Monday, January 31, 2011

What We Have To Fear

Heres another one of my free written poems, hope you like it.

Let the world stop spinning, I want to get off, everything here turned out just as I thought. The fires are glowing, the flames are growing hot. Everything is falling, everything that we fought. The air is growing thick and I am starting to feel sick. The world is claustrophobic, and we have finally come to know this. The end is growing near, and we only have to fear, what we never truly believed, for the belief becomes reality.

Also you can keep up with what other stuff im doing by looking up the indie music review blog that I will be posting links to soon. I will be reviewing indie bands' albums.

Joseph W.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A heartfelt letter home.

Hey everyone, it's Saturday and that means a new post from me, Alex. This week has been kind of hectic for me, unfortunately, and until today I didn't have anything to post. Between my grandfather having surgery, musical auditions, homework, fatigue, and depression I'm behind on my normal schedule. The result is a shortened post to end part one of Ankoku no Ki. Although not the first ending I had in mind, I do feel that this letter from Rachel to her Mother a year after her escape summarizes what I had in mind and introduces the part two fairly well. So, here's chapter eight.

Chapter 8

Maybe Memories

Dear Mother,

            Do you remember my name? I barely remember it myself nowadays. I cannot help but doubt who I am. Everyday changes everything and I do not know how much longer I can hold out. Each day I think about you both, but with no letters or calls I almost think that you do not remember your only daughter. It has been over three years since I saw your crying faces as you dropped me off at the university—I wish it were shorter. I know that you wanted the best when you sent me there to study philosophy, but it seems that fate has wanted something entirely different.
For a year and a half, everything was fun, new, and so much more peaceful than my senior year at Lemon High. Unfortunately, the peacetimes away from Monroeville only lasted that long. I started having those dreams again, like I use to have right before we left Liverpool. You remember, right? The ones where I was in the empty void? The terrible part was that the dreams finally came true. Suddenly, I found myself beside myself and accused of a murder that I did commit, at the fault of a deity who calls Eris who only wanted to protect me. When the military found out, they imprisoned me for several months and subjected me to treatment that I never wish to speak of again. As you may have figured out, I am no longer a prisoner. In fact, I escaped with the help of a German scientist named Friedrick. He is such a nice man and reminds me so much of father. I am certain that you would love him.
Currently, I am living somewhere in Japan with Friedrick, Justin, and four others who are just as downtrodden as I am. There are decisions in this life that are my own to make. With all my heart, I wish that such decisions would bring the two of us closer, but I do not believe that will ever happen. I am not certain how much longer I will be of this world, but I do not write you so that you will worry. Mother, I sincerely hope that you will not worry. Justin will keep me as safe as possible as long as he can—we both know how reliable he is. I sometimes wish that I could have taken your advice and tried to be more than friends with him, but love is not exactly something I should be worried about love right now, according to Friedrick.
There is so much more that I wish I could tell you, and, as much as it hurts me, this may be the last chance I will ever have to tell you anything, but there’s only so much paper and electronics reveal my location too easily. But, Mother, please stay safe. I heard of how the warfront had been brought to the States. Each day I pray for your safety, just as I pray that this letter reaches you. Just remember how much I love you and every day I will do my best to make you proud.

Your loving daughter,


~End of Part One~

Fate drives me

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trapped Under Ice Flows

She sits down on the cold, wet cement bench that stretches on forever in both opposite ways. Sighing, she places the headphones over her ears, presses play, and closes her eyes to the heavy, fast-paced, and mournful piano. Knees to chest, she is holding herself together after a day of behind-back whispers and long pitying stares from people she never even knew existed before.
It is common news how he broke her, taking the metaphorical shotgun she always kept a few inches from her head and pulling the trigger right inside her heart.
Oh, what were her innumerous insecurities and abandonment issues compared to this? Days spent in agonizing scrutiny over the wounds bleeding openly for the general public to see. She felt as if she didn’t own her own existence.
Hands misplaced, Russian poets and glass jars: these things invaded every nook and cranny of her mind; a flashbulb memory that wouldn’t disappear, no matter what decibel of song shook it.
Eyes closed, she is wishing herself to a place not found in the past. Leather-bound books surround her, paint the walls in their shelves. An elegant silk ball gown adorns her frame – a lovely soft pink. There is nothing but the sound of her breathing and the whispers of words calling her name affectionately.
“I could disappear here,” she thinks, twirling around to find the space behind her a paradise of comfort. A large easy chair sits next to fireplace; a stack of books waits in front of it, holding a steaming cup of coffee ready to flood her veins. “Yes. Yes, I could disappear here, indeed.”
But she opens her eyes, and is sucked underneath the flow again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Great Wings of Dreams

Life seems to get harder
as the days go by
nothing is ever simple
not anymore.
are we drifting through life
on the wings of empty dreams
hopes that are just there
to keep us hanging on
too scared to take the risk
of jumping from the sky?
We don't want to see the ground
where the dreams have died.
They are seen on the ground
their great wings clipped by death
or the moment lost to chance.
Their broken bodies fill the ground
and we don't want to see ourselves down there.
But if we don't take that leap,
and fall on toward the ground,
Our dreams will never fly higher,
among the planets and stars.
Instead we'll keep on holding on
through hopes that should've died,
and we'll hang onto the the great wings of dreams
that we don't want to die.
We don't have the courage,
to see it all fail,
fail and fall,
fall to the ground.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Whisperer

Hey all, it has been awhile since I last posted, been busy/forgetful.
But I am here now and am going to free write a poem... Soooo, here it goes!


Whispers are quiet and unknown,
but when we whisper together, we propel it through a megaphone.
and like a sharp stone, it pierces the skin.
The whisperer is left un-atoned.

We whisper in secret, so no one else can hear it.
We whisper in the shadows, so no one can see it.
But as the darkness is overcast, the sound will not pass.
Our secrets sung in whispers, bring scars, and open blisters.

We scream for help, while we're drowning in fear.
Our friends are within our reach, but why can't they hear?
Our screams turn to whispers, but when a whisper is only one,
it cannot be heard, nor can the whispers turned to screams be undone.


Thanks guy, I'd love some feedback.

Joseph W.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


"When someone looks at you, what do you see?"

