Tuesday, January 29, 2013


"Late Nights"

Late at night, I lie in my bed
Thinking of all that I’ve lost to time
There was family…
There were friends…
There was love…
But then I think of what I gained
And how I’m reminded to forget
Everything that I’ve lost
Unfortunately, I truly can’t remember
What was ever so good about the past

I'm lost.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Faded, into revealing.

"You're not who you were. "

Friendships change and you find out why certain friends ever stuck around. A lot of times, not all the time, they are staying for greed.

So look up! Its not that you aren't enough for someone to stay, it's that you are more than enough. Whether they only be into their own self interests or not. You are of so much worth that you were chosen as part of their life even if for a short time. The way I see it, they would've chosen anyone. But you are special. Whether that be a nuisance to you for being a pushover or not it's still the same.

Don't stick around getting your hopes up for these people, no, but go with the flow and believe that you are still strong, with or without someone by your side.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Think Again

Hey its Sabrina Black this week's piece is about aurguring with your self some times
when  you have a tough descion through life or maybe you just feel alone and nobody wants you so your better off dead. Well thats jebbersish there is always someone who needs you more than anything in the world. In this story a character named I and Me battle words back and forth. Me wants I to fall and feel worthless while I sees past the stabbing words and makes them filled with hope. While reading this aurgument read it from bottom to top  because I always wins.
“WhoI Am”


I: I'm adventurous, ablaze withambition to help my world.

Me: You're bashful and can't doanything without being baneful! Breakaway from the world.

I: I think I'm cautious andconscientious towards others and courageous in every way.

Me: You're deceitful when you talkto others so dippy you are in everything you do. You're not devoted.

I: I care about my environment andshow enthusiasm to care for my world and show empathy to those who need help.

Me: You're not fascinated byanything and unstable when you help others and always mess up. You don't exist,you're fictional.

I: I can be giddy and genuine withlife and my happiness.

Me: You're ghostly!

I: I'm harmless not broken andfilled with hate

Me: You're heart-broken by the oneyou used to love.

I: Integrity is one of my strongestcharacteristics; I'm illustriously intimate to my loved ones.

Me: “Joyful?” Oh, please! You'rejust jesting yourself!

I: My kindred spirit is easilykenspeckle and kind.

Me: Lackadaisical at everything youdo, lazy, worthless, and lean.

I: I have musical skills that aremasterful! Not meek!

Me: You have a narrow-mind, notnew-fashioned or noble!

I: I have obedience and I love beingold-fashioned and open-hearted towards life.

Me: Pathless and pathetic you arewith no passion when you do wrong.

I: Quiet, Me. Your words question myself; I'm quick, not slow and stupid.

Me: Responsible? Oh please! You'renot thinking realistically. Being rude is your true character.

I: I can be shy at times but neverrude or selfish. I like being safe and sound from my troubles.

Me: You're tearful. I can see it inyour eyes with my taunting. Ha! I shall show no tenderness.

I: Valuable is what I am to others.Vulnerable, when I need to be, but not voiceless without compassion.

Me: Uncertain of the choices youmake, you call yourself valuable.

I: I'm unbroken and filled withlight that I carry with me you have underestimated me.

Me: Look at you, you're wakeful andwearisome. You'll fall weightlessly to the ground. Meek!

I: My heart is not xerophilousbut filled with lust for love

Me: You zigzag through life withyour heart weighing as much as zinc.

I: You're describing yourself. I'mright here always by your side, I'm not alone.
Sabrina Black ALIW

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Tragic Fall

"The Fall of Icarus" by Ecthelian

Hello everyone!

This past weekend, nothing but tragedy befell me. Whether it be the hospitalization of three people I care about or the end of a four year friendship, life has seemed to be tragically falling. I couldn't help but feel like I've been like Icarus these past few months, flying too close to the sun, or happiness. 

Thus, the inspiration for this newest piece.


