Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hey guys it's Sabrina Black this weeks piece is about a guy who fell in love with a girl but she was blind little did she know about the things kept hidden. That is how things had been stolen and taken from her by a snake.

“Stolen Love, Friend and Happiness"

You came, swept me off my feet, made love burst in the veins of my body. Our love made more history than time could tell. You made me feel like I could fly forever more into happiness.
Then came dark secrets, whispers of your unspoken lies revealed your true colors. It drew me apart from you. As time went on, finding the other half was easy for you, the one I called friend.
By your desires, you cheat in the night. Losing my friend entirely you STOLE her from me as a thief in the night. Blinded by my love for you, I drew myself towards you in the time you needed me.
I did everything for you; made it possible for your will to live. Until the past you created caught up and broke the heart that was STOLEN by your slimy cold hands.
A day passed and you prayed on another; She too left the scum of you days after. As the month slowly flowed on by, I had moved on from the dark ages. Found someone to bring me more happiness.

Your mind got tortured by my happiness. Jealously whispered "Hurt her." in your ear "Away with him." For weeks on you ease-dropped and followed me everywhere to bully my state of mind. As a snake would.
You took me and caged me in a chamber of tortures ‘till I couldn't take it anymore. I gave in and only had one choice to stop you; break my happiness' heart.
You STOLE him from me. Hearing this made your evil smile come back, knowing you had won.
Now I hide alone in shadow, invisible as a ghost waiting for my chance to come and triumph.

Sabrina Black APLIW

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