Saturday, April 30, 2011

On One's Behalf

Today I regret to inform our audience that one of our writers is leaving us. Megan will no longer be posting on Life In Fiction, however we will still support all of her writing endeavors.
Also we seemed to have some technical difficulties last night as Alex's post didn't post correctly. So, I am posting his work today in his stead.


Look into these eyes I wear so strictly. Know that they see you and only you. No one else could matter more to me, even if you see only another person that I could never hope to be.

Let my envy fill me. I'll use it to tear down these walls to become the demon I've been called.

Through this all, I'll be a sinner, nothing more. Spit on me as you would a false profit as you walk out that fucking door, but always know your place in my heart.

Allow our love to grow. Let it flourish each day. Let us say "I love you" in each and every way. Just know that I'm a cancer. Deep inside these dark brown eyes sleeps the answer.

Come at me once more. Do it with malice, my love. You've always been callous, my dove. Yet, I only want you by my side. Without you, it feels like part of me died. But, life could never be so easy.


The ground gives out and the air shakes so violently. Are we ready? Will we live? The questions, they come too quickly to comprehend, but nothing changes the fact that everyone's so unprepared for the time when reality drops out that the world will wait in horror 'till it all comes fallin' down.

Remember this is Alex's work not mine!
~Anora Anakya~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Story of Us

It all really began with a random message. It said that he had a question for me and included his number. He didn’t know that I had thought he was cute since I learned that he existed. He didn’t know that I had expressed and interest and until I told him, he had no idea of how happy that message made me. Naturally I sent him a text message asking what was up. He asked if I had ever heard of the band Neon Trees. Initially I told him that I had not, but when I looked them up I realized that I had heard one of their songs on the radio. Then he explained that he had an extra ticket to a concert, and he wanted to know if I would go with him. I ended up going with him, and we had an amazing time. Later we decided that would be our first date. When he officially asked the question that began our relationship, it was a line from a Neon Trees song. “Here we go again; I kind of want to be more than friends.”


I smiled and assured him that I was proud of him, and I was. I attempted to reassure him of his talent, and that he would do a spectacular job. However my most dominant emotion wasn’t happiness for his life taking a turn for the better. Now, that is not to say that I wasn’t glad that fate had twisted in his favor and thrown him a life changing opportunity. I was, but this offer was bittersweet for me. I could see that this could be something that would be a great adventure and a good step towards his dream job. I could also see it as a step that would tear him away from me.

From the beginning our relationship was a sort of time bomb. We both knew from the beginning that there was an “end” date to our time together. That end point would be the day that I moved away, and he would stay. Now, don’t think that I rushed him into a relationship without full disclosure. He knew that I was leaving before he asked the question that started the relationship. Once I left, we would then try our luck with a long distance relationship, which I feared would quickly come to an end.

He assured me that it would not. “We can make it work. I can visit, and you can visit me. We can get a webcam and see each other that way.” Now this offer has come up and I am not sure that fate will bring us together in the end. He may end up tied to this place, and I to other places. Of course I will visit, most of my life was spent there but I don’t think that is where I am meant to live. I believe that I was meant for other places. Then again, love can overpower any dreams I could come up with.
It is possible that everything will fall perfectly into place.
With him.


Somewhere along the lines all of my doubts faded away, and I was sure that we were some of the lucky ones. We would be together, grow old and live a happy life. I decided that he was someone that I could trust and depend on. I began to need him in my life, in order to be happy. Due to the way he was a necessary part of my life, I began to doubt my ability to leave. A discussion planted the idea of staying in my mind.

Then I started to plan to stay here just for him, I was going to get a job and work my way through school. I would split from my parents much earlier than I ever intended all for love. It would be very hard but all the complications would be worth it in the end, when I was happily settled with the one I loved. I began to make it possible, keeping it a secret so that I could surprise him. When I did surprise him, things took a turn for the worse. He decided he was unsure of his feelings for me, he wasn’t sure he could handle the move. I tried to convince him that I’d stay, and that we could be together. He told me that we were being unrealistic, he couldn’t move out to be with me, and I wouldn’t stay here for him. He talks about how he is unsure about where things went wrong, and can’t say exactly what is wrong or how it could be fixed. I ask if me staying is what he wanted, his response was that he didn’t know. I asked if he wanted to be with me at all, and again he didn’t know. I let it go for a day, even though it wasn’t the way I would have liked to do things. I tried to give him time to figure out what he wanted.

