for a limited time) the full paperback edition is being offered for a discounted price of $12.00.

Be sure to get a copy while you can!

Fate drives me.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"There can only be one!"

Hey everyone, Chris here.

Aulene's having some technical difficulties and won't be posting this week. 
Instead of just letting the day pass with no word from us, I thought I'd share a free-write with you all.

"Highlander" by Sugar-for-sale

To put this in context, I just wrote this a few minutes ago while watching Highlander. That should speak for it all, honestly. 

"Killer Instinct"

“Scatter the acid across my feet.
These people only want us dead.”
I mutter and stutter to my son
While the patriots’re filled with lead.

“No dad! Don’t say such things!”
My son replies in a tragic way.
His face’s distorted and wrecked
With every sound the gun brings.

“Don’t be so soft, my son.”
I shake my head lightly.
“You don’t understand life
Or all the horrors I’ve done.”


Be sure to check back in on Thursday for a special surprise.

Fate drives me.


Monday, September 10, 2012

A new Perspective

I've got the world before me!

 Its not the end of the world because certain things in my life have crumbled!

There are better things coming!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Homeless but not heartless

Hey guys its Sabrina Black this weeks piece is inspired from whats going on in the world right now. The two main topics that have been popular is bulling and the economy plummeting. This is a story of a blind man who is trying to survive in any way he can. He gets bullied everyday but that doesn't stop him from believing the second chance he is hoping for. Life gets tough and hard but just know it will get better and the sun will come and give you another day to see.

“The Poor Man”

Smell the smog. Listen to the cars go by on a busy Monday morning. Feel the vibrations of footsteps walking past him. All he can see is shapes and shadows of unseen faces.

A man sits on a busy sidewalk, wearing nothing but rags, a ragged knit cap , and gloves missing fingers. A tin cup lies beside him, filled with the precious metals of a greedy man. This cup is his lifeline before being taken by death. Doesn’t anyone care for the poor man on the corner of main street?

A bakery across the street fills the air with childhood memories. The man can see them in his mind. He can see again. He’s with his family, laughing and joking. Then burning fire appears, and it grows dark. Now he fends for his life on the corner.

Every day he sits on that corner at quarter-past 7, patiently waiting for hope, the next meal, or to live a better life. People, with their money-making pride, look at the poor man in disgust. Men spit at him and carry on with their pride. Kids take his money and move it to a different spot. He’s confused and follows the sound of the coins while delinquents kick him, busting his ribs. How much pain can one tear hold?

He doesn’t give up. Every day he is there, waiting for his second chance. Is there no one who cares for him?

Suddenly, the patting of little feet approach the blind man. A boy delivers him a loaf of bread and says, “I brought this for you from the bakery I work at.”

The man can’t believe that such kindness can come from someone so small. He gladly accepts and asks, “Why do you show such kindness to me?”

The boy replies, “A little love can go a long way.”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cynical Me

Hey everyone,

I was supposed to be bringing you a new video this week, but all of my work (and dormmates) are destroying my productivity. I should have a video up this weekend, so just keep watching.

This week's piece is a free write I did some time ago. Let me know what you think.


Throw caution to the wind,
Life's about to begin.
Either the cold or the drought,
Something makes me doubt. 
I'm an island among a sea of broken souls.
Their hearts have paid hefty tolls,
but the night goes on...
...and on...
...and on...

Smiles never quit;
Lovers don't show whit. 
It's sick,
but, hey! 
I deal with tragedy in my own way.
Oh Fate,
Just take away...
...or destroy... broken heart...

Time counts below zero.
Samael seeks redemption

Sanity's nowhere near.

I lack fear,

Or something just as obscene,

Like those dangerous faces on the screen. 

They've painted pictures way too bright,

Keeping realism nowhere in sight.

It's the world that'll burn down

Before you ever-fucking-touch this frown.

Fate drives me.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make it Worth it

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! Sorry I missed the last week or so. I have been super buisy with school and junk.
So I got the insperation for this peace from someone who I truly care about. He lives in colorado. I have known and liked him for four years already. I never got to be with him because my dad is in the Army so we moved to Georgia.
I get to be with him but it will be 9 months. This piece just questions weather the wait will be worth it.
I hope you like it!! Thanks guys I love you!!! Comment and tell me your experience with it. I would love to here it and I wonder if any of you guys will make the wait worth it. I love you guys!!!! <3
Make it Worth it
I cant's see you,
Touch you,
Feel you.
So make it worth my wait
So long till I can feel your warmth
Feel your love
Your desire
So make it worth my wait
When I say " I trust you "
It's rare
Don't make me regret it, make me love you
Make it worth my wait
Laugh at me whenI fall
Just to pick me up and say
" Baby I love you "
Make it worth my wait
Call me baby
Text me in the mornings
Sing me to sleep
Make it worth my wait
Remain faithful
Show me off
Count down the days
Make it worth my wait
Do you love me enough
Enough to wait 9 months
Please tell me im worth it
Please tell me im worth YOUR wait.