I can't tell you how many times I have had someone asked me this question. Half the time I would like to say, "I don't know, why don't you ask them shithead?" However seeing as this is not a reasonable answer, I simply give the same bullshi-nay nay over and over.  Funny, Smart, Vibrant, Loyal, a great friend. These lies are all that are needed however. Mainly because I am public enemy number one regardless. My folks were war heroes when they were around my age. The man they managed to kill made one last prediction about how on the same day as my birthday the tool to destroy the world would be born. So, I unfournately was deemed as a monster and ordered to be killed. Now I hide under a different name, away from the public, for a crime I didn't even commit. All because a mad man pulled one last trick? It's bullshi-nay nay.

However, I had managed to fit into the public as the arrogant little genius. Somehow I also got this title as a womanizer. I don't see how, all women love power. Power is what I have. With power I can prove all of these fools wrong. I will make them shake in fear as they have to hide who they are...

Or so I thought... Until that faithful night. The night she died... Her name was Zelda, and a childhood friend of mine. She was a complete freak, but I didn't mean to get her killed... I mean they were her uncles! Who's uncles would rape and kill them? I mean yeah she warned me, but this girl was so loopy! now I'm seeing doubles of her in Eva, stuck in a world that has branded me a criminal without knowing me, and I have to SAVE these people? Whatever happened to karma?

~Intercepted message of Wanted Mage, Henry the Outsider


How is life my friends? So the final of the Lacrime posts is here! And who better to end with then the protangonists himself, Henry the Outsider. Now "The Outsider" is not his last name, but the name of the pistol he will be famous for using. Like I have mentioned before, Henry is one of the three main Cancellors of the story. He is a Lightining Cancellor at the start of the story, obtaining his magic against his will. Like all Cancellors he also had to learn some secondary skills to allow him to fight without his Cancellor skills. Henry uses a mainly augment spells and his magic gun "The Outsider", which can create bullets out of the fire magic in the air or using special shells can perform various magic spells.

Henry was made to represent the arrogance of my youth as well give life's perspective. Now that those posts are over, I will be returning to work on finishing the touches on Pieces, which you should check back soon for more information. Have a great Sunday my friends!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Chapter 6

Who am I?

            “Umph!” Justin hit the wall of his new prison hard as his captives threw him harshly from their side. Recoiling suddenly, he shifted his gaze back to the direction he had just came. “You ja—!” He stood up too suddenly, resulting in a stabbing pain to shoot forth from his new stitches. A man laughed from the doorway as Justin collapsed in agony.
            “Why don’t you and that floor get more acquainted?” the man asked. “You’re going to be in here so long, I bet that floor will become more like your girlfriend.” The man broke out in riotous laughter.
            “You son of a bitch…” Justin mumbled back, the pain causing him to wince with pain. The man suddenly slammed the door shut, leaving Justin to lay in pitch darkness.
* * * * *
            Justin lied on the floor of his cell, unaware of how much time had passed since he had been thrown in the prison to rot. Occasionally, a tray of food would clatter onto the floor somewhere and he would scramble to find it. (It was the only food he was given and he knew that he had to make the best of the situation.) There was no sign of where the tray came from, not that any visible sign would matter. Darkness in every direction destroyed his ability to see.
            Why are they forcing me to stay here? Where is ‘here?’ Who are ‘they?’
* * * * * *
            “Let me out of here!” Justin screamed at the top of his lungs. “Let me OUT!”
            “You know they can’t hear you, right?” a second voice asked.
            “I don’t care. I still have to try,” he answered without question. “LET ME OUT!!!
            “Go ahead then, waste your energy…”
* * * * * *
            “How long have you been in here?” the voice asked again sometime later.
            “How should I know?” Justin banged his head lightly against the wall of his prison in frustration. The voice laughed a deep, whole-hearted laugh that worked to gently soothe Justin’s angst.
            “I know how you feel. I must have been in here for a few years now, or maybe a few decades… I lost count so long ago…”
            “Your point is…?” Justin sighed. The head banging stopped momentarily. Rubbing his head, he attempted to spread out the pain.
            “At some point, they’ll have to open the door, right?”
            “I’ve no body to take my revenge against this treacherous world.”
            “No body?”
            “You must want something as bad as I want revenge, right?” the voice continued, ignoring Justin’s comment.
            “I want to protect those I love…”
            “So you understand my feelings, right?”
            “I’m not su—”
            “Maybe—if we joined forces—we could make sure that each of our goals is realized, no? I have the power you need to protect your people, and you have the body I need to get back at the world. Whadya think? Are you in?”
            “I’m not sure about this…”
            “Oh, c’mon. This is nothing more than ‘You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.’ There’s no thinking involved, just say ‘yes.’” A long silence pervaded the air.
            What’s the worst that could happen? “Fine then, let’s join together.” The voice laughed.
            “I’m glad you see it my way…”
            “How do we do this—?” Suddenly, Justin felt a strange heat spread throughout his body, he cried outward in pain.
            “They’ll never bother us again.”
            “Never again…” Justin whispered in agreement as he felt the imagined flame encase his body.

Chapter 7

Mein liebe. My prisoner.

