Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Discussion: Movie of Year? (Halfway Mark)


How was the Fourth of July to all those who celebrate? Mine was a quiet day of relaxing, grilling hamburgers, and capping it all off with a movie and fireworks. :) I saw Transformers Dark of the Moon in 3D. Not only was it the best out of all three transformers movies, it I felt it might win movie of the year.

Dark of the Moon was just about everything you could ever want in a movie: good plot, awesome characters who bring the picture to life, plenty of good laughs, and a sense of suspense throughout the whole movie. I was always on my toes, wondering "how they would get out of this spot?" or "They are totally screwed!". In respect to those who haven't seen it, I will withhold revealing my favorite scenes, but I must say every scene with Ken Jeong (Both Hangover Movies) in it had me falling out of my seat. Shia LaBeouf also hands out another stunning performance, showing extreme growth from the Sam we knew in movie one. Look for him to nominated for many awards. The only problem I had with this movie was Sam's new girl Carly. While I feel she still needed some work, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave decent performance, but didn't quite compare to Megan Fox in the past two movies. She played little if not no impact to the main storyline, it felt as if the Bay and Steven were afraid to have her actually carry a role. Despite this saddening turn of events, the fantastic action, great plot, and hilarious comedy all perfectly tied together in one box.

But what is your opinion? Do you agreed that Transformers Dark of the Moon was the best movie so far in 2011? Or was it one of the other blockbuster movies like Hangover Part II, X-Men: First Class, or Green Lantern? Comment on this post give your opinions!



Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't want to see the new transformers. I was happy with how the last one ended and think that they should've left it at that.

Quinton said...

Nothing wrong with that. I felt the same way about Toy Story 3, Toy Story 2 had a fine ending but that doesn't mean Toy Story 3 wasn't a fantastic movie in it's own right.