Friday, March 29, 2013

A Battle of Chaos

Hey guys it's Sabrina Black this weeks piece is about a couple who is facing a difficult time in there relationship where the character Hate doubts everything about his wife Love believes about him I hope you guys like it! Make sure to check out our book Life In Fiction: Words from the Underrated!

“Battle of Love and Hate”

Love is strong, and hope leads her path.
Hate cannot see the light in anything in the world; his world is the dark

Love: I love you more than anything in the world.
Hate: What is so important about me? Nothing about me could attract love…
Love: I care more about you more than anyone else.
Hate: Why do you care? I'm a horrible person. I don’t care about anyone or anything.
Love: Your words pierce my heart, but I've been by your side all your life. How could I not care?
Hate: I don't need you anymore nothing ever felt right with you.
Love: Why do you make me spill tears and hurt me? Does this satisfy you to see me this way?
Hate: I'm broken; if I tried to end my life no one would care
Love: I do care! Get it through your thick skull! I'm yours forever!
Hate: I don’t believe in anything you say anymore, love. I’m done listening to you.
Love: You’ve been blinded by brokenness too long to realize that you have a life and love in front of you.

Wasting life away in the past can make a soul cold.
But a friend, life, helping you move forward, looking at the horizon, can save you from suicide.

One friend = One saved life

~Sabrina Black

Sunday, March 24, 2013


"Depression is a state of mind. But depression is also as real as the grass is green and the sky is blue. Anything can cause depression in this messed up world and at many times you can feel so alone, while everyone else is a light burning brightly without a care in the world. But if you have someone to comfort you, someone who doesn't think you're crazy or dramatic. Someone who can stick around through the bad. If you've met one of those gems, don't let them go, for they are rare And as a word of encouragement, your light may be out for now, but it will come back; usually lights shine brighter after they have been out for some time."

-Kristen Nicholl

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good bye

Hey guys its Sabrina Black this weeks piece really been rough to write so to speak, Love has its ways of breaking every inch of who you are. Dont waste your time on giving someone a second chance to a person that's not worth it this person in my life has hurt me for the last time. Enjoy and check out our book! Life in fiction words from the underrated!

“Last Time”

Both of us were stuck in the sorrow that we created.
We needed each other more than anything in the world.
The love between us that once was lost was found.
I saved both of us from a certain fate by calling you mine.
Our love grew stronger with each passing moment.

The cold bitterness of your past turned you cold and heartless.
Letting go wasn't an option for you.
Brokenness arrested your iced heart, forever sealed it with a cage of sorrow.
You can never be found; hope doesn't exist.

Words of the end came out of your tongue, stabbing knives into my heart.
You poisoned my heart with your false love, which was just a way to make you feel something again.
My love for you will forever be in the far distance in a steel box that can never be opened again.

~Sabrina Black

Friday, March 22, 2013

Something of a Tribute

"Memories Past" by zearyu

Earlier this week, my mind drifted to the past. A day in high school erupted among my many thoughts, and I remembered a girl I once knew. She was talented and challenged me with every chance. Without my past insecurities, it is clear that I loved her then and somewhat now, although in a way more complicated than words could plainly place so shortly.
As with many complex emotions, I decided to put it to poem. It was nice to use such a feeling as inspiration again, but I think it'd be even nicer to have her in my life.


There was once a girl who fell for me,
And clung to each word I wrote. 
Her mind was beautiful;
Her body was of more than note.
To her affected thoughts and coy glance
I had done nothing but shied
Away, believing I wasn’t good enough.
To that, presently, I wish I’d lied.
What a rarity does exist in someone
So pure, lovely, and kind.
I protest my past self entirely,
Now knowing what I’ll never find.

The past. Where's it gone?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Out of the Blue

"Suicide Obsession" by loveneedstragedy

Hey guys it's Aulene!!!

This week's piece is a little morbid. I am writing this because I have a friend named Avery who committed suicide this past week (which is why I did not post last week), and it is all I can really think about. It just caught me and everyone else off guard. It was an upsetting event that really stuck with me.

Have you guys ever been in this situation? It's comforting to know that I am not the only one.

