Sunday, April 17, 2011

Progress Report 4/17/2011


If only the missing piece was this easy to find...

Hey guys! So unfournately half the blog is currently suffering from Writer's Block in the worst season for most writers. :P This also means that things will be going alittle slow on the blog. However, you still have reasons to check us out. To start, there will be a new scheduling system that we will be testing to mix things up. This should make things easier to get posts up everyday.

Secondly, The site has and will continue to get a makeover. You guys should send in your opinions on the sites new look, as well as suggests ideas for new topics for the return of discussions by yours truly.

Lastly, my books Pieces and Lacrime are having a few major plot changes. For example, Chloe no longer represents Old Age but Hopelessness, and Tim's name is no longer Tim but will be changed to Niccolò Capone, or as he goes by in the book Nic. There will also be many other major changes, such as extentions to existing chapters, and maybe even a name change to the whole book. As for Lacrime, Henry and Abbel will be getting name changes, as well some plot changes. Well that's all as of today, so check back soon for the upcoming week's post!


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