Monday, April 2, 2012

A Dream for Your Presence

I had a dream
and you were there.
Best dream I ever had.
We just talked about how we felt
and how we dreamt
and you made me wonder
how I could ever leave
even if it only were,
for a continuation of my life.

And then,

The dream dissolved into smoke.
I woke to hear the sirens.
That dream I loved so much,
no longer held my attention.
Though I craved for the comfort
of your presence,
my main thought
was how to close my eyes again,
so that I might dream of anything.

As I woke and gathered my thoughts,
that dream of you became foremost in my mind.
Suddenly, I missed you more than ever before,
and the dream you wouldn't do for me as it had done before.
And I roamed the empty house,
and looked for an answer.
Where might I spend the next four years of my life?

~Edited by Sharon

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