Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The forest was rustling under the powerful wind of the Wayward Cave in which it guarded. In front of this cave stood a large camp, where over 300 soldiers slept and stood on watch. Their only job was to keep anyone and everyone from entering the cave. Two guards stood watch over the entrance, watching over the crystal blue line of water known as the Amazeion River as it flowed past them or stared off into the purple night sky looking out for intruders. They were dressed in blue cameo suits and gas masks, meaning they were along with the whole camp Class 3 soldiers. One of them yawned, his gun in hand. The other stood in front of the gate, watching the forest mechanically. The opposite soldier took off his mask, revealing black hair and bright blue-green eyes. His partner groaned, taking off his helmet to reveal a blonde soldier.

“Oi Brick, this is so boring! It’s not like anyone is ignorant enough to attack 300 Class 3 soldiers! Even those who are know they couldn’t hope to win!” The black-haired man spoke.

“Regardless, it is our job to cover the area. Now cover your face, what if someone were to see your eyes?” Brick spat at him, while speaking in a cold menacing tone.

“Why? No one is out here!!! There is nothing they want in this cave! The cave is irrelevant! Our best soldiers went down there and couldn’t find a thing!”

“The rebels want it for some-” The still masked guard cut off as he heard a sound in the bushes and looked off to see what it was. The black-haired man put his mask back on, then turned around to be met by a tall figure in a black hooded cloak. It was clipped together at the sternum by a round, gold coin-like button. On the button there were three water drops. The black-haired man attempted to screamed, but was cut into two but a katana concealed in the cloaked figures clothing. Brick behind him heard the thud of a body falling to the ground, and swung around opening fire on the cloaked man. He danced around dodging the bullets, while Brick screamed in anger. Before he knew it, another black cloaked figure jumped down from the purple moon above him and stuck a kodachi blade into his forehead. The cloaked man pulled it out of Brick’s forehead to release a shower of blood. Then a short soldier came running towards them and stuck the gun he struggled to carry up at both men.

“W-Who are you guys?” He asked. The two men stared at the soldier.

“Run boy.” One of them told the lone soldier.

“What??” He asked, but was too late, as a dagger zip-lined into his skull, and 13 other cloaked warriors dashed past the dead soldier as he fell past to the ground dead, with a warrior in a red cloak catching the dead boy before he touched the ground. He had laid him on the ground, crossing the young soldier arms while the enemy soldiers were being slaughtered by the ninja warriors. The red cloaked man took off the boy’s mask and closed his red eyes, then put his hand over his mouth, pulling a radiant red smoke out.

“You’re strength shall travel with me forever on now.” The voice of a 15-year old boy came from behind the red cloak. He then heard the scream of his warriors, and looked to see a giant man in an old Geiman General uniform encasing his warriors in walls of fire.

“Comrades, I shall avenge all of your deaths. No one shall pass!” The general took off his jacket, revealing a strong build with a six pack and broad shoulders. He was easily a towering 8 feet tall. He then stormed passed the remaining cloaked warriors, who were sitting on the ground licking their wounds, at the red cloaked boy. The boy sighed. He ducked out of the way, then delivered a fury of punches to the general’s stomach. Unfazed, the general slammed his arm into the ground with high intensity, but the boy flipped around his arm and into the air out of the way. He landed behind him, and unsheathe a rapier he had attached horizontally to his waist. He sliced at the general, who feinted a reaction and countered with a fist to the boy’s face. The boy took the blow then cut at the general’s left eye and back-flipped out of the way.

The general screamed in pain, and the boy sheathed his rapier and then put his right hand out and pressed his thumb and middle finger together in the direction of the man using his left arm to hold up his right arm and his legs bent. His left leg was pointed out at an 8 o’clock angle. A digital like cocoon formed around the general, stopping him in his tracks.

“A cancel?” The General asked in bewilderment. The magic in the air started to disappear, except for occasional sparks of static. “Fuck!” The man said, and formed a barrier of fire around him, but it was useless.

“2nd path, power of electricity, Thunder God’s Hammer!” The cloaked boy cried, and snapped his fingers, causing a rain of lightning bolts to erupt from the cocoon, and making mincemeat of the general’s shield. The general fell to the ground, and the cloaked boy walked up past him and ran into the cave behind him with the remaining cloak warriors. They soon found themshelves in the middle of a giant German Military Seal.

“Team Cloaked Ninjas,” an ominous voice spoke overhead, “Are the new Macramé Champions!!!” the world around them dissolved, and revealed a virtual room with a bunch of 14 to 17 year old boys sitting around, each wearing black sunglasses, which were actually state of the art virtual consoles. The red cloaked boy revealed to be a 15 year old white male, wearing an Ohio State jersey, scarlet basketball shorts, and white, black and red Jordan’s.

“Henry we won man!” A boy ran up to the originally red cloaked boy.
“Of course we did, we had me.” Henry said with an ignorant smile. “Oh by the way, I’m kicking you off my team.”
“What?” The boy said in amazement.

“Yep, I have no need for you weaklings now that I’m the MVP of a Champion Team. I’m also Captain, so I decide who stays and goes. Sorry weakling.” Henry then walked away, taking the trophy with him. The others scowled at him as he walked pass, which he took as a sign of jealousy. There was a single boy crying from the other team. He looked to be about ten, and Henry knew immediately that it was the boy who had the red eyes. He walked over to him.

“Now stop crying, you won’t always win.” He said in a comforting voice.

“R-Really?” the boy said under sobs.

“Yeah, I mean I’m the greatest, and you kid… you should find another game because you just suck! Hahahaha!” Henry laughed and stalked off, with guys throwing their virtual glasses at him.

He then stood outside, thinking of a new name for his team.

“I can’t keep this cliché name that those idiots came up with… I need a Champion team name, a name that goes with the canceller's 'Code of Dreams'." He looked at the necklace around his neck, which was a golden coin of three teardrops. He smiled, remembering the crying boy from before and a name hit him. “Lacrime Von Yume, Tears of Dreams.”


Well here is the mystery surprise! The first written section of Lacrime, first book of Borë e Ëmbël. Now not to confuse people, this is NOT the story that started Lacrime, but the story itself. I know I have told you guys that I would not be working on it anymore, but this was something that I had already started and decided to give you a taste. ;) I'm sure you all have questions, like what is cancelling? What is this Macramé game? What is a Geiman? Why is Henry such a dick? Well after I finish Pieces, Lacrime will be the project to follow afterwards. So stay tuned and remember to check out the blog tomorrow for a blog exclusive look into Pieces. So keeping translating your words into life and enjoy your evening!

Wednesday - Exclusive Look into Pieces
Thursday - Story that Started Lacrime
Friday - Question with Quinton
Saturday - Contest Revealed!!



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