In the end, it was never enough,

I admit I am not very patient, and that one day isn’t a lot of time to make important decisions but that was as long as I could let things go on undefined. I am not the type of girl to waste my time, and I am not one to keep working at something that isn’t meant to be. I again asked what he wanted, and again he told me that he didn’t know. I asked if he wanted to break up, he said he didn’t know. Then I asked if he wanted to keep dating me, again he replied that he didn’t know. So I decided that if he didn’t know that he wanted to be with me, it meant that he didn’t. When I said so, he didn’t correct me. So I ended the relationship. He wanted to be friends, I wasn’t sure I could be.

I eventually decided that I needed him in my life, and if he couldn’t love me I would have to settle for friendship. We tried, but I ended up saying something in anger. I still feel very bad about what I said, and I apologized at least five times for it. He told me that it was okay, and that we were fine.

So why did he delete my comments from his page? Why does he ignore me? Did he purposefully lie, or did he just not have the strength to tell me that he couldn’t be my friend? Does he know how it killed me each time he ignored me?

Naturally, I don’t want to hurt and I try to remove negative forces from my life. So I decided that I needed to get rid of the temptation. I threw away the ticket from our first date, I mentally transferred the gifts from him into ordinary objects, and deleted him from my friends list. I deleted his number, and since I have no need to memorize numbers because of technology my ties to him are severed completely. Now it is time for a clean break, this will be my final writing about what we shared. I won’t allow myself to talk to people about him, when his name pops into my mind, I will chastise myself. I may implement some punishment for thinking of him, like ten push-ups or a bowl of mashed potatoes. I will manage to make it to where I don’t care, and I think that means forgetting about him.

What will he say when/if he finds out that I am slowly erasing him from my life?

For several months now I have found myself stuck on one boy. As chance would have it this boy doesn't feel for me what I feel for him, or so he says. A lot of the details about what went wrong are very foggy for me, and the exact state of his feelings are unknown. His favorite phrase is "I don't know", he uses it to answer nearly anything you could think to ask him. Due to this, when our relationship fell apart I was left with many questions. Of course I have asked him many of them, but I received no answers. I speculated my own reasons, but I cannot be sure how accurate they are. Events of the last couple weeks have brought me to a rash but much needed decision. It is time to let go of what once was, and to get on with my life. It is time to shift my focus back to me, and to start making things go the way that I want them too.

This piece is my final goodbye to this boy. This week is my final week of being able to think of him. This week is the last that I will try to figure out what I did wrong. It is the final week that I will allow myself to even think of missing him. After this week I am going to begin to remove him from my life. I have a plan set for how to make that happen. First I won't talk about him. No more mentioning his name. Then I will stop allowing things to bring him to mind, and it will continue on like that. Any thought of him will be enforced with a "punishment" and I will be done with him.

For now I think it would be best if my life goes on as if we had never met. In the past this method for coping with a relationship has worked well for me. I am currently in a good place with the guy I practiced this on before. I can smile on what we had, but it remains in the past and I don't long for it to happen again. I know that eventually I will be to that point with this boy, but for now I need to get on to better things. So for now, it will be as if he and I had never happened.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My foundation
so unpredictable
so unstable
so unlike
Seldon's and Asimov's.

I don't know
when it might break.
Am I on solid ground?
Or did I hear the future to soon,
and therefore took a wrong turn?

Am I in
some corner of the universe
far away
from the collapsing empire?
Or am I
on Trantor
beneath a metal shield
never seeing the sun,
never knowing nature?


