Sunday, October 28, 2012



Days pass.
Years fade.
I’ve forgotten
where it all began.

It seems to be
the worst seasons
are finally at hand,

but I’ve got 
the largest antidote 
the stores would give.

Your love,
or even just you,
my dove.

With a mind like yours
and thoughts like these,
the beginning
no longer matters.


As long as we know
where it all ends…

May it never end.

Fate drives me.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Differences between time and space


There’s no end to the distance.
Time pushed you away;
            Time brought you back.
Still, Earth is a large place to these eyes
            That still want to see you
                        Every day and night,
            Or these arms of mine
                        That only wish
                                    To hold you
Closer than ever.

Each night I dream of you.
Each day my body aches
            Just to feel your presence.
“Missing” you is more relative than “love,”
            Yet, I swear, both describe
                        My thoughts each day.

Sunshine brings a reminder of times
            When I took seeing you for granted.
Grade school was so long ago;
            Junior year was forever ago…
I hated those years so much,
            But I’d return
                        Just to have you near.

The future will be bright
            As long as it contains you.
Eventually, I know, Fate
            Will bring us back to the same room.
If not, I’m sure “comedy” sings a different tune;
For, a tragedy no longer describes us.

Fate drives me.


Shattered Lies

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Food for thought 11/05/2010

For the very few who use to read the pieces I posted on Facebook, these assortment of thoughts are surely nothing new. In fact, two years have made the original subject completely out-dated. The message still stands though, and, as I try to express daily, the past shares many parallels with the present.

Usando solamente mi corazón,

Vivo por nada,


Every lie starts with the truth that I do not care at all.


If there is a heart inside my chest,
Then let it break.
If I must feel so lonely,
Then let others feel free.
If my happiness means nothing,
Then I'll just be me.


Do you see the man
Staring out behind these eyes?
He's pining for that one girl
He sees everyday.
There's no rhyme nor reason
To the mentality he wishes was shared.
Yet, there's no chance
That such hopes will come true.
Do you see the tears
Forming behind his eyes?


Shattered Lies,
Raise them above the truth.
I cannot live up
To life's expectations.


Here I am
There I lied
To you
Because you knew
I was petrified
To hear your voice
And see your face
If only
I could make sense
Of this goose chase.


Giving back to this world, I give solely my soul for you to take.

Fate drives me.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey guys it's Aulene. The sight had an off week last week so that is why I didn't post. We wanted to take a week off to write and get refreshed for ,hopefully, some great new pieces.
This weeks piece is about my stepmom and my brother. My brother is my step mom's only kid and she spoils him and lets him get away with almost anything and I constantly get in trouble for stupid things or things that he does. This is just about my strugle in trying to find out why she expect so much out of me and not him.
I am sure those of you that have siblings can relate to me.
Sometimes you just feel like you want to walk away and never come back.
Let me know what you thing of this.
Thank you for all your suppor guys!
Your High Standards
Once upon a time...
I had a dream...
A life...
A home...
Then you came along.
Marriage was the ticket
To the American boys money
Then the passing of one
Left only two
Two sisters
Looking for a home,
Looking for understanding.
At first it was nice
Loved and respected
Touched and understood
Behind every mask
Holds the truth
Truth of disgust
Of fury
And lies
Yet there Alec sits
High on his pedestal
As spoiled and rotten as one could be
Doing everything wrong
Lying to your face
Andy denying it all
Then here it comes
Your yelling at me again
For something he did
You expect straight A's... I’m dyslexic
You expect me to just know
You expect me to understand your high standards
You expect Alec to stay home
You expect him to take a nap at noon
You expect him to have fun as a kid
Why only me?
Why am I getting punished?
Why do only I have to follow your high standards?
You once asked me...
"when I introduce myself, Can I say I’m your mom?"
I said yes
As if it was an alarm,
Off came your mask
Out came the witch
Your double standards
They get more obvious
Every day
Why do you expect so much?
Why me?
Why not him!
Be tough on Alec!
The one who really deserves it!
You have the image,
Engraved in your brain,
That Alec is perfect.
You have this image,
Engraved in your brain,
That I’m not.
You can't see what Alec is
He's your only kid
That makes him perfect?
But I’m not your kid
Does that make it fair?
To hold me to your high standards?
You expect so much from me,
And so little from him
So I’m leaving
All I want it equality,
Not to be bullied,
By your high standards

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You'll never know.

You'll never know how perfect I try to be for you.

I love you enough to drop everything now and run to you.

But emotions become overpowering and cause us to stray.

I promise to control it, but I can't promise I'll change..

Life hits hard. If I am unhappy it's just a cry for help and arms to hold.

I never blame you for the unhappiness...but sometimes it'd be nice for you to see what I go through. To help you understand I don't make this stuff up.

(Thanks for reading my venting)

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Thousand Words

An inspiration from a time of love at first sight, Christmas wishes blossomed in the air that day so did one of mine.   It's been so long since I have looked back and  to say my heart has never felt the same since that day. Now we finally met again.

~Sabrina Black  

"Where is the love?" by julkusiowa

“I miss You”
Remember that day we met? That day when our eyes met, and shared more than words could describe , at the Christmas party in December of ‘07.
I was sitting with on the floor talking and laughing to one of my old friends. Holding a Christmas gift that seemed to hold magic that day. I looked up to the ramp that led to the living room, was you coming down closer to me. The disbelief in my eyes when being drawn to you grew stronger and stronger.
In my heart, I needed you in my life, or loose myself in sorrow and pain. I just felt I need you to look in my eyes to notice I was there.
Getting the attention your hungered my heart. I followed you as if I knew you for a thousand years. Then you met my eyes; our hearts became inseparable.
Now, looking back, my love for you has gotten stronger. Each day you’re here with me, even though distance is a barrier.
“Distance”, who knew it would mean so little for love in someone’s heart.

