Sunday, July 4, 2010

Looks Who's Back... 8)


Happy 4th of July! I have return for one week off hiatus to give you guys a special treat! All this week I will be giving specials, like introducing a new discussion, giving you guys an exclusive taste of Pieces, and reveal the next contest! I will break everything into a daily section, each with their own focus for the day. :)
 Here is a picture of one of the jewel designs

But to start today off, I will be announcing that I have finally found a publisher, Lulu, and I will be releasing my book between the dates of November 8th and January 9th! And that brings me to today's special event, which cover should I chose? Paperback or Hardcover? I will be holding a discussion, where the top options and the opinions of the three authors will be given. So send in your topics and later on tomorrow night I will be holding the answers to the first ever discussion! :D Also look below to see the whole week's schedule, with a mystery event on Tuesday. ;)

Sunday - Discussion Topic Revealed
Monday - Discussion Topic Answered
Tuesday - ?????
Wednesday - Exclusive look into Pieces
Thursday - The Story that started Lacrime
Friday - Questions With Quinton
Saturday - Contest Revealed!



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