Sunday, October 17, 2010

Voting Polls have Opened!!!!


Okay so unfournately our last contestant couldn't make the final deadline, so we have to move on to the voting stages! Okay so this is how it works, you will take the three characters and place them in the order that you liked them from first to third like so(Not actual character names):

1. Dave
2. Hillis
3. Miguel

The order will decide who goes onto the final round, and the importantance of each character. Here are the prizes for each spot:

1. Rival to Henry(An Antagonist), moves on to final round

2. Member of Lacrime Von Yume(A Main Protagonist), moves on to final round
3. Foil Villain(An Antagonist)

Well then there you have it! To vote, either post a comment on here or send an email to The contestants aren't allowed to reveal their characters, or vote, with the exception of Alexis, who's character isn't in the contest.



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