Saturday, July 16, 2011

For an old flame

Lately, I haven't been feeling too well. My life seems hellish due to a girl who's made me feel like shot for too long. I've said goodbye too many times, but her voice still lingers in my mind. Once more, my post this week will be putting my life, with regards to her, into words.
"Lullaby for the Flames"

One: Ignition

Burning embers amount to vicious flames.
Searing heat from the center of a bruised mind--
Confused with the tortuous reality of lost love--
Surrounds the essence of everything that's held true.
But the symphony of pain rises to a bold forte,
Spelled out with a lullaby for the darkened flames;
Brings me back to the broken peace of my welcomed tomb.
Comfort comes back to dangerous ears
As the melody's grave tempo climbs to a happy allegro.
Quickly, the inferno pierces heavens and hearts alike
To make way for a climax which rocks my heart.
Her voice blasts through the rising flames
Giving life to memories which should have died
With the beating of my heart when she stabbed it.

Two: Searing Truth

You're something else than the creature that I loved. When I kissed you goodbye, you breighed a different tone than you moaned on the second night we spent beneath the stars. Lips pressed together. Hearts interwined. By moonlight you had come to me from the darkness of the world. Now, by the light of the fire alight in my soul, I leave you to the darkness my heart once bore. Dragging your name through the dirt--I've no doubt you've been passing judgement upon mine--I see no other fate for this bridge than to burn it down.

Three: Heartfelt Arsen

Through it all you couldn't see the blood on your clothes from the wound in my throat. You'd slit it with the same knife you dragged quick and hard across your dirty wrists to make this world feel like something more appealing. Any plan at all would have been better than the craziness you had concocted.
Curious wonder fills my heart at the questioning of reasons why I followed so closely. Your insanity only meant to burn whoever got too close. Such a fact has been clear ever since love was removed from my sight. 

Four: Counting Ashes

I mean nothing more than a random thought to you, if I remember the shape of your lips so correctly. Never could such thoughts really be true. Or else all the words that cut so deep are meaningless past the hatred of one who is too bitter to admit her mistakes. That's it, isn't it? My love, my captor, you're nothing more than an unforgiving child caught in a treacherous warzone. Each arsenal coming towards you plays a different tone to the beat of your crocodile tears as they greet the blood-stained floor below. But poor you; the value you see in life is less than anything at all. Yes, let's all cry for the girl who counts herself too trapped by tanks to see the escape route beneath her feet. Meanwhile, of course no words were muttered and no pity was shed when you sacrificed my heart to the flames of your regret. When all comes to an end, I hope the bullets of another make your heart burst asunder. Maybe then, you'll remember what you've lost.

Five: Afterlife

Slowly the symphony falls amongst the remnants of dreams.
Silence pervades all that's managed to remain true.
Soon a calming sleep shall follow the glorious tune
To help me forget about the girl who lit my fire. 
Provehito in altum

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