Separate the bottle from my lips.

Liberate the jealousy from my mind.

Please, just set me free.

I dream of soaring high,
Far above the clouds,

But these feet slow me down,
and the wings I build just keep breaking.

The sun and its tiresome embrace.

The moon leaving me alone without a trace,

Of a soul to keep me in comfort.

Oh, just remove me from this Earth,
Carry me to somewhere new.

I'll keep on wishing silently.

I'll keep hoping while I die.

If only a day to pass would bring success

Upon these wings I would fly.

Yet, as Icarus I remain,
And this wax does stain
And these feathers forget

That humans can't fly  

But I'm forced to remember as I fall back down.

Headfirst into the ground, time and time again.

Alleviate me from this tiresome task.

Oh, but it's too late.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

False Affection

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! This is a new peace about something that just happened to me.
I was with someone for a long time and I found out that he was cheating on me and it really hurt me especially because I found out from other people and not from him. So That is the background behind this peace.
Have you every been though a situation like this one? Leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to know I am not the only one and maybe we can help each other.
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Thank you all for all your support. You guys are amazing!!!

False Affection

You lied to me
I love you
Well loved
You said you loved me
That was a joke
Your false affection
Was almost air tight
I couldn't see the flaws
The little imperfections
That wold break me

But soon the cracks were there
Much more visible then before
And only getting bigger
Who is she?
Why didn't you tell me?
Was it really that hard?
To tell the truth?
Not speak a lie?
For once?
Was it to much to ask?

"I'm sorry"
"I love you"
"I regret it"
"Give me another chance"
"What can I do to fix this"
"I will do anything"
You had your chance
You messed up
This is your problem

I gave you my heart
You promised you wouldn't...
Wouldn't break it
Yet again another lie
It that all you can do?
"I have never lied to you"
HA What a joke
You and I both know...
That's a lie

I gave it to you for safe keeping
So here alone I will sit
Bloodying my hands
Trying to pick up the peaces
Of the heart you shattered
You broke it...
And you expect forgiveness?
No... It's not worth another heat break
I know now you never loved me
I know now you only had false affection



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reality's Dying All Around Us

 “Math is based around an illusion of existence. The numbers we use are nothing more than symbols that we’ve assigned meaning to. The lines that we draw and the structures that we build are nothing more than a series of points…Can anyone tell me the definition of a ‘point?’” Mr. Caudnate addresses his fifth period Calculus class. The nine students—spread-out amongst a square of sixteen chairs—in front of him grow silent. A smirk forms upon his face as he stares at his pensive pupils. “There is no definition,” he states matter-of-factly. “A ‘point’ is a place-holder representing a specific location of space, a location which has no dimensions—depth, width, length. If you zoom in on any point, it will never grow or change, it will simply exist as a virtual place-holder and nothing more.”
Wouldn’t having no dimensions mean that it doesn’t exist?” asks a boy from the second row. The other teens shift their attention to his accusation. “An object that has no definition in this world must be non-existent, right?” Mr. Caudnate smiles once more.
Yes, but it is the non-existence that allows it to exist at all. For something to exist, it must also not exist,” the teacher states with ease.
But how can something that does not exist…exist?” A confused look spreads across the boy’s face, while sighs of annoyance come from the other, bored students. “If I imagine that I have wings coming out of my back—wings that don’t exist—does that mean that they exist?”
To you, they will.” The boy is stunned. “As I said, we give meaning to that which only exists for our minds. It is because we believe that it exists.” The period bell rings. “Okay, that’s enough for today, I guess. Remember the quiz tomorrow on methods of integration. Have a good day everyone.”
Finally…” a student grumbles behind the boy.
I thought he’d go on forever,” whispers another.
As the rest of the class exits into the cluttered hallway, the boy walks up to his teachers, textbooks in hand. “If the meaning we give makes something real,” the boy asks, “how do we know that all of this isn’t just a dream?”
We don’t.” Mr. Caudnate laughs. “That’s what makes it so fun.”

