Sunday, April 25, 2010


Happy Sunday guys!

Since this is the base site for my trilogy, I guess I better post something about it. ^o^

Like's Chris's book, my book is also based off real life events, but not just mine but my friends as well. Thing is not everything that happened in the book is real as it is based on during the time of the 2012, but most of the book is made after the overall experiences of my closest friends and I.

Pieces is the story of Rey Ivory, a 17-year old junior in high-school, who has just moved to the town of Moreview, Ohio. Rey has moved his entire high school career and a good part of his middle school career, so in order to make friends he developed a talent to be able to read people's emotions and guess their thoughts, making him a natural at fixing any emotional problems. He only created the opposite scenario however, for everyone only outcasted him as freak. He then vowed to never reveal his talents to anyone, and never to call anyone a friend again, as he has no one he can trust.
He moves on through life ignoring emotions, looking for a reason to live, but in Moreview he discovers nine others who each have an problem of their own, and they all find comfort in one another, and despite constant denial, Rey began to finally reopen to this group. When the old field commander of Moreview's band Becca returns to find the chemistry, she asks Rey to dig and find the missing "piece" to each one of their lives. Rey is eventually convinced by his crush Harper, and by helping his new "acquaintences", slowly discovers the missing piece in himself.

But just as things seemed to being well, Azazel and Rey discover that their fathers have recieved a notice to reenter the marines in preparation a huge war that will begin on..... December 21st, 2012.

I'm still revising this book, but the overall story and pot is done and hopfullty will be released by the end of this year. The book is told from five different characters point of view. Hopfully you guys will like it. :) I'm going to go work on revising the book, so I'll see you guys later.

If you would like to post your story, then contact me or Chris and we will get in up there quickly.



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