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Thank you all so much for your support!!! <3 nbsp="">

Out of the Blue
So here I am
Sitting alone
Just thinking
About how awesome
How awesome that gun looks
I just want to end it
I don't like my life
I can't handle what I am given,
which is...
I am given nothing
Nothing to keep me here
No reason to move on
No reason for another beating heart
I'm just a waste of air and space
No one loves me
And no one will miss me
So here I sit
Just thinking
And I think I want to stop thinking
Life isn't worth it
So much darkness
Not enough light
So I will find my own light
On the other side
I love you with all my heart
You were always there
You were the best  person I have ever known
A free spirit
A kind heart
A true heart
I will miss you
I notice you
I never took you for granted
I looked forward to...
To seeing you every day
Because you helped me
You made me smile
You always made me feel good
Even if you yourself,
Were at rock bottom
Always smiling
No one would have guessed
How bad you hated it all
And how bad you wanted to end it
It just caught me...
Off guard
It was so random
Just so...
Out of the blue

R.I.P Avery Moras


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Because there's no running from life

"My Beautiful Sinking Ship" by vbagiatis

I could've fled long ago. Yes, I recognize this now. There was no hope once, and, again, I'm stomping on solid ground, just to get deeper. Futures are uncertain, but these gashes are a little less subtle. The knife could've been cleaner, but, no, the feeling couldn't have been sweeter.

I'm drowning, slowly but surely. Nonetheless, my eyes close beneath the warm water of a shower more comforting than her. These “cursed” thoughts of her...Loving her still would be easier, I know. Holding her in my arms would bring so much joy, I know. Yet, I can't give in. No, I mustn't give in.

I could've left these thoughts long ago. Still, nothing's happier than missing what I once had. Nothing's more concrete than the pain I feel now that it's no longer relevant. Alas, I'm alone on a sinking ship. The solid ground's given out. The water has dried up over my head. And, still, I stand at the captain's will whistling a final tune for my latent demise as the towns in the distant catch fire from the bridges I've burned. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Ultimate Puzzle

Hey guys, it's Jonathan. This is just a short piece I wrote while doing some hard thinking. Enjoy.

Life is a puzzle. There are so many pieces to put together. So many mistakes to be made while trying to put those pieces together. For some pieces of this puzzle it's as simple as taking two steps ahead of you. For other pieces, however, it seems impossible to find its place. Life has so many problems. But so many solutions as well. Sometimes pieces of this great puzzle are lost. Sometimes they are damaged. Can the lost pieces be found again? Can the damaged ones be fixed? The choice in that matter is yours to make, and yours alone. Do you need help with the rest? After all, life is the ultimate puzzle.

So I just want

I just want it to be fall and winter all year 'round. Spring and summer don't make me sad, but they remind me of times I don't want to remember. (To an extent, winter and fall both consist of deaths in the family and summer in my life has had its moments that were grand.) But, really, in fall I feel so free and ready to prepare for the winter. Winter, oh yes, the first day is my birthday, so of course I'm going to like it, right?
It feels so surreal to watch as the snow falls quietly sitting inside a house, school, or car looking out.
I like to bundle up and head out in it. I don't even mind driving in it, it doesn't scare me.
I really just embrace it. I love reminiscing about building snowmen with my  younger brother and sledding with our friends. Even the cold days without snow are nice just because home is where your sanctuary is; the warmth brings you back with your loved ones.
Now I'm just blabbing about the seasons, But hear me out, I feel need to explain since everyone is "dying for summer break" and "sick of this cold". By the way, we're in Ohio for pete's sake, its bound to be cold in winter like its supposed to be.
But I love fall too, it is the perfect mix of cool and warm, memories of baking with mom and grandma.
Taking walks for hours, without reason or cause. And of course, the trip to Tennessee that created the best week of my life.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Hey guys it's Sabrina Black, this weeks piece is about looking back at all the places, people, memories one has encountered in their lives. Life a journey worth living even if times are sore on the heart.

Images of faces lie before me in the empty room I used to call my own, reminding me of the hardships I have endured; reminding me of all the memories I've shared with the ghosts of my past. Some moments in time make my heart soar as clips play in my head. As it plays, it freezes on the moments of pain, making tears of the past spill out of my eyes and haunting me with my regret. Funny how one photograph can take you back in time to a story from years ago.

Sabrina Black

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Developments

Between midterms and unwanted tragedies, my focus has been spread far too thin. As such, my writing has been put on the back-burner until this week (which happens to be spring break). Hopefully, my distractions will be small enough to continue my regular posts.

Although a little new, this week's piece comes from some small apathy drawn from failed relationships. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who's felt this way, but, even if I am, it's still better than feeling nothing.

