Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You still got Heart

In a world of constant upgrading technology, trending fashion that changes every few months, and of course as always, money. It is hard to not be caught up with material things and appearances.

"Nowadays" people are concerned with what they can get in return or what they look like if they do something kind or honest. Mostly just because our generation has succumbed to social media being the resource of information and advice.

Don't do what everyone tells you and certainly don't do something just because someone else does.

I understand all this, and I understand why someone wouldn't trust anyone with their heart because the fear of selfish gain.

I strive to be different.

I have always been someone to do things because in my heart I wanted to. I want to make others feel happy, I want to share my happiness, & if I am upset I want to ignore my issues and focus on theirs. It's just natural I don't even think about what the reaction may be. I guess I love.

If you want to be happy maybe just sit back and reevaluate your priorities.

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