Sunday, October 24, 2010

And The Results Are.....


I would like to thank everyone who voted, as we now have our results so with further ado here they are:

In Third: Is Orrin Mitchell's Kristina “Krackel” Harpen! Despite being a well designed character, out of all 126 votes, Kristina came in last on them all.  Kristina will make a appearance all the same as a foil villain in Larcime. However, I am afraid to say that Orrin will not be moving to the final round. This means that Ania and Chris will be own two grand finalists!! Now moving on for the placement of I two grand finalists.....

OH NO!!!!

We have a TIE!!!!! Both Ania and Chris split the top votes right down the middle, so we will have a supplement vote in order to decide the winners! In order to make this work, we are going to need some help from facebook to get some swings votes. HAve a great day guys! I'll tell you where to vote later today!



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