Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My foundation
so unpredictable
so unstable
so unlike
Seldon's and Asimov's.

I don't know
when it might break.
Am I on solid ground?
Or did I hear the future to soon,
and therefore took a wrong turn?

Am I in
some corner of the universe
far away
from the collapsing empire?
Or am I
on Trantor
beneath a metal shield
never seeing the sun,
never knowing nature?


So I took on Quinton's challenge and made a poem with HEAVY references to Issac Asimov's The Foundation. Asimov is the writer of I, Robot which was originally a set of short stories but Hollywood picked one to make into the movie that most of us know. Hari Seldon is the main character in Asimov's The Foundation but the story itself isn't about Seldon at all, but rather what Seldon created. Seldon predicted the fall of the galactic empire and designed a plan to save the galaxy after the fall. This plan involves predicting the future (without telling people about what is to come until only right before) and the only people who are told are the people on the planet Terminus, which is at the edge of the galaxy. It is supposed to eventually control the whole galaxy. Impossible right? Well you have to read about what happens yourself. Trantor is the center of the empire and the entire planet has been encased in metal. The people of Trantor have never seen true sunlight nor plants not grown themselves. The whole planet is a city: no suburbs, no national parks, no deserts.  
In my poem I used these references to show the uncertainty I have been currently feeling in my own life. Everything is a metaphor. You guys can try to decipher what it all means.

~Anora Anakaya~
Persevere through all obstacles and smile. Your enemies will hate you all the more.

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