Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wicked Wednesday

Series of the Week

So once again I will be writing about books that I think are very good and totally worth reading.  I am promoting a series again this week, because I couldn’t pick just one of the books to write about. In total there are 5 novels in this group. This week I will only cover the first three. The other two will follow at a later date.  Most of the novels focus on different characters, but usually involved the cast of the previous book.

Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely is about a girl named Aislinn who has the Sight. The sight allows her to see Faeries; most humans are unable to see Faeries.  Aislinn lives by a strict set of rules. 1. Don’t stare at faeries. 2. Don’t speak to faeries. 3. Don’t ever attract Faeries’ attention.  Wicked Lovely is the tale of what happens when a faerie takes a special interest in her, and the rules that have protected her all of her life stop working. Aislinn is drawn into the world of faerie against her will. She is at risk to lose everything that matters to her; her freedom, her best friend, Seth, everything.

Ink Exchange

Leslie knows nothing of faeries. She doesn’t see them, she can’t hear them, and she has no idea of the tensions and power struggles surrounding them. She becomes completely entranced with a tattoo she sees at a tattoo shop, and the only thing that she knows is that she has got to have that tattoo. Leslie is convinced that the tattoo will be a symbol of changes she wants to make in her life. The tattoo does changer her life, but not in the way that Leslie ever dreamed it would. She becomes bound to a dark and mysterious faery king in a battle for his court. As time passes Leslie is brought in deeper to the faery world and is helpless against all of its dangers.

Fragile Eternity

In this novel we meet again with Seth and Aislinn. Seth wants to be with Aislinn forever and recent events have made forever take on a new meaning. That happens when your girlfriend is immortal. Immortality brings on a new set of responsibilities and hardships for Aislinn, and in turn Seth is affected too. This novel is about the struggles that Aislinn and Seth go through in order to stay true to their relationship. In a world where rules are sketchy, and friends quickly become enemies, it can be hard to maintain a relationship.

-edited AAA

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Whispers Film

So this week I had absolutely nothing to post writing wise. So I thought I would share with you a short film I wrote, directed, and starred in. Its titled The Whispers. It is to help raise awareness for the serious mental disorder known as schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a very serious disease. Please share this with your friends.


Many blessings

Joseph W.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Okay guys, I actually wrote this for an assignment a couple of days ago. I know lame, right? But this is something that I feel, I have put my heart and feelings into, and wanted to share. Thanks and enjoy! :)


It's summer time, and the first thing I think about are bright, vibrant orange, reds, and yellows. It is days such as these that make me grateful for being alive; having people around me that love me and make me happy. The air is clean like that after a rainstorm. The sun is rising; peaking over the mountains, I see the mist circling around like magic.

If heaven is anything like I am seeing or feeling I would not need anyone else to make me happy. But that isn't entirely true, there is one girl that is on my mind that I know, in my heart, I would not be happy in such a paradise unless she was there to share it with.

Images of her face fill my mind. Her smooth smooth voice resonates; her presence is so real I can her breath on my neck as shes whispers in my ear. I can feel myself losing my grip on reality, the trees, the grass, and the light; they are all fading as I fall into a slumber with peace, and tranquility in my soul.

-edited AAA

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Bad Dream or a Pleasant Nightmare?

©2011-2012 *oO-Rein-Oo

So my friends it's friday and you know what that means, another piece of my complete project! Now, last time I told you there was three pieces. However, I didn't realize at the time just how LONG part 2 was. So, I'm spliting them up. These sections combined focus on the difference between a dream and a nightmare, so it was easy spliting the two. Well I have delayed long enough, here is part 2 of Project Searchman!

Dream, a sequence of images, emotions, sensations, and ideas that appear involuntarily when one is asleep. But while we may have yet determined when they occur, we have yet to identify why they happen. What purpose could an imaginary world mixed with fictional and non-fictional characters, true and false characters possibly serve to our mind? I have a theory. Perhaps, they are there to serve as sanctuary. A safe-house from the nightmare known to us as the ‘real world’; a dream is a pleasant lie locked away in our heads. This dream is used to properly fill the gaps in our ‘real world’ life, to hold onto until our old wounds heal. After all, we are nothing more than human, how can we possibly expect each other to be perfect? So we escape to the captivating warmth of our dreams. There, our dream reassures us that we indeed have value, causes us to momentarily forget the nightmare we live in, or just manage to give us that little piece of happiness that eluded us in the real world. Best part, it doesn’t matter what you do in or to a dream, because when you wake up, it’s done and over like it never existed. Yes, the concept of a dream finally makes sense to me; and so does being the ‘dream guy’.

