Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Since we didn't get our holiday post up yesterday I figured I would dedicate my post this week to telling our readers about how the LIF's Christmas went. Most of our members have given me a little story about how their Christmas went, and since I have to work a long shift today I need to post now. I will come back and edit this post and add in other Christmas experiences as I get them. Enjoy!


Well, our Christmas was a little different than usual this year, but there's one tradition we always hold on to no matter what- my dad buys each of us a new ornament, which we are not allowed to see until we open them and we always do ornaments first. He puts a lot of effort into finding really neat ones. This year. I got a Sherlock Holmes one because I read all the Original Stories for the first time this year and have become completely obsessed with anything Holmes related. (And my mom got a giraffe one because she really wishes those miniature giraffe commercials were real.) And despite how much I desperately needed this new laptop I'm typing this from and some of the other presents I got (which were all amazing!) my favorite present has got to be the earrings. I opened the obvious jewelry box and found earrings made of three pearls each, stacked on top of each other. My grandmother then says, "They're real; they're from my necklace," and then explains that she had matching pairs made for both of my girl cousins on that side of the family. So Meghan, Lauren (who wore said necklace just this summer in her wedding) and I all have matching earrings made from pearls that were part of our grandmother's necklace. I can't think of any physical present that better fits the christmas spirit.
I slept in my family follows the German tradition, that means be open all of our presents on Christmas Eve. Since we had no more presents to open the next morning, we all slept until about 2:00pm because no one went to bed until about 5:00. So since we had no more presents yesterday we just played with the ones we got tonight before. My favorite present was a tie between getting my letterman jacket and getting Evanescence tickets!!!!!
Slept in, went to grandma's house, favorite gift was a blanket given by my boyfriend. Opened gifts in the afternoon.
We woke up at around 8 and opened presents. I got a ps3 harry potter edition with 3d blu-ray harry potter included. I also got littlebigplanet, bioshock 2, a sports book, a gift card to wal-mart, and 40 bucks. Afterwards we hit the road to go to jackson, got here around 4. Had christmas dinner with my dads family and played xbox and watched basketball for the rest of the day.
I woke up early and went to work. I worked until 1:15 and then went home and we opened up presents. Normally my family wakes up around 9 and opens the presents, but I had to work so this year we did Christmas a little differently. A tradition my family has is that every Christmas Eve my brother and I are able to open two presents. By now we both know what they are each year, but I still love that we keep the tradition going. The presents are always our Christmas pajamas, and our Christmas Ornament. My favorite gift that I got this year is The Lion King Diamond Edition. When I was little The Lion King was my absolute favorite movie, and as I have grown it still is. That present brought back a lot of memories for me, and because of those memories it easily became my favorite.
I spent Christmas in my room, since it's a little hard to talk to or bond with my stepdad and my mom had to work. I spent all day on IMVU and had a late Christmas dinner with my mom and stepdad.

So that is how some of the members of Life In Fiction spent their Christmas Day. I hope that all of our Readers had a wonderful Christmas, and that they got to spend it with the people they love.

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