Bruised Hands

A blood stain on a white rug.
A crimson tide to flush from my hand.
The anger dwells deep in the memories.
Yet, I'm completely barred from taking a stand.

Small whiffs of her scent.
Small brush of her skin.
I've run into a rut.
I know my patience's run thin.

I'm out of my last hope.
So, I'll smash this wall.
Let it break instead of me.
From this day forward,
I'll lack enough empathy to fall.  


Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hey guys, it's Jonathan. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I finally have my piece. It's a short piece that I'm sure you can all probably understand. 

I hope you guys like it!!

What is destiny?

They say a destiny cannot be changed. It cannot be chosen. It is given. But is that really true? To live by a destiny made by someone else is to be controlled. To not have free will. No one wants to be controlled. So why should one choose? To go by a given destiny and to be controlled? Or to make your own destiny and live freely? I choose to create my own. I create my own so that I may be my own person. So that I may not be controlled. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Heart

Hey guys its Sabrina Black;People bring you down and lift you up. Whether it be by lying, describing you with false words, or make your heart soar. Stay strong and believe what's in your heart even though it's cheesy.

Take my heart. Look at the damage you have caused. Feel the scars of pain that's left in the unknown past; hear the drum of my pulse as it throbs in your hand.
Look closer. Do you see the graffiti of your hateful words? They have polluted my heart. Words like: “worthless,” “deceitful,” and “shallow.”
My tears let out pain but can't get rid of it. Save me from the dark shadows; unlock the shackles of despair from my wounded hands. Take my heart and clean it from my hate .Underneath is something more than you know, even if you don't see it.

~Sabrina Black APLIW

I Love Her

Hey guys it's Aulene!!!

This piece is written from my friend Brad's point of view. He loves my friend Lexi. However, Conner is the ex-boyfriend who only wants one thing and won't be with her. It's blatantly obvious that he is the better choice, and I just really felt for him and that is where this weeks piece came from.

Have you ever had an experience like this? If so then leave a comment below and let me know.
Thank you so much for all you support guys!!!

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I Love Her
I love her
Her skin
Her eyes
Her smile
O god her smile
The way she glows
And just seams so happy
That her spirit
It just seams to sore
I love her
Then you come in the picture
Like nothing happened
Like you are still a couple
Like you did nothing wrong
Like she still belongs to you
You KNOW I love her
You know how I feel
And still you try?
I love her
You still try to hold her hand
You still try to be close to her
You still try to act as if it's okay
But you have moved on
You won't be with her
You only want one thing
You're the classic guy
Not a classy guy
I love her
You push and push
Until you get what you want
She doesn't want to hold your hand
She doesn't want you to smother her
She wants to be loved
She needs to be loved
She gives you so much
And gets nothing in return.
I love her
I am happy
Just to be with her
Her presence is a blessing
Her beauty is infinate
But her pain is obvious
I know you're her everything
So I can relate
Because she's my everything
I love her
I can see the way you used to treat her
You took care of her
I can see the way you treat her now
She's basically nothing
I can see how she should be treated
Better then anyone can provide
She deserves much more
Because she's worth it all
I love her
It seems clear you have moved on
But she hasn't
I know she still loves you
So I won't ruin that
But I know how she should be treated
And I will make sure it happens
I will fly across the world
To make sure it happens
I love her
Don't worry about her
I will take care of her
She is my hopes
She is my dreams
She is my life
She is my love
I am willing to wait
And I am willing to work
I love her
I know she's fragile
I know she's in pain
I am willing to be gentle
I am willing to take it slow
I am willing to wait
Wait for eternity if I have to
Because she's worth it
Because she is my everything
I love her

Her skin
Her eyes
Her smile
O god her smile
The way she glows
And just seems so happy
That her spirit
It just sores
I love her


Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hey guys it's Sabrina Black this weeks piece is about losing someone you love and they walk out of your life with unsolved questions so enjoy!!!

Where are you? Can't you see me? Hear my cries? I have so much to tell but no one to share it with. I miss you... Did you forget that I'm important to you? What about the memories we shared? The laughs? The jokes? Or am I just another shadow you wasted your time on? Half of my heart is missing from when you left. All of these questions will never be answered... Leave me and delete me from your life. I don't know you anymore. You're a fraud! You don't control my life anymore! I'm free and moving forward while you're taking the dark path; I'm taking the path with life and truth... What more could I ask for?