Friday, January 18, 2013

Life's song

“Theme Song”

Every life
Has a song
With many genres
That speak to us
make us who we are
But affect us in many different ways

An upbeat song that uplifts our hearts with hope and memories
That makes us jump around with a big grin on our faces
Like we have a reason to celebrate
Some have songs close to their hearts
meanings that make them feel safe
And cause their hearts to be calm
As if in deep thought when lying down with wonderful thoughts of the day.

Other times we have a song to play when we go through struggles and heartaches
The song is like a powerful painkiller
We play it over and over
But there's always one song that describes you
The lyrics are engraved in your mind
You can't help but put a smile on when you hear it
Get it stuck in your head
It describes where you come from
Where you've been

Your life's song

Monday, January 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Hello guys it's Aulene!!! Alright so this is a new piece. It's about saying goodbye to your old life to start a new one. Growing up in a way. This is something that I am going through right now so I am writing a variety of pieces like this lately. 
Have you guys ever had an experience with this before? Let me know!
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Saying Goodbye

The end of one thing
And the beginning of another

For better or for worse
You have to say it
You have to say goodbye

Goodbye to friends
And start a new

Say hello
To your new life
To YOUR life 

Say goodbye to...
Everyone who held you back

Everyone who said no
Who said you couldn't do it
Everyone who said aim lower

And turn around just to say HA!
I did it
I made it

I made my way
You said I couldn't do it...
And yet here I am

I said goodbye to you 
And hello to my new life
And goodbye to the old one

Sometimes I look back
And wish I hadn't said goodbye
Sometimes I miss it

Then I turn back
I am not going to look back
Not going to look at what once was

I will look forward
Move on
Look at what will be.



Friday, January 11, 2013


Okay. A little background on this piece. It’s about my little brother—he has a disability called fragile X (a rare form of down syndrome). I’ve wanted to write about him for a while and share his voice just so it makes a little more sense.

“Fragile X”

Close your eyes with me and imagine yourself with struggling through life. You cannot speak with your mouth only with your hands, communication is a barrier, but your heart is kind . Frustration is a cloud over your head. Silence is your language.
Would you be able to live with that every day? I've have the same drama and issues as you my friend .
I get through every moment with a smile. Being different from everybody else? Having no brain but not be able to use it?
When you walk people make fun of you, and throw paper at you, SNAP! flinging rubber bands at your bare skin that hurt you as much as their words. Nobody likes you because of your disability. You don’t belong anywhere. Everyone chants: “You’re helpless!” You can’t fend for yourself.

Don't judge me for what I can and cannot do.I am a person too, not a creature from another world. I have personalities. Make me your friend not a bully victim.

Sabrina Black

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Envy encapsulates many of my thoughts nowadays. My insecurities are doubled, while my stress climbs far too high. I'm worried about myself...Yet, I'm still longing for more pain. Nowadays I truly don't know who I am.

"Who am I..."

It’s the darker times that keep my soul alive. I know I shouldn’t want. I shouldn’t lust. I shouldn’t steal or envy, but all are a consequence of being me.

Who am I to the world? What impact have I made? Yes, I’m young and ignorant, but the blood that I’ve shed should still mean something…anything…if only more than stains on my carpet.

Even as the light fades and my mind becomes skewed, any problems are my fault and my fault alone. I caused this. Never is there anyone to blame but myself, and, in those times, I am truly by myself. And it’s because of this that I am beside myself, with one voice knowing the kindness of the world and the second voice seeing nothing but tragedy.

Oh, how I love the darkness! Such a fact is sad but true. I’m a masochist in the worst way and a thinker who knows that happiness is fleeting until the day when a hand stands to pull me out and away from the tragedy that surrounds my brain.

