Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well I guess we're on our way

All my life, and even all of this summer, all I could think about was "YES! my last year of high school! After this I'm done! Off to college." Looking back at my high school years as i begin my senior year... I don't necessarily like everything that happened... I mean I had all kinds of heart break, I had all kinds of betrayals, friend changes... Then I realized, "what makes me special?" cause I'm no different than other kids! I had the same problems most teenagers have. I just feel foolish because of all of the stupid stuff I did, and the way I acted.

But I also look back and smile, because I'm such a different person than I was freshman year. I was ready to follow other people wherever they would lead me. Now I'm ready to do whatever it takes so do what God wants me to do, No matter what people say or think about me.

I spent the last evening working on my novel, and some video planning stuff... For some reason I looked in my bottom dresser drawer, and I found some stuff one of my ex girlfriends had given me... I remembered that I had hidden it there because looking at it brought me so much pain. But as i looked at it, I felt nothing but some warm feelings and i actually cracked a smile. It shocked me that I no longer had remorse from a failed relationship, realizing that while it hurt at the time, God had something so much bigger in store for me.

Looking back at all the "Betrayals" that had happened to me during these years, i realize how silly they all were, and how easy it has been to love these people even though they had hurt me. And I still love them all and try to talk to them when I can even when they don't want anything to do with me.

All of this was laid on my heart so i sat down and wrote a whole poem about it, basically about my high school years... From describing first kisses and how it felt, to betrayals, to finding true love.

So here it is, I'm writing my heart on this very blog for you to read. Think of my years what you will, The poem is not amazing, but its from my heart. I love each and every one of you, and I want you to read this poem and get to know me from my high school story, in poem form...

- Joseph W.


I sit here, thinking about all the things
the things I used to do, the places I wanted to see
And I wonder, Did i do them, did I see them?
Was it worth it, was it everything I'd hoped it'd be?

Cause I'm on my way...

Hide and seek in the back yard
breaking bottles into glass shards
Summer nights so innocent and free
playing barefoot ball, running in fear from some honeybees

Oh, but I'm on my way... On my way...

I lay here, looking up at the night sky
Counting stars, and watching planes fly by
The memories on this hill side
first kisses, and the blushes we tried to hide.

But now I'm on my way... I'm on my way

Spring brings puppy love with light April showers
hand holding while picking lovely may flowers
Summer concerts and bro-ships
followed by betrayals and jobs with low tips

But now I'm on my way... I'm on my way...

Autumn festivals and theater, writing songs about me and her
Cold winter nights by the fire place, see her with her friends, you feel out of place
heartbreaks that seem to last forever, relief comes with friends, soon you'll feel better

But its behind me now... Cause I'm on my way, I'm on my way...

Not until now, did I realize, life was moving so fast
remembering summer nights we'll never get back
all the mischief we played, and our curfews, we always lost track...

All the summer loves you have, that come and go
you look back and smile at your own insecurity
realizing the heartbreaks came because of your own immaturity
Realizing now, that the love you were looking for was not all butterflies and giddy feelings
but a love that was so pure it made no typical dealings

It struck you like a blade because you were too young to know
but right there all along, had been a friend that you should've chose.
They were perfect all along, your best friend, without butterflies and the trumpets and pointless throng.
You realize its too perfect not to last, its different from all the "loves" in your past

And now we're on our way... We're on our way...

Heres to, the new memories we will make,
together, the life we can create
while our years have been beautiful things
the new ones can fulfill our wildest dreams

We'll always smile, as we're on our way, glancing back after every mile...

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sarah said...

ahh joey.
i love watching you grow, even from this distance. :] i'm so proud of you.

this is beautiful.