Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forget You

"Alone in the Crowd" by DeadlyCase

Hey guys it's Aulene!!!! OK so some of you might recognize the first two lines. They are from an Aerosmith song. I was listening to that song earlier, and, when I heard those lines, I felt like I needed to write about it. At the beginning it was just about the song and writing, but it grew into something more. Right now I am not on good terms with my best friend of two years and it has been hard on me. Throughout writing this I realized that I was strong enough to stand without her and I didn't need someone who would hold me down.
Let me know your personal experience with this. Everyone has one. 
Thanks everyone for the support! <3

Forget you


"I was crying when I met you"
"Now I'm trying to forget you"
I try so hard
To forget

Holding back is easy
Forgetting is hard 

I fall
Feeling my heart pound

Sobs choke me
Stopping my breath

I gasp, desperately searching for air
Feeling hot tears sear my cheeks

I cringe at the pain
Feeling the blood leave my body

Yet I fight
Fight for the right to live

I stand and face it
Face the fact that you're gone

A sharp pain hits my chest
I collapse, knowing it's the end

At that point I look up and say
"I don't need you"


I jump up
In the safety of my own room

In confusion I search myself
Not finding a scratch

It was all a dream
With a hidden message

I can do it
I can stand on my own

I don't need you
I never did

Though now I am different
I stand taller

People all wonder
All question

"What happened?"
"Why did you change?"

I look at them
The questions filling their eyes

The answer is simple
Right in front of you

It's amazing how much a person can change,
When they realize they have no other choice.



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