So I took on Quinton's challenge and made a poem with HEAVY references to Issac Asimov's The Foundation. Asimov is the writer of I, Robot which was originally a set of short stories but Hollywood picked one to make into the movie that most of us know. Hari Seldon is the main character in Asimov's The Foundation but the story itself isn't about Seldon at all, but rather what Seldon created. Seldon predicted the fall of the galactic empire and designed a plan to save the galaxy after the fall. This plan involves predicting the future (without telling people about what is to come until only right before) and the only people who are told are the people on the planet Terminus, which is at the edge of the galaxy. It is supposed to eventually control the whole galaxy. Impossible right? Well you have to read about what happens yourself. Trantor is the center of the empire and the entire planet has been encased in metal. The people of Trantor have never seen true sunlight nor plants not grown themselves. The whole planet is a city: no suburbs, no national parks, no deserts.  
In my poem I used these references to show the uncertainty I have been currently feeling in my own life. Everything is a metaphor. You guys can try to decipher what it all means.

~Anora Anakaya~
Persevere through all obstacles and smile. Your enemies will hate you all the more.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Winesburg, Ohio

This semester I have been up to my head with symbolism due to a nice little novel named Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. For those of you who have never heard of it, don't be ashamed (most people I talk to haven't either). The novel is pretty awesome though and, if there's ever a chance, take the time to read it.

The entire novel is a compilation of short stories that detail the depth behind being a "grotesque"--someone who takes a truth for his/herself and remakes it in his/her image--as well as the coming of age of the central character, George Willard. For a bildungsroman, the novel is pretty great, although definitely not at the level of A Clockwork Orange.

Nevertheless, for my class' final assignment my fellow English 112 classmates and I were assigned to create our own stories to mimic Sherwood Anderson and, ideally, create a mock-novel like Winesburg, Ohio. My story is slightly larger than the rest of my classmates' but I'm happy with the fact that I created a full thought with my piece. Whether or not the story is good or not is for you, the reader, to decide.


Fate Walks. Insanity Drives Itself.
Her name was Nicole Rogers. At first glance, one might assume that she had always been as crazy as she was on the night when this story takes place, but nothing could be further from the truth. In her mid twenties, the five-foot seven, brunette, working woman prided herself on her looks and as someone that would do anything to keep her husband happy. She had dreams of one day becoming an actress—of being someone—although those dreams never would amount to more than front page news in the local newspaper.
Night had cast its cloak of obscurity over the world, a shade which unwittingly matched the color of the asphalt Nicole drove her car upon. Rain had made Interstate 112 hazardous at best, but luckily no other car could be found on the road at such late a time of night. With twice the luck, for the other drivers, Nicole swerved safely in and out of her lane as if alcohol had been part of the general equation. In fact, she hadn’t touched any alcohol in months, but another hazard, something more introverted, forced her driving abilities into a poor state. For the obscurity caused by the downpour outside the car was no match for the waterfall of tears cascading from Nicole’s two, clear blue eyes.
“Who does he think he is?” she posed a tearful query to the empty air which would forever fail to be answered. “Who does he think he is, bringing that…that…that FLOOZY home? The home where he had held me through the times when we couldn’t even afford the clothes we wore. The place where he told me that everything was going to get better if I’d just wait it out and not leave.” Leather on the steering wheel groaned as Nicole’s grip tightened at the new memory rushing into her mind. “The bed where our children were conceived.” Taking one hand from the wheel, she wiped tears from her eyes and breathed in through her nose, causing the dripping mucus to race back up her nostrils.
All the anger she once held suddenly turned to sadness as she thought about the past night’s events. Her sobbing worsened into a hysterical fit, causing the car to become more irrational in its movements. Drifting too far to the left, the tires of the car rolled over the small, florescent bumps near the edge of the median which had been placed there to catch sleepers at the wheel. The harshness of the bumps brought Nicole’s attention back to her driving and, with a sharp turn of the wheel, the car immediately turned back into her lane. A small thud faded into the air as something in the back seat hit the right car door.
“How will he keep his promises now? How will everything be okay?!” She sucked up another noseful of mucus as a low groan pervaded the air from the backseat. “How will our children be okay after THIS?! Without a father… Tell me, HOW WILL THE CHILDREN BE OKAY?!”
Another groan hit the air as a man who went by the nickname of “Roy” awakened in the backseat of Nicole’s car. Assessing the situation with his newly opened eyes, the man wriggled in the seat like a fish out of water as he came to realize the restraints which tightly bound his wrists to his ankles. A dirty sock taped over his mouth prevented him from screaming out, but he attempted regardless. Nicole, fading deeper into hysterics, laughed at his muffled attempt to cry for help.
“Struggle all you want, you dirty fool!” she yelled at Roy without turning around. “You’re bound by your own sins, there’s no escape from such bindings.” An almost inaudible thud entered the air as Roy accomplished spitting out his gag onto the car floor.
“ARE YOU CRAZY?!?” Roy screeched. Nicole began to cry harder, both her hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as her blurred eyes stared out the windshield.
“Is that any way to talk to a mother?”
“Shut up, just SHUT UP!” Nicole turned the steering wheel sharply, causing the car to swerve hard to the right and Roy’s head to slam hard against the car door. An uninterrupted groan shot from his mouth into the hostile environment. Turning the wheel sharply in the opposite direction, Nicole evened out the car’s directionality once more. With crazed eyes, she gazed forward at the lights of a city in the distance. “Why can’t you just accept having only me?” she whimpered. “Why must you break my heart?”
“Listen lady, I have no clue who you are. Just drop me off, I haven’t even seen your face. I can’t identify you to anyone.”
“Shut up…”
“Please,” he pleaded, “just listen to reason.”
“Shut up…”
“What did I ever do to you?!”
“I said SHUT UP!” Nicole screeched as she turned the steering wheel abruptly with an even greater force and turning it back before she ran out of road. Roy’s head collided harshly with the car door once more, this time causing the door to fly open. A spray of water from the combined sources of the rain and the road made him blind. Loudly, he loosened a harsh scream to reveal his pain and agony to the outside world.
Nicole’s right foot pressed down harder on the gas pedal, forcing the car to accelerate. In the background, Roy’s screams continue, coupled with insults directed toward Nicole. However, the lights in the distance and each memory which sped through her mind forced her to become introverted completely and uncaring of the person whom now dragged against the asphalt only a few feet behind her.
“Maybe,” she whispered to herself, “everything will be fine after all.” Once more, she pulled a hand away from the steering wheel, this time she reached under her seat. The lights of the city were approaching quickly. Other cars could be seen ahead. From beneath her seat, she pulled out a colt .45 revolver. “Everything will be okay if I want it to be.” 