Rachel awoke to the dim light of the fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling directly above her. Black, iron shackles without chains bound her wrists and ankles to the cold wall of her new environment, which was shadowed in darkness except for the small circle of light the bulbs made visible. The after-effects of the drugs she had breathed in earlier still made her feel slightly weak and tired. A soft groan escaped her lips as her awareness of her environment began to grow.
            “How are you feeling?” asked Col. John Stroyer as her eyes noticed him standing a small distance from her for the first time. “Sorry about that kind of tired feeling you’re feeling, the extra-strength dosage we had to use is still under testing.”
            “What did you do to me, you lying bastard?!” The shackles bit roughly into her skin as she struggled against their unmoving resistance.
            “For one, I never lied to you. If only you could see this room! It’s so much bigger than your old one, and I promised you a bigger room, didn’t I?” John laughed heartily.
            “You won’t get away with this!” Rachel spat.
            “Oh? What makes you say that?”
            “Eris will save me! Just wait until she gets through with you!” John laughed once more.
            “If you could only see how dark your eyes are turning, you would know that Eris is no longer the issue.”
            “You…ASSHOLE!!”  She felt anger overwhelm her as several vines found their way through the skin on her forearms. A sharp electrical shock immediately followed the release of the plants. Rachel loosened a sharp scream as her back arched in severe pain and the vines retreated into hiding. After the pain subsided, she felt the touch of a John’s leather glove upon her chin as he lifted her face to eye level. John stared deeply into her eyes.
            “Such a lovely shade of blue are held within those eyes of yours. I’d hate to see them become consumed with hate.” He inched his face closer to hers, his eyes never letting go of hers. “But, be sure to notice that the shock you felt won’t be the last if they do.” With his other hand, he lifted an obsidian-colored, small, flat controller for Rachel to see. “So, I suggest you cooperate with us, Rachel—if that’s the name you still wish to go by.” He let go of her chin, turned and walked slowly away. She stared at his strong back with uncertain feelings with the feeling of hot tears read to release themselves from her eyes.
            “What do you want from me…?” she whispered weakly. In an instant, John turned back around sharply with excitement in his eyes.
            “There’s the question I wanted to hear!” he exclaimed, moving back towards her. “You see, within you is the guardian to the Tree of Darkness, and it has become more than clear that the Tree must be put into the secure hands of the U.S. government in order to protect the safety of hundreds of millions.”
            “Tree of Darkness? What’s that??” she asked with uncertainty. John laughed.
            “Don’t act like you don’t know.”
            “But, I have no clue what you’re talking about!”
            “Then find out quickly,” John snapped, “because there’s not much time before those jackasses oversea use it against us!”
            “No buts!” Anger filled his expression, matching the sternness held in his voice. “Are you willing to risk the safety of this country in order to avoid your misguided uncertainty? If so, then you’re a traitor who isn’t even worthy of my presence.” He glared at her, obviously expecting her to say something in her defense. Rachel remained silent, unable to think of a singular statement to aide her defense. He scoffed at her in disgust before turning around once more. This time he walked away. After the metallic sound of a door opening and closing, Rachel was left to dwell in the spiteful silence around her.
* * * * * *
            Col. Stroyer closed the door to Rachel’s cell behind him as he stepped into a dimly lit hallway, scarcely populated by anyone other than a few lab workers and himself.
            “Colonel!” The voice of BG. Edward Stroyer came from a distance down the hall. John immediately froze and saluted as his father approached. Edward stopped a few steps away from his son. “At ease, colonel,” he stated sternly. John relaxed slightly. “Come, let’s walk.” John nodded and went to his father’s side as he beckoned him. Side by side they began walking down the bleak hallway. “What’s the condition of the girl?”
            “She’s awake, but she says that has no recollection about the Tree,” he reported. Edward scoffed.
            “Don’t let her appearance fool you. That girl is just as dangerous as Eris now, because they are one and the same.”
            “With all due respect, I already knew that—”
            “Then tell me, colonel,” Edward gave a sarcastic glance at his son, “why do you still treat her like a mere child instead as you would a normal prisoner?” John tried to answer, but his words lost their structure before they left his tongue. “It’s no secret to us why she calls herself by the name of the Greek goddess of discord.” Where their hallway, another hallway turned left and right, stretching a great distance in each direction. “She guards the barrier between this world and the next, and—in order to keep it safely out of the hands of man—she has leveled entire civilizations before. If she had any more power, she could rival even the god of death.”
            “But, what’s been bothering me is how to tell if this girl isn’t another example of demon possession.” Edward stopped suddenly and stared at his in sheer annoyance.
            “The answer is in her eyes, or rather the type of soul existent behind her eyes.” Confusion struck John hard.
            “What do you mean?”
            “Her medical history shows panic attacks in the places where she should have been violent. Her schooling shows high marks in all subjects as well as the type of social cooperation worthy of a saint, without the existence of a traditional religious background. Not to mention the clarity of her pale-white skin and the light blue hue of her eyes. From these factors—among others—we have been able to label her as a being of light, a pure soul.” The excitement in the brigadier general’s voice rose upon uttering his last few words.
            “Demons can only inhabit souls that are born with darkness in their hearts, but Eris requires a different type. She requires a pure soul to become her ‘successor’ in order to keep the balance between the worlds.”
            “So a person like Rachel would be perfect, wouldn’t she?”
            “Yes, that’s precisely why we must gain the location of the Tree at all costs so that we may rid ourselves of her before she’s fully corrupted by Eris’s influential power.”
* * * * * *
What am I supposed to do now? Rachel sighed deeply, feeling the strain of her confinement. I don’t know anything about the Tree of Darkness…but what will happen if I say nothing and they don’t believe me… A short, metallic click cut through the silence. “Who’s there?!” Another click followed the first. “I told you, I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!! Please, just let me go!” she pleaded.
“That is what I plan on doing, mein liebe,” spoke Dr. Friedrick Hartmann as he stepped out of the darkness in his signature white lab coat.
“Friedrick!” she exclaimed with glee. He quickly moved in to silence her with a waving of his hands.
“Shhhhhhhh! You must remain as silent as possible mein liebe,” he whispered. “If you are not, it will be all the easier for them to recognize my intent.” Out of his coat he pulled out a singular key, large and metallic. Starting with her wrists, the doctor proceeded to unlock each of Rachel’s restraints.
“Why are you helping me? Won’t you be in trouble if they find out what you did?” she whispered.
“Of course. Of course,” he replied. “However, it was only a matter of time until they discovered that I was selling their secrets to the Japanese anyways.” He laughed lightly. “I believe, at least this way I shall be doing some good on my way out, oder?”
“Well, thanks…” Rachel said with uncertainty, “I guess…”
“Bitte. Now, I’ll lead you to your friend, and together—”
“My friend..? You mean Justin?! So, he IS alive??
“Shhh! Shhh!” He placed a finger over his lips. Right before a harsh siren blasted through the air from unseen speakers.
“What’s that??”
“It is the alarm to signify that a prisoner is escaping. Come, we don’t have much time before they place the facility under lock-down.” Friedrick grabbed Rachel’s arm and dragged her out the doorway without resistance. “Your friend isn’t too far from here.” He increased his speed, testing the limits of Rachel’s legs—which were still slightly weak from their time spent in restraints. In Rachel’s mind, time was moving faster and faster as the monotonous walls of the dim hallway sped by.
How much longer is this hallway? Suddenly Friedrick made a left turn, almost causing her to trip over herself. Behind them, Rachel thought she heard the angry voice of the colonel, but the voice faded in the distance as Friedrick pulled her into another left turn. This time, instead of being dragged into another bleak hallway she came face-to-face with a heavy, metal door with solely a small card key slot to suggest that there was something behind it. Friedrick withdrew an obsidian key card from his coat and quickly inserted it into the slot. The door clicked open.
“Quickly, go get your friend,” he said hastily, the siren in the background emphasizing their necessity to hurry. Rachel nodded and opened the door wider before entering the blackness in the room.
“Who’s there?” asked a rough voice. For some reason the sirens from the hallway refused to penetrate the walls of the room. Absence of the blaring noise gave way to small shuffling noises which echoed diligently upon each of the four walls existent beyond the darkness.
“Justin…?” she asked, inching in the direction she believed to be movement.
“Stay away!” he screeched harshly. “No more! I don’t want your sympathy! Just leave!!”
“Justin, it’s me, Rachel.”
“LIES!!!! Rachel is dead. She’s dead and I couldn’t save her,” a second voice suddenly crept in beneath his insane ranting. Rachel stepped forward. Her adjusted eyes could now make out the general outline of his form, which appeared to blend and merge with the surrounding darkness.
“Please, just listen!”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” The voice released was not Justin’s. Suddenly a burst of black and scarlet fire shot forth from his body, drenching the room in a darkened flame. Rachel raised her arms instinctively to protect her face, causing the malicious fire to bite deep into her cream-white flesh. Small tears fell from the corner of her eyes as she winced in pain. When she lowered her arms, she was surrounded by a wall flame with a demon in front of her as the only cool place for her eyes to travel.
In contradiction to Justin’s usual, straight-edge appearance, he was now clad in a raggedy coat, with random rips and tears on its surface. The hair on his head had become long and shaggy, just as the short beard growing on his face. Bolts of blue blood rapidly moved across his estranged crimson eyes which glared at Rachel with an unbelieving fury. Small bursts of dark fire shot across the gap between her and Justin.
 “I’m tired of the lies,” the voice growled once more. “I’m tired of the world. I’m tired of the pain…” The wall of fire around them rose violently.
“Justin…” Rachel advanced towards him cautiously.
“STAY BACK!!!” the second voice screeched. She failed to heed his warning.
“I don’t want you to feel pain anymore either…” She ran at him quickly and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace. “Especially not because of me.”
“Please, forgive me. I never wanted any of this…” Tears flowed from the blue depths of her eyes as the flames around them extinguished rapidly, turning into steam and escaping to the air.
“Don’t cry…Please…” he lifted her face to stare into his dark brown eyes. “None of this is your fault.” The steam wrapped around them both, as they savored the warmth of each other’s embrace.
* * * * * *
            “The exit’s right ahead, right?” Justin asked the doctor as all three of them dashed down another dim hallway.
            “It should be, yes,” Friedrick responded.
            “Why haven’t they come after us yet?” Rachel chimed in breathlessly.
            “I’m not positive, mein liebe. However, I do not think we should worry so much about such good fortune.”
            “Right,” Justin agreed.
* * * * * *
            “Are we just going to let them go like that??” asked John in panicked tone. He, Edward, and half a dozen soldiers stood in the complex’s surveillance room. “I’m going after them!”
            “Relax, colonel,” stated Edward coolly. “There’s a reason we’re letting them go.”
            “What reason could there possibly be?” John scoffed.
            “Regardless of whether the girl knows the Tree’s location or not, eventually she will lead us to its location.”
            “Until then? What?? Are we supposed to let a demon, scientist, and demi-god go free without any resistance?? Together, they have the destructive power of the entire U.S. army. They could level an entire city without thinking, and we’re supposed to let them run free?? You’re insane!
            “…Watch your place, John…” Edward glared at his son.
            “I apologize…” John sighed, realizing the consequences of disobedience.
            “We will wait, that is final,” the brigadier general turned and left, leaving no room for argument. John sighed deeply in uncertainty.
            What happens if such a thought destroys the country we’re trying to protect?