I wake to the scent of week old laundry and soiled milk, plaguing the entirety of my apartment building. I look around at the poor excuse for a room I call home. I rub my bare chest yawning, while using my free hand to search for my glasses. I feel around the bed, unsuccessfully for about five minutes.

Check your nightstand dickweed.” William says in my head impatiently.

I reach in the direction of my nightstand, where sure enough I could feel the frame of my glasses. I put them on and jump off of my sheet-less mattress and onto the rough carpet floor.

“I would have found them of my own accord soon enough you know.” I say defiantly.

Go put a shirt on us prick. No one wants to see your boney ass in sweats walking around.

I head towards my closet door, ignoring the peeling wallpaper. I open the closet door and attempt to turn on the swinging light bulb, only for it to flicker and switch off.

“You should fix that. And the walls could use a new coat of paint as well. Just saying.”

Slowly I drag myself over to the stereo on my nightstand, and press the play button. The Real Folk Blues begins to play, and I pull a flashlight out of the nightstand.

What kind of black person listens to Japanese rock?” William pesters me some more.

“Since when does your personality decide whether or not you’re black? Besides, it would be more accurate to call it jazz or blues then rock.”

I arrive back at the wide open closet door, flashlight shining, where I gaze upon three pairs of jeans, a light-blue chrome dress shirt, a royal blue and grey sweater-vest, dress shoes and two pairs of dress pants.

What a collection.”William snorts. “I bet the guys are just begging to switch it up with you.”

“Go make yourself useful for once.” I say, grabbing the sweater-vest and dress shirt.

How do you suppose I do that?” William asks politely.

“Disappear.” I say calmly as I throw the articles of clothing onto the bed.

I head over to a pile of dirty laundry. I pick up different undershirts, sniff for the ones that smell best, and then choosing the whitest one, before throwing it on. I head over to the kitchen. Dishes piled high in the sink while the scent of expired milk was merged with the floor tiles. I progress to the fridge on the far end of the kitchen, taking a hot pocket out of the freezer compartment. I open the package and throw the hot pocket into the microwave just to the right of the fridge.

“So healthy…” says a voice.

“Will you shut up!” I shout, before realizing that it there was someone else in the room.

I look to the entry way of the kitchen, where my floormate Aiden stands. I broke off my gaze and motion to apologize, but stop myself.

“Sumimasen Aiden-san.” I said bowing in apology.

“No need to apologize. Is that The Real Folk Blues I hear?” Aiden says, sitting at the table.

“Hai.” I replied.

“Ohhhh, you’re better then I thought. Nihongo wakarimasu ka.”


“Seems a lot better then ‘so-so’ sweetie.” Aiden said motioning me to sit down with her.

“I guess it’s a matter of perspective. What brings you here today?”

“Lili is back with her ex.” She says quietly.

“So???” I say indifferently.

So I thought you’d care a little more than that. Didn’t she tell you just three days ago that she didn’t want a boyfriend?” Aiden asks me.

“Didn’t she tell me just three months ago that I was the sweetest, nicest guy alive? I have learned not to believe everything women I date tell me. It’s all in code.” I break eye contact.

Nice guys come in last of course.” William chuckles to himself.

“I can go beat her up for you if you’d like.” Aiden says with a sly grin.

“No thanks,” I laugh under my breath, “I honestly have no beef with her.”

Push-over.”William says harshly.

I flinch in response to William, and Aiden knows something is up. She looks at me with concern.

“Telephone?” she asks.

“I hate speaking for him…” I say.

“It’s okay I won’t hold him against you. Just switch up your voice so I can tell the difference.”

“He said pushover.”

“Well you could not let her shove you around like this.”

“I know I know, but that’s easier said then done.” I say.

Not if you’re like me.” I said relaying William’s message.

“If he’s like you, he’ll be another womanizer, the last thing women want.”

You guys have no clue what you want.” I say, speaking for William again.

“Of course we do. In the end, all women are romantics; we want romance.” Aiden says with her hands locked together.

“As long as it is with the right guy… like strong, handsome, etc…” I say, still speaking for William.

“High school girls don’t know what they want; they are too immature, they haven’t either seen or gone through enough hurt to realize what they want.”

“Please,” I say, “You act like girls grow out of it. They chase after the ‘bad boys’, only to get hurt and abused. Then slowly develop the notion that all men, or at least most, are the same. Then a good guy walks into their life. He does everything right; he tells her she’s beautiful everyday, there when she needs a hand, goes the extra mile. Yet, she tells him that he is the sweetest, nicest, most fabulous guy ever and any girl would be lucky to have him. But what she really means is any other girl can have you but her…”

“Who was that speaking?” Aiden asks inquisitively.

“All of us.” I say, confusing Aiden.