            “Are you sure?” Nicole asked the doctor, tears dripping down her face. “Maybe you made a mistake. Or…or…” The doctor shook his head. Her words could not change fate. After some small advice from the doctor and some cheering up, she placed a fake smile upon her face and headed out of the doctor’s office for her small car parked in the lot half a block away.
The day had been humid and cloudy. However, as she drove down Interstate 112 in the direction of her modest home, a few small drops sprinkled onto her windshield. Until the drops had accumulated enough to impair her vision, the thought hadn’t come to her to turn on the windshield wipers. “First my boss fires me for being pregnant…then falling in the parking lot makes me lose the baby… What is god going to take from me next?” Even as she asked the question, warm tears were beginning to form behind her eyes.
Fifteen minutes of driving had brought her back to her small home, where she and her husband, Jeffrey, lived a happy marriage—whenever Jeffrey decided to not drink too much. As she sat parked in the driveway of the house she contemplated the revolver below her seat as a solution. Suicide wouldn’t make her problems go away or force away the tears such bad news had forced upon her. Shaking her head, she attempted to throw off the bad memories. “No, no I can’t let Jeffrey see me cry. He hates it when I cry…” With a shaking hand, the last tears were wiped away and she climbed out of the car, car keys in hand.
Often was the door to their house left open, but as Nicole opened the door and entered the house, she could feel that somehow this time was different. After placing the keys in a tray next to the door she made her way to the bedroom where Jeffrey could usually be found napping until dinner. Each soft thud that her feet made against the carpeted floor echoed in her mind for reasons never to be explained. Time was slowing down before her innocent eyes as she placed her hand upon the doorknob to the bedroom door and opened the door wide.
White light from the bedroom’s ceiling lamp hit her eyes in a shocking burst, momentarily blinding her as she adjusted to the new sight. In front of her stood a king-sized bed whose coverings had been thrown to the floor in a mad fashion. On top of the mattress lied two men in their late twenties, both visibly naked except for the casual covering of the last remnants of the bed’s sheets which covered them.
Both of the men snored loudly in a deep slumber, but only one could she place a name upon. Only one was her mind fixated upon. Jeffrey had always seemed like the cheating type, but Nicole had hoped that the previous news of their child would delay any such action from occurring. Unfortunately, the sight confirmed that once more her assumptions about him were wrong.
Slowly her mind had begun to process the situation at hand. No, not solely that singular situation, but also the drunken nights when she would find herself the victim of the kind of man Jeffrey was; the past feelings of emptiness in her stomach when no nourishment found itself past Jeffrey’s greed; the many times when Jeffrey had told her in hushed tones how he loved her; the job she had just lost; the husband she had just lost; and finally the child which had been taken from her.
            A twisted smile appeared on the distressed woman’s expression as crystalline tears fell down the contours of her once-pretty face. The anger had begun to warp her, twist her, and make her uglier than the life which had birthed such a demon.
I know what to do, she thought as she quietly crept out of the room for her car. In her demonic state of mind she had remembered the emergency kit she kept in the trunk of her car. In the kit were various minor objects that would have aided her if the car would ever break down unexpectedly. The items of her obsession though were solely the roll of duct tape in the front pocket, the coil of nylon rope (meant for towing) in the center pocket, and the box cutter also in a front compartment. With a small, twisted smile and trembling hands she grabbed her three items and quickly returned to her house, to the bedroom. Doubt no longer caused her agony. In fact, her new psychosis wouldn’t allow her to feel much of anything besides the wrath which poisoned her mind.
When she returned to the bedroom, the two men were still snoring like the dogs she knew them to be. Opening the pocket knife, she cut the nylon rope into five long increments. These increments she laid out smoothly, neatly, on the floor of the bedroom. I won’t use these on him, she thought. I still love him…I couldn’t make him suffer so much…
Taking the nylon ropes in her hand, she bound the wrists of the second man tightly to his ankles. (Surprisingly, the man never showed the slightest sign of awakening from his slumber.) After she had securely bound his limbs together, she picked one of Jeffrey’s dirty socks off of the floor (which she proceeded to force into the man’s mouth), ripped off a piece of tape, and made a make-shift gag.
To Jeffrey, however, no such fate was allotted. After all, Nicole didn’t want to see her lover suffer. The box cutter assured her that neither she nor he would have to suffer through his actions ever again.


            On a cool summer day, Jeffrey Rogers sat with his drinking buddy, Ronald “Roy” Williams, in his living room. On most days, both would sit around with a bottle of whiskey between them, telling jokes and stories while they got plastered enough to forget their lower-middle class life style. Neither of the men was very strong or overly masculine, but the liquor tended to force them to think otherwise.
This day was something new. Jeffrey had discovered that he was about to be a father only two weeks before and had made a new resolution to become a better man for both his wife and his child. Talking back and forth, the men discussed the fortunate news and Jeffrey’s new lease on life.
“I’m behind ya, buddy. All the way!” Roy exclaimed, smiling about his friend’s new attitude.
“Thanks man, I’m gonna need all the help I can get to shake off the sauce,” Jeffrey responded with a small laugh. The day was serene and the mark of a new era in Jeffrey’s life. Unfortunately, fate walks in the strangest of ways for men who have spent too much time driving the wickedest tracks in life.
Two tall, muscular men barged through the front door in skin-tight, black body suits and ski masks over their faces which only revealed their dark eyes and twisted smiles. Both Jeffrey and Roy jumped back in shock as both intruders pulled guns from their back pockets and pointed them directly at the shocked men.
“What do you want?!” both the shocked men screamed in unison.
“All we want is to introduce a bit of anarchy to the equation. Eh, John?” the man furthest to the right asked his partner with a growing grin.
“Damn straight, Willace,” the two men laughed heartily as their prey looked at them with confusion. With a blast of air, both the guns shot off tranquilizer darts which caused both of the scared men to go limp within seconds. “C’mon John, let’s have some fun with these idiots.” The man named John smiled, revealing a row of rotted teeth, before stepping forth and grabbing the two unconscious men and carrying them off into the direction of the master bedroom.

Fate drives me.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Far-off Dreams, Scattered Memories

Far-off memories,
scattered across my dreams.
Dark images,
obstructing my vision.

Your clairvoyant words,
attempting to predict my thoughts.
Yet my hard head,
blocks all attempts.

My dreams,
interwined with reality.
Voices all around me,
asking if it's real or not.

Simple and Clean,
I attempt to keep my life.
But the flames of the Heartless,
burns my sanctuary to the ground.

Yet even after the flames,
white ash covers the destruction.
White ash much like sweet snow,
to bring calm after the storm.

I awake to find,
that it was all an illusion.
Yet a look to the left,
shows it to be veracity.

A far-off memory,
that's more of a scattered dream.
Help me line up the pieces,
and tell me of reality.


As you can tell by my new greeting, today marks a new day in life. As I approach my high school graduation, I have began to question my life and the things surrounding it's everyday operation. So I for the longest time have been soul-searching, hoping that it would yeild results that would bring forth an easy and relaxing life, only to bring fire to burn down my dream and leave me right where I started. Yet I found that maybe not knowing who I am just yet isn't so bad after all, or the missing puzzle piece is already be in front of me.

And that is where the point of this piece comes into play! With the site getting totally revamped, I thought I would also add a new weekly event that I hope sticks. Like how we tried to follow themes awhile ago, I will be posting certain "challenges" to get our readers involved. These challenges will challenge our readers to write short stories, lyrics, poetry or prose that follows the guidelines of the challenge. Our blog writers will also be sticking their hands in as well sometimes!!!! XD

The first challenge will be.... The "Video Game/TV Show Cross Challenge!" The point of this challenge is to take your favorite video game or tv show and use key elements in it and incorporate it into your writing. For example, with my poem I incorporated Kingdom Hearts 2 into my poem, using the main enemy Heartless to represent the the pain in my heart and the sanctuary to represent my dreams. To turn in your writing, email me at and I will post them this upcoming week. I can't wait to read your submits, so until Sunday later!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Few Things

Hi everybody. Sorry I didn't post last week, I feel really bad about it. But good news I got something for you all today. Hope you like it.

I'm in nowhere
without a map
The sun is bright.
The sand seeps between my toes.
I'm slowly sinking in this sand dune.
Its a desert and the sun is cold.
I'm freezing as if I'm on a mountain.
I'm alone
the vast emptiness spreads
to every side of me
not a soul in sight.

Is that an oasis that I see?
    or are my hopes deceiving me?
Its a mirage,
  a false dream
simply wishful thinking.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Progress Report 4/17/2011


If only the missing piece was this easy to find...

Hey guys! So unfournately half the blog is currently suffering from Writer's Block in the worst season for most writers. :P This also means that things will be going alittle slow on the blog. However, you still have reasons to check us out. To start, there will be a new scheduling system that we will be testing to mix things up. This should make things easier to get posts up everyday.

Secondly, The site has and will continue to get a makeover. You guys should send in your opinions on the sites new look, as well as suggests ideas for new topics for the return of discussions by yours truly.

Lastly, my books Pieces and Lacrime are having a few major plot changes. For example, Chloe no longer represents Old Age but Hopelessness, and Tim's name is no longer Tim but will be changed to Niccolò Capone, or as he goes by in the book Nic. There will also be many other major changes, such as extentions to existing chapters, and maybe even a name change to the whole book. As for Lacrime, Henry and Abbel will be getting name changes, as well some plot changes. Well that's all as of today, so check back soon for the upcoming week's post!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friendly Love isn't Free Love

So friendship is this weeks theme, huh?

For me, friendship with the opposite sex has generally led to a sort of respect not unlike the love I might feel for that one special girl. After all, about 90% of my girlfriends thus far started as my best friends.

These next two pieces' only titles shall be numbers, because the messages always matter more than the words. Both messages tackle two parts of my life in this past month.

The first addresses love that's lost and will never come and is written to a girl that is no longer of importance.
The second is written to my girlfriend and describes something that, right now, can't be put into words.

Both subjects I have shared a deep intimacy with and mean a lot to me. In my eyes, there's no truer example of friendship than them.



Noon turns as dark as midnight sky.
I can't help but wonder why?
There's no reason
if her eyes no longer pierce me soul.
There's no logic
if she scarcely sees me at all.

For love,
risking everything seems like an admirable cause.
But, alas,
it seems that love wants only my life lost.

Noon is as dark as the sky above
when I turn to beauty and say,
"There's no situation to bring us together,
if even for a day?"
And she replies,
"Not even if he dies."


How lovely you are,
you shock my eyes
every time
you come into sight.

I cannot believe
the type of person you are,
like an angel
who's failed to take flight.

So perfect,
yet so flawed,
each portion of you
makes my tired lips tingle.

For a smile upon this face
I wish to hold so close to yours
is worth nothing to the world,
but you alone make me so rich.

There's never been
anything as lovely,
as wonderful as you,
even if you dare deny it.

how beautiful you seem,
part of me believes
you can't be real

I'm almost certain
you're too good to be true.

You must be a dream.

[Fate drives me.]

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letting Go

Friendship is a very important factor in life. Having friendships can make it possible to make it through some really tough times, it can make things be less monotonous, and it can allow you to help out others. There are a lot of positive benefits to friendship, but of course lately I have not been focusing on the positive attributes but the negative ones.

Friends can tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. They can cause you to do something that you wouldn't have done on your own. They can alter the decisions that you make, and sometimes take your focus away from what is best for you.

In the past I have always put others before me, and I still tend to do that more than not. Its not that I don't think that I am important, I just think that I should put other people before myself. I live by the golden rule "Do onto others as you would have done onto you." Something that I have come to realize is that not many people adhere to the golden rule. They always look out for themselves, and will not go out of their way to help another person.

Due to this realization I have started to put myself first a little more. If you don't look out for yourself in today's world, no one will.

Aside from that another thing that I noticed is that a lot of people are determined to hold on to friendships, even when they aren't what they wanted. Have you ever held on to a relationship that you should have let die? Some people I know continue to call people who treat them badly their best friends. I personally I have a very hard time understanding it. I don't understand the reasons why someone would continually go out of their way to help a person who would never care enough to help them without being asked.

This is the beginning of a story that was started years ago, recently I have looked back at it and begun to revise it. In my opinion my original was very rushed and over dramatic, but I think that with a little work and rewriting it could be very good. This portion is a small bit of what I have worked through so far.

Katrina walked along the side walk beside her boyfriend, Frank. They just walked along in silence. Frank knew that there was something Kat was keeping from him, but he did not know how to bring it up. Kat had seemed weird all day, she had not eaten much at lunch, and she didn’t talk very much. Frank knew whatever was bothering her had nothing to do with him. He had not done anything to upset her recently. They had not hung out last night either; Kat had gone to hang with their friends. Frank had to watch his little sister and had to stay home instead of going.

There were several things that could be upsetting Kat; her life was not the kind that was all sunshine and flowers. However Kat rarely complained about the things that went on in her life. She also tried to always be cheerful. So her gloominess today was very out of character. Kat’s home life was not the greatest. Her mother was always away on “business” trips. Her father tried his best to raise her, and he did a pretty good job. Sometimes a girl really needs her mom.

Katrina was 15 years old. She was close to turning 16, and was pretty excited to get her license. Until she got her license she would walk wherever she needed to go, or she would hitch a ride with Frank. Kat hated bumming rides off of her friends, but sometimes walking was not ideal. She never took her friends for granted on the driving issue. She only accepted rides when she needed them.

Frank was Kat’s on and off again boyfriend of two years. They had known each other since they were toddlers, and had spent most of their childhood together. As they got older, their relationship continued to get closer. Frank adored many things about Kat. He liked her deep brown hair that went down to the middle of her back, and loved the scent of her shampoo. He thought her gray eyes were the most gorgeous eyes anyone could ever have. Frank would tell Kat that she was perfect, if she would let him.

At this moment Frank was torn. He was unsure of what he should do. Should he ask Kat what had happened to upset her? Should he comfort her and say everything would be okay? Or should he leave the comforting and chatting up to Vivica, who was running very late? Frank decided to buy Kat a drink while they waited, and to let Viv handle Kat’s mood. Viv always knew the right thing to do when it came to Kat.

Vivica, Viv for short, is Kat’s best friend, but sometimes Viv wondered how Kat felt about her. Viv had just turned sixteen and still did not have her license. Viv had deep red shoulder length hair that had a tinge of violet to it. Most people never knew what Viv was thinking, because she never let anyone get close to her. Viv is very shy, and usually keeps to herself. She has hazel eyes, which if someone knew her well enough, would give away her mood. Viv hid the things that she could. The only one who knew her well was Kat, and that was only because Kat had a way of squeezing things out of Viv.

At this moment Viv is rushing to meet Kat, and Frank. They had planned to meet at the diner right after school. Viv had some complications, and had to change clothes before leaving the school. Now she was running behind. Her friend Bra was walking right beside her. She was giving him a death glare.

Bra’s real name is Braemwiella. It was way too lengthy so Kat and Viv cut it down to Bra, due to his habit of snapping their bra straps. When he would snap Kat’s she would get angry and chase him around and punch him. Viv however, would blush and run to a bathroom before anyone could see her red cheeks. Bra is a small guy; he has black hair, and is very shy. When he is around his friends he is very hyper, and acts very crazy. Bra is very similar to Viv, because he will not show his real feelings. His mom could die, and he would act like nothing ever happened, when he was really upset by it. Viv is the only one who notices this about Bra. She notices it because she knows the signs well, since she does the same thing.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Window Shopping

Glaring at a brand Xbox 360 sitting ominously in the front window of Gamestop. I check the price only to find it exceeds my budget. I barely walk three feet away from it before I notice a cheesecake store across from Gamestop. I peep over, noticing the variety of flavors in the window. I pull out my wallet from my back pocket, and a smile crossed the cashier’s face, only to drop in sadness when he saw it was bare on the inside. I dragged my feet away in shame, looking to window shop elsewhere.

I come across an indoor movie theater, where I spied five friends, two guys and three girls, all laughing and enjoying themselves. Friends they were, something I could never afford. I scurried onward to continue my “shopping spree”, coming across a music store. I took a look at some of the albums; coming across a CD by Teddy Geiger called Underage Thinking. My favorite song was “For you I will”. I began mouthing the lyrics but forgot the lyrics halfway through.

Cuz I could fall asleep in those eyes
Like a water bed
Do I seem familiar, I’ve crossed you in hallways
a thousand times, no more camouflage
I want to be exposed, and not be afraid to fall.

I looked up to find a scarlet haired girl standing next to me humming the tune, finishing where I left off. “You like this song too right? It’s my favorite song ever.” I nodded, unable to say anything to her.

“You’re that kid who lost his voice right? Collin right?” I nodded.

“I’m Olivia! My friends call me Liv for short. I’m in your journalism class at Mountainview. Hey there is a John Mayer concert coming up, want to go? Brad, Shelby and Lauren would to have you there!” I stared at her, completely dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe one of the coolest people in school was speaking to me. Me, who was even weirder now that I can’t speak.

“It’s okay, we’re friends now right? No reason to be so nervous. Real friends hear what you don’t say.” She winked and I blushed. “So I’ll see you there! It’s at the Gwinnett Arena! See you there!” She said stuffing a ticket in my hand. I watched as she ran off, I looked down at my ticket. I smiled, realizing there was no such thing as window shopping for friendship, as all it cost was to give it back.


Okay guys so this whole week we will be following the theme of friendship with our great return. As you may have noticed, I am not Joseph.*gasps* We are pushing everyone back a day so they have time to give you guys a killer selection. ;) also, a few members will be entering the annual Writer's Digest contest, so cheer us on! That's all until Tomorrow, so until then keeping putting life into words.