Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stage 2: The Writer's Workshop


Okay guys so I would like to congratulate our four finalists on making the it to Stage 2! Now in this stage they will be tasked with creating a original character with each one having the honor of being placed in my book Lacrime. ;) The finished products are due on September 25th at 11:59 pm. They will be judged according to five categories: All Areas Fufilled, Realism, Creativity, Impact, Imagery and Overall Appeal. Now I bet you are wondering where you come in on this? Well my good friends you will be the judges for Overall Appeal! When all have submitted their projects, I will post each one along with the description and my grades on the other categories. You will then grade them from based on overall appeal. To do so, you will take each finalists' characters and place them in order of first to fourth. Here's an example:

1. Sam
2. Tim
3. Jeff
4. Corey

those aren't the actual names, but you get the point. The order will add extra points to that person's score, and the top two scores move on to the next round! So sstop back often, becasue early entries may be posted immediately.



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