Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giving Thought to the Thoughtless

"Lovers" by ~nutti

"Star-Crossed Lovers"

It was the times that saved us.
Good lord, how we’d be lost without them. Each fleeting moment that I may sleep with eyes peeled upon the dirty thoughts which encapsulate you. By my side is where you belong. I can’t make excuses for anything else.
It was the moment that caught us.
The touch of my fingers upon your waiting flesh. My tongue upon each inch of you, if only to make you scream. In pleasure, we laugh and tears fall upon soiled bed spreads. Solely love could elicit such a response.
It was our minds that made us.
Dear, all the fears had by those which bound us this Earth were maddening. Intolerable or insufferable, I couldn’t possibly make excuses for them. The thoughts that they through upon us were just. Only our minds could make them morbid.
It was temptation which bound us.
Old routines faded into lives, not once as free as the previous day. To gain back the passion of succor from your lonely soul, my lonely bones, would be too great a feat. Alas, embraces starve us for want of more.
It was the lies that broke us.
The name of that other man or the mistress onto which I held. Grimy fingers gripping tight the space that had birthed our love. Torn at souls too big to understand, the fist fights late at night urge me to make more demands.
It was the poison that ended “us.”

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