Bonsoir tout le monde.

These past few weeks I've been sitting on a large mound of inspiration. This mainly being due to...well, the two poems I've posted highlights briefly on it. This inspiration has lead me to dream of some new storylines (literally), and not only the next arc of Ankoku no Ki but at least half of my other current work, Shattered Lies.

Bluntly stated, a feeling of infatuation can be a bigger gift than depression on occasion.

What does this mean for you, the reader?
It means a lot of things:
1. The continuation of Ankoku no Ki
2. New information of my book (as I get closer to the midpoint)
3. A sh** load of new poetry
4. Oh, and I'll probably less cranky with my posts.

Next week will bring the current arc of Ankoku no Ki to a close.
The week after is my birthday, so I will be exchanging my weekly storyline with a mystery post.
The week after will begin the new arc (come back later for details).

Well, that's about it for my news segment. Now it's time to let life come at me and love to break me. Everything will be alright on the end. I just have to believe.

Fate drives me.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple Insanity

What is insanity?

Not the dictionary definition, but where does it start morally? Since in this world, there are exceptions to every rule. With all these exceptions, loopholes are formed in the law, and criminals find these loopholes. Now this already weak "moral justice" has allowed the darkest of evil to rise to power. That's why justice no longer rules. The holy world of Terra has passed up that state of mind. No, here only the dangerous survive. The one who is a threat to friend and foe alike... Oh mierda... Very few can understand my brand of madness. However very soon you will bow at my knees regardless. Until then, stay dangerous my friends...

~ Prince Garduno's message to the public


Okay so I am currently suffering intense migraines, so I struggled to write this believe it or not :P On a good note you get to meet another villain of the story! Abbel will represent Spanish and all of it's races cultures mixed together. If you haven't noticed as well, Henry's two biggest rivals are of British and Spanish cultures, while henry will be of American. These countries are known to have big rivalries, so this is the base for each of languages that are chosen. Anywho, Abbel is a Cancellor just like Henry and Eva. The difference, is he is a Dark Cancellor. This means that he controls the element of darkness. His secondary magic is Arcane as well.

Now that is all that I have today, but I will be posting the final post on Sunday. So check back then!


Another poem, Same girl


Beauty relies
on a hidden truth
which can't be truly seen.
How I wish that
by my side
is where beauty could've been.

I wonder
where I could be again.
If only I
could be counted
amongst the leagues of men.

at that point
beauty would look my way.
Such would be
what I'd need
to keep my demons at bay.

Keep me nauseous,
without knowledge
of my fate.
For beauty,
I don't know
if I can wait.

This life
I lead
is far too lonely for me.
A patient waiter,
I can no longer
hope to be.

Nothing in this life
could be
less fair.
Especially when
will never care.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A poem about a beautiful girl

“Let Me Fall”

Take my hand
before I fall into your eyes.
Realize how they captivate me
almost as much as that smile
you let shine so brightly.

