Monday, August 30, 2010

Poetry a Plenty

Guten tag!

It has been a while since I've posted anything, and it will probably be a while before anyone sees any new material from my book (partly due to writers block and because the direction my book is taking is quite awkward even for me).
So, in an attempt to be generous, I thought I'd post some of my poetry.

Not but a Torturous Dream

Welcome to my loneliness,
It haunts me every day.
Every time I speak up,
The damage done is equal to the words I say.
Nothing ever changes,
No one ever loves.
For life is but a dream,
Dreamt up by those above.

How can I believe this lie?
I’ve believed in worse before.
Unfortunately all these thoughts begin to stack up.
Without a defense,
Life just keeps coming,
Even when I beg it to halt.
How can I believe that life could be anything other than pain?

This is all a dream!
Let me wake up.
I can’t stand it any longer,
My sanity’s about to break up.
This all is too unreal!
But whether a dream or reality,
The solution to all of this seems the same,
I must quite my thoughts
Before I become estranged.

Something New

With a broken heart, I wasn’t sure what to do.
When my heart became full I was sure the only reason was you.
Now that you’re almost gone, I can’t help but think.
How will my life will be like without that one, crucial link?

I have given you my heart.
You’ve had my love from the start.
Yet now I’m uncertain.
Maybe life’s now about this imaginary curtain.

You throw me away and give me a ring.
Then you say you love me with the same passion I always bring.
But I’ll keep your heart in a chest.
I’ll cut off the source of my horrid unrest.

Now hang this cross around my neck.
Tell that you’ll be back with a second trek.
I may just leave this world behind.
Just to exorcise this loneliness in my mind.

A Second to Dance: Sing With My Heart

All of your past has led you to this
Hysteria is your product
Save yourself
To heal yourself
Be yourself
Or kill yourself
It's time for you to see life through
The eyes of this hell

Come now
Don't retreat
Insanity is dwelling
Right beneath your feet
I want not but to help
You spread the truth
In love or death
In life or mortuary
Here comes the inspiration you seek

Each breath surrounding
Every second of life
Watching so carefully
You may fall
Victim to your own words
Without conviction
Or hate
You fail to achieve
Such critical reasoning

The Girl

She was a muse
A cancer upon emotions
As if a siren
She would sing so sweetly

I would be drawn in
It was love
I was sure
What I felt

As I got closer
I became more certain
Until the disenchantment
Of what I'd come to know

I came upon awkening
Fast-forwarding in the winter air
Towards realizations
I had never thought before

She was my muse
My love
A false-love
Birthed by false pretense

I know not
What I had felt
What I had thought
Of a cancer so sweet


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