Saturday, February 5, 2011

Once more, the bells toll...

Hey everyone. Ankoku no Ki is on a one week hiatus. 


Well, my birthday was on the first (making me 18 now). Another year has passed. A torturous year, filled with too much heartache. Because of all this, I thought that I'd share with you a story that sums up the final few months of the past year. You see, I care deeply for this girl and I know nothing will ever happen (not from lack of trying). As with all my writing, my point is to share with you all a part of myself. So, take my words to heart and you may learn to understand me that much more.

"A Sound for My Latent Demise"

Across the room, I spotted you with that smile of yours. Oh, how brightly you shined! I can barely stand to keep my eyes fixed upon something so beautiful.

Then came your name by the mouth of another, so sweet it shan't be uttered by my unworthy lips. I could have sworn that your eyes were drawn back to mine, even if for a time too brief to consider. My heart skipped and jumped as the adrenaline pumped through my veins to extend the moment longer.

But, all I could do was sigh as there appeared a man other than I by your side. So much happier did you look at him that I knew I had no chance. There was love in the air bled from the remnants of my shattered heart.

It was then that you left; left me sitting alone, staring into space. I almost thought that I had left our world. I was so alone in my mind that I couldn't help but imagine you next to me. My heart jumped harder as it tried desperately to destroy itself.

'Twas all a tragedy that you'd never seen. With you on his arm, you both had left the room clean; clean of any hope I may have once felt. I was alone in time and in space, begging for the reaper to rip me from such a torturous place.

Fate drives me.

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