Saturday, April 30, 2011

On One's Behalf

Today I regret to inform our audience that one of our writers is leaving us. Megan will no longer be posting on Life In Fiction, however we will still support all of her writing endeavors.
Also we seemed to have some technical difficulties last night as Alex's post didn't post correctly. So, I am posting his work today in his stead.


Look into these eyes I wear so strictly. Know that they see you and only you. No one else could matter more to me, even if you see only another person that I could never hope to be.

Let my envy fill me. I'll use it to tear down these walls to become the demon I've been called.

Through this all, I'll be a sinner, nothing more. Spit on me as you would a false profit as you walk out that fucking door, but always know your place in my heart.

Allow our love to grow. Let it flourish each day. Let us say "I love you" in each and every way. Just know that I'm a cancer. Deep inside these dark brown eyes sleeps the answer.

Come at me once more. Do it with malice, my love. You've always been callous, my dove. Yet, I only want you by my side. Without you, it feels like part of me died. But, life could never be so easy.


The ground gives out and the air shakes so violently. Are we ready? Will we live? The questions, they come too quickly to comprehend, but nothing changes the fact that everyone's so unprepared for the time when reality drops out that the world will wait in horror 'till it all comes fallin' down.

Remember this is Alex's work not mine!
~Anora Anakya~

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