“Look Rey,” Aiden says gently, “I know that this seems hopeless, but just like there are bad guys out there, there are bad girls. Both are small sample sizes of each pool… You are any girl’s dream guy Rey.”

“Yet none of them want me, because that’s all I am to them, a dream.”

“Rey… Lyle… I know that’s you.” Aiden says with a frown.

“…Rey is still asleep.” I say, knowing big bro would be mad later.

“William can speak to you?” Aiden asks me.

“Sometimes, when I let him.”

“Why do you let him?”

“Why does it matter if I do?

I walk over to the microwave and take out the hot pocket that was waiting for me. I leaned against the counter, dropping my façade to a personally more comfortable to me.

“You know Lyle… the world isn’t black and white like you think it is.”

“Of course not, it’s a strange mixture of grey. Because of all the small black and white decisions made to create it… Where is she?”

“23 Crosswalks Blvd, Blue Building.” Aiden says to me.

“What?” I say in shock.

“What is it?” Aiden inquires.

“By ex you mean…”

“Mr. Jeremy himself.”

I burst down the stairway, dashing down the street, as Big Bro’s influence begins to awaken to the world, and I have a new mask on in a matter of moments.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check this Series Out!

© 2011 & Main Blogger.

So a lot of big things are in the works, both for the blog and for me personally. Check back later for news about the blog!! As for me, first of all I’ve decided to be an English major in college. My world felt at peace right after I came to that conclusion, and I am thankful that I am not worrying about what I will do with my degree after I graduate. Also, I love English. So it works and I am happy with my decision. Secondly I am enrolling in school which means that I won’t have nearly as much free time. Unfortunately this means my writing may be put on hold, but in the greater scheme of things it will all work out. So in the meantime my post will be about books that I have found. They could be current reads like this week, books that I want to read, or books that I really didn’t care for. I often find myself looking for good suggestions, and I’d like to be the source that our readers turn to.

Greywalker Series

As of late I have been reading a series of books written by Kat Richardson. She’s a very interesting woman, and I like the world she’s created. The series is about a private investigator named Harper Blaine who died, but miraculously lived and gained the ability to see ghosts and supernatural beings. She gains access to a whole different world which is known as The Grey.  Being able to interact with ghosts widens her client base for investigating, and her new ability leads her to meet some new friends. The series is based around her adventures and journey coping with her new ability. To find out more check out the books!

1.   Greywalker 
2.  Poltergeist 
3. Underground
5.  Labyrinth
6. Downpour

You can check out the author’s page by following the links below!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hay guys it's Aulene!!! I wrote this piece when I was at an airport last summer... I was sitting by a young girl who was crying over the phone because her boyfriend broke-up with her. She kept complaining and trying to speak but he kept cutting her off and never gave her the chance to defend herself for whatever reason. I really felt for her so I twisted around a few things and this is what I came up with. This is "Denied", I hope you like it. Please comment!!!


Denied a smile

A word

A breath

The last breath

Last I'll ever need

Ever want.


People say it represents torture


I say denied.

By people

By a law

By a stereotype

One that will kill


Another form of denial

It's denial of happiness

The truth

Your life


You choose

Choose your path

Be warned,

If it is the wrong path

You will be,



~Edited by Sharon

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discussion: Best Ongoing Manga Right Now

They rule the manga world in terms of popularity, but are they truly best?

So my friends, today is my 100th post on Life in Fiction! So I thought I would open another discussion topic, seeing as it been awhile since the last one. :) This one will go out to our anime/manga fans out there! The question is: What is the best Ongoing Manga Series at the moment in your opinion? This basically means which series that has not ended yet. So, for example, Bleach, Naruto, Kenichi, and One Piece would all be allowed. Dragon Ball, Full Metal Alchemist, and Cardcaptor Sakura would not be however. Now, there are some limitations on which series you can choose from:

1. The series cannot have less then 200 chapters
2. The series must be a manga, not just an anime
3. If the anime and manga have completely different storylines, then you are basing your vote off the manga.

Now, there are also a few recommendations but not requirements. One, you have read the manga before that you are choosing, and are up to date on it. Secondly, when you choose the manga you think is best, that you go based off of the entire series, not just one arc. Third, attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum. Lastly, I ask that you back up your thoughts with evidence for your reasoning. It makes your statement more credible.

Now then, as far as my own opinion, it was an increasingly difficult choice. When I started the draft for thism I was almost locked on my decision of it being Naruto. But as I began to give every manga a fair chance, I was increasingly hard-pressed to stay that way. I managed to narrow down my selection to four manga: Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Out of these four, I had to ask which arcs had the most feel and passion to them, and how much of it felt as if it flowed well? After these questions, I was able to eliminate Fairy Tail (though it is my favorite manga) and Reborn , with only Naruto and One Piece left. This was easily the toughest decision I have made in a while, and those who know me would understand the weight that carries. But in the end I had to go with....

ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!

© Momosei

I chose this for multiple reasons. I'll start with my biggest criteria, characters. And not just the main ones, but the side ones as well. One Piece, better then any series I have ever seen, makes you care in someway about every character. Not only does One Piece have more characters then any story I have ever seen, but they also have more vital and fan loved characters then any series out there either. Not to mention each main character has an incredibly and emotionally enticing backstory. Also, one of the most enjoyed parts of One Piece is trying to figure out who the next member of the main character's, Monkey D. Luffy, crew will be. Not to mention that have a whole assortment of extremely memorable villians, and hasn't true relied on any singular villain for an extended section of the manga.  The story also brought a strong argument. The was simple enough on the surface, but the thing it had going for it was the amazing amount of detail put into it. Any up to date reader would say that there's no way Eiichiro Oda could have made the plot for One Piece as he went, there are far to many minor details that eventually piled up to not only open a new series of questions, but answer plenty of old ones while still leaving you with a main plotline to follow. Plus, all of these extra pieces flow effortlessly, without seeming forced to make the story move. However, for the most part, Naruto matched each of those things in my eyes. The one thing that put One Piece over the top was the fact that it still has so far to go despite being the longest of the top three mangas out there right now. Naruto is seemingly hading towards the end of the series, Bleach is just starting it's final arc, and the remaining didn't outdo One Piece in any of the previously mentioned categories. With all this said, One Piece came out on top for me, but what about you? Leave your comments below and give me your thoughts!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Jewelry Box

Hay guys it's Aulene again! This is not my normal style of writing, and it is not a new piece. I wrote it a while ago for an assignment. The assignment was making myself into something, and I had to put some heart into it. This is what I came up with. I hope you like it. Please comment! Thanks!

"Jewelry Box"

Beautiful inside and out
Intricate designs cover me
All around my sides
I sit in the dark, silence.
The lights turn on
A mellow light glistens off of me
I feel the warmth of a body's hands wrap around me
opening my gold lock
Finding the treasures that lie inside me
Decorating yourself with my beauty
You have taken my inner beauty.
You're gone and leave me empty
I wait for hours upon your return.
Your return brings my glimmering jewls
I one again have all my pieces.


-edited AAA

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still workin on it, sorry :(

Sorry, still having troubles with my PC. Basically, photoshop and every other program on my computer keeps deleting everything I try to edit. So while I'm fixing this, enjoy this picture I drew of Samuel Jackson dressed as Mace Windu in Star Wars. He's tired of those mothafuckin' Siths on his mothafuckin' senate!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Living With Her Indecision

This piece is a little bit longer than the pieces I've been posting lately. Obviously, short stories take a little more work to get right, so they're bound to be fewer in numbers. This particular story has been in the works for a few weeks now and currently has six scenes (which define the first act). I intend to post a new scene every time my day to post swings back around until at least the first act is done. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy this enough to make creating the second act worth-while.


“Her Presence versus Fate”