Maybe later
if I let go, 
and take the welcomed dive,
your mind will catch up with mine.
Together we'll fall into these uncertain times.

as we fall,
I’ll be yours.
You’ll be mine,
the rest will cease to matter,
and my life will be more than fine.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Die Whole

Well this is a bit of a depressing piece but I found myself totally embedded in it. Let me know what you think

Die Whole

We're all dying.
Through heartache
through all those things
we die.
Too much stress,
too little life.
Sure it's eighty some years now
before we pass away,
thanks to medicine
But we die.
That won't change.
we weren't meant to live to eighty anyway.
Forty maybe,
but not eighty,
not one hundred certainly.
But we all want to live longer,
get married later,
die older,
have kids at thirty-five.
Except me.
I want to die sooner,
skip out on those
'life-preserving' drugs,
get married at twenty-four
maybe twenty-five,
have kids soon after,
die at fifty.
I think that'd be a good life.
Because otherwise,
you postpone the inevitable
its like procrastinating.
And why do we procrastinate?
because we fear the end?
because we are lazy?
well I'm not.
I want this life to get going already.
I mean really,
get this over with already.
Don't get me wrong
I love life
I like living
But if we were meant to live to one hundred
wouldn't our bodies be designed to last til then?
Instead we are wearing out,
our body parts decay
before we even die.
I don't want that.
I want to die whole,
Nothing rotting away.

~Anora Anakaya~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview with a Rebel



The only two things in this world that are guaranteed.

You’re not guaranteed to grow rich. To have a chance at love. Nor are you promised a remotely happy life. There is a difference between knowing that others have it worse then you, and understanding it. If there was anything my father hated more then the empire, it was ignorance. For that very reason, I have created a clan to lend the ignorant. Not necessarily the strong, but ignorant. Because knowledge can make anyone powerful. Look at how I made it this far, I won battles simply due to the ignorance of others to my strength. I will keep battling to terminate the Emperor my father helped raise to power. I cannot guarantee I will dissolve the empire itself, but your death will be coming soon Emperor Cover. Don’t worry; this isn’t some little girl trying to act tough. You don’t have to believe me though, because when my boot is stuck up your ass that will do quite nicely.

~ Quote from Divine Cancellor, Eva Lux, co-leader of Lacrime Von Yume

Okay first off, you may have noticed that Eva's last name has changed. That is due to the fact that I felt Lux would work much better, so I changed it. If you haven't noticed, everyone has represented a different country and language so far. Eva however will not represent one country, but will represent the latin language. Her story is to vital to the story to reveal anymore then you can already infer from the passage, but what I can tell you is she is the female lead of the story, and uses the forbidden "Cancel" elemental magic.

"Cancel" is a brand of magic that strips the magic out of the air, unlike other forms of magic that recycles it. The problem is that this permanently uses the magic up. Although her magic will be much stronger then others, she can't use it as much. This forces her to learn other forms of magic, like "Clairvoyance", "Augment(Body)", and "Shield". Well that's all for today, but check back tomorrow for another character, the wicked Abbel!


"False" By Ken Giovanni

Oh silly robot,
Speaking of equality…
Oh silly robot,
Searching for balance…

Your ignorance screams to me
Like wild bull…
Your kindness saddens me,
Because it’ll do no good.
This world we live in
Is so simple and so clear:

Now silly robot,
Listen up right here,
There’s nothin’ equal
About this living hell…

I wish there was an easier way
To break your heart but since there ain’t I’ll say

Now silly robot
Lend me your ear,
I got all the truths
In my mind so clear…

There’s no law in this land,
The strong live,
And the weak get killed,
So wise up and get to faking…
-End Chorus-

You say would like,
To act yourself.
The biggest problem, now
Is that won’t help.
These people don’t give a damn,
They want your soul
And nothing else.
So you better straighten up,
Or I’ll beat you down.
It better I do it,
So you don’t find out…

The truth about this plain,
Listen up cause I’ll tell you anyway…
-Chorus x3-
-End of Song-

~ Lyrics to “False” By Ken Giovanni, Maestro of Illusions

Hey guys! So here is a song by Ken Giovanni, who goes mostly by his pen name False Maestro. This song is sung in the story along a piano and clarinet. It still needs a little tweaking, but once I get all the deatils worked out I will repost the revised version just for your eyes. ;D

Want a hint at the Lyricist magic? A clarinet and piano are the mediums.

As you could tell by his strange choice in names, False has always stuck out around his friends. If he wasn't stuck in his room practicing on his piano and clarinet, he was making a fool of himself with his peers. The only friend he ever made ended up dead by his own hand. Or so the story goes. After turning twenty, he left his hometown of Umbridge(Same location as Umbria on Earth) to go study music at Zone(Rome). There he got into contact with DJ Mussolini, a wanted illsuionist who taught him to use the lost magic "Lyricist". How does he end up with the heroes? You'll have to wait until the start of the book for that information. ;) False was one of the most enjoyable characters I have worked on out of the whole class next to Holy Law. Now, for the last post of today, you will get the lovely Ms. Eva Lux. ;) So come back at around 7 p.m.! Ta ta for now!


Machines can Preach Too


This word was preached to me since the dawn of my creation. I was once told that I lived in an age of equality, where all were treated fairly. Yet everywhere I turn, I see nothing but heavy inequality at each angle. They worship a King who is no smarter then the peasants he throws in cells. The rich nobles are lazier then the farmers who put food on their tables. Knights more cowardly then the woman and children they pretend to serve. My Master was the wisest person I have interacted with, yet his testimony about a world full of equality seems non-existent to me at the moment. He designed me to wear this cloak as symbol of peace. However, everyone I come in contact with runs away in fear. I studied that the cross meant much to these people, and the color red was a sign of bravery and valor. So why does everyone fear me? My programming cannot understand the irrational behavior of humans. I shall continue my search for the ability to become human… maybe then I can complete my master’s last mission.

~ Testimony of Holy Law, the Lonely Weapon
Okay so here is the first of my posts today! This tells the story about the Holy Law, an android created 200 years prior to the main series. He hails from Jersalem, and his master is a ex-member of Lacrime's version of the Crusades. (Hench the cloak) Holy Law is a special Android in the fact that he can use magic. His magic is called "Weaponry", which allows the user to transform into different weapons. Holy Law can become a Halberd, Guillotine, and a shield at the beginning of the series.  Much of Holy's story will be based off the Crusades events, such as the fact he appeared 200 years before the start of the series, is around the same amount of time that the Crusades lasted. Hopfully you will enjoy his character. ;) Stay tune for a short song by Mr. False. ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal Entry of a Sadistic Genius




Or my personal favorite, Demon.