Before then, I’ll collapse and break as I have done every week since Audrey’s been away. I will drop to the bottom of the grave that I dig with my continued existence, my—so far—meaningless existence…To the tune of the second voice I will fall as the light in me escapes to become something else, something better than I could ever be.

It is the darkness that keeps me alive, and I’m scared. I’m terrified that one day I will fall and never get back up. I’m horrified at the thought of becoming lifeless and lightless and trapped in a place where I will never see her again…never see her smile again…never hear her laugh again…

Who am I to the world? I couldn’t care less, as long as I’m still something to her.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Taking Notice

"Sometimes we focus so hard on what others think of us and we don't even examine ourselves. What makes us think they are right anyway? Its all prejudice or opinion. Do what you do and be proud of who you are."

Sunday, January 6, 2013


"Leaving" by IMustBeDead

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! 

This is something that I have been thinking about a lot. 
My dad is totally different since I turned 18 and is basically trying to kick me out of the house. 
I am scared and don't feel like I can trust him, but I know leaving is the best thing. 
It's time to grow up I guess.
Have any of you ever been in a situation when you were scared, 
but you had no choice but to face your fears? 
Let me know.
Thank you for all your support! 

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Moving On

I am leaving
I am moving on
Away from here
Away from you
starting a new life
WITHOUT your help

Then again, that won't affect you much

You want me to pay
Pay to live with you
I am your daughter
Why can't you take care of me?
Do you really not care
Do you want me to leave?

You're trying 

Trying to get me to leave
To make me hate you
And make me want to leave
I don't want to leave
But you give me no choice
So I'm gone

Once and for all

I am on my own
Starting my own life
I will need some help
But I won't ask you
You have shown that I can't...
Can't trust you.

So goodbye

I will fall
I will get hurt
I will struggle
But you won't be here from me
You got what you wanted
I'm leaving

I'm on my own



Friday, January 4, 2013


Recapping memories can be a sad time and a beautiful time. They will always be with you in flash backs even if you don't want them to.

"How Memories Behave"

Remember... Remember... The word sings like a chant in my head. What is the word remember anymore? It's just a key to the past. Repressed memories, sadness, joy, and loneliness play as symptoms saying the word. The past never seemed so alive and welcome as it disguises itself as a memory it plays in your head like a movie. Then you take off its mask and it's just another tear that comes out of your eye.

The happy feelings are gone just remembering the moments, they never feel the same way as they happened. Trying to create new ones just seems to fill the void, replacing the old. Getting the same dose. One moment it's there and the next it's gone. Why does it have to end? Why did it happen? Why do I have to realize the pain?

~Sabrina Black

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Beginnings

Hey guys this is Aulene!!!

"Colour my world" by MsMysterious

Today, I bring you a new piece about new beginnings.

At one point in everyone’s lives they have wanted to start over—have a new beginning—with no judgment and a clean slate.

Let me know what your guys’ New Year’s resolution is and how you plan to make it happen.

Have a great New Year’s, and remember to make it count. Make this a great year with no regrets!

Good luck! Thank you so much for all of your support!!!

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“New Beginnings”

Every now and again you wish
Wish you could start over
Get a new start
A new beginning

To forget the past
Forget all the mistakes
And just try
To be someone new

For better or for worse
Be someone you want
Not what people make you
Be a new you

Create a new dream
Make a new friend
Do something...
For someone else

Make this new year count
Look in the mirror
Do you like what you see?
If not change it

Everyone can do it
It just takes a little thought
To be a better person
And make a difference

Help someone to cross the street
Volunteer at a shelter
 Do something you normally wouldn’t
Just try something new

Make this year the best
Make it count
No regrets
Make your own luck

Make a resolution
Fall in love
Shoot some fireworks
Live like there is no tomorrow

Dye your hair
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing
Wear something different

Paint a picture
Write a song
Take a dance class
Learn a language

Say goodbye
To those who hold you back
And hello
To those who will push you forward