Act One:
Scene 1

“Why do you care?” Scene fades in. We sit side by side in a booth at a restaurant catering many. Others around us focus on their food. Yet, all I can seem to focus on is the way her light-brown hair brings out her blue eyes and light skin. “Why do you care so much about me?” Alisa whispers once more with a sad, sorry look that displays her hurtful past.
        “Why shouldn’t I?” my voice states casually. An arm around the back of the booth makes me seem almost too relaxed. Her hands meet atop her lap, below the table. Such a conservative stance as the once she holds works perfectly to convey her discomfort. Although my mind may wonder about the tension, my face mustn’t show worry. No, only a smile is what I am able to give.
        “We haven’t known each other very long…” she mutters.
        “So?” I remove my arm so my hands may speak together. “Why should it matter?”
        “Because I don’t feel the same about you…” My breath leaves me, but my smile holds strong. “We’re friends, and you’ve become a very good friend of mine, but I just keep feeling like you want more.” Her down-turned face causes her straightened hair to cover her identity. “I just can’t give that to you, Damien! I just can’t” her head shakes as her demeanor darkens.
        “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to make things difficult…” I lie, persuading her concerned eyes to peer through her troubled façade.
        “Don’t say that!” she upstarts with an apologetic expression. “I’m the one with the problem! I’m the one who should be sorry!” Emotion holds constant upon her face even as her speech breaks to silence. Still, a smile acts as the only reaction I can make. What can a man ever say to a woman whose main conviction is to fall short of ever feeling the same as he?
        “Dear, you’re perfection. What could be the problem with that?” Dumbfounded, she solely stares.
        “You just don’t get it.” Her blue eyes keep the dark conviction held within reality.
        “No,” my head shakes as I inch off of my seat, “your denial simply stops you from understanding.” I stand up and look elsewhere. Nothing but happy couples sit amongst the seats across the rest of the restaurant. Waiters cater to their wants while exchanged smiles cater to their needs. In plain sight, one couple’s lips meet over their table while another exchanges how much they love each other. Suddenly my eyes shift back to the beauty at my table. Once more, light-brown hair covers her visage. Why must she be so difficult? “I’ll be right back,” I state in monotone.
        “Okay…” she mutters miserably.
        To the bathroom I flee, leaving the tortuous scene behind. My bladder is empty, but I needed some space to let my thoughts drain.
        A simple twist of my wrist causes water to flow into the bathroom sink. Hands cupped, clear water fills my creative basin. After it fills half way, I drench my face before staring into the mirror in front of me. “Wake up, Damien.” The gentle words fall from my lips only to quickly strike my ears with commanding power. “She’ll never admit anything, so you’ll never know the truth. Stop dreaming that anything could ever be different!” My words shake the room and my soul alike. My eyes connect through a mirrored world and reality becomes as transparent as air.
        Another twist and the water stops flowing. I exit the bathroom as the remaining liquids flee down the drain.
        Once more, my eyes dash about the room. Happy couples fail to move from their delusions, so I make my way around them. Back to my booth, I sit down and stretch out my arms to take up the extra space. In my pocket, my phone vibrates, and I pull the tablet out.
        “Sorry I’ve been avoiding you lately...Things just feel too awkward right now…” Alisa says through text. Only in thought could she ever truly be here. Resolute in my wants, I return the messenger to my pocket as a waitress appears at my table.
        The young woman is pretty and clean, through her nose piercing activates stereotypes of something less than innocence. My first glance seems to bring a small blush to her face. “Have you decided what you want?” she asks with a genuine smile at the brightness of the sky blue notepad in her hand.
        “Yeah, I have,” I respond with a similar smile. I pick up the menu next to my half-finished Coke to remind myself of the pending order. “I think I’ll take the ‘Bacon and Bleu Burger’,” she scribbles the order down, “with steak fries as a side,” she writes again, “and your phone number, if you’re single.” Those last words were meant as a light joke, emphasized by a playful wink, but her reaction is structured as nothing less than something more than the large smile she wore before. Flipping two pages in her notepad, she scribbles a quick note, tears off the page, and hands the not to me.
        “I’ll put your order in ASAP,” she states with a light-hearted giggle before leaving my table-side. Unsure of what had happened, I stare a while down at the note after she left. It reads:


        “Amber,” I whisper for good measure before pulling my phone back to the table. The screen flashes to life, showing a picture of Alisa and I on one of our adventures. The picture was taken over a month before—before I confessed how I felt. Smiles were all we could hold back then. Softly I sigh and forget the awkwardness. There’s hope for the future as long as I let go of the past. Alisa’s previous message opens, and I compose a response.
“It’s okay,” I type, “things will change.”

Her rejection spurs new life.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovely Liars

Anora Anakaya is having a bit of writers block, so I (your friendly-neighborhood-demon-of-greed) have decided to use this opportunity to post a newer poem before I start a new project tomorrow. Both today and tomorrow's posts go along with the Valentine's theme that this week has focused on in the United States. While this poem focuses on a type of haunted indecision born from love unrealized, tomorrow's goes with the reality and hope surrounding such an event. So, don't miss out!

Anyways, enough rambling from me. If you haven't already skipped to the poem, here it is:


“Indecision, my love...You ruin me with indecision...”


Cry, Cry, bend and cry.
Bow, complain, and die.
Give me hate, or sorrow...
Take my life tomorrow.


Words like these give up and go home.
Guts like these tire, dry up and die.
Who can I be? There’s the myst’ry!
Life, naive and tame, still must end.

Maybe I’ve fallen for you.
Pos’bly my heart knows secrets.
Let Alex come to light just once;
For greed may now seek justice.


“Tomorrow, worlds will be bright.
Tomorrow, I’ll be alright.”
“Tomorrow,” my tone will sing.
Simply, let Big Brother ring.

Poems of old have gone dry.
Their ideas now kill reason.
Yet, still, I read them through.
But still, I can’t find reason.


Memories call you “my love”.
Emotions should say nothing.
I gave you up long ago;
She continues to scream away.

My head still must pound away.
Love should still be meaningless.
Please, just leave me here alone.
These sins, I will never miss.

...but I'll hold your hand until the end; for you're sweeter than life itself


~Edited by Sharon

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hello everyone~ The past week has been a blur to me. I'm not sure if it's because of my cold or whatever, but I attempted to write about what I've been feeling. The key word is'attempted'. You have been warned~


Zoning in and out.
Having no control.
I'm losing my focus.
It's slowly fading away,
Disappearing into the distance.
Or maybe it's gone
with the wind.

