Friday, August 9, 2013

Found Again

Lost Wall

Here I am in a cloud of blackness I call home.

Lost in a daze, as time flies around me.

No true north to show my way,

I feel nothing anymore

From the words he stabbed me with.

There's no way out;

I can't see my way through.

I have no purpose,

No life;

All but agony tears me to shreds.


I'm lost in the smoke,

Nowhere to be found.

No one can hear my screams.

Among the lost souls,

I see you standing there in the same wall as I.

You whisper your name to me;

I whisper mine.


Wind dissipated the smoke.

Our eyes met the windows to our souls.

We are forevermore together in strength.

We finally came to life.

We finally have been rescued.

Our love broke the barrier of the lost wall.


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