Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Original Heroes


The biggest game of year has reached it's conclusion! The Green Bay Packers have topped the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl!(As I predicted..) So the poem "Heroes" will be the special poem of the day. So congrats to Green Bay Packers fans and have a fantastic night! GO PACK!


What's a Hero?
Define it for me,
give me a definition.

Are they Brave,
or some kind of combination?

How do you become one?
Are Heroes,
even human?

Do you need superpowers,
or a Job application?

How does it feel to be a hero?
Is it
some tingling sensation?

Are they Happy?
Or completely void of emotion?

if you ask me,
the answer simple.

A Hero
can revive their people,
be it with superpowers, valor, or cheeseheads.


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