~Sabrina Black APLIW

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More thoughts of you

The universe slows as I think of you.
My dreams rush forward at the sight.
If there could be one wish to leave this tongue,
it’d be to be with you tonight.

Yet, this Freudian slip of you and I
Seems to occur each day I’m awake.
It seems that I’m afraid to lose you
And have someone else take

Your love.

I can’t seek to explain in clear words
Everything that you mean to me
All I know is that these feelings, so strong,
Have yet to come free.

Fate drives me.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Only you

"When Your Gone" by drixx-nudal

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! I know it has been a while. I have been going through a lot lately and just didn't have time to write. This is part of what has been going on in my life. This is my best friend who I am slowly realizing that maybe we should not be friends for reasons I say in this piece. 
I just wrote this so I hope you like it.

Thank you for your support!!!
I love you all!!!

Only You

Once uppon a time
You were my friend and I depended on you
you came to me when you needed help
Then it all changed
Now its nothing but lies
Going behind my back
talking shit


Do you just want the attention?
Do you just want the drama?
Do you not really care?
Then nothing is wrong
You come back to school
Laughing and playing
Like not one thing changed


When did everything go bad?
When did the lies start?
When did this wedge come in between us?


Was it Scott?
Was he the one
That put that steak between us?


Why did you let him?
Why did you listen to him?
Was he really that important?


I was here for you for years
Then you drop me just like that?

I'm done.

A true friend wouldn't lie.
A true friend wouldnt go behind my back
A true friend would be there when I need  help
Were you ever really there?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Wonder never leaves us.

Deep in our hearts we still wonder.
with this wonder comes our hope.
We look to the sky and things around us & on the inside we are thinking of all the possibilities and opportunities out there.
We dream as we see things pan out for us and see each goal being met.

We wonder in love.
Could it be? We wonder. 
With wondering comes exploring, with exploring comes adventures, with adventures comes experiences of a lifetime.

When we wonder we see things differently than each other. Yet we are linked by the subject of hope.
& of dreams.

Wonder. It exists in all of us.

-"wonderbabe" is what my father has called me since I was a toddler. He said I always looked like I was up to something or curious about something. I wondered about things and people wondered about me and the mystery I made of myself."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cloud over her head

Hey guy its Sabrina Black, this weeks piece is about depression. We all come into contact with it one way or another. Whether it be death of a family member, divorce, or loneliness. Its hard to overcome depression and go through it. Just remember it always will get better and you just need to find the light in life. If you smile long enough you will be happy.

The moon shines through the fingers of the trees, surrounded by a blanket of darkness. Whispers haunt her as she walks across the lone path. The sound of crunching leaves sends shivers up her spine. It’s a nightmare unfolding into reality like a horror scene.
Cold, alone, and scared, no one’s there to hold her hand. Hurtful words, terrifying memories,and great disgrace manipulate her mind. Sleep is her only companion that gets rid of the pain. Deep down, she screams for help, but no one can hear her cry. Her heart has a missing piece cut out. She can never heal with the burden of sorrow and grief that take her soul.
The moon lights her way through the forest. The cool wind pierces the hair on her arm. Not a star in the sky to grant the wish she desires. She tries to hide her face with her hoodie. Lost and cold, her feet lead her to a graveyard, surrounded by a sharp,metal fence. Entering it there is no turning back to the past of which she came from.
Looking at the headstones, the pounding of her heart grows louder as she sees the grave of her mom.  It reads:
In loving memory of Grace Swan 1960-2011.
Her eyes fill with tears as she looks upon the terrible sight that will stay with her for the rest of her life. She is lonely forever, no one to comfort her through struggles. No one to tell her the barriers of life or protect her from harm. Screaming at the top of her lungs “ Why did you leave!” “I’m all alone because you’re out of my sight, but tell me why can I still feel that you’re here with me on this lonely night.”
Now comes the hardest part: Remember? Or stay stuck?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More thoughts

"City Philosophy" by LonelyPierot


Philosophy stands firm in this world but contradicts that of greater importance. “The heart.”

Thoughts pile up in this sunny atmosphere. Affection takes a different tone. Like philosophy it has become rigid, unchanging, yet ever-wanting.

In the tune of affect, my logic fails. Explanations lose themselves amidst a sea of confusion.

This field before me erupts with emerald waves filled with lovely hands to pluck my heartstrings. Still, the vibrations come from so far away that my body surely does not feel anything at all. Only certainty claims the smiles of those trapped in the bulk of the tiny tremors. 

They feel all that they wish and care not for other destinations.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I wish that I could regain this peace

That dwells deep in my soul...

What is the point of all this? 

This thing we call life? 

I knew that answer once 

My purpose is not based on my feelings alone

But also my decisions 

Like love

It is not wholly a feeling, but also a decision.

A balance is needed

Without it chaos ensues 

My life has been an example of that

The one who brings balance to all things is Jesus Christ. 

This piece is something that reflects how I feel at this point in time. 
There are two lessons I believe that I have learned just recently. 
That love as we perceive it is not based on our feelings alone, but also making a decision to say, "I will love you through the hard and easy times and will never give up on you for anything."

Also that in finding our purpose in life is not about satisfying our desires, and yes all humans have "needs" but the decision to follow Christ is essential for salvation and a truly fulfilled life. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


You know how to light up my life, brighter than a north star in the black western sky.

You pull at my heart and have me falling more and more each day.

You feel what I feel and its not like anything I've experienced.

You, You, You.

So much to say about you, words can't fathom.

Your love is deep and true. You cannot deceive. You are real. That's the best part.

Life with you is a dream without being in the dream and waking up.