Sunday, April 29, 2012

Believing Atrocities

My heart stops and I see the light, or maybe something worse...
My hips stop and the situation makes her cum first...
Problems fade but the past never forgets,
except for her no longer being among my regrets.

“Hermosa,” I whisper as her body shows upon my dreams.
But failure, by name, is what time continually sings;
For her heart stays in a safe, protected and secure
while I wait, her beauty as a lost lure.

“Show me your tragedy,” she mutters under me.
I can’t help but find words that are less than free.
“No, beautiful, show me your scars,” I state
she’ll be gone from here at this rate.

Now she snuggles close; I treasure her touch.
All that I could ever want from her isn’t much.
No, just her smile is all I want to ask for,
the pure essence before lustful torture.

She shivers and the blanket now covers.
Forever, I want us to be more than lovers.
“Give me your heart, and I’ll give answers,”
drops words from those lips of hers.

“I gave it to you long ago,” I think, but don’t tell.
“You’ve never had to ask!” I want to yell.
Her face buries deep into my comfortable chest
as if she had already known all the rest.

“Will you give me yours?” I finally ask.
“That seems like such a hard task,”
She finally answers me back
but my heart goes off track.

Start again my loathsome adrenaline.
I’ll wish to forever be your friend again,
If you keep my words constant and still
against my stupid, destructive will.


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