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Dream Chronicles Story 5: Infinite Crisis Part 1


Okay guys it took WAY longer then I thought to get a second one posted, but here is the next installment of my Dream Chronicles! Now for those of you lucky enough not to know, I have this habit of dreaming up these insane dreams if I go to sleep hungry. So I started to purposely go to sleep hungry in order to come up with these dreams. Afterwards, using as much as I can remember about the dreams as I can, I write a story based on them. The sweet spot is every character is portrayed by someone I know. XD

Today's story is actually made up of three different dreams, each having enough similaries to be connected to one another. As such I split the dream into three parts in order to keep you in suspense. ;) In these dreams we are all superheroes or villains from the DC Comics universe. (AKA Batman, Superman, etc.) Everyone with the except of Heather Baker will be either a superhero, super/villain or henchmen/women. For some of you, I couldn't tell who the hell you were supposed to be, so I just gave you a name. XP If I tagged you, and but you don't know who you are, I will post a cast list after the story so you can figure it out. Well enjoy this installment!!!!!


The sound of my sidekick 4G awake me from my slumber. I was in a round bed parallel to the large clear window looking out over New York City. I grabbed the phone off the table and read the message.

Breakfast is ready. Get down here before Najee eats it all.
I released a large, grumpy yawn and jumped out of bed. I walked out my room and slid down a long glass rail into a long corridor filled with golden statues. Each statue was of a different superhero that was currently deceased. I strolled down the hall slowly, stopping at a statue of Dove. His name was Cody Myers. I lowered my head, still in shock over his death that happened nearly two years ago.

“Whatcha doing in here loser?” said a female voice.
“Just paying my respects Argent.” I replied.
“Well dumb-ass Najee has eaten all the food. So we are going
to have to go out for breakfast. He’s a damn android why does he need to eat?”
“Geez Dynisha, shouldn’t you start calling him Cyborg? Or do
you want to have another instance where you reveal to the world someone’s
secret identity? Also known as Kid Flash…”
“Hey Josh doesn’t do a good job of hiding it! All he does is
take off his jacket! And Najee is a giant robot!! It’s hard to hide!”

I sighed, but before I could give a respond a siren went off. Argent and I ran to the conference room, where a group of superheroes were sitting around a table. Cyborg and Kid Flash were still stuffing there faces when we got in. Our leader Red Robin gave them a glare, and they pushed the plate towards Carly.

“Don’t eat that Wonder Girl,” said Tony, a.k.a. Bushido, “It’d take a steel stomach to survive Hawk’s cooking.”

Caitlin gave Tony a death stare, but I transformed into a small black kitten and jumped into her lap to distract her.

“Bout time you got here.” Red Robin said angrily.
“What, you mad Bro?” Wonder Girl replied sarcastically.
“What’s the problem?” I said while Caitlin stroked my fur.
“I just got message from Batmeg, who tells me that the Injustice League is attacking and that the Justice League is too busy to deal with all of them.”
“Of course they are. I bet we get the nastiest guys as wel... So who are we handling?” Argent asked impatiently.
“We are to deal with Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy, and Mr. Freeze…” started Red Robin, “We will be splitting into teams to carry out the missions. Argent and Kid Flash will take on Gorilla Grodd. Wonder Girl and Bushido will go after
Mr. Freeze. Lastly, Hawk and Cyborg will go after Poison Ivy.”
“What about me?” I asked.
“Beast Boy, you will go with me to help Batmeg take on Deathstroke and the Joker.”
“Very well.” I said transforming into a bat.

“Alright then! TITANS GO!!!!!!” We all jumped to action, with me transforming into a pterodactyl and Red Robin jumping onto my back. We flew off towards Gotham City, landing where the Batmeg signal was shining.
Already there was The Flying Squirrel, Superman, Static, and Blue Beetle.

“Good of you to show up.” Said Superman.
“Good to be here Davis.” I replied to him harshly.
“Now don’t fight boys. TJ did you find Joker?” Squirrel said to Blue Beetle.
“Not yet Leah.”
"Where’s my sensei?” Chrisser said.
“Right here.” Came an ominous voice.

We all turned to find Batmeg standing right behind us. It shocked me that even with my heighten senses I couldn’t sense her come up behind me. We sat down, with each of us searching for any leads on our supervillains. Almost simultaneously, I picked up the scent of Joker gas, and Blue Beetle picked up a reading on Deathstroke.

“Me, Red Robin, and Superman will go after the Joker. Beast Boy, can you handle lead the others against Deathstroke?” asked Batmeg.
“Of course. He’s the reason Terra’s dead… Okay team we’re off! TJ, you say here and be our line of communication.”
“On it boss!”

At that, The Flying Squirrel, Static and I flew over to Arkam Asylum. I motioned for Cameron to open the electric gate, and I then turned into a squirrel and snuck into the building. I ran through the air ducts of the asylum until I came to the room where Deathstroke was. With him were Harley Quinn, Professor Zoom and General Zod.

"I see… and the Teen Titans?” Deathstroke asked.
“Gorilla Grodd and Poison Ivy were defeated, however Mr. Freeze was able to defeat his group and destroy his pillar.” Replied Harley Quinn.

Pillar…? I thought, while relaying all I heard back to Leah. I step a little closer to catch a look at the surroundings. How the ducts give a slight sound that would be undetectable to the human ear, but for General Zod and me it was as clear as water. The General looked in my direction, using his x-ray vision to spot me. I attempted to run away, but Professor Zoom quickly grabbed me before I even realized I had moved. I squirmed in his hands, trying to seem like an ordinary

“It’s just a squirrel Bryan.” Harley said impatiently.

“I see that Griseida. Thing is how do we know it’s not Beast Boy in disguise? Better yet, The Flying Squirrel could be reading his mind as we speak! Jared, kill it!” Zod directed to Zoom, and Deathstroke nodded towards Zoom to continue. Zoom began to vibrate his hand, but as fast as lightning, Static sent a powerful blast of electricity into both Professor Zoom and General Zod, and Leah sent a league of squirrels on Harley Quinn. I transformed into a Bengal
tiger and stared down Deathstroke.

“It’s just you and me now Slade.” I said under my breath.
“Then this won’t take-”

I tackled Deathstroke through the window before he could finish his sentence into the lake behind the Asylum. I switched between a great blue shark and swordfish, attacking him from all angles.

“What’s the matter Slade? Too much for…” I started when the water around Deathstroke began to boil. “… You?”

I switched to a pompeii worm, before Slade evaporated the whole lake. I switched to my human form and landed on face in the now empty hole in the earth. At the center stood Deathstroke, body covered in flames. I slowly rose to my feet, steadily shifting into Chinese Dragon. Deathstroke clutched his fists covered in deep scarlet flames, and looked at me with a melancholy look.

“No more gun for hire... from you on, I decide who dies."


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