These are all words that have been used to describe me in the past few years. I am considered insane by my colleagues for my genius. Simply because they are too stupid to grasp my intellect. Too slow to match wits with my “insanity”. I ask one simple question however, is it insanity to dissect a few dogs and monkeys for the advancement of mankind? We kill humans all the time, but no one ever says shit about that. War, car crashes, guns misfiring, police shooting down criminals. One heartless demon took my parents from me, but he got off with six months in jail and is now living it up on the high streets of Moscow.

This world’s greatest geniuses and wealthiest men all had one thing in common; they were all a little fucked up in mind, body, or dusha. At least according to other people. If my sister would let me, I would start experimenting on humans, but she says that it’s horrible and immoral. Why? Everyone else does. Yet when I try to do it, it’s considered immoral? The only one who is trying to actually do some good for mankind? Blah, now I know how our late ancestor felt… idiocy is everywhere. If only we could trim down the population a bit… so Sis, what do you say? Can we kill them? Please?

~ Journal Entry as of January 14, 2033, by the Devil’s Apprentice Dimitri Konstantinov

Here's the second character that I will be doing today. As you can see, he is a little darker minded then his positive sister. Although this entry may contradict this view, Dimitri is actually a good guy in Lacrime. Fucked up I know, but he is a very moral person who will actually aid setting Henry on the right course. Of the twins, he is the only one who can use magic. He specializes in a dark magic called "Kalga Master", which allows him to place the souls of the undead into inanimate objects. His color in the book is black, to represent Yang. Chris has graciously allowed me to post tomorrow as well. So unfournately there will be no Ankoku no Ki this week, but next week there will be a much longer piece to make up for the skip. ;)  Check back tomorrow for Holy Law and False Maestro!


Journal Entry of a Geeky Russian


The Russian term for “soul.” It was also the name of a song my mother would hum to me before I went to sleep every night as a child. I never learned the words for that song, as my mother told me I would have to wait until I got married to and had kids before I would even understand their meaning. Now I never will learn them…

A car crash took away my mother, and my chance to have children. Oh, well though, I was never really the mother type. My brother went insane when they died, where he always stays locked up studying magic and “experimenting”. He keeps the boys away that’s for sure. Not that I was exactly a heartbreaker before then anyway. All we have left of our parents are the old designs for millions of toys, so my brother and I opened up a toy shop. But no one comes, because the parents all think we are demons, so we sell them to other toy makers in secret, who in turn sell them for us. It’s hard getting by, but we are only barely starving, much better then the others in my village. Things could be worse wrong?

~ Journal Entry as of January 15, 2033, by the Mad Genius, Natalia Konstantinov


Toy Soldiers anyone?

So this is the first of the Konstantinov twins, Natalia is one of the main protangonists along with her brother, who you will see later tonight. Natalia is the only character to lack the ability to use magic, however she is a genius inventor. She can also team up with her brother to infuse her machines and toys with souls, making it possible to fight enemies and create armies of immortal tools. Her main color is white, as she often referred to as the Yang of the two twins. Around 7 tonight I will reveal Dimitri, so stay tuned until then!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some like it Dark

There are many kinds of smiles….

There are the kinds you give during a performance…

         Kinds you give at an interview to seem sane…

Kind you give right before you go ape-shit…

The question is, what is a smile?...

     Some would said, “A muscular reaction to joy”… I say it’s nothing more then a tool used to signal happiness whether it is there or not. A smile is a quick, makeshift mask used to trick the homo sapiens around you. Why? The reason is simple. Humans couldn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to you. If you have no value to them, they simply toss you aside.

      If you pose a danger, your "friends" then attempt to take your life. With a smile, the few so called "decent" monsters flock around you. A smile is a mask used to fit in and get what you want. The term "fake" smile doesn’t even exist because no smile is ever "real." Life is a war zone, and the smilers are the spies. Give up on this happiness thing real quick, and you might make it a day or two. But hell, since you’re all idiots anyway, you’ll die either way. So pick a victim, slap on a smile, and go ape-shit.

~From the Sinful collections of Steven Oliver Sheridan, the 6th Sin


Hey guys! So Terra couldn't post today, so I thought I would give you a special treat instead. For the next few weeks I will be introducing the main characters for Lacrime, in random order. I thought best to start strong and go with Henry's rival throughtout the book. Easily one of my favorites. ;) Here is the order each character will be revealed:

  1. Steven "Olly" Sheridan
  2. Dimitri and Natalia
  3. Holy Law
  4. False Maestro (Real name Ken Giovanni)
  5. Eva Presley
  6. Abbel Garduno
  7. Henry the Outsider
So tomorrow's willbe Dimitri and Natalia. ;) I will be posting each one at seperate times during the day so stay tuned for them! That's all for today!



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"London Calling"

The gray clouds outside look like they came straight from London. There’s no bustle though, no tall buildings looming over and threatening to topple, crush our very beings with their stark, bland beauty. No. There’s just a gray sky, some leafless trees, and a frozen shaking feeling inside of me.
You can’t let any one person be your happiness. They’re going to let you down. You have to find happiness somewhere else. Find it, find it, find it.
It’s major to minor again, love. Only a matter of seconds. I hope you can understand these fever-spun memories because they’re the only things going to be left behind of me. Those and the passionate screaming lullabies I’ve amassed in this time.
I want love. I hate love. It’s all a bunch of disconnected words. How do I find sanity in this madness? This was supposed to be something nice.
And the lights twinkle my love, pretty little darlings. I could cry for this, I could laugh, I could sing. This history will follow us, before and after and now.
I like feeling insane. It makes the words come. It makes my fingers dance across this keyboard like my legs cannot. I will do anything to preserve that.
I beat life with a bat. I speak all these nonsense words about living it and lock it in a closet when I get home from the nine to five. Can you understand me? Can anyone understand me? Sometimes I think I really am insane. Meant for the loony bin, meant to be separated from everyone, from anyone else. How do I let this keep going when I know what it’s doing to me? I feel myself letting go of the wheel but I can’t stop. I have to keep going. The wheels spin, the brakes jerk, but my foot is still ramming the pedal to the floor. I’ve no originality.
It’s like holding on to you is holding me back. But I can’t bear to let you go. I can’t bear to forget. It needs help it needs lubrication. It needs drugs it needs alcohol. It’s like a cancer in the middle of my brain. I can’t get at it.
This is all so simple. I’m tired of feeling insane.
winter blooms and I’m gone again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being Back

Well peoples, I know you all missed me very much while I was gone to some very warm place last week. Yes, I left the cold weather for somewhere warmer and it was sooo nice. Anyway, I want to thank Alex for posting one of my pieces in my stead. And also I want you to know  by no means do I actually think you missed me in the slightest.
Since I was not here last week when New Years Resolutions were being made I thought I would let you guys know what exactly mine is for this year. And, it is to write more. And following through with that resolution here is a piece I wrote recently. Its about that awkward thought you have when you find someone you kinda like after  not quite getting over your last relationship.

