Monday, July 5, 2010

Discussion 1: Paperback or Hardcover?


This is the first ever discussion for the blog, and which will became a regular among the blog. So to start, lets kick things off with the Paperback versus Hardcover wars. Here are some of the best response:

Calvin from Monroe, Ohio: I think you should sell paperback for a little while. If people like it then you can sell hardcover once you make enough money.

Crysta from RoundRock, Texas: to start out, paperback because more people are inclined to buy paperbacks for books they've never read because they aren't as expensive. as it gets more popular is generally when hardbacks come out.

Erik from Monroe, Ohio: Hardcovers because they are easier to keep neat.

Bailey from Monroe, Ohio: Hardcovers because they will last longer.

Cindi from San Antonio, Texas: Papercovers becasue they are cheaper to sell and make.

Reegan from Monroe, Ohio: Hardcovers because they feel better in my hand.

Nathan Bransford, Literary Agent: There are advantages to both, as hardcovers will earn you alot more money, Feel better and if you bomb out, you could still could sell the book as a paperback. Paperbacks however are cheaper all the way around and many more countries buy paperback over hardcovers. I would say it depends on your goal, money(hardcover), second chance value(hardcover), or getting it out there fast(paperback).

Chris, Author of Bleeding Truth: Paperback is the way to go. Hardcover looks nice and will definitely last longer, but paperback generally has more appeal.

My Take: We had a lot of strong responses on this topic, with a lot of people siding with paperbacks over hardcovers. I am stuck in the middle as a customer and an author. I would have to say in the end however to go with paperback for your first book, that way you can gain a audience and if you get a big one, make most of the rest of your books in hardcovers. Also if you are doing a series of books, then the first book should always be in paperback, and if the series is good, the last in hardcover.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussion, including those who's opinion wasn't voiced. I will be making this a regular post done by me, once a week on Mondays. Stay tuned for the remaining of the week, including tomorrow's secret s-, Ooops! Almost spilled the surprise! you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out the surprise. :)

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