My mind is gone
And replaced.
Replaced with air
Or perhaps
A cloud of nothingness
That's causing the world,
My world, to spin.

My focus is ripped away.
I am lost and confused.
My head feels light.
My mind begins to hurt.
It feels like it's dissolving.
Then thrown back,
as if nothing happened.

~ Edited by Quinton

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Sorrow

Ahhh... its Valentines day... And while many of us think of love, there are still a few who think of sorrow and heart break. So I thought i'd pull a hipster move and post a poem about a breakup and the sorrow of it. Because what is love, if there is no hate?


What's inside her

Where should I begin?
the way you shift your eyes?
or that devious grin?

The way you smile as you turn the blade
of the knife in my back, an attack I cannot evade.

No amount of paint, can hide the stains
Of the heart you betrayed, or its bloody remains

Your eyes they move towards me
as if to entice me with a spell
your kiss was the key
for it left me in hell

No matter how much i try to deny it
your shadow still haunts me
and my will cannot begin to fight it

They say pretty is as pretty does
and that you only find true love once

Well i lived through hell, and i walked through fire
I met the devil herself, and it too so long to see
that beauty is external, and its not what's inside her.


Much love...

Joseph W.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Totschlyger

Okay guys, well I am going to take a little break from the Whispers, being that I haven't been able to completely focus on the story recently, but this story is called "The Totschlyger"; this is German for "The Killer". I hope you like it!
, Alex S.


I ran across the rooftops.

Heart racing, feet pounding, this was my time.

I had only minutes to reach the target before he would be gone, escaping my grasp. I bounded over a chimney, and used my momentum to thrust myself forwards over a gap and landed a perfect summersault. Not missing a beat I darted to my right and leaped off the side off buildings roof, just seconds later I grabbed onto a flag line, flipped twice and landed on my feet. I stood there, trying to catch my breath, glancing to either side making sure that no one had seen me drop down. I rushed down the narrow misty streets of industrial Berlin.

I saw in the distance a large spotlight at the front of a cargo ship, lighting the area in front of the ship. This is my stop. I came up on bridge and ducked behind the edge of the bridge. I waited for the cargo ship to come under the bridge for its last run for the night. What most, or actually almost no one, knew was that this boat was actually a communications center where secret messages where transmitted to and fro from Berlin. I didn't even know where the transmission went to, that wasn't my job. I was just the hit man, as my employers liked to call me. Personally I didn't like the term 'hit man'. It made me sound as if I were typical, or ordinary; I was the farthest thing from ordinary. Rather, I liked to think of myself as unorthodox. It was much more fitting for a person such as myself; I may be a killer, but I'm no maniac.

I peeked over the edge of the bridge, the ship was practically under me for I had timed this perfectly studying the exact times which the ship came and went. Now the ship passed under the bridge, and at that moment I jumped and my feet landed on hard iron. My fall had made a soft thump. It wasn't very loud, but on this silent night, it was easily heard. After several agonizing minutes I didn't have much time before one of the crew would come out and check things out.

I stood there, waiting for someone to come check out the noise. Nothing. I don't get it; I am on a secret mobile communications center, and they have no one watching out for intruders? Something was wrong, very wrong. Come on, just do what you came here to do. My breathing had become loud and ragged, and I instinctively cut the noise of my breathing, not wanting to give away my current position, if this was a setup, as it seemed. Now in order to get inside this ship, I would need a crew outfit, which was actually why I was expecting a guard to come out from inside the ship. I needed to get someone out here, and now, I was losing time; and time was of the essence.

To the right of me I see a small but heavy wrench, lying on the deck of the ship. Yes! This is perfect. I grabbed the wrench and tossed it on the ground, it hit the wooden deck with a loud thud. It was louder than I had wanted it to be, it was too late now I thought. I couldn't knock out more than one guard, otherwise I could end up in the frying pan. My employers had strictly requested that I only kill the target, without any "collateral damage." I heard the sound of a rusty door swing open, my shot wide open, my hands were starting to sweat under my leather gloves. I could hear every step the guard took and impatiently waited for the time to strike. Five more steps. Three more steps. I clenched my fingers together. One more step.. I was ready to pounce.

The guard appeared on my left side. Before he could react I was on top of him, and within seconds I had him in a headlock. The guard was struggling helplessly as I held him down. A smirk crept across my face, for my time was near. . .


"Do you think that he will complete the assignment?"

"I can't be sure of anything corporal, he is a German you know." The general responded, while lighting his cigar.

"What if he is a German spy and is just playing us?"