My mind is heavy
with thoughts of you.
I don't know why,
I can't seem to stop
Is it you I want?
But when I think of him,
I cringe in regret
A part of me
is with him still,
I haven't let go,
not quite yet.
So I couldn't be with you
even if I was certain
But you weigh down my mind
Completely and utterly
You don't even know.
And I pray that someone
will whisk me away.

Well its certainly not the best thing I've written is it? Oh well, that it for me this week.

~Anora Anakaya~

And this I promise (I'll hold you to it)

Hey guys, I'm a little late posting, so im technically posting early tuesday morning lol... Sorry

Hey there,
can you listen to my voice,
for a second we'll rejoice,
in a rekindled romance,
lost inside this dance,
while our movements fade away.

But when I find them...

I'll lead you there, on the darkest of nights
when you can't find the light.
And my friend, I'll hold you to it again,
the promise of our beginning, the one you said, would never end.

And I'll sleep through the night,
so safe and sound, knowing that you're around,
even when you're not there.

I'll just sit and stare, at the wall,
waiting for just one more phone call.
Hopefully its a caller who saw. the "wanted" missing poster that I hung outside last night.
Ya know, the one I hung there, for your heart.

And when I find it, oh

I'll lead you there, on the darkest of nights
when you can't find the light.
And my friend, I'll hold you to it again,
the promise of our beginning, the one you said, would never end.

And I'll sleep through the night,
so safe and sound, knowing that you're around,
even when you're not there.

And I'll just stand here, my back against this old brick wall.
Waiting for the bus, watching all the people, jump on, jump off, jump on and jump off.
Hoping that any second, the next one would be you, and you're heart, ready to come join me,
and we'll dance and sing, dance and sing, oh dance and sing...

Cause if you do...

I'll lead you to the place, where my darkest secrets lie, yeah on the darkest of nights...
And I'll show you that my love, can light the sky.
And my friend, I'll hold you to it, again and again, that this love, will never end.

Anyways that was a song I wrote saturday just for this week, and then forgot to post.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A late post

So, this week has been kind of hard for me. Without going into much detail, I've been trapped inside my mind throughout it all without hope of escape. What's so wrong about that? If any of you would ever see what's inside my mind, you would commend me solely for being able to cope with it each day.

Anyways, like usual Saturdays mean a new chapter of Ankoku no Ki. This weeks installment takes place about a week from the last chapter, just to keep you informed.
So, without boring you any longer, here it is....

