Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bengal Road


Today we have another story from a man in Cincinnati called Luke Watson. He wrote a story called "Bengal Road" which I thought was very creative. Well no time for delay let's jump into it!

Bengal Road

This the story of three animals, The Powerful Raven, Poe, the brown bulldog, Brownie, and the small Bengal cub, Dey. The three each came from poor countries, on the verge of starvation. The only food source lied beyond Steel Curtain Bridge, on Vince Isle, which was guarded  by the powerful and strong giant Parker. The only way across was to beat Parker. So each village trained a warrior who would face Parker, in hopes of providing a new champion of their little division of the world. The Raven was a aerial master, who could fly high and dodge any ground attck with it's speed, a defensive master. While on the other hand there was Brownie, a strong run down bulldog. He had many special talents, like digging and strong sense of smell. Lastly there was Dey, a bengal cub who to small and didn't have the power of a full grown tiger. He excelled at nothing in particular, so he trained his body to be above average in offense and defense.

The day finally came for the three warriors to face Parker. Everyone had their votes on Poe, while next to no one believed that Dey even had a chance, only a select few in his village trusted in him to take down Parker. Brownie would charge in first, using his digging talents to gain an upper hand. He jumped out and attacked Parker, but couldn't manage to put even a bruise on the giant, and he punched down the dog with a single blow. Brownie layed motionless before the giant. Poe then grunts, and flys high into the sky, far out the reach of Parker, leaving Parker unable to hurt him. But Poe would soon find he couldn't pierce the tough hide of Parker, the ultimate defense to his aerial attacks. After Poe was tired out by his assault, Parker punched him aside as well, leaviing only Dey to face him. The Poe's and Brownie's nation had then given up, thinking they had no shot at ever beating Parker. but Dey stood between Parker and the fallen warriors, growling at him. Parker laughed.

"What can a runt like you do?" Parker asked, chuckling at his puny opponent. "Brownie was at least proficient at his special talents beyond the any one else in the world, and Poe had the elite protection of the skies on his side. What do you have? You're still a cub!"

Dey just stared, then crounched into a battle stance. Parker gritted his teeth, and charged for the cub. Dey slided through Parker's legs, and tripped him up. He fell over the bridge, but held on to the side rails on bridge, and started swinging around underneath like a giant monkey out of the sight Dey. Dey then went on the defensive and searched out the smell out Parker, finding it just in time to move out of the way of Parker as he swang on top of the bridge. He then jumped up and clawed at Parker's eyes, blinding him. He moved down and and clawed off at his armor by cutting the hooks on his shoulders, leaving Parker without his elite defense or his sight to guide his powerful strikes. He kneeled defeated and angry.

"How could this be? How could this cub give me so much trouble.?" Parker demanded.

"I beat you because unlike Poe and Brownie, I didn't give up something else in order to be great at one skill. I may not have been amazing at any one thing, but I was balanced." Dey replied.

Unable to accept defeat, Parker charged one last time, but Dey had already moved behind him, causing him to charge off the cliff and to his death. To this very day, that road is called Bengal Road, and when people ask what the secret to upending a giant is, Dey would laugh and say, " Realizing you're whipped before you start, accept you're over your head in battle, and then saying to hell with fate anyhow."

How'd you like it? Did you find the connection between the story and the football teams they represent?  Monday I'll do a segment on it so stay frosty!


Quinton = GO USA!!!

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