Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where it all Started...

"Hurry up you idiots!!!" The voice of  a 16-year old girl told hordes of cloaked warriors who were dashing in the silver snow up a mountain under the gaze of a purple moon. At the top of the mountain was a giant werewolf/bear hybrid, fighting off multiple of the cloaked warriors. The creature would knock down two, only for eight to take their place.

"Damn..." came the voice once again, "Who would think that we would find a Savage out here?..." Suddenly the owner of the voice was revealed to be a figure only about four-fifths the height of the other cloaked figures. The figure too had a cloak on, with a hood on theirs, covering their face except for the blue lipstick on theier mouth. The figure cloak was also aqua, to the others' black. The figure then took off their hood, to reveal a tanned skin girl with platinum white and raidiant hair. She held out her right arm, her hand up as if she was pressing against wall.

"Stand back!" She cried to her warriors, who jumped off the Savage. Staying true to it's name, the Savage grabbed a few men and bit off their heads, releasing a shower of blood into the sky towards the the unholy moon. Suddenly, a digital cocoon surrounds the beast, whose jaws filled with human blood looked around failing to sense the danger it was in. The girl motioned to her men to get ready. "1st Path! Light's divine course! Luna's Prayer of Pain!"

Moments later, an explosion light roared from the spot occupied by the Savage, and the warriors covered their eyes from the extreme light. When the light dispersed, the beast stood seemingly unharmed, but far more angry then earlier. "Shit... attack!!!!" The girl shouted, but before they could do a thing, another figure in a red cloak similar to the others jumped down from the purple moon above them, landing with his back to the beast and multiple balls of lightning dropping onto the Savage beast behind him. He then smiled, and turned around taking the same position as the girl did minutes earlier. "2nd path, power of electricity, Thunder God's Hammer!!!" He shouted, and a bolt of lightning erupted from the beast position, the difference this time was the damage was obvious, and the Savage would disintegrate into the wind. The men all cried in victory, and the girl sighed a huff of relief. They would set up camp on the mountain peak after burying the dead. The platinum white hair girl would walk up to the red cloaked figure, who was sitting on the edge of the mountain staring at the purple moon. "You sure took your good time getting up here Azazel." The girl told the figure, while handing him a cup of pleasant hot chocolate.

"Hey I told you I am not much of a hiker Eva." Azazel said while taking the hot chocolate.
"But you have no trouble jumping down from the sky like some ninja." Eva spoke strongly, all while sipping hot chocolate.
"What does that have to do with anything?" Azazel asked innocently.
"I'm still wondering why a Savage would be all the way out here..." Eva questioned, ignoring Azazel's question.
"Who knows... this is the second time that a creature that didn't belong here attacked me and my friends." Azazel said, which induced a confused look from Eva.
"It happened back at home in my world... these Mountains were near a place called Cedar Point in Ohio. There a bengal tiger attacked my girlfriend and I. I drove him off by speaking chinese, and a chinese circus group came by and claimed it as their's." Azazel said while sipping hot chocolate.
"Chinese in your world is Taionese here right?" Eva asked and Azazel nodded.
"Indeed. I remember those mountains for another reason though..." Azazel began, only to be countered by an annoyed sigh from Eva.
"What is the corny reason for this? Because your first kiss was here? Your first time?" Eva said, anger covering her face but Azazel laughed. He held out his hand, and a single snowflake fell into his palm. Then, millions of similar snowflakes covered the area, and the moon changed to a beautiful turquiose.

"No..." Azazel said staring at the new colored moon, "It's simply because almost like now, I was staring at a beautiful full moon with a beautiful girl and the sweetest snow you will ever taste..." Azazel, and Eva looked at him with sly eyes.

"Oh? Why almost?" Eva asked still blushing.

"Well, that was just beautiful, not quite the angel you are..." Azazel said, and Eva face lit up almost as quick as the light from her spell hours earlier. She then leaned in on Azazel's shoulder, and they watched the snow dance to the ground for the rest of the night.


Here is the coveted story that started Lacrime. This was a story I wrote a long time ago, it was my first attempt at romance... I worte this in sixth grade... so it's not all that good, but it gave life to Lacrime. It's funny, because when I wrote this, I had no idea what first time meant, just that I heard it from some of older kids at schools and thought it meant like actual sleeping with someone. I hope you like it!! Comment on it to give me your thoughts!



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