Chapter 5
Breaking Point

            “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Rachel’s voice echoed against the walls of the dark room around her, much more a prison now than when she had first awoke to its confining walls. Sitting up in her bed, she exchanged her piercing scream for heavy breathing to work with the small beads of sweat upon her skin to signify the stress of her dream. Her eyes peered out into the surrounding darkness. The pain just keeps getting worse. Why is she doing this to me?
A ceiling light in the center of the ceiling suddenly burst into life as the room’s only door slammed hard against the adjacent wall, revealing a scene of the worried colonel. Rachel shut her eyes quickly to shield herself from the sudden onslaught of light.
“What’s wrong? What happened??” Col. John Stroyer asked quickly, his words drenched in concern.
“Nothing…” Rachel responded softly, her eyes finally adjusting to the light enough to gain a view of John’s white shirt, printed with a small Army’s logo over its breast pocket and a pair of beige khakis. His two guns had disappeared somewhere in the week between then and their first meeting.
“It sure as hell didn’t sound like noth—!”
“It was just a dream!” she snapped. “There’s nothing to worry about…” John sat down upon the bed, next to Rachel. He stared deeply into her tired, blue eyes. Why do I suddenly get the feeling that he’s staring into my soul?
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, his expression strange—wedged between compassion and uncertainty.
“No, I’m fine.”
“You know that we’re here to help you, right?”
“Yes, I’m aware of that.” I would sooner trust a convicted rapist… John sighed heavily and stood up sharply from his seat on the bed.
“Well, since it was obviously nothing,” he smiled down at her, “maybe we should start today’s exercises. That sounds fun, doesn’t it?” She scoffed at the colonel ruefully and drew her knees up, capturing them with her elbows.
“Will I have to run another two hours this time?” she asked sarcastically.
“Am I going to be strapped to more machines?” she continued without any notice of John’s words. “Or will I be forced to eat foods I don’t like. Or shown—”
“No, Rachel, I assure you, this time will be different. I promise you, if today goes well things will be better without those needless tests. You might even get a bigger room.” He laughed—his happy smile intent upon persuading her. Rachel let go of her knees and swung her legs drop over the side of the bed. After a disappointed sigh, she stood up slowly.
“None of that really matters anyways,” she said softly. “A prison is still a prison, no matter how big the bars are.”
* * * * * *
            “Where are we going?” asked Rachel, blinded by the heavy, black bag over her head. Along with the bag, restraints had been placed on her wrists—heavy metal shackles—which bounced lightly in front of her with each step. The only way she moved forward was by the colonel’s aide as he pushed her back lightly, slowly guiding her forward.
            “I told you when we left your room,” he responded lightly. “Today’s test involves you having ignorance to the situation until the time is right.”
            “But, why—?”
            “Oh, c’mon, life’s no fun without a few surprises. Am I right?” he chuckled loudly.
            Why do I have such a bad feeling about all of this? A small click collided with Rachel’s eardrum. “What was that??”
            “It was just the click of a door. We’re in a room now.”
            “Oh…Oka—” Suddenly, she felt the bottom of her shirt lifting up and a warm hand enter the new opening. Rachel tried to squirm away. “What the hell are you doing?!”
            “Relax, relax. I just need to put a small sensor over your heart. As always, it’s strictly part of the test, I promise.”
            Do I have a choice otherwise? “Alright, do it,” she said with a defeated sigh. Lifting her arms as far as her shackles would allow, she made room for the colonel to affix his sensor to the skin just above her left breast. She shuddered at the cold touch of the object.”
            “Alright, you’re good to go.” After a small click she felt her restraints drop from her wrists, followed by the click of the door as it closed loudly behind her.
            “John?” she asked, drawing no response from the empty air. With newly freed hands, she lifted the bag from over her head and stared at the dimly lit room around her. Suddenly she noticed the two sleeping timber wolves at the opposite end of the room. “What’s going on?!” she blurted out unthinkingly. The ears of one of the wolves perked up, causing Rachel’s skin to crawl with the fear flashing through her mind.  
Immediately, she spun around and tried the door, only to find it locked. Furiously, she began to pound on the hard surface of the door with her tightened fists with her heart pounding in double time to the frantic rhythm. “Let me out! Let me out!”  She yelled at the top of her lungs, her hands beginning to turn bright red and radiate with pain. “PLEASE! LET ME OUT!!!” After a few seconds, tiredness forced her hands to become still. Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she attempted to catch her breath. Slowly, a low growl rose above the audible beating of her heart. Timidly, she turned around to see both wolves snarling at her viciously, their sharp fangs dripping with saliva. More rapidly, her heart began to pound, shocks of pain spreading outward from her chest over her body. Her right hand went to her chest, clutching it as she began to hyperventilate.
The wolves began to advance forward, forcing Rachel to back up hard into the door and slide down until her butt slammed into the hard, tiled floor. She winced in pain.
Is this all still a test? Why is this happening to me?  The room around her began to darken at the corners of her vision as the wolves growled even louder. She could tell that they were hungry. Why must I suffer? One of the wolves lunged forward. Rachel squeezed her eyes shut, expecting to reach her mortality. Then, abruptly, her pain disappeared completely and her breathing evened. What’s going on? When she opened her eyes, she gained sight of a mature version of herself petting the attacking canine, frozen in the air only a foot from where she sat.
“Pre’y li’le thing, isn’t it?” the woman stated in her usual thick, cockney accent.
Eris!” Rachel spat, slowly raising herself to her feet using the door as leverage. “Why do you keep punishing me like this?!”
“Punishing you?!” the woman laughed. “I was surprised you remembered my name, but I guess your eyes just aren’t open yet, are they? Well, tough luck. Open them up! I wasn’t the one who led you into wolves’ den, was I?” With a casual swagger, she advanced towards Rachel, who now held guilt upon her face. “No, that’s the fault of those bastards keeping you prisoner here.”
“I know…”
“If you know, why do you still blame me, reject me?!”
“I’m too scared…”
“Are you serious?? You are, aren’t you?” She stopped directly in front of Rachel, staring into her clear-blue eyes with the dark chunks of charcoal which were her own. “Where’s the logic in denying yourself freedom from such fear?!”
“They want you, for some reason. I can’t let them—”
“Hun, they’ve been after me for as long as I can remember. They’ve no more surprises for me.” She placed her hand just above Rachel’s left breast. “Like this.” Ripping a portion out of Rachel’s shirt, the woman tore the sensor from off of her skin and crushed it in her hand. Rachel stared at her in uncertainty. Sparks flew from the crushed sensor. “If you di’n’t know. This electrode was meant to go off the second I stepped into the light.”
“Why…?” Rachel whispered in shock.
“I’m a guardian, and they want what I’m guarding.”
“Did time really stop then?” Rachel addressed the wolves.
“Time is meaningless, my dear. The only thing that’s standing still is the world you see. This won’t last though, you’re mind is too strained as it is. So choose quickly. Will you give up your fear and receive my help, or let hose beasts maul you?” Eris pointed back at the two timber wolves poised to attack.
“Is that even a choice?” The woman smiled. Slowly the woman began to fade and a wave of pain came rushing over Rachel. She screamed outward, squeezing her eyes shut…in ecstasy. Why? Why does this pain feel so good? Her scream turned into a maniacal laugh as time started once more and she caught the wolf before its teeth could connect with the soft flesh of her neck. Her hands gripped the wolf’s throat as she stared at its snapping, salivating jaws with blacked irises filled with violent thoughts. Why does this feel so good?
“Because you’re with me now, Rachel!” Eris yelled from the back of Rachel’s mind. “You’ll never have to feel pain again!” Dual vines emerged from beneath the cream-white skin on both her arms, drawing dark streams of crimson from the newly opened wounds. She smiled even wider in pure ecstasy at the newfound pain. The thorny vines raised high in the air before producing a black flower, as dark as the eyes Rachel now sported, at their tips. “Yes! Do it!”
The flowers came down quickly, their center’s turning into vicious fanged mouths. Each bit into the skulls of the wolf, digging through the animal’s fur and peeling away the wolf’s flesh with increasing speed. The wolf whined in severe pain and reeled backwards violently.
That’s right…eat them all! The wolf fell to the floor, dead, as the left flower continued to gorge upon the wolf’s body. With a wide grin, Rachel advanced towards the second wolf, who cowered and whimpered in the far left corner of the room. “I love your fear, love. It keeps things so much more interesting.” Rachel laughed as the flower from her right arm lunged forward and sunk its sharp teeth deep into the wolf’s jaw and rip it off in one, strong tug. Rachel laughed even harder, more insanely, as the second wolf fell and the vines began to turn red as they fed avidly upon the animals’ death-filled blood.
Sharply, she turned around and glared at the locked door. “Now to rid myself of my captors.” Both flowers released themselves from the wolves and came to Rachel’s side for a brief second before she commanded them to strike forward at the door. Their fangs busted through the wooden door, only to strike the metal beneath. “What the hell?” It was then that Rachel’s ears began to pick up on a faint hissing sound. “What’s that noise?”
“Look behind you!” Rachel turned around quickly to see a light fog flooding the floor from a small vent at the bottom of the wall.
“What…the…” As she breathed in the tainted air, the room began to spin and she began to become disorientated. “Eris…” Rachel collapsed to the ground, unconscious, the flowers withering up as their thorny stems retreated into Rachel’s healing arms. As she lied upon the foggy floor, her eyes began to fade back to the innocence of their original blue tint. 
Provehito in altum