Friday, August 31, 2012

Stuck in darkness

Hey guys its Sabrina Black this weeks piece expresses how we get in the tangled web of the past. Never move on to the futre instead rather dwelling on the bad things that happen to us. Until someone helps you nothing matters to you. You rather watch the world go by around you and expect a spec of hope to come. Say somthing get help its not healthy for you heart to be in a black hole. Talk to a friend and thier there to listen.


Tossing. Turning. Nowhere to hide from the pain. Fetal position in the safe corner. Head buried in your arms.

Silence. Neither a song bird nor a quake creaks and grinds from the old hinges. No way out of these walls. Your desperate for air, the sound of a kind and gentle voice.

You’re alone; sleep is your only friend. You cry every night. Then a flash of your past. You’re with your friends smiling; being happy; seeing the world. Your dream becomes a nightmare. Everyone around you disappears or dies in a tragic accident. You’re the only one left.

The only light is a small window if you’re lucky you see a person’s feet pat lightly across the cracked pavement.

Cry out. No answer. Sliding against the concrete wall in despair. Arms are scratched and battered to make the painful past marked in your veins. What could you have done better to prevent or save yourself?

You look out the window wanting a kiss of sunlight. The days pass on. What day is it? What time? Suddenly you hear footsteps by the window coming right towards you. A girl with angel-soft hair, blue eyes, ripped jeans, and a ragged shirt missing buttons. The blue eyes stare at you. She asks: “Why are you trapped in the past?”
~Sabrina Black

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