Saturday, March 31, 2012

A post from Arlington

So Alexander Arlington has allowed me to post some of his material in stead of Saxon's usual artwork. Below is a short untitled piece of prose by A.A.A. Hope you enjoy!


I've spent my night in this room. The concept isn't new, neither are the shows on tv. They blare in the background as a chapter of Darker Than BLACK displays upon the screen of my phone.

I'm alone in this dorm. Life isn't any exception. For a year I've been sitting here, waiting for something new. Yet, I never knew that I'd been fooling myself.

"Oh well," I mutter as the stale environment sinks deep into my consciousness. Chapter eight flashes off my screen as I put my phone to sleep with a sigh. So I stand and my phone slips into my pocket. The television is left on as I flee out the door of my room.

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