Sunday, July 11, 2010


Bad Situation

“Ugh…” Gabriel groaned as he sat up in bed, a down comforter sliding off of his chest. His left hand gripped his head to battle the pain of his headache. “What did I do last night?” he thought aloud. Looking around the room, he could see that the strange place was well-lit by the light of the outside sun filtering in through two adjacent windows located on the right wall. The room was modern in decoration and held the touches of a young woman. “Where the heck am I?”
He removed his left hand from his head and brought it down quickly to his side. The palm of his hand connected with something fleshy went brought all the way down. He squeezed his palm slightly and heard a gentle, pleasurable sigh of a young woman. Coming to realization with what he had done, he squeezed his eyelids together in fearful anticipation.
Oh god, he thought. Please don’t let me have done what I think I did… Opening his eyes slowly, he swiveled his head to his left and stared at the naked girl lying in the bed with him, her hands held under the white pillow beneath her head. When he had sat up, he had also removed the comforter from her body. She was slightly tan, blond-haired, and extremely curvy—the stereotypical beauty—and the palm of his hand gripped her right breast lightly.
“Hey there handsome,” she said. “Wantin’ another go around?” The sound of her voice was enough to irritate even the most patient men.
“Well, ummm…” She sat up, causing Maron’s hand to slip off her breast, and scooted closer to him. After kissing his neck roughly, she whispered in his ear.
“I don’t have work today, and I have nowhere I need to be. Wanna reenact the highlights of last night?” She kissed his neck again, but he pulled away and stood up and hurriedly began to pick up his clothes from her bedroom floor and pull them on. “I guess that’s a no…?” she stated confusedly.
“Sorry,” he apologized, “you’re a nice looking girl and all, and you seem like a nice person—” She stood up just as Gabriel had put on his shirt. He took a good look at her fully naked body and stood in place, mouth agape. She stepped around to his front and pressed herself against him.
“Then why don’t you just come back to bed? Forget about where you need to be?”
“Because…” He pushed her away lightly and headed for the bedroom door. “My wedding’s today.” He hurried out of her house, dodging her high-pitched insults by mere seconds.


The light of the summer sun shone low in the east, just above the houses of the cul-de-sac Gabriel Smithe had just entered. He was approximately six-foot-one, and one hundred sixty pounds. Atop his head was a dark brown mess of low cut hair. The clothes on his body were in the same condition, messy and dark yet still suave. Appearance had always been a huge factor in Gabriel’s life, not in the sense of superficiality but the fact that girls were often attracted to him. Unfortunately, the previous night had displayed his skill a little too well.
With uncertainty towards his wedding, he had walked down his street to a local bar. A bottle of whiskey—and an extremely horny woman, whose name he couldn’t remember—later he had found himself waking up in a New York suburb with a slight headache, and the torturous realization that they had taken the woman’s car back to her place.
“Aw man…” Gabriel muttered. “I’m going to have to walk back to the city, aren’t I?” He groaned loudly as he walked quickly down the sidewalk. It was obvious to him that his wedding day was not going to be his lucky day. “Juney will kill me if I miss our wedding. How could I be so stupid?!” He rubbed his temple in frustration with his right hand.
“You weren’t being stupid,” said a man’s voice from behind him.
“What?” Gabriel questioned the mystery man as he turned to face him. The man was dressed like a Christian monk, complete with a dark orange tunic and matching scapula.
“I said…you weren’t being stupid, my friend,” the monk responded. “Each action has an equal reaction, and, my friend, if you had not have been so ‘stupid,’ then you would have never been right here, walking down this road as you should have been.”
“Yeah…that’s very lucky, isn’t it?” Gabriel stated sarcastically. “Being forced to take a five mile hike back into the city just because I was stupid enough to make one of the hugest mistakes a guy could make only a day before he got married to the love of his life is the best possible thing that could’ve happened.”
“What if I said that you wouldn’t have to deal with any of your consequences for this action? Karma will benefit you if you commit to doing a good deed.”
“Why am I even standing here talking to you?” Gabriel shooed the monk away with one hand and turned to leave. What he found was two dark cloaked figures blocking his way.
“You are talking to me, my friend,” spoke the monk, “because I know the great deed that you are destined for.” Gabriel turned back to the monk.
“What is that?”
“You are to save my country.” Gabriel began to laugh, but felt the air get trapped in his throat as
he felt an arm from one of the cloaked figures cut off his air supply. He lost consciousness.


This is the beginning of one of the new books I've been working on. I have no clue what the name of it will be or any real ideas so far, so I'll just call it Enigma for now.
The story is essentially about a young man, Gabriel Smithe, who finds himself forced into being the savior of a nation by a group of radicals that go by the name "Salvadores." What Gabriel is unaware of is the fact that there's a reason for why he people are often so attracted to him, and it has to do with the way an unnatural flow of the universe's energy has influenced his body and personality from birth.
Enigma is essentially a story of a man realizing his full potential, taking a second glance at his life, and realizing that the world has changed before his eyes. The storyline is not as morbid/gothic as Bleeding Truth or it's sequel, which I'm in the process of writing right now, Shattered Lies, but focuses more on the unexpected scenarios in life that eventually makes who we are ultimately meant to be. Expect more information and more of the story in the future as I continue to work on it. Until then, remember to think happy thoughts and always put life into words. ;)


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