Monday, February 25, 2013


"Dancing In the Street" by Killntyme

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! This piece is from a conversation I was having with my friend a couple days ago. I was talking about something that gave me a rush and he couldn't relate to me at all. He told me something that gave him a rush, and I couldn't relate to him. It just got me thinking that even though someone is so close to you, you can still be very different.
My rush is singing and dancing. I love it and always will. What's your rush? What really gets you going? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks guys for all your support!!!
God it's such a rush
To leave the ground for a second
To move like water
To express myself in a whole new way
To unwind and just dance
Or maybe
To feel the wind on my face
To feel the gound under my feet
To feel the freedom
The freedom of running
To feel your touch
To feel you breathing with me
To know I am not alone
The feeling of being with you
Or even
The feeling of success!
To feel like you did something right
To feel superior
Like you did the best
It's all different
Everyone has their rush
The one thing
That makes them go wild
And crave more
That one thing
Maybe it's a sport
Maybe it's a person
Maybe it's an event
Everyone has something
What gives you your rush?


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