"I highly doubt that." The corporal leaned in closer, now curious why his commanding officer was so confident.

"You see, every man has a price, and because of this he like every man will go to no end to receive it."


I had to be quick if this were to be successful. I had already taken the guards' outfit, tied him up, and stored the body under the tarp covering the rafts. I swung the door open that led below the deck trying to look confident and cool. There was a white entrance hall and down about six feet was a hallway, which I assumed to go the length of the ship in either direction. It was quieter than I had been expecting, I figured I would see dozens of German workers carrying papers to and fro work places trying to decipher new codes. There was nothing, it was as if the whole ship were empty, but I knew that to be false, because someone had just come through this very door. I went to the beginning of the long corridor and looked down the right side, it was copmletely white and there seemd to be no doors or entrances of any kind. I looked over to my left, it was exactly the same.What is this place?

I walked up to the end of the left corridor and examined the wall, looking for somekind of sign of a door. While I was lookig for a door, I thought back to the moment when I was hired for this assignment. . .

"You must be quick. You must be swift. This is no assignment for the faint of heart."

Dustan stood silent in response.

Not knowing what to say, the informant cleared his throat saying. "Well, I will take that as a yes."


"Well he is arriving on the midnight cargo ship in the captains quarters. Oh, and be forewarned this is no ordinary cargo ship."

"What do you mean?"

The informant drew himslef closer to Dustan, not wanting anyone to hear what he was about to say.

"You see, this ship is a communications relay for the Nazis' communications. One of Hitler's close assistants is being transported to a safehouse on that ship."

"What does he look like?"

He drew a picture from his pocket and handed it to Dustan.

Dustan glanced at it, and handed it back to the informant.

"You want him dead or alive?"

"Dead of course! Are you crazy to leave one of them alive!?"

Dustan was silent once again.

"Alright, listen up, the ship will be arriving in the South end of Berlin at twelve O' clock, and then you have a half hour to finish the job before they reach the port."

A boat whistle blew three times, behind them. The informant turned and headed toward the ship, but he turned around trying to look at his face, but only seeing the shadow that covered it. They both nodded, and he went on board the ship. . .

-edited AAA

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Searchman: Ready to Launch


Okay guys, so to start off today, we have some business. First off, the blog has been secretly working underground on a very special surprise. Alex and I will reveal more and more about this as the month moves along, so you should stay tuned and attentive! What I can tell you today is that L.I.F. is getting a major overhaul, and I mean MAJOR changes, in order to get our readers more interactive with the site as a whole! That way, it'll be your heads soaring the clouds with us instead of having only us stuck on Cloud Nine. ;)

©2011-2012 ~FoReal100
Now, as many of you know, I have been working on plenty of projects since the creation of this site. But I have yet to finish any of them... until now. At last, I have finished a project! Project Searchman is done at last! Now, for those who are unaware of what Project Searchman is, Project Searchman is a series I started in order to dive deeper into who I am and the story that began it. Through multiple poems, short stories, and prose, I have finally develop three layered pieces that detail the depths of my soul. The finished product is called: "Searching For Cloud Nine"!!!!! Each of these pieces will be split into two parts: a piece of prose, and a short story. This will be a Friday exclusive series, opposite of Alex. Hopefully you all will enjoy it. Well then enough rambling, on to the piece!


Suicide; considered a sin in most cultures. The strength it takes to kill one's self is miraculous. Ironically, it comes from losing all the strength to live in this world. One day, I found myself surfing Facebook, where multiple of my friends from Ohio were posting R.I.P. statuses. I was completely confused, so I messaged a friend to see what was going on. She told me a classmate of ours from while I was in High School there had committed suicide. She was apparently bullied so much that she couldn’t take it. 

I was speechless. I was no stranger to death. I had lost my share of close friends to death. Yet this struck me the wrong way. I was moody, attacking my friends, completely upset. Yet I truly had no reason why. I had no business caring so much. I wasn’t close to her. I barely knew who she was. Hell, I had never spoken to her before in my life. Yet I still cared. I saw her face. I heard her voice. I saw her smile, heard her laugh, like another human being. She was no different than me. I was there when people made fun of her, yet I did nothing. I may not have said a word to her, but by ignoring the situation, I might as well have said, “I don’t care what they do to you honestly.” Why do I care so much? Because I watched it happen to a friend once before. I was the one who let it pass, who didn’t care, until it was too late. I remember what it was like to know someone was in pain, yet I did nothing. I said to myself, “Nah, it’ll be okay. Things will work themselves out.” Yet they didn’t. She lost her life, because we… I…left her for dead. Once again. Oops, there I go, being dramatic again. Time to put back on this mask, and be someone else for a change.

Dim lights illuminating my path, I trekked through the snow-covered streets of downtown Cincinnati. Nose chilled and runny, I dragged my way through the snow as I attempted to reach my destination. At the edge of my vision I noticed a couple cuddled together as they walked down the street. I zipped up my coat and put my hands in my pockets.

“Cold huh?” a voice spoke in my head. “Don’t expect to ever be like that guy.”

I watch as the man smiled at the girl draped on his shoulder. Gay expressions spread across their faces; they embraced momentarily to kiss one another before heading into the theater across the street from me. I quickly caught myself staring and moved on, accidentally running into a passing businessman.

“Sorry…” I said embarrassed, but the man continued without a word.
“Don’t bother, you’re invisible remember?” the voice said again.

I continued to my destination, arriving at a small café on the corner of the street. I took a quick peek inside and found it empty. Confused, I pull out my sidekick and dialed my friend’s number. After about five rings, she picked up.

“Hello?” she asked the sound of music almost louder than her.
“Hello, Ashley? I’m at the café,” I said.
“Oh, Rey babe, I’m sorry we won’t make it tonight.”
“Oh I see… another day perhaps?”
“Um yeah sure sweetie, another week… hey stop I’m on the phone!... Okay, well bye!” Ashley hung up.
“More like never again,” the voice chuckled. I dropped my head, and entered the café alone. The bartender was cleaning glasses when he noticed me. He gave me a concerned look.
“Alone tonight?” he asked, already knowing the answer.
“When is it ever more than just us?” the voice said sarcastically.
“I’ll get you the special,” the bartender said. I spun around in my chair, before I noticed the piano in the corner of the café. It was made of black wood from what my eyes told me at the current distance. “Just got it in, you can go play if you like,” the bartender said softly.

I dashed from my seat over to the piano, where I took a seat and slowly ran my hand over the fine black wood. I lifted a finger to touch a key. I hesitated for a moment, then lightly pressed the B-flat key. The beautiful tone of my favorite note infected the air. I closed my eyes and let the note vibrate in my ears. I reached into my pocket and took out a beat-up crimson journal. I opened to where the bookmark was and placed the small book on the stand in front of me. I strained myself to read the hand-written notes before me.

“You know you really are a piece of work.” The voice said.
“F sharp, E, B…” I said as I began to play.
“Too much of a worm to be loved…”
“E, G, A, E, E…”
“…The pen that writes your life in everyone else’s hand…”
“…Invisible to the entire world…”
“F sharp, G, A, D…”
“…Even when one girl gave you a shot…”
“B, A…”
“She loses her life while you chase another!”
“F sharp, E, B….”
“You even got three chances with one…”
“E, G, A, E, E…”
“…But in the end…”
“…when they find who they are…”
“F sharp… G… A, D, E…”
“…They’ll forget about you.”
“…I know.”
“Oh? So why would you insist on continuing?”
“But one day, that won’t be the case…”
“What makes you think you’ll be a special case?”
“I don’t think I will be; I hope I will be.”
“How do you ever expect to be happy like that?”
“Well you’ve got to think about it: What is happiness to anyone? What you find depressing I may find inspiring. What you find garbage I may find to be a treasure. What you find to be solitude, I may find to be loneliness… But you see these notes never seem to change among those of this world, so I’ll keep playing until someone… anyone… hears them.”
“You ignorant little rat! You fucked up bro! There is no saving you anymore! No hope! You’ll fail at everything you’ll ever do! Haven’t enough people told you how weird you are? Stop being your friend because of it? You have no RIGHT to be happy!”
“….I know that.”
“Do you truly understand? If you did you wouldn’t continue this charade…”

“What else do you want William?!” I rose up shouting, the bartender with a puzzled look on his face now. “I have nothing left! Nothing! With all the hardships we have endured, we, yes ‘we’, are still to blame for our problems. We screwed up in the end! We didn’t fight our parents hard enough to stay put! We let our immaturity get in the way of the only one who cared for us! We let the next one walk three times because we didn’t know how to finish a sentence! We make ourselves forgettable! We chose to be like this! We could have practiced night and day! Studied around the clock instead of writing our lives away! But guess what? We chose to whine. Sure we caught some bad breaks, but it was our own lies, misses, and mistakes that landed us here! So give it up already… I’m tired of blaming others for being such a screw-up… I’ll perfect something in order to make up for it… so either keep complaining or make yourself useful. Because whether you like it or not, we are built to shoulder our burdens alone now and forever…”

I flip the small pages, sit back down, and begin to play again. The voice continues his monologue, as the sound of the piano creates the voice for the sorrow in my soul. The rain falls outside, as the teardrops on my own face refuse to fall.


~Edited by: TMH, Elizabeth, AAA