Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Inner emptiness,
lost faith,
dying hopes and dreams.
Do I have a purpose?
Where am I meant to be?
Do I walk these halls alone?
Is there someone I should meet?

Hello friend,
I see you through a doorway.
Bars are between us.
Whatever happened to no secrets kept?
Look at the distance that has grown,
between me and you.
These bars took years to build,
and I never saw them there.
I guess I'll see you
in the coming years
through more bars, I'm sure.

Is that a light I see?
Something not from me?
It lightens this dreary mood.
Whom might that be?

I walk along toward it.
It never seems to get closer.
I pass doors with empty rooms
and friends that I see through glass walls.
But the light is always further away.
God, is that you?
Please don't keep this distance from me.
I've tried so hard to know you
to live for you.
Why are you so far away?

~Anora Anakaya~

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