Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Beginning Chapter 4!

Hey guys, good to be back... I was in Disney world on vacation, and have been extremely busy shooting and independent film as well as working with my band.
But alas, here we are, another chapter in my sci fi novel...


Chapter 4
A Nuclear Blast

The ship had been in space for 2 days, the passengers never grew bored of the view outside. It was a sight like no one had ever seen. The stars were bigger, and more beautiful, the blue ball known, as “Earth” was now just a glowing shadow of blue.

William Jamison sat in the lounge area in the middle of the third level of the ship.
He was pondering how the ship could make it to Mars in such a short amount of time, for Dr. Jennings had never explained it.

He looked out the window behind the ship, and noticed that a hatch from the restricted lower level was opening. And something was being dropped out the back.
Then suddenly a voice came over the loud speaker throughout the ship, “Attention all passengers of Exodus1, Please find a seat and strap in, it is 30 minutes till we jump.
I repeat, 30 minutes till we jump.”

William couldn’t comprehend what they meant by “Jump,” But he took a seat right by the window watching the floating object behind them. It was long and made of metal, almost like… a missile. It struck William immediately, It was a Missile, It looked just like a Nuclear Warhead. He had seen them many times working as a police officer in Indianapolis. Ever since the attack on Columbus, Ohio, every capital city boosted its security, and was equipped with anti-nuclear turrets.

He became immediately concerned about this, as time kept moving.
Until over the loud speaker the captain’s voice came again, “Prepare for immediate impact.” Suddenly William looked out the window, and saw the Nuclear Warhead slowly expanding, and gaining speed, as the blast began pushing the ship forward at a faster rate, the ship more than quadrupled in speed. He saw what should have been a mushroom cloud forming, but it was more just radiation filled smoke. William did not like this. It was not what he had signed up for.

A few moments later he stood up, and ran to Dr. Jennings who was walking nearby towards her quarters. “What the hell was that Jennings?” he exclaimed.
Jennings turned to him and stated “Please speak to me in a more respectful tone Mr. Jamison, Or you will find yourself on a long journey back home, through nuclear radiation, in a lonely escape pod. Now what you saw, Mr. Jamison, was a nuclear warhead, which we blew up, so we could get to Mars in a much shorter amount of time, so we don’t starve inside this ship or run out of oxygen.”

“I didn’t sign up for this!” snapped William. “I didn’t want to be part of a nuclear program! You endangered the entire ship by doing that! Your lucky there wasn’t any damage done to this ship from it!”

“Well Mr. Jamison, we already knew the consequences, and they weren’t severe, all we did was lose contact with earth, for 2 weeks. I think we can handle that, once we get to our colony on the new planet, we will re-open contact. So calm down, go to your quarters, and sleep. Goodnight Mr. Jamison”

Dr. Jennings promptly walked forward without another glance at the angry man. She entered her quarters. William was left alone, and feeling uncomfortable.


Once again, I'd love to hear your thoughts and predictions.

Joseph W.

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