Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friendly Love isn't Free Love

So friendship is this weeks theme, huh?

For me, friendship with the opposite sex has generally led to a sort of respect not unlike the love I might feel for that one special girl. After all, about 90% of my girlfriends thus far started as my best friends.

These next two pieces' only titles shall be numbers, because the messages always matter more than the words. Both messages tackle two parts of my life in this past month.

The first addresses love that's lost and will never come and is written to a girl that is no longer of importance.
The second is written to my girlfriend and describes something that, right now, can't be put into words.

Both subjects I have shared a deep intimacy with and mean a lot to me. In my eyes, there's no truer example of friendship than them.



Noon turns as dark as midnight sky.
I can't help but wonder why?
There's no reason
if her eyes no longer pierce me soul.
There's no logic
if she scarcely sees me at all.

For love,
risking everything seems like an admirable cause.
But, alas,
it seems that love wants only my life lost.

Noon is as dark as the sky above
when I turn to beauty and say,
"There's no situation to bring us together,
if even for a day?"
And she replies,
"Not even if he dies."


How lovely you are,
you shock my eyes
every time
you come into sight.

I cannot believe
the type of person you are,
like an angel
who's failed to take flight.

So perfect,
yet so flawed,
each portion of you
makes my tired lips tingle.

For a smile upon this face
I wish to hold so close to yours
is worth nothing to the world,
but you alone make me so rich.

There's never been
anything as lovely,
as wonderful as you,
even if you dare deny it.

how beautiful you seem,
part of me believes
you can't be real

I'm almost certain
you're too good to be true.

You must be a